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Information GuideTable of ContentsSECTION 1 WELCOME Welcome from MRS Director .1 Welcome from MCTI Director .2SECTION 2 ABOUT MCTI MCTI Mission Statement .3 MCTI Philosophy .3 Introduction .4 Notice of Non-Discrimination .5 MCTI Website .5 Faculty and Staff Credentials.5 Conflict of Interest.5 Important Phone Numbers .6 MCTI Mailing Address for Letters and Packages .6 Directions to MCTI .6SECTION 3 ENROLLMENT INFORMATION Other Registration Information and Things You Should Bring .7 Registration Day .7 What to Bring .8o Recommended Immunizations .9 What Not to Bring (MCTI Weapons Policy) .9 Common Adjustments .10 Celebrations and Challenges.11 Communication with Parents .12 Enrollment Verification for Insurance .12 School Terms .13iii

SECTION 3 ENROLLMENT INFORMATION MCTI Calendar and Dormitory (Dorm) Closure Dates .13 Term Breaks – Closings .13 Term Breaks – Transportation .13SECTION 4 CAMPUS LIFE Drug and Alcohol Free Zone .14 Dormitory (Dorm) .14o Room Assignments and Room Changes .14o Personal Belongings .14o Room Inspections .15o Room Keys .15o Room Visitations .15 Visitation Hours .15o Quiet Hours.16o Eagle Shack.16o Evening Supervision .16 Fire and Safety .16 Food Service .17 Health Services .18 Internet Service .18 Laundry Facilities.18 Leisure Services .19o Non School Off Campus Activities .19 MCTI Ombudspersons .20 Student Employment .20 Student Identification .20 Vehicles on Campus .21 Visitors on Campus .21 ATM Machine .22iv

SECTION 5 FINANCIAL INFORMATION Financial Information .23 Financial Aid .23 Financial Aid Verification .23 Books and Supplies .24 Non-Payment of Financial Obligations .24SECTION 6 KEY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Dress Code.25 Drugs, Alcohol on Campus, Substance Abuse/Drug Testing .26 Inappropriate Behavior .27 Physical Conflicts (Fighting/Horseplay) .27 Right to Refuse Admission .27 Room Search.27 Suspension of Students and Removal of Non-Students .28 Weapons, Explosives, Flammables .29SECTION 7 Student Rights and Responsibilities MCTI Ombudspersons .30o How MCTI’s Ombudspersons can help you .30o How to Contact an Ombudsperson .30v

Section 1WELCOMESTATE OF MICHIGANGRETCHEN WHITMERGOVERNORDEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICESMICHIGAN REHABILITATION SERVICESROBERT GORDONDIRECTORDear MCTI Student:Welcome to one of eight public vocational rehabilitation residential training facilities in theU.S. MCTI has a long history of being one of the most progressive of these centers, withextraordinary training and job placement success. Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS)is proud that MCTI is part of the larger public vocational rehabilitation program in Michigan.As a student of MCTI and customer of MRS, our staff strives to empower you to makedecisions and choices leading to your rehabilitation success. We are pleased you havechosen MCTI to complete your vocational training and look forward to providing you withthe training and support you need to successfully transition into employment.This document contains policies and procedures that will help answer questions that youmay have during your stay at MCTI. MCTI will strive to provide you with the training thatmeets your needs, interests, and abilities, as well as developing skills that will enhanceyour employment opportunities.I’m sure this is a very exciting time for you. I wish you great success at MCTI.Sincerely,Tina FullertonBureau DirectorMichigan Rehabilitation ServicesPO Box 30010 Lansing, Michigan

