Using Internet EDI for Home Hardware

Table of ContentsAccessing Internet EDI .4Internet EDI Introduction .4Tools .5Company Settings .5Profile .5Canadian Provinces/USA Settings – Taxes.5Tax Jurisdictions.6Company Addresses .8Document Threshold . 10Items and Packing Rules . 11Using Internet EDI. 11Managing Purchase Orders Using Internet EDI . 12Viewing and Printing Your Home Hardware Purchase Order . 12Creating a Sales Order from a Purchase Order . 13Creating a PO Acknowledgement . 16Key Notes on sending ASNs to Home Hardware . 17Creating an Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) . 17Completing the Mandatory Fields for a Home Hardware ASN . 18Shipment Summary Tab . 19Carrier Details tab . 20Load Details Tab . 21Items to be Shipped. 21Packing and Labelling a Shipment . 21To Pack the ASN for Home Hardware . 22Using Internet EDI to Pack a Carton ASN. 24Printing Shipping Labels . 27Sending Your ASN to Home Hardware . 29Creating a Home Hardware Invoice . 30Completing the Invoice Details. 32Invoice Details Tab. 32

Terms of Sale Tab . 33Charges & Allowances Tab . 33Shipment Details Tab. 33Details and Line Items . 33Support . 37

Accessing Internet EDIGo to https://internetedi.commport.comYou will be presented with a Username and Password prompt. Enter the username and password as provided byCommport.Internet EDI IntroductionAfter entering your Username and Password a new screen will appear that will enable you to view and post orders, createpurchase order acknowledgements, shipments and invoices to be sent to Home Hardware. Upon login, the system willautomatically present the Mailbox Tab.The Mailbox tab shows the Inbox by default which displays all transactions that have been sent byHome Hardware.The Orders tab shows the active sales orders that are available in the system along with their currentstatuses.The Shipments tab shows the active shipments (Advanced Shipping Notifications or ASNs) that are inthe system along with their current statuses.

The Invoices tab shows the active invoices that are in the system along with their current statuses.ToolsThe Tools button allows you to search for any document sent/received in Internet EDI either bytrading partner, transaction type or transaction numberCompany SettingsThe Company Settings, are accessible from the Company Settings button at the top right, can be usedto establish some default values for use on your transactions with Home Hardware.ProfileThe Profile tab in the Company Settings section allows you to set your company name, contact detailsand language preferences. This section also allows you to specify to whom to send Alerts andNotifications.Enter your GS1 Company Prefix (also known as a UCC/EAN number or Company Prefix) in this section.This number is required to print GS1 128 MH10 shipping (licence plate\SSCC) labels.The transaction control numbers allow you to establish the starting number to support the system’sability to automatically increment document numbers. Using the value in this section for Orders,Invoices, ASNs and PO Acknowledgements, the system will assign a unique document number eachtime you create a new document. This number will increment every time you begin a new documentof the same type. You can always override the document number when creating a new document bykeying the desired document number into the document during creation.Canadian Provinces/USA Settings – TaxesUnder the Taxes You can also turn on or off taxes for Canada or the U.S.A. This is also the sectionwhere you can enter your GST or HST registration number.

Tax JurisdictionsThis section is automatically filled out for you by our system. However, just as a review, this is the area whereyou would establish tax percentages and handling based on the jurisdiction. Similar to the ‘Profile’ tab you canturn on/off taxes for Canada or the U.S.A. If you didn’t enter your GST/HST Registration number in the profile,you can enter it on the Tax Jurisdiction tab. You can add a new tax to a jurisdiction and you can also edit thedefault taxes in this location.

If you selectto add a new tax into an existing jurisdiction. The Tax field is a drop down list that allows youto select applicable taxes for Canada.

If you selectan existing tax you can adjust the percentage and add a description you can also make itactive or deactivate it.Company AddressesThe Company Addresses tab allows you to establish default addresses in the system. Youcan store addresses for your company’s different locations.

To add a new address to any list, select thebutton. If you want to edit an existing address selectthebutton. You can also delete an address/location from the list. All of these buttons are found atthe top right of the screen.

