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The ConnecticutHydrogen-Fuel CellCoalition(CHFCC) works to enhance economicgrowth through the development,manufacture and deployment of fuelcell and hydrogen technologies andassociated fueling systems.The CHFCC is comprised of representativesfrom Connecticut’s fuel cell and hydrogenindustry, labor, academia, government,and other stakeholders.

ServicesAG/ENAProfessional Services - www.arrch2alliance.comAmerican Hydrogen AssociationNon-Profit - www.clean-air.orgBradley, Foster & Sargent, Inc.Professional Services - www.bfsinvest.comCenter for Clean Energy EngineeringProfessional Services - Cities of ConnecticutGovernment Related - Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.Non-Profit - www.ccat.usConnecticut Clean Energy Finance & Investment AuthorityGovernment - www.ctcleanenergy.comConnecticut Department of Economic & Community DevelopmentGovernment - www.decd.orgConnecticut Department of TransportationGovernment - Siting CouncilGovernment - Transit - www.cttransit.comDesign By Analysis, Inc.Technical Services - www.dbaworks.comFuel Cell PerspectivesProfessional ServicesThe Greater New Haven Transit DistrictGovernment - www.gnhtd.orgGrowJobsCTLabor - www.growjobsct.orgHydrogen Safety, LLCProfessional Services - www.hydrogensafety.comInternational Association of Machinists & Aerospace WorkersLabor - www.iamdistrict26.orgParker Hannifin CorporationTechnical Services - www.parkerenergysystems.comPullman & Comley, LLCProfessional Services - www.pullcom.comRobinson & Cole, LLPProfessional Services - www.rc.comSouthern Connecticut Natural Gas / Connecticut Natural GasUtility - / www.cngcorp.comThe United Illuminating CompanyUtility - www.uinet.comWolf Engineering, LLCTechnical Services -

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AG ENAFocusThe design and construction of a Prototype Hydrogen Fueling Station /Information Center.Key ContactsAlan Eliot Goldberg, sn.comAddress / Web Site701 Laurel RoadNew Canaan, CT 06840www.arrch2alliance.comDescriptionThe ARRC/H2 Alliance, a multi-company initiative headed by AG ENA, has created aunique prototype Hydrogen Fueling Station / Information Center to be built in keylocations nationwide. The design offers a distinctive recognizable appearance andinnovative features to heighten the public’s awareness and acceptance of hydrogen asa clean, safe, renewable source of energy.The Alliance members combine key resources, expertise and experience needed todesign, construct and commission a Hydrogen Fueling Station.AG/ENA is an architectural firm founded in 1947. They served as design consultantsto The Mobil Oil Corporation on a continuous basis from 1966 to 1991. AG/ENA wasresponsible for the design of numerous prototypes and more than 25,000 stationsworldwide.

American HydrogenAssociationFocusNon-profit association for the advancement of hydrogen energy.Key ContactsBill GarrettDirector/Senior [email protected] / Web Site520 Savoy StreetBridgeport, CT 06606www.clean-air.orgDescriptionAmerican Hydrogen Association (AHA) is an organization of independent scientists,engineers, technicians, inventors, and other renewable energy innovators. AHAmembers create, develop, fabricate, and test proven technologies and equipment thatenable or advance a renewable hydrogen based transition from depletable energyresources to renewables. AHA focuses on testing member’s inventions and educatingthe public on issues regarding economic and energy sustainability in this era ofdeclining depletable resources.The Group has over 30 calendar years and 600 person years of research, development,fabrication and testing of such energy transition equipment; its members hold over100 issued patents. The group’s technology focuses on clean, efficient, productionof hydrogen from most all renewable resources to provide the abundance of cleanrenewable fuel needed to replace oil. On the consumption side, the focus is ontransportation, delivery, and highly efficient consumption of renewable hydrogen infuel cells and internal combustion engines including those in the vehicle and powerplant aftermarket where progress can be rapid.