Section 1WELCOMESTATE OF MICHIGANGRETCHEN WHITMERGOVERNORDEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICESMICHIGAN REHABILITATION SERVICESROBERT GORDONDIRECTORDear New MCTI Student:I am happy to welcome you to Michigan Career and Technical Institute (MCTI). I believeyou are enrolling at one of the finest schools for training and rehabilitation in the country.It is my hope that when you have finished your training program you will find employmentin your community, and that you will have benefited from the vocational training andsupportive services received at MCTI.At Michigan Career and Technical Institute, I think of our resident housing as an integralpart of the overall program, much more than merely a place to eat and sleep. Ourclassrooms are more than a place to learn. They are a place to develop skills that willenable you to become a productive employee on your job and a contributing citizen withinyour community. Programs and activities are planned and carried out for the purpose ofassisting you to live independently and to co-exist comfortably with others. Throughout thevarious components at MCTI, we strive to provide an environment that will foster individualstudent achievement at the highest level possible.Please feel free to call upon staff members or me for assistance. I hope your stay here isrewarding and enriching.Sincerely,Paul Mulka, DirectorMichigan Career and Technical InstituteMICHIGAN CAREER AND TECHNICAL INSTITUTE11611 W. PINE LAKE ROAD PLAINWELL, MICHIGAN (269) 664-44612

Section 2ABOUT MCTIMCTI MISSION STATEMENTThe Michigan Career and Technical Institute (MCTI) conducts vocational and technicaltraining programs and provides the supportive services needed to prepare Michigancitizens with disabilities for competitive employment.MCTI PHILOSOPHYAt the Michigan Career and Technical Institute, we believe: A student is the most important person in our school. Our purpose is to provide career and technical education that meets the needs,interests and abilities of our students. Each student is an individual who has dignity and worth, and who should be treatedwith respect. It is our responsibility to provide the opportunities to develop skills that will enhanceemployment. It is our responsibility to involve business and industry in order to provide greateremployment opportunities for our students. It is our job to promote employment through a wide range of physical, social,cultural and support services designed to overcome barriers that may interfere withtraining and employment. It is our job to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare individuals foremployment in a specific trade or vocation and to assist them to live independently.3

Section 2ABOUT MCTIAt Michigan Career and Technical (MCTI), we believe it is our mission not only to prepareyou to be successful in your chosen vocational field, but also to assist you with makinggood decisions which will allow you to become a contributing member of society. MCTIstudents are adults and make decisions regarding their on- and off-campus activities asadults. MCTI’s number one priority is to provide a safe and healthy living and learningenvironment.MCTI does not regulate non-school supported off-campus activities; however, if your offcampus activities affect the health and safety of other students, we investigate and takeaction as needed to ensure the well-being of all students. MCTI provides Dorm staff 24/7to help you, as a student, make choices that will lead to a successful MCTI experience.A separate entity from the traditional community college or technical school, MichiganCareer & Technical Institute has provided training for adults with disabilities in Michigansince 1944. MCTI offers a unique blend of caring support services and state-of the-arttraining for business and industry today. MCTI operates under the auspices of theMichigan Department of Health and Human Services, Michigan Rehabilitation Services.The campus—located on the shores of Pine Lake in southwestern Barry County—is fullyaccessible. For eligible adults who have a physical or mental disability, tuition and roomand board in the dormitory are free. A career assessment service is available to helpstudents explore career options.A full spectrum of health, psychological and social work services is also provided. Allclassrooms, dorm rooms, cafeteria, library and leisure services are located in one buildingfor easy accessibility out of the weather. For students who do not wish to live in a dorm orthose with children, an apartment complex is located on campus for a reasonable cost.4

Section 2ABOUT MCTINOTICE OF NON-DISCRIMINATIONThe Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is an equal opportunityemployer/program. Auxiliary aids, services and other reasonable accommodations areavailable upon request to individuals with disabilities, as required by law.MCTI FACULTY AND STAFF CREDENTIALSAll faculty and staff at the Michigan Career and Technical Institute possess the credentialsas required by the State of Michigan, Michigan Department of Civil Service. Staff is trainedin blood-borne pathogens, fire suppression and right to know. The majority of staff iscertified in first aid, CPR and in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED).CONFLICT OF INTERESTAll MCTI employees are expected to maintain a relationship free from conflict of interest.Examples of relationships that could lead to a conflict of interest include, but are not limitedto: Socializing during non-work hours with a person served by the agency Serving as a guardian, conservator or other type of legal representative of a personserved in an MCTI program Being related to a person (i.e., brother, niece, cousin) served in an MCTI program5

