Jackson County Engineer’s2019 Annual ReportIn accordance with Section 5543.02 of the Ohio Revised Code, the County Engineer must providean annual report to the Board of County Commissioners detailing the conditions of the countyroads, bridges and culverts, along with an estimate of the funds necessary to maintain, repair, andconstruct such infrastructure. This annual report is a summary of everything we do here at theJackson County Engineer’s Office and the Jackson County Highway Department.2019 Revenue:Motor Vehicle Registration FeesGasoline Tax26.7%63.9%Fines1.0%Sales (Fuel, etc.)Miscellaneous (Scrap Metal, Interest on Road andBridge Funds, ODNR, Buckeye Rural Electric,and Health Insurance Incentive, etc.)Reimbursements from grants (OPWC, CDBG,FEMA, FHWA Emergency Relief, Sign Grant,Worker’s Comp, Auction, etc.)0.1%TOTAL*100%1.0%7.3% 1,226,412.27 2,939,200.281,209,745.29 2,417,403.9547,923.92 6,345.85 41.441,213,767.41 48,728.3521.28 338,401.19 4,600,707.45* An additional 695,562.46 (T-216-0.81 Bridge), 415,588.60 (T-384-1.33), & 1,293,514.83 (C-76 Paving)in grant funding was paid directly to contractors.2019 Expenditures:Payroll32.2% 1,459,767.45Fringe Benefits12.9% 584,733.81Overhead6.2% 279,366.69Debt on Loans5.3% 240,447.11Equipment, Parts & Repairs12.9% 585,360.65Fuel & Oil3.0% 135,885.93Road Materials15.4% 699,684.82Road Contracts4.6% Bridge Materials5.0% Bridge Contracts & Design2.5%TOTAL*100% 206,244.34229,092.54113,578.25 4,534,161.59Page 1 of 52019 Annual Report.doc00

Roads:Like 2018, 2019 also became a year in Jackson County’s history that was due impart to the weather.In like years past we’ve strived to do our part in making Jackson County safe and great again! Our crewsworked a total of 1817 combined normal and overtime hours during ice and snow removal operations. Weused 4255 tons of our 50/50 mix of salt and grit mix. Due to the substantial weather conditions, we used atotal of 805 tons of various patching materials to repair pot holes in our roads.One of our goals this year was to ditch / berm and patch using our road grader, so we could shed asmuch water as possible from lying on our roadways and to cover lane miles. We were able to ditch / berm144 lane miles and patch 95 lane miles using 3359 tons of hot mix asphalt. We also used our skid steer topatch 39 lane miles and used 561 tons of hot mix asphalt. Using these attachments, which weremanufactured in house by our maintenance department, on our grader and skid steer allows us to controlthe flow and material usage more effectively. Our county crews were able to do 9 lane miles of ForceAccount paving, which limits us to 30,000 per road mile for paving, using 422 tons of cold mix asphalt and1300 tons of hot mix asphalt while using our paver. Being rewarded with a grant to allow for paving on C76Beaver Pike was a much needed and welcoming accomplishment. In all there were 27 lane miles paved in2019.In 2019 we also revisited our chip and seal program as another avenue to prolong the longevity ofour roads while using our county crews and equipment. This program allowed us to cover 35 lane miles.During this process we used 242 tons of #8 stone, 1462 tons of #9 stone and 46,614 gallons of an oilemulsion. These processes of patching, paving and sealing programs have allowed us to repair and or renew196 out of 588 lane miles in Jackson County during the 2019 year.The wet weather of 2019 also continued into the summer months as well. The wet and humidconditions really gave our vegetation the ingredients it needed to flourish. We were finally able to get anedge once the wet weather subsided. Our long reach boom mowers were able to mow back brush on 221 lanemiles in the county. We also contracted out our road side mowing this year and were able to complete 4rounds of mowing with them this year. We also utilized an herbicide spraying contractor and were able tospray 97,000 linear feet of guard rail along county roads. Our crews also installed 1626 feet of plastic andcorrugated metal pipes of various diameters in 2019. Many of these locations were cross pipes under ourroadways. Our sign man was able to install 499 signs. These signs were either new installs or repair /renewals due to various reasons. We also utilized our excavator and piling driver attachment on a 50’ slipproject.We’ve had quite a busy year in our department this year. I’m extremely proud of our crews and staff,their efforts and accomplishments that have been made during 2019 for all of Jackson County. Thank You!Andy Dickens, Road SuperintendentThe county experienced another FEMA flooding event on February 6th, while still in the midst oftrying to navigate FEMA’s process for the 2018 event. It has been a very frustrating process.The Jackson County Engineer’s Office is responsible as an agent of the Jackson CountyCommissioners for monitoring the use of and coordinating the various utilities within the rights-of-way ofthe Jackson County Road System. The use of a permit system allows the County Engineer’s Office to controlthe location, depth, and proximity of various utilities to the roadway pavement and roadway structures.These utilities include water, electric, phone, cable, and gas. In 2019, the Engineer’s Office issued 55permits, almost double the amount from 2018.Ohio Revised Code 5543.16 explains a property owner’s requirements for driveways. We developed adriveway permit in 2019 so we could bring more awareness to people that driveways are the propertyPage 2 of 52019 Annual Report.doc

owner’s responsibility. The permit has detailed guidance as to our requirements for installing andmaintaining a proper driveway. 67 driveways permits were processed in 2019.G.I.S./Tax Map Department:The Engineer’s Office is responsible for maintaining up to date information on all parcels of landwithin the County. Our office staff works very closely with the Auditor’s Office and the Recorder’s Office. In2019 the office reviewed and approved the content and mathematical accuracy of 220 land surveys ofindividual properties in accordance with Chapter 4733 of the Ohio Administrative Code. The office staff alsoassists the public and other governmental agencies in utilizing the records that we keep on file.2019.Addressing for the county is also done through the Engineer’s Office. 71 addresses were assigned inBridges:The Engineer’s Office is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of 263 bridges on JacksonCounty Roads and Township Roads with a span length equal to ten feet and greater. All the bridges must beinspected annually and an inspection report must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Transportation(ODOT). Needed repairs and replacement projects are prioritized during these annual inspections. Thecondition of our bridges in 2019 was as follows with 9 being the best condition down to a 0.9876543210ExcellentVery t FailureFailed2945484453403002Ohio law requires the county engineer to first perform a force account estimate on any bridge workto be performed. If the cost of the work on a bridge will exceed 100,000, then the project must be bid outto a contractor. If the cost is estimated to be less than 100,000, then the county crews can do the workthemselves.We had to close four bridges before they failed during the year, which resulted in unplannedexpenses from the budget. The first was on Cherry Fork Road (C-6-1.81). We were able to add a supportand stringers to re-open the bridge and I know have OPWC funding to replace the entire structure in 2020.The second was on Limerick Road (C-25-3.00). We replaced the bridge temporarily with 2 60” pipes and Inow have CDBG funding to replace the bridge with a box culvert in 2021. The third was on C,H&D Road (C2-3.89). We replaced this structure with our own steel beams and a concrete deck from Scioto ValleyPreCast. The forth was on Pyro Road (C-47-1.23). We replaced this bridge with 2 48” pipes. In all fourcases the steel beam stringers failed.We were able to replace two bridges with Ohio Public Works grant and loan funding. The first wason Spencer Road (T-216-0.81). We replaced the old truss with new abutments and a new truss bridge. Thetotal project cost was 695,562.46. The second was on Wellston Park Road (T-384-1.33). We rehabilitatedthe old truss and were able to re-use the existing abutments. The total project cost was 415,588.60. U.S.Bridge built both of these structures for us.Page 3 of 52019 Annual Report.doc

C-2-3.89T-216-0.81T-384-1.33Page 4 of 52019 Annual Report.doc

Only being able to replace six to eight bridges on average a year is not enough to keep up withour failing infrastructure. We are using every possible means to stretch our valuable dollars butinevitably we will simply have roads closed for extended periods of time due to lack of funding. In2020, the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) grant and loan money will pay for the replacementor removal of four bridges: Cherry Fork Road (C-6-1.81), Antioch Road (C-12-4.20), Camba Road (C15-1.91), and Glade Run Road (C-57-0.26). The CDBG grant will pay for a bridge replacement on No.12 Hollow Road (T-180-0.05) and I have federal LBR funding and credit bridge funding for thereplacement and road realignment at our Raysville Road truss bridge (C-29-8.73). The Ohio BridgePartnership Program is paying for the replacement of the Roberts Road truss bridge (T-221.2.33).The OPWC grant will also pay for paving the remaining portions of Franklin Valley Road in2020.Equipment:In 2019 we were able to purchase a flail attachment for our tractor and a John Deere brushcutter tractor to assist in brush removal in right of way areas. We also added a metal cutting saw and abarrier lift attachment to our bridge department to assist in bridge construction. We purchased a newDodge Ram pickup to replace a 2008 pickup from our fleet, and added a KM8000 asphalt reclaimertrailer to assist our road crews in patching road surfaces. We purchased a 2014 International Pro-StarSemi tractor to replace our 1985 Mack Semi tractor to assist in moving our equipment, and added a2019 BOMAG BW141 tandem vibratory roller to assist our road crews in paving and repair of ourroadways.We started upgrading our radio system with Justin Drummond’s help and will continue withthis project in 2020!I truly believe each and every one of my employees is a good steward of the public tax dollarswe receive, and we strive to manage our funding as efficiently as possible while constantly exploringnew and better ways of doing more with less. A huge THANK YOU goes to all of my employees for allof their long hours and hard work. We are all doing the best we can to maintain our roads and bridgeswith very limited funding.Respectfully,Melissa Miller, P.E., P.S.Jackson County EngineerPage 5 of 52019 Annual Report.doc

the flow and material usage more effectively. Our county crews were able to do 9 lane miles of Force Account paving, which limits us to 30,000 per road mile for paving, using 422 tons of cold mix asphalt and 1300 tons of hot mix asphalt while using our pave