Complete all of the address fields.Name – describes this address so that it is meaningful and easily identifiable.Number – This is the location identifier. This will be the vendor number assigned to your company by Home Hardware.Line 1, Line 2, City, Province/State, Country – these fields are the physical address informationLocation Description - You can enter a description such as Head Office to help make the address easier to identify.Address Type – allows you to identify what type of address the new address is.Contact Name, Contact Telephyone and contact Email Address –. A place to store contact information forthat location.Default Remit-To and Default Ship-From - If you select the checkmark you have activated the addresses topopulate on the various transactions for that Trading Partner. It will populate the Remit-To and/or Ship-Fromdepending on your selections here.Document ThresholdThis tab allows you to set a transaction data retention threshold. It will automatically filter outtransactions that have a status of Complete, Closed, Cancelled or Viewed and that are older than thethreshold date that you set. Transactions that are Complete, Closed, Cancelled or Viewed will nolonger be visible if they are older than the threshold you set. The threshold allows you to selecteither Months or Days. Maximum is 12 months or 365 days

Items and Packing RulesClicking on the Items and Packing Rules button allows you to access your product catalogue. If you add your items here,they will be available for use on transactions you create using the system.Add items to the catalogue manually using the Add button. Use theto manage yourcatalogue in bulk using Microsoft Excel. Otherwise, items can be edited or deleted by using the appropriate buttonsUsing Internet EDIUpon logging in, you will be presented with the Mailbox tab, defaulted to the Inbox. Within the Inbox,the information about your transactions includes:Sender – The name of the trading partner that has sent the transactionDocument Type – Indicates what type of transaction received from trading partner.Document Date – the date the transaction was issued by the trading partner. This is most often the same date as theReceived Date, but may be different if the document was resent.Document Number – An original number sent on the transaction. If the transaction is a PO then this number would be thePO numberReceived – Date the transaction was received into Internet EDI.Status – New represents a new order. Posted indicates that the purchase order has been reviewed and posted to create aSales Order -the first step to creating other transactions in response to this purchase order.OUTBOX – Shows transactions that have been sent or are on holdOn Hold transactions are transactions that have been created and are ready to be sent but have been put on hold awaitingrelease.You can expand the Outbox to have your transactions segregated by transaction type. When using the transaction typespecific view, there are particular details available that are specific to the transaction type.

Managing Purchase Orders Using Internet EDIPurchase orders are sent by Home Hardware requesting products for delivery to either a Home Hardware warehouse ordirectly to a Home Hardware store. In order to use and begin creating return documents in response to the purchase order,you must first create a Sales Order in Internet EDI. The Sales Order is a copy of the purchase order as sent by HomeHardware. As you create shipments and invoices against the Sales Order, Internet EDI will update the Sales Order with theproducts and quantities that have been fulfilled or remain available for fulfillment.Viewing and Printing Your Home Hardware Purchase OrderThe purchase order as sent by Home Hardware is available in your Inbox under the Mailbox tab. You can view a printablecopy of this purchase order by double clicking on the order.This will generate a report with all of the details as provided by Home Hardware.

You can use theat the bottom of the screen to print a copy of your purchase order.Creating a Sales Order from a Purchase OrderIn the Mailbox tab, click on a purchase order with the status “New”, then click thehand side of the page). The status of the purchase order will change to Posted.button (at the bottom right

You can access your Sales Orders by clicking on the Orders tab at the top of the page. Within the Orders tab you will seethe new sales order which has been posted. The status on the Sales Order shows “New”To open the order, click on the order and then click on theto open it.The Sales Order is displayed in a new Tab.button. You can also double click the Sales Order

From the Sales Order you can review the order using the tabs to verify the purchase order header information. You canalso change how the items on the order are sorted and displayed by clicking on the drop down menu in the second column.To view the full details of a line item, highlight and then double click on the item.To close the details of the line item double click on the line item again.Note: You cannot make changes to the quantity or price on the Sales Order.

Creating a PO AcknowledgementIf you receive a purchase order from Home Hardware you must acknowledge your acceptance or rejection of the order(based on your ability to fulfill it) by creating a Purchase Order Acknowledgment (POA), also known in EDI as an 855. TheHome Hardware POA gives you 2 options: to accept the entire order as is, or to reject it if you cannot fulfill the order as is.Note: Home Hardware would like to ensure that you are always able to fulfill their purchase orders. If you cannot fulfillthe order as is, you must contact your Home Hardware representative to discuss how you should proceed. In some casesHome Hardware will agree to an alternative ship date or product replacement to ensure a strong relationship with itsvendors and its dealers.If both parties cannot agree to an alternative fulfillment arrangement, then and only then will you be advised by HomeHardware to reject the order.Home Hardware would like P.O. Acknowledgement within 2 business days of receivingthe order. If you require more than 2 days please contact your HH representative.To create a POA, open the Sales Order from the Orders tab and click on thepage, this will bring you to the purchase order acknowledgement screen in its own tab.button at the bottom of theYou have two options, accepting or rejecting the orderRejected – The order cannot be fulfilled. *Before selecting Rejected, please contact your Home HardwarerepresentativeAccepted (no Change) – The order can be fulfilled as requested, in its entirety.

If you are accepting the order click on thebutton at the bottom of the page.The Complete PO Ack box will be displayed. Press OK to accept the order and send the Purchase Order Acknowledgementto Home Hardware right away.Once you have sent the POA the Purchase Order Acknowledgement screen will be closed automatically and you will bepresented with the Sales Order.Similarly, if after contacting Home Hardware you do need to reject the purchase order, choose reject and then click thesend button. This will display the option to place the POA on hold. If you leave the check box blank the POA indicating yourrejection will be sent to Home Hardware right away.Key Notes on sending ASNs to Home Hardware-The ASN should be sent as soon as the truck is sealed or before the shipment leaves the Supplier’s facility. The ASNmust arrive at Home Hardware before your shipment arrives. This is critical as they need to be as prepared aspossible when your product arrives at the DC’s.-Replacement or updated ASN’s are accepted prior to the arrival of the shipment-Each ASN must be represented by a unique ASN number for each shipment. It is acceptable to combine multiplepurchase orders within a single ASN or shipment.-All backorders should be issued a new and unique ASN Number-The ASN number(s) should be clearly stated on the Bill of Lading or Packing Slips.-All ASN’s should be acknowledged within 2 hours of their receipt with a 997 Functional Acknowledgement.Creating an Advanced Ship Notice (ASN)

Open the Sales Order from the Orders Tab and click.You will be presented with the Shipment creation screen in a separate tab. Initially it mirrors the order but now you havethe option to change information.All of the fields that have a yellow box or where the entry field is yellow are mandatory and must be provided to HomeHardware. Internet EDI will not allow you to send the shipment notification until after you have completed all of thesefields. If you miss one, when you click Save or Packing at the bottom of the screen, you will be prompted to complete themissing information. Upon receiving this prompt the fields needing completion will be outlined in red.Completing the Mandatory Fields for a Home Hardware ASNASN Structure refers to whether or not you are only shipping cartons versus only shipping pallets. If you are shippingpallets (SOTI Structure), you will be asked to indicate the items and cartons on each pallet. If you are shipping cartons only(SOPI Structure), you will only be asked to indicate what items have been packed into which cartons. To indicate how youare packing this shipment, go to the ASN Structure drop down and click on the arrow and then choose either Only Cartons(This will produce the Home Hardware SOPI ASN Structure), or Only Pallets (This will produce the Home Hardware SOTI ASNStructure). This selection will also tell the system if you need carton labels or pallet labels.

Ship From Information – To indicate your Ship From location click thebutton. This will display your address list foryour company from your Company Settings section. You can add new addresses here or you can select the Ship FromAddress that you would like to use for this shipment.Ship To InformationThe Ship To information is pulled from the purchase order and made available on the shipment – If changes are requiredclick theand choose the Ship To Address for this shipment. If the Ship To Address is not in the list you can add itusing the Add button.Shipment Summary TabEnter BOL No – This is your Bill of Lading Number for this shipment

In order to help track your shipment you may optionally also provide your Carrier PRO bill number or tracking number.These are not mandatory fields on the ASN to Home Hardware.Carrier Details tabAny special shipping instructions are sent as notes or remarks on the Home Hardware purchase order. To view the notessent by Home Hardware, go to your inbox and double click the original purchase order. You will be presented with a reportand the notes sent by Home Hardware appear in the bottom left hand corner.Select the Payment Method by using theshipping costs related to this shipment.Select the Equipment Type by using theTruck/VAN.button. The options are Collect and Prepaid. This refers to payment of thebutton. The options are Container, Trailer (not otherwise specified) andEnter a description of the Routing information. The Routing is a free form field to designate the carrier of the shipment. IfHome Hardware is picking up the shipment from your warehouse “Home Hardware Truck” may be entered. If you areresponsible for your own shipment and delivery, “Vendor Truck” is acceptable. If you are using a carrier, courier or otherservice, please indicate that by name. For example, UPS, Purolator, DHL and other carrier codes are all acceptable. Pleasenote this list is an example of how to enter information into Internet EDI for Home Hardware and is not intended to suggestthat you may not use your carrier of choice. If your carrier is not in the list in this guide, please enter a short description ofyour carrier into the Routing field.

Load Details TabEnter the Lading Qty – This is the Number of Cartons or Pallets that are on the shipment.Enter the Total Weight and its unit of measure. This is the Total Shipment Weight for this shipment.Items to be ShippedInternet EDI assumes that you will be shipping all of the items in the quantities ordered. If you will be shipping a differentquantity, you can change the Qty to Ship as required or else simply only pack the quantity being shipped during the packingprocess. If you are not going to be shipping an item on this shipment you can clear the Ship Item check box beside thatitem and it will be omitted from the shipment.Packing and Labelling a ShipmentYou are now ready to convey to Home Hardware exactly how your shipment has been packed. In order for your products tomove quickly, efficiently and accurately through the Home Hardware warehouse, Home Hardware needs to know thedetails of the contents of each container that arrives at a Home Hardware facility.As you know there are a number of ways that you can pack your items into containers for delivery to Home Hardware.Internet EDI will support however you have your shipment packed.As a reminder of the Home Hardware requirements for packing and labelling:Single Purchase Order, Single Destination - Shipments for a single PO being shipped to one of the Home HardwareDistribution Centre’s should, if possible, be packed on a pallet and shrink wrapped. If there are no mixed cartons on thatpallet, then one pallet label is sufficient for each pallet. This SSCC would be identified in the Tare level of the ASN with theMAN segment within the EDI document sent to Home Hardware.If there are any mixed cartons on that pallet, then those cartons would require their own SSCC label which would then beidentified in the Pack Level of the ASN with the MAN segment within the EDI document sent to Home Hardware.If this shipment is being sent by a parcel courier, like Purolator, then each carton would require their own SSCC label. In thiscase you need to ensure to use the SOPI or Cases Only ASN structure.Multiple Purchase Orders, Single Destination - Shipments for multiple PO’s being shipped to one of the Home HardwareDistribution Centre’s should, if possible, follow the same guidelines as above with only one PO being packed on a singlepallet. The second PO would be packed on a second pallet, and the third order on a third pallet, and so on. This would stillallow you to follow the SOTI or Pallets Only structure in the ASN, as long as there are no mixed cartons on those pallets.If you are unable to package a shipment for multiple PO’s in the above manner, then you should follow the SOPI (CartonsOnly) structure and apply an SSCC label to each carton of that shipment. In doing so, there would be no requirement tohave a single PO for that pallet.If this shipment is being sent by a parcel courier, like Purolator, then each carton would require their own SSCC label. In thiscase you need to ensure to use the SOPI or Cases Only ASN structure.Multiple Purchase Orders, Multiple Destinations - There are instances where Home Hardware will issue PO’s for St. Jacobs,Debert and Wetaskiwin at approximately the same time and request that you consolidate these orders into a singleshipment being delivered to one of their DC’s.

At no time, should those PO’s be consolidated on a single or multiple pallets. Each order in this scenario should be packagedby itself. Ideally, each pallet will be identified with an SSCC label and the ASN will use the Pallets Only ASN Structure. Notethat if you have multiple orders for either St. Jacobs, Debert or Wetaskiwin, those orders can be consolidated together, aslong as each carton contains an SSCC label.Special Orders or Cross Docked PO’s - Many suppliers receive Special Orders from Home Hardware that are phoned, faxedor emailed into their Order Desk. These orders usually contain items that are not stocked in a Distribution Centre’s fordealers to order. The shipment method is also defined on these orders as being a direct shipment to the dealer or a TagFor/Cross Dock shipment through one of the Home Hardware DC’s.If there is only a single carton for this order, then it would require its own SSCC label and the Cartons Only ASN structureshould be used.These cartons can then be consolidated with the Distribution Centre.If this is a shipment being sent directly to one of the Home Hardware member stores and is not being Cross Docked througha DC, then Home Hardware does not require the ASN or labels, but it is acceptable to send these ASN’s with the storelocation identified in the Ship To.Within each of these scenarios, Internet EDI will help you prepare your shipment using the following tools:Carton(s) – The carton(s) may be mixed or single product. All mixed or loose cartons must have their own SSCC ShippingLabel.Pallet(s) – the items ordered will be shipped on a pallet. The pallet may be mixed or single product and may be placed incartons or directly on the pallet (depending on the type of product). For single product pallets, Pallet Labels are preferred.For mixed product pallets, each carton requires its own label.To Pack the ASN for Home HardwareClick on thetab was created.button at bottom of the shipment page. Note that you are still in the shipment record, no newThe Item Organizer (section on the left) shows all items and quantities to be shipped as listed on the previous page. Theitems are also shown in the Item Staging Area listed by UPC code with the ordered quantity displayed below.

To view more details about an item, right click on the item and hover your mouse over the Details , all of the details aboutthe item that were provided on the purchase order will be displayed in the fly out menu.

You indicated the ASN Structure on the shipment screen. This choice is displayed graphically on the packing screen at thetop of the item staging area.change the ASN structure on the previous screen.If you need to change this, you will need to goandUsing Internet EDI to Pack a Carton ASNThe following instructions are intended to demonstrate the powerful packing tool that is built into Internet EDI. Please usethese instructions as a guide to how the Internet EDI packing tool works to create cartons and pallets and then ensure thatyou follow the Home Hardware shipping and labelling guidelines as they pertain to your product, order and agreement withHome Hardware.To Pack a single carton shipment - To pack all quantities of all items in one carton, clickin the staging areaThis will create the one carton and automatically move all of the items and their quantities into the carton.

To Pack a multiple carton shipmentIf all quantities of all items will not fit in one carton you will need to create multiple cartons. You can do this two differentways; automatically or manually.If you are manually building your cartons, you can add a carton to your shipment by clicking thebutton.From here, you can begin adding products to your carton by clicking on the item to be packed in the Item Staging Area andthen entering the quantity to pack in the box to the left of the down arrowand then clicking the down arrow.This will move the specified quantity of the selected item from the Item Staging Area into the carton. If the entire quantityof the selected item should be packed into the current carton, you can simply select the item in the Item Staging Area andthen click the down arrow.

If you are spliting an item into multiple cartons, add a carton,enter your quantity per carton, click on the arrow key,then use the clone buttonsto create one duplicate carton, or clickrequired until all items in the stating area are to create as many duplicates asThe cloning is especially useful if you are creating mulitple mixed cartons. Simply create one carton that contains the itemsand then clone that carton to create your shipment.

If you are creating pallets rather than cartons, the functionality is the same only you will be creating a pallet (rather than a carton ())When you have packed your shipment ClickYou can review your packing list by clickingThe Review Packing box will summarize each carton and pallet as well as the items and quantities contained therein.Printing Shipping LabelsHome Hardware has created clear guidelines for their labelling requirements. If you need additional assistance, pleasereference the Home Hardware vendor documentation.

Shipping labels have a few different names; MH10 labels, SCC128 (SSCC) labels, GS1128 labels and Licence Plate Number(LPN) labels all refer to labels that bind a container to an ASN and shipment.You can print your labels from the Review Packing screen.To do this, click thebutton.You can also print your labels from the shipment screen by clicking thebutton available there.The Label Printing options will be displayed.Choose all Labels to print all of the labels for this shipment.The system tracks what labels have been printed allowing you the option to print

catalogue in bulk using Microsoft Excel. Otherwise, items can be edited or deleted by using the appropriate buttons Using Internet EDI Upon logging in, you will be presented with the Mailbox tab, defaulted to the Inbox. Within the