Section 2ABOUT MCTIIMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS: Main Switchboard . 269-664-4461 Main Switchboard - Toll Free . 877-901-7360 Admissions Office . 269-664-9223 Financial Aid Office. 269-664-9217 Manager of Career Readiness Center . 269-664-9215 Manager of Career and Technical Education . 269-664-9220 Manager of Student Services . 269-664-9260 Fire and Safety . 269-664-9560 Health Services . 269-664-9207 Dormitory (Dorm) Office . 269-664-9202*TTY users may contact MCTI by dialing 711 and providing the relayoperator with 269-664-4461MCTI MAILING ADDRESS FOR LETTERS AND PACKAGESWe encourage you to send letters and packages to students while they are at MCTI. Theyvery much enjoy hearing from home. You can send mail to the following address:Student NameMichigan Career and Technical Institute11611 W. Pine Lake RoadPlainwell, MI 49080DIRECTIONS TO MCTIDirections to MCTI can be found on the MCTI website:

Section 3ENROLLMENT INFORMATIONOTHER REGISTRATION INFORMATIONAND THINGS YOU SHOULD BRINGPLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, IT CONTAINS INFORMATION YOU SHOULDHAVE WHILE PREPARING FOR YOUR ARRIVAL AT MCTI.REGISTRATION DAYMCTI’s Dormitory (Dorm) provides a 24-hour, seven days a week residence forapproximately 352 students. In order to make your registration and stay in the Dorm ascomfortable as possible, we request you adhere to the following policies:1. Please try to arrive on the date and at the time stated in your letter. Do notcome the day before you are scheduled. If you do so, there will be no one toassist you, and you will have to seek lodging elsewhere.2. When you arrive at school, report to the Main Entrance (A). If you are travelingby bus to Kalamazoo, you must call the school at 269-664-4461 and someonewill pick you up. If you are unable to reach anyone at this number, you may call269-664-9264. We are unable to accept collect calls, so make sure to havesome change with you.3. Make sure you bring a picture ID and medications, but leave all otherbelongings in the vehicle until registration is complete and you have yourroom key.7

Section 3ENROLLMENT INFORMATIONWHAT TO BRING1. Make sure to bring sheets for a regular twin bed, pillowcase, pillow and blankets.Also, a mattress cover is recommended.You will need your own towels,washcloths, bath soap, laundry detergent, shower curtain, shower shoes andother personal toiletries. Also, please bring a footlocker or something similar sothat you can secure your personal belongings (ex: small lock-box).2. Bring an alarm clock, MCTI does not provide a wake-up service. Smallrefrigerators, microwaves, radios and TV sets are permissible, but cable TV isnot available in dorm rooms. It is suggested that you leave any other equipmentat home until you see what is needed.3. MCTI’s Health Services is able to provide a variety of services; but, in order tohandle your special needs, we request you bring the following:a) At least a month’s supply of any prescription drugs you are presentlytaking. You must bring your own over-the-counter medication such asaspirin, Tylenol, antacid, etc., for minor illnesses because they are notavailable on campus. Have a plan for replacing your medications. Pleasecontact Health Services at (269-664-9207) prior to enrolling at MCTI, if youhave questions about this.b) All special or adaptive equipment needed, (i.e., leg bags, drainage bags,splints, insulin supplies, etc.)c) Emergency Medical/Dental Expenses: Should you need off campus medicaltreatment, it will be your full responsibility to see that arrangements are madefor payment of related expenses. Be sure to discuss this with your HomeCounselor before you leave home.8

Section 3ENROLLMENT INFORMATIONPLEASE NOTE: MCTI highly recommends the following vaccines for students:o Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)--If born after 1957, healthdepartments are recommending a second vaccination with the MMR.o Varicella (Chickenpox)--If no documented case of chickenpoxrecommending a two vaccinations series.o Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap-Tetanus/Reduced diphtheriatoxoids and acellular pertussis)—Tdap vaccination is highlyrecommended due to the increase in the number of Pertussiscases in Michigan.o Hepatitis B--Give a series of three vaccinations.required for the custodial and health career class.This vaccine iso Meningococcal Vaccine--Give one vaccination to students living in adormitory setting.o Influenza--Give yearly vaccination to adults to include seasonal.o Human Papillomavirus--Give a series of three vaccinations prior tobecoming sexually active.4. We have phone jacks available in the dorm rooms. If you want a phone, pleasebring one as well as a phone card for long distance calls, local phone service isincluded. It should be noted that many cell phones do not work on campus.WHAT NOT TO BRINGWeapons or replicas of weapons are not allowed on campus.The MCTI Weapons Policy is as follows: The following items are not permitted in dormrooms or anywhere on campus, including in vehicles.9

Section 3ENROLLMENT INFORMATIONPossession of any of these items may result in a suspension: Guns Chains Walking sticks Pocket knives with blades over 1 inch long Boards that can be used as clubs Ice picks Laser pens Steel tip darts Martial arts weapons Archery equipment* Ball bats* Paint ball equipment**These items may be stored in the Leisure Services building with staff approvalCOMMON ADJUSTMENTSAs you already know, MCTI dorm life and academic classes will present many newchallenges to your son/daughter. Students will make some big adjustments in growing tomeet these challenges.Although each individual’s concerns vary, the most commonadjustments and concerns faced by MCTI students during their first term include those onthe following list: Making it Academically.Peer Group Acceptance.Concern About Roommate.Parental Pressure.Homesickness.Culture Shock.The Dating Game.Learning About the MCTI Campus. Status/Popularity.Alcohol/Drugs.Sharing a Room.Clear Focus/Direction.Separation from Friends.Getting a Job.Fear of Failure.10

Section 3PARENT AND FAMILY INFORMATIONCELEBRATIONS AND CHALLENGESOne thing to remember about your son/daughter is that you have helped him or her makedecisions for the past 18 or so years; you have served as the role model; and you havedone a good job. Now, it is your time to trust that you did a good job and turn your role intothat of a coach. While at MCTI, your children will experiment with their values, developand redevelop dreams, change their career goals and maybe even their hair color!Students face many challenges that they are up to tackling! As a parent, there are severalrecommendations that we can make to help you support your son/daughter: Understand your student’s changes and uncertainties. As students explore,they may have some questions. Try to be patient and listen to their concerns. Trust that you taught your student to make decisions well. You have givenyour student a strong set of values and decision-making skills; trust him/her to usethem correctly. Try not to do anything for your student that he/she can do alone. As hard as itwill be, help your student to help himself/herself. When problems arise, empoweryour student to figure out and implement the solution. Sharpen your listening and clarification skills, and know when to use them.Sometimes your student may just want to vent. Learn to figure out when he/she islooking for advice and when he/she just needs a kind ear. Understand your student’s strengths and weaknesses. As much as you hate toadmit it, your student is not perfect. Help him/her to learn what his/her strengthsand weaknesses are and when to capitalize on his/her best assets.11

Section 3PARENT AND FAMILY INFORMATION Enable your student to be whatever he/she wants to (and can) be. You mayhave certain goals for your student, but try hard to let him/her discover his/her owndreams. Your student will probably pursue goals with a lot more vigor if he/she isresponsible for creating them. Let go. By letting go, it does not mean that you should not be involved in yourstudent’s life. We simply mean that it is your student’s turn to make decisions andthat he/she is capable of making positive ones.COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTSAll students must sign a release for MCTI staff to speak with anyone except their MRShome counselor about their program and/or academic progress. This means that if yourstudent hasn’t given us permission to give information to you, we can’t. MCTI has the rightto release information to the MRS home counselor without a signed release. Students willbe asked to sign a release of information during their orientation but they also have theright not to sign at that time. A release can be signed at any time during their enrollment atMCTI. Students may also choose to revoke a signed release at any time.ENROLLMENT VERIFICATION FOR INSURANCEThe Office of the Registrar provides current, previous, and intended (if you have receivedan Invitation Letter from MCTI) enrollment verification letters, which indicates your studentis, has been, or will be enrolled full-time (12 credits) at MCTI. Your student can request aStudent Status Request Form by calling (269-664-9212). The Office of the Registrar willfulfill your request within 48 hours of the date the form was received. The enrollmentverification letter can be picked up, mailed, or faxed directly to you or the location indicatedon the form.12

Section 3PARENT AND FAMILY INFORMATIONSCHOOL TERMSThere are four terms in the school year:Fall Term, Winter Term, Spring Term andSummer Term. For specific beginning and ending dates, please see the MCTI Schoolcalendar on MCