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Reveal the Power of WhereMost business decisions are driven by “where.” Where domy target customers live? Where should I locate my newwarehouse or office? Where is my competition? Where canI create new opportunities?Esri Business Analyst is a scalable system that enablesyou to answer the where questions. A single solution withrobust demographic and business datasets, detailedmaps, and advanced spatial analytics, Business Analysthelps you understand lifestyle, purchasing, and consumerspending behaviors. And when combined with your owncorporate data, Business Analyst provides you with newinsights about your customers, competition, and markets.With Business Analyst, you can Assess where to open, expand, or close locations Determine which locations are underperforming Define and optimize sales and service territories Compare and rank sites Identify where to market your products and services Segment customers and prospects Optimize marketing strategies to effectively reachcustomersMeasure CannibalizationMeasure Cannibalization ReportPrepared By Business Analyst DesktopExisting Store vs. Competitor's StoreRatio of the trade areas:Trade Area Existing Store is 93% as large as trade area Competitor's StoreProportion of areas:22% of trade areas overlap.Analyze and compare proposed store sites to your existing stores tominimize cannibalization. With wizard-driven workflows, it’s easy togenerate clear, concise outputs for sharing and to support decision making.Proportion A:38 % of trade area Existing Store lies in trade area Competitor's StoreProportion B:35 % of trade area Competitor's Store lies in trade area Existing StoreSource: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2010 Data. Esri forecasts for 2011 and 2016 2010 EsriPhone: 888-377-4575 - www.esri.com06/14/2012Page 1 of 1

Scale for a Single User or Your EnterpriseWith server, desktop, web, and mobile options, BusinessAnalyst can be configured for individual use or toshare data, analyses, and insights across your entireorganization, including access in the field.ServerIdeal when analysts need to collaborate, share, andpublish location information enterprise-wide; helpseliminate internal silos by allowing the use and sharing ofdata across an organization.DesktopSpatial analytics, visualization, and extensive data thatempower analysts to generate custom analyses andreports that also incorporate customer data.Find out more at real estate, retail, and business professionals whogenerate maps, site analyses, and reports on local areademographics, competition, consumer lifestyles, andbuying behavior.MobileProvides anywhere access to location and demographicdata, reports, and maps using a smartphone or tablet.APIsEnable web developers to build custom web, desktop, andmobile applications for mapping and location analysis.

Business Analyst ServerBusiness Analyst Server enables your organization tomanage, share, and publish critical location-relatedinformation across the enterprise. Built on a standard ITstack, Business Analyst Server integrates easily with yourexisting business intelligence (BI), customer relationshipmanagement (CRM), financial, supply chain management,and other enterprise systems. It also helps standardizeworkflows and out-of-the-box web applications forlocation analytics.Business Analyst Server Provides browser-based access to location-basedanalyses, queries, reports Includes prebuilt workflow templates and capabilitiesfor building custom templatesBusiness Analyst Online APIWith this web API, you can embed customized reports,maps, and analyses into your own website or buildapplications for your specific reporting needs.Seven of the top 10 US retailers use BusinessAnalyst to help corporate decision makers andregional management: Determine where to open or close stores orchange their footprint Compare costs and projected ROI for differentlocations Assess cannibalization Supports cross-platform deployment Evaluate the impact of competitors Can be integrated with other business applications Monitor sales and key store metrics Reduces software deployment and maintenance costs Identify underperforming locationsInvestigate proposed sites to assesscannibalization, competitive impact, andrevenue potential by using your ownsales data along with Esri demographic,consumer, and business data.Using Business Analyst Serveradds value to other corporatedatasets by putting keymetrics in a spatial context.For more information, go to

Business Analyst DesktopBusiness Analyst Desktop is the must-have tool forprofessional analysts who need to understand customersand markets, perform detailed site analyses, assessstore network performance, analyze cannibalization, andoptimize trade areas or territories.The software comes with workflow tools and wizardsfor standard analyses to help you explore differentscenarios that improve understanding and decisionmaking. Business Analyst Desktop also provides all thetools needed to develop customer models for advancedlocation analysis.Business Analyst Add-InUsers of Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop can access BusinessAnalyst demographic, consumer spending, segmentation,and business data through the Business Analyst Online(BAO ) Reports Add-in.SMSMA regional bank identifies profitable customersand then finds more like them.An analyst for a regional bank generated a Tapestry lifestyle segmentation profile of existing customersfor two successful branches. Because Tapestry datais tied to geography, the analyst then used thisdata to find ZIP Codes of areas with similar lifestylesegmentation for a targeted marketing campaign.A regional bank uses Tapestry segmentation to classify existing customers, then searches for other areas containing similar potential customers.To learn more, visit

Business Analyst OnlineRetail MarketPlace Profilecupertino1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA, 95014Ring: 3 mile radiusUse Business Analyst Online for fast web access to reports, maps,and analyses of specific locations. For the United States, BAOprovides up to 50 preformatted standard reports and includes upto 5,800 demographic, consumer, and business data variables.A subscription to BAO is included with every Business AnalystDesktop and Server purchase. Subscriptions for countries otherthan the United States are also available.Tablet and Smartphone AccessDownload free applications to access your BAO subscriptionfrom any iOS or Android device. This makes it easy for employeesand agents in the field to access reports and comparisons whileon-site or in meetings with clients. If they are using BAO withBusiness Analyst Server, they can also input new data and photosfrom the field.Latitude: 37.33174Longitude: -122.03072Summary Demographics2010 Population2010 Households2010 Median Disposable Income2010 Per Capita IncomeRetail MarketPlace ProfileNAICScupertinoIndustry Summary 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA, 95014Total Retail Trade andFood& Drink44-45,722Ring:3 mileradiusTotal Retail Trade44-45Total Food & Drink722Summary Demographics2010 PopulationNAICS2010 HouseholdsIndustry Group2010 Median Disposable IncomeMotor Vehicle & Parts Dealers4412010 Per Capita IncomeAutomobile DealersNAICSDemand 4411Other Motor Vehicle Dealers4412Industry Summary(Retail Potential)Total Retail Tradeand Parts,Food & AccessoriesDrink44-45,722 4,301,177,778Auto& TireStores4413Total Retail Trade44-45 3,658,913,568Furniture & Home Furnishings Stores442Total Food & Drink722 642,264,210Furniture Stores4421NAICSDemandHome Furnishings Stores4422Industry Group(Retail Potential)Electronics&ApplianceStores4431Motor Vehicle & Parts Dealers441 865,225,041Materials, Garden Equip. & Supply444Automobile BldgDealers4411 Stores 742,568,439Other Motor VehicleDealers & Supplies Dealers 4412 77,826,978Bldg Material4441Auto Parts, Accessories& Tire Stores4413 44,829,624Lawn & GardenEquip & Supply Stores4442Furniture & Home Furnishings Stores442 120,351,526Food & Beverage Stores445Furniture Stores4421 64,564,681Grocery Stores4451Home Furnishings Stores4422 55,786,845SpecialtyFood Stores4452Electronics & ApplianceStores4431 167,048,984Beer, WineStores4453Bldg Materials, GardenEquip. && LiquorSupply Stores444 176,769,433Bldg Material& SuppliesDealers Care Stores4441 167,701,462Health& Personal446,4461Lawn & GardenEquip &Supply Stores4442 9,067,971GasolineStations447,4471Food & Beverage Stores445 691,445,220Clothing & Clothing Accessories Stores448Grocery Stores4451 646,629,942Clothing Stores4481Specialty Food Stores4452 18,397,632Shoe StoresStores4482Beer, Wine & Liquor4453 26,417,645Jewelry,Luggage & Leather GoodsStores 147,437,7494483Health & PersonalCare Stores446,4461Gasoline StationsSporting Goods, Hobby, Book &447,4471Music Stores 512,447,054451Clothing & ClothingAccessoriesStores448Stores thing Stores4481 147,870,454Book, Periodical & Music Stores4512Shoe Stores4482 19,817,682General Merchandise Stores452Jewelry, Luggage & Leather Goods Stores4483 19,149,071Excluding Leased4521Sporting Goods, DepartmentHobby, Book &StoresMusic Stores451 Depts. 52,528,513Other General MerchandiseStores4529Sporting Goods/Hobby/MusicalInstr Stores4511 34,568,645Book, Periodical& Music Stores4512 17,959,868MiscellaneousStore Retailers453General MerchandiseStores452 443,184,235Florists4531Department Stores Excluding Leased Depts.4521 160,677,400Office Supplies, Stationery & Gift Stores4532Other General Merchandise Stores4529 282,506,834Used Merchandise Stores4533Miscellaneous Store Retailers453 60,431,592Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers4539Florists4531 4,953,257NonstoreRetailers454Office Supplies,Stationery& Gift Stores4532 12,922,120Used MerchandiseStores Shopping & Mail-Order4533 2,035,275ElectronicHouses4541Other MiscellaneousStoreRetailersOperators4539 40,520,941VendingMachine4542Nonstore Retailers454 235,207,015Direct Selling Establishments4543Electronic Shopping & Mail-Order Houses4541 174,838,668Food Services & Drinking Places722Vending Machine Operators4542 18,273,772Full-Service Restaurants7221Direct Selling Establishments4543 42,094,576Eating Places7222Food Services & Limited-ServiceDrinking Places722 642,264,210Full-Service Restaurants7221 293,669,360Special Food Services7223Limited-ServiceEating Places7222 296,505,498DrinkingPlaces - Alcoholic Beverages7224DemandSupplyRetail GapLeakage/Surplus(Retail Potential)(Retail Sales)FactorLatitude: 37.33174 4,301,177,778 2,460,194,969 Longitude: 1,840,982,80927.2-122.03072 3,658,913,568 2,097,155,897 1,561,757,67127.1 642,264,210 363,039,072 etail Gap79,528(Retail Potential)(Retail Sales)Factor 85,624 865,225,041 681,306,603 183,918,43811.9 56,857 742,568,439 657,663,234 84,905,2056.1SupplyRetail GapLeakage/SurplusNumber of 4,121,211 73,705,76789.9(Retail 77,826,978Sales)FactorBusinesses 2,460,194,969 1,840,982,80927.21,260 44,829,624 19,522,158 25,307,46639.3 2,097,155,897 1,561,757,67127.1 120,351,526 36,052,272 84,299,25483553.9 363,039,072 279,225,13827.8 64,564,681 19,768,544 44,796,13742553.1SupplyRetail GapLeakage/SurplusNumber of 55,786,845 16,283,729 39,503,11654.8(Retail Sales)FactorBusinesses 167,048,984 393,566,447 -226,517,463 48-40.4 681,306,603 183,918,43811.9 176,769,433 84,905,205 39,288,601 137,480,832 2863.6 657,663,2346.1 4,121,21189.9 167,701,462 73,705,767 36,680,609 131,020,853 464.1 19,522,15839.3 9,067,971 25,307,466 2,607,991 6,459,979 1655.3 36,052,27253.9 691,445,220 84,299,254 368,326,500 323,118,719 4730.5 19,768,544 44,796,13753.120 646,629,942 347,758,404 298,871,53830.1 16,283,729 39,503,11654.827 18,397,632 12,443,632 5,954,00016519.3 393,566,447 -226,517,463-40.4 26,417,645 18,293,181 3753.0 39,288,601 137,480,832 8,124,46463.6 36,680,609 131,020,85364.1 147,437,749 58,075,028 89,362,721 3343.5 2,607,99155.3 512,447,054 6,459,979 307,382,465 205,064,589 425.0 368,326,500 323,118,71930.5 186,837,207 39,363,498 147,473,71012365.2 347,758,404 298,871,53830.158 147,870,454 27,158,646 120,711,80769.0 12,443,632 5,954,00019.344 19,817,682 18,293,181 3,520,395 16,297,287 2069.8 8,124,46453.0 19,149,071 89,362,721 8,684,456 10,464,615 5437.6 58,075,02843.5 307,382,465 205,064,58925.0 52,528,513 26,731,527 25,796,986 4532.5 39,363,498 147,473,71065.2 34,568,645 18,748,447 15,820,199 8729.7 27,158,646 120,711,80769.054 17,959,868 7,983,080 9,976,78838.5 3,520,395 16,297,28769.811 443,184,235 85,145,304 358,038,93067.8 8,684,456 10,464,61537.621 160,677,400 25,796,986 42,540,634 118,136,766 8058.1 26,731,52732.5 282,506,834 15,820,199 42,604,670 239,902,164 6273.8 18,748,44729.7 7,983,08038.5 60,431,592 9,976,788 21,005,109 39,426,483 1948.4 85,145,304 358,038,930 2,206,91767.8 4,953,257 2,746,340 1838.4 42,540,634 118,136,76658.19 12,922,120 9,185,294 3,736,82616.9 42,604,670 239,902,16473.89 2,035,275 39,426,483 1,074,551 960,72311430.9 21,005,10948.4 40,520,941 2,746,340 8,538,347 31,982,594 2265.2 2,206,91738.4 235,207,015 3,736,826 40,912,543 194,294,472 4070.4 9,185,29416.9 1,074,55130.9 174,838,668 960,723 38,211,855 136,626,813 1064.1 8,538,34765.2 18,273,772 31,982,594 915,124 17,358,648 4290.5 40,912,543 194,294,47270.417 42,094,576 1,785,564 40,309,01291.9 38,211,855 136,626,81364.110 642,264,210 363,039,072 279,225,138 427.8 915,124 17,358,64890.5 293,669,360 40,309,012 190,746,434 102,922,926 321.2 1,785,56491.9 296,505,498 156,825,837 139,679,66142530.8 363,039,072 279,225,13827.8 190,746,434 102,922,926 9,815,57221.2 44,495,054 34,679,48225463.9 156,825,837 139,679,661 5,651,22930.8 7,594,298 1,943,06914014.7210,32779,528 85,624 56,857Number ofBusinesses1,260835425Number l Food Services7223 44,495,054 9,815,572 34,679,48263.914Data Note: Supply (retail sales) estimates sales to consumers by establishments. Sales to businesses are excluded. Demand (retail potential) estimates the expected amountDrinking Places - Alcoholic Beverages7224 7,594,298 5,651,229 1,943,06914.717spent by consumers at retail establishments. Supply and demand estimates are in current dollars. The Leakage/Surplus Factor presents a snapshot of retail opportunity. ThisA developer assesses supply and demand in the field.Using the BAO application, a developer can easily comparesites and generate detailed reports on demographics,spending, and consumer preferences, as well as surplusand leakage for proposed sites, while out in the field.Data Note: Supply (retail sales) estimates sales to consumers by establishments. Sales to businesses are excluded. Demand (retail potential) estimates the expected amountis a measure of the relationship between supply and demand that ranges from 100 (total leakage) to -100 (total surplus). A positive value represents 'leakage' of retailspent by consumers at retail establishments. Supply and demand estimates are in current dollars. The Leakage/Surplus Factor presents a snapshot of retail opportunity. Thisoutsidethesupplytradeandarea.A negativevaluerepresentssurplus toof-100retailsales,a marketwherecustomersdrawnofinfrom outside the trade area. The Retail Gapis a measure ofopportunitythe relationshipbetweendemandthat rangesfrom 100 (totalaleakage)(totalsurplus).A sthedifferencebetweenRetail PotentialRetailSales.Esri whereuses rtunity outsidethe tradearea.A negativevalue representsa surplus andof retailsales,a marketcustomersdrawn inIndustryfrom outsidethe trade area.The RetailGap to classify businesses by theirrepresents theprimarydifferencetypebetweenRetail Potentialand RetailEsri uses the AICS)to Tradeclassify sector,businessestheirof ied27 industrygroupsin theRetailas bywellas four industry groups within the Foodprimary type ofServiceseconomic&activity.Retailestablishments subsector.are classifiedForintomore27 industrygroups inRetailTradesector, as wellas fourindustrywithin the Foodstatement arketPlacedata,pleaseviewgroupsthe methodologyServices & Drinking Establishments subsector. For more information on the Retail MarketPlace data, please view the methodology statement ace.pdf.Source:Esri and InfogroupSource: Esri andInfogroupJune 28, 2012Made with Esri BusinessAnalystMadewith Esri Business 800-447-9778Try it Now!The Retail MarketPlace thatdemand800-447-9778Try itexceedsNow!supply for total retail food and beverage spending within athree-mile radius. 2012 Esri 2012 EsriPage 3 of 6In a single view, BAO shows key facts suchas net worth, lifestyle segments, media use,and spending.*To learn more or get a free trial, go to 28, 2012Page 3 of 6

Esri US Data and Tapestry SegmentationU.S. DataTraffic Count MapAll Business Analyst components are bundled withextensive, industry-leading data and imagery.Belden Village area4550 Belden Village St NW, Canton, OH, 44718Ring: 1, 3, 5 MilesLatitude: 40.85611Longitude: -81.43319Updated DemographicsGet detailed census, current-year estimates, and five-yearprojections of US population, household, income, age,race, and more. Esri’s demographic projections wereproven most accurate in an independent study.Tapestry SegmentationEsri’s segmentation system classifies US neighborhoodsinto 65 distinctive segments based on demographic,consumer behavior, and socioeconomic factors.Consumer Spending and Market PotentialIdentify opportunities using current year total and averagespending for retail overall, apparel, entertainment, food,home improvement, insurance, banking, and more. Alsolearn about consumer lifestyles, preferences, and interests.Business Locations and Business SummaryThis database provides company name, location, sales,number of employees, and SIC/NAICS classification formore than 12 million US businesses.Source: 2012 Market Planning Solutions, Inc.July 05, 2012 2012 EsriSupply and DemandUnderstand surplus and leakage in a given area based onconsumer spending vs. availability of various goods andservices.Major Shopping CentersAccess location, size, design, anchor stores, and othercritical information for US shopping centers with grossleasable area (GLA) exceeding 225,000 square feet.Street DataAccess high-quality street data for maps, routing, anddrive-time analyses.Aerial/Satellite ImageryWith high-resolution imagery, you get a real-world view ofyour project locations.Learn more at with Esri Business 800-447-9778Try it Now!Page 1 of 1Access detailed daily traffic counts when selecting and comparing sites.International DataBusiness Analyst and Esri data for countries outsidethe United States is used by many large multinationalcorporations. Support location analysis and expansionin your global markets with Esri demographic, consumerspending, shopping center, and other data for manyinternational markets.

Esri inspires and enables people to positively impact theirfuture through a deeper, geographic understanding of thechanging world around them.Governments, industry leaders, academics, and nongovernmentalorganizations trust us to connect them with the analytic knowledgethey need to make the critical decisions that shape the planet. Formore than 40 years, Esri has cultivated collaborative relationshipswith partners who share our commitment to solving earth’s mostpressing challenges with geographic expertise and rational resolve.Today, we believe that geography is at the heart of a more resilientand sustainable future. Creating responsible products and solutionsdrives our passion for improving quality of life everywhere.Contact Esri380 New York StreetRedlands, California 92373-8100usa1 800 447 9778t 909 793 2853f 909 793 [email protected] 2012 Esri. All rights reserved. Esri, the Esri globe logo, ArcGIS, Business Analyst, Business AnalystOnline, BAO, Tapestry,, and are trademarks, service marks, or registered marks of Esri inthe United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions. Other companies and productsor services mentioned herein may be trademarks, service marks, or registered marks of their respective markowners.Printed in USA132118ESRI8/12ek

Business Analyst Online Use Business Analyst Online for fast web access to reports, maps, and analyses of specific locations. For the United States, BAO provides up to 50 preformatted standard reports and includes up to 5,800 demographic, consumer, and business data variables. A su