Bradley, Foster & Sargent, Inc.FocusAn investment management firm.Key ContactsKeith in OfficeBradley, Foster & Sargent, Inc.860.527.8050Address / Web SiteCity Place II, 11th Floor185 Asylum StreetHartford, CT 06103-3402www.bfsinvest.comDescriptionBradley, Foster & Sargent is an investment advisory firm providing high-quality,customized investment management services to individuals, families and institutions.Located in Hartford, Connecticut, the firm is independently owned and managed bythe Principals of the firm.At a time when many investment managers are focusing their attention on largeinstitutional clients, Bradley, Foster & Sargent retains as a primary objective providingprofessional, individually-tailored investment services to individuals, families,entrepreneurs, professionals, non-profit organizations, and smaller institutions. Weseek to understand the personal goals and unique circumstances of our clients,designing every portfolio – indeed every decision – to meet those specific needs.

Center for CleanEnergy EngineeringFocusProvide world-class education, research and hands-on training of future scientistsand engineers to catalyze and enable the transformation of science to systems indeveloping a global “Sustainable Energy Economy.”Key ContactsPrabhakar [email protected] Barber-TournaudProgram [email protected] / Web SiteUniversity of Connecticut44 Weaver Road, Unit 5233Storrs, CT 06269-5233www.ctfuelcell.uconn.eduDescriptionThe Center for Clean Energy Engineering (formally the Connecticut Global Fuel CellCenter) at the University of Connecticut was founded in 2001 with funding from theConnecticut Clean Energy Fund and Connecticut industry partners. Building uponan established foundation the Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2) is uniquelypositioned to provide world-class education, breakthrough research and hands-ontraining of future scientists and engineers to catalyze and enable the transformationof science to systems in developing a global “Sustainable Energy Economy.” Incollaboration with its partners, the center conducts advanced research and engineeringand assists in demonstration activities in the areas of: efficient energy conversion andstorage systems, fuels and fuel processing, natural resource conservation, renewableresource utilization, power management and “smart transmission.” The C2E2 hassingular expertise in the fields of advanced materials development, includingmaterials synthesis and characterization, engineering design and simulation, systemsintegration and testing. Leveraging core strength and leadership in advanced fuel celltechnologies and power generation systems, C2E2 enables students and researchers toaddress current and emerging global energy and environmental needs.

Clean Cities of ConnecticutFocusA statewide coalition to increase the use of alternative fuel vehicles.Key ContactsCraig PetersCapitol860.645.3100 ext. [email protected] BomanSouthwestern sLee GrannisGreater New [email protected] umail.comWeb SitesU.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities New Haven Clean Cities:www.nhcleancities.orgCapital Clean Cities of Connecticut:www.ct-ccc.orgNorwich Clean leancities.htmlDescriptionThe Clean Cities of Connecticut (CCC) are designated members of the National CleanCities program, sponsored by the US Department of Energy. Clean Cities numberingover 85 coalitions nation wide comprised of private entities as well as state andlocal government officials, committed to cleaner air, the economy and energyindependence. The major goals of the public/private partnerships are to promotealternative fuels and advanced vehicles, fuel blends, fuel economy, hybrid vehicles,and idle reduction. In Connecticut, the mission of the CCCs is to devote time andresources to reduce mobile source air pollution, promote energy diversity, and tofoster new business and economic development opportunities by increasing the useof domestically produced, cleaner burning alternative fuels, including natural gas,propane, electricity, methanol, ethanol and hydrogen. CCCs are also committed toeducating the general public, local and state officials, as well as private businesses,about the benefits of AFVs and alternative fuels, supporting the enactment of theClean Fuel Legislation and tax incentives at federal, state, and local levels.

Connecticut Center forAdvanced Technology, Inc.Connecticut Center forAdvanced Technology, Inc.FocusCCAT works in partnership with industry, government, and academia to strengthentechnology-led economic competitiveness.Key ContactsElliot GinsbergChief Executive [email protected] M. RineboldDirector of Energy [email protected] / Web Site222 Pitkin Street, Suite 101East Hartford, CT 06108www.ccat.usDescriptionConnecticut Center for Advanced Technology’s (CCAT) mission is to provide servicesand resources to our clients that help them implement innovative solutions, increaseefficiencies and improve workforce development, and through collaboration withindustry, academia and government, seek to create new partnerships for addressing21st century economic challenges.Energy Programs at CCAT focus on sustainable energy and infrastructure planning,development of renewable and advanced energy technology, and hydrogenadvancement. CCAT administers the Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition andtogether work to advance the development, manufacture, and deployment of fuelcell and hydrogen technologies and associated fueling systems in Connecticut.

Connecticut Clean Energy Finance& Investment AuthorityCLEAN ENERGYFINANCE AND INVESTMENT AUTHORITYFocusThe Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority is the nation’s first “GreenBank.” Aimed at providing low-cost financing for clean energy and energy efficiencyprojects, CEFIA will leverage public and private funds to drive investment and scaleup clean energy deployment across Connecticut.Key ContactsBryan rgy.comRick RossSenior Manager, Clean Energy Address / Web Site865 Brook StreetRocky Hill, CT 06067www.ctcleanenergy.comDescriptionThe Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) was established byConnecticut’s General Assembly on July 1, 2011 through Public Act 11-80 as a quasipublic agency that supersedes the former Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. As thenation’s first state “Green Bank,” CEFIA leverages public and private funds to driveinvestment and scale-up clean energy deployment in Connecticut.

Connecticut Department of Economic &Community DevelopmentFocusState agency which leads the development and implementation of business policy.Key ContactsCarmen Molina-RiosCommunity Development ess / Web Site505 Hudson StreetHartford, CT 06106-7106www.decd.orgDescriptionThe Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) is the state’slead agency for the development and implementation of policies, strategies andprograms all of which are designed to: attract and retain business and jobs, revitalizeneighborhoods and communities, ensure quality housing and foster appropriatedevelopment in Connecticut’s towns and cities.

Connecticut Departmentof TransportationFocusGovernment.Key ContactsRichard C. Hanley, P.E.Transportation EngineerDivision of Research280 West StreetRocky Hill, CT [email protected] / Web Site2800 Berlin TurnpikePO Box 317546Newington, CT 06131-7546 mission of the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) is toprovide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation system that meets themobility needs of its users.

Connecticut Siting CouncilFocusState agency with jurisdiction over the siting of telecommunication and publicutility facilities.Key ContactsMelanie BachmanActing Executive [email protected] FontaineFinancial Administrative [email protected] / Web SiteTen Franklin SquareNew Britain, CT Connecticut Siting Council is responsible for: Balancing the need for adequate and reliable public utility services at reasonablecosts with the need to protect the environment and to minimize damage to thestate’s scenic, historic, and recreational values; Providing environmental standards for the location, design, construction,and operation of public utility facilities that are at least as stringent as federalenvironmental standards and that are sufficient to assure the welfare and protectionof the people of Connecticut; Encouraging research to develop new and improved methods of generating,storing, and transmitting electricity and fuel and of transmitting and receivingtelevision and telecommunications signals with minimal damage to the environment; Promoting the sharing of telecommunications towers in order to avoid theirunnecessary proliferation; and Requiring annual forecasts of the demand for electricity together with the planningfor facilities needed to supply the predicted demand.

CTTRANSITFocusPublic Transit.Key ContactsMichael ArrowAGM [email protected] Information860.522.8101Address / Web Site100 Leibert Rd, PO Box 66Hartford, CT 06141www.cttransit.comDescriptionCTTRANSIT provides public transit local and express bus services in the greaterHartford, New Haven, and Stamford, Connecticut metro areas. Serving nearly 27million passengers per year, CTTRANSIT offers an economical, dependable, andenvironmentally sound way to reach destinations throughout Connecticut.CTTRANSIT is a Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) owned busservice that services the state’s major metropolitan centers. Via contract providers,they serve a total of eight different metro areas: Hartford, New Haven, Stamford,Waterbury, New Britain and Bristol, Meriden, and Wallingford.In April of 2007, CTTRANSIT introduced its first hydrogen fuel cell powered bus. In2010 they increased this number to five buses making it the second largest hydrogenfuel cell bus fleet in the country. These buses are true zero emission vehicles whoseonly discharge is warm water vapor. The project is a collaborative effort with UTCPower, another Coalition member, located in nearby South Windsor, CT.

Design By Analysis, Inc.FocusDesign By Analysis (DBA) is a full service mechanical engineering consultingbusiness, supporting a myriad of industries including Aerospace, Industrial, andFuel Cell.Key ContactsLeonard mAddress / Web Site984 Southford Road, Suite 9Middlebury, CT 06762www.dbaworks.comDescriptionSince 1995, DBA has served over 140 customers worldwide, including the leadingcompanies in the development of fuel cells for stationary and portable powergeneration applications.As a partner in the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Industry, DBA has helped OEMs in allphases of the product cycle, from concept development through to power plantinstallation, including the support of fuel cell manufacture.DBA’s Fuel Cell experience encompasses a variety of projects, including: Design of SOFC, PEM, Molten Carbonate and Direct Methanol TechnologiesDesign and Analysis of Cells and Cell Stacks (including miniature stacks forlaptops, cell phones)Balance of Plant ConfigurationSystem OptimizationLayout, Packaging and Component Sizing and SelectionComponent Design (Blowers, Heat Exchangers, Manifolds)Layout of MW Size PlantFixtures and Tooling for Manufacture and InstallationIn recognition of its strong fuel cell knowledge base, DBA was awarded a NAVY STTRfor a Hybrid Propulsion Torpedo using PEM Fuel Technology.

Fuel Cell PerspectivesFuel Cell PerspectivesFocusFuel Cell Perspectives works with industry, government and academia to assistthem in identifying attractive fuel cell applications and solutions to technical andpolicy issues.Key ContactsJohn Trocciola860.490.8240john c [email protected] Bartlett Hill RoadPortland, CT 06480DescriptionFuel Cell Perspectives is an independent consulting firm specializing in all aspectsof fuel cells including: application analysis, stack and gas cleanup design, materials,marketing and sales strategies, and the impact of Public Policy and Utility ratestructures on fuel cell market growth. The Principal , John Trocciola, has over 45 yearsof applicable experience in all fuel cell technologies including, AFC, PAFC, PEM, MCFCand SOFC and has been issued 43 US patents in these fuel cell technologies and theirapplications.

The Greater New HavenTransit DistrictFocusDirect transportation services.Key ContactsDonna CarterExecutive [email protected] NaudusOperations [email protected] / Web Site840 Sherman AvenueHamden, CT 06514www.gnhtd.orgDescriptionThe Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD) is a governmental agencyestablished in 1973 for the purpose of operating and providing a variety oftransportation programs and services. It is one of fourteen regional transit districts inConnecticut.The GNHTD provides direct transportation services. It also provides vehicles tomunicipalities and community agencies in the greater New Haven region for theirown respective transportation programs.Some of these programs are mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) and are supported by funding from the US and Connecticut Department ofTransportations.The GNHTD encourages all individuals eligible for ADA certification or for Dial-A-Rideto apply for and use the program to meet their local transportation needs.

GrowJobsCTFocusA nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that works to sustain and grow manufacturing,and manufacturing jobs, in Connecticut.Key ContactsJohn ess / Web Site365 New Britain RoadKensington, CT 06037www.growjobsct.orgDescriptionGrowJobsCT is a coalition encompassing labor, business, the community and electedrepresentatives, whose mission is to build a campaign to help preserve and expandmanufacturing in Connecticut, in order to sustain manufacturing employment in ourstate, both for the current workforce and generations to come.GrowJobsCT is a unique coalition, bringing together non-traditional allies united by thecommon goal of seeking ways to ensure the survival of Connecticut manufacturing.The coalition’s Advisory Board includes members of Congress, manufacturers,developers, and private and public union representatives. GrowJobsCT focusesparticularly on issues of workforce development, “green jobs” initiatives, health carereform, and state and federal policies that can encourage job growth.GrowJobsCT sees the Connecticut fuel cell industry as a crucial part of the state’s future,and advocates for an strong, ongoing private-public partnership to help realize the fullpotential of fuel cell technologies.

Hydrogen Safety, LLCFocusMinimizing risk exposures in order to facilitate the expanding development anduse of existing and new Hydrogen related technologies.Key ContactsDouglas RodeManager el PeroDirector of Risk ress / Web Site222 Pitkin Street, Suite 102East Hartford, CT 06108-3220www.hydrogensafety.comDescriptionOur customers reduce their potential corporate risk exposures thereby overcomingtechnical and economic barriers to commercializing their Hydrogen basedtechnologies. Hydrogen Safety, LLC (HS) is a fully independent, engineeringconsultant practice providing risk mitigating strategies for avoiding accidents thatresult in property damage and substantial business interruptions. Because peopleare equally at risk, we provide custom and technologically current training offeringsthat raise the awareness of Hydrogen issues and enable our clients to have thecompetencies to more effective address the unexpected. HS serves both the manyexisting users of Hydrogen and the emerging applications of Hydrogen as processgas and energy carrier.

International Association ofMachinists & AerospaceWorkersFocusIAM District 26 is an AFL-CIO labor union representing workersin diverse occupations throughout Connecticut, Rhode Islandand Massachusetts.Key ContactsEverett CoreyDirecting Business [email protected] ParentAssistant Directing Business [email protected] / Web Site365 New Britain RoadKensington, CT 06037www.iamdistrict26.orgDescriptionDistrict 26 of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers(IAM) is an AFL-CIO/CLC labor union which represents more than 10,000 workers inConnecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. IAM District 26 members work at someof Connecticut’s largest and most significant workplaces, including UTC Power, Pratt &Whitney, Hamilton Sundstrand, Electric Boat and Stanley Works.Though primarily based in manufacturing, IAM District 26 is a now a diverseorganization, representing workers in health care, housing and other public sectoremployment as well as non-profit and service jobs, including auto and aircraft repairand maintenance. The union accomplishes its mission through organization, education,communications and negotiations.IAM District 26 works to protect and promote the interests of their members andworking people. They believe that whenever possible, finding common ground withother interested parties is a key to social progress.

Parker HannifinFocusParker Energy Systems provides energy efficient technology and engineeredsystem solutions to the Fuel Cell and Energy Markets.Key ContactsSteve BurgessBusiness Development ManagerPhone: 860 827-2308Email: [email protected] / Web Site95 Edgewood AveNew Britain, CT 06051www.parkerenergysystems.comDescriptionParker Energy Systems has a team of engineers dedicated to developing innovativefluidic management solutions for a wide range of industries and markets. Our team isable to design, test and manufacture modular subsystems to meet exacting customerrequirements. Using our own low power, high precision piezo-actuated fluidicmanagement components plus the global resources and full catalog of Parker HannifinCorporation,we provide customers with high value solutions.Parker Hannifin CorporationWith annual sales exceeding 12 billion in fiscal year 2008, Parker Hannifin is the world’sleading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems,providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial andaerospace markets. The company employs 62,000 people in 48 countries aroundthe world. Parker has increased its annual dividends paid to shareholders for 53consecutive years, among the top five longest-running dividend-increase records inthe S&P 500 index. For more information, visit the company’s web site at, or its investor information site at

Pullman & Comley, LLCFocusLegal counsel for businesses.Key ContactsBrad N. comMain LinePullman & Comley, [email protected] / Web Site90 State House SquareHartford, CT 06103-3702www.pullcom.comDescriptionPullman & Comley, LLC has played an active and distinguished role in theConnecticut and New England business community since 1919.The firm is legal counsel to many fast growing businesses and has continued togrow and adapt to meet our clients’ changing needs, helping them to addressthe challenges and opportunities of every economy. We serve major financialinstitutions, public and private companies of all sizes, health care providers, servicebusinesses, trade associations, manufacturers and emerging growth businesses inthe alternative energy and information technology industries, as well as governmententities, non-profit organizations and individuals. With offices in Bridgeport, Hartfordand Stamford, Connecticut and White Plains, New York, our firm is organized intopractice sections that offer clients both depth of experience and the flexibility toteam across disciplines for customized, solution-oriented service.

Robinson & ColeFocusOur lawyers serve institutional and industrial clients in a full range of legaldisciplines from intellectual property and technology, energy and communications,environmental, land use, and real estate development to corporate, mergers andacquisitions, securities, labor and employment, immigration, contracts, tax, andfinancial services.Key ContactsJoshua S. MirerImmigration [email protected] L. ElvgrenChief Marketing [email protected] / Web Site280 Trumbull StreetHartford, CT 06103-3597www.rc.comDescriptionRobinson & Cole, with over 260 lawyers and 250 nonlegal professional staff, isa premier law firm celebrating over 160 years of exceptional client service. Ourgeographic reach meets the regional, national, and global nature of our clients’operations and our accessible partners, client-tailored service plans, and electroniccommunications strategies, all help us manage legal issues more effectively.

Southern Connecticut Natural Gas /Connecticut Natural GasFocusNatural gas provider.Key ContactsChristopher EhlertManager, Market and Business mMain LineSouthern CT Natural Gas800.SOCT.GASMain LineConnecticut Natural Gas860.727.3000Address / Web Sites60 Marsh Hill RoadOrange, CT www.energyeast.comDescriptionThe Southern Connecticut Gas Company (SCG), an Energy East company, providesnatural gas energy to approximately 165,000 customers in 22 Connecticut communitiesin Fairfield, New Haven and Middlesex counties, primarily along the shores of Long IslandSound.SCG is a well established company with an excellent track record. They have been in thebusiness for more than 150 years, delivering competitively priced natural gas energy tomanufacturers, commercial and industrial customers, and all other natural gas markets.Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG) is also an Energy East company that provides naturalgas for 141,000 customers in 21 municipalities within the Hartford, New Britain andGreenwich areas. Their goal is to provide their customers with a safe, reliable source ofenergy with exceptional service, at the least cost.

The United Illuminating CompanyFocusProviding electricity for a portion of Connecticut municipalities.Key ContactsMike mMain LineUnited Address / Web Site157 Church StreetNew Haven, CT 06510www.uinet.comDescriptionThe United Illuminating Company (UI), was formed in 1899 when the BridgeportElectric Company merged with the New Haven Electric Company. UI is a regionaldistribution utility providing electricity and energy-related services to more than320,000 customers in the Greater New Haven and Greater Bridgeport areas.UI does not generate electricity, but purchases, transmits, distributes and sells it toresidential, commercial and industrial customers in a service area of about 335 squaremiles. This service area includes the principal cities of Bridgeport and New Haven andtheir surrounding municipalities. The population of this area is approximately 726,000or 21% of Connecticut’s population.UI has always been dedicated to the communities they serve. That’s why they providemore than electricity. They spearhead conservation efforts, encourage economicgrowth, assist area businesses and fund important charity organizations throughestablished and often one-of-a-kind programs.

Wolf Engineering, LLCFocusWolf Engineering helps aerospace and alternative energy businesses to create,evaluate and improve their products. We specialize in flow, temperature andchemical reaction systems and components.Key ContactsKaren Murdoch, P.E.Presidentp: 413.896.3288f: [email protected] s / Web SiteMain Office24 Gulf RoadSomers, CT 06071www.wolf-engineering.comDescriptionAt Wolf Engineering, we are technology improvement specialists. We work withyou to evaluate your engineering problems and come up with successful, creativesolutions. We provide a flexible, cost-effective supplement to your internal R&D team.Our experienced staff specializes in chemical/mechanical systems and components.Our services range f

[email protected] Terry Barber-Tournaud Program Director 860.486.8375 [email protected] The Center for Clean Energy Engineering (formally the Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center) at the University of Connecticut was founded in 2001 with funding from the Connecticut Clean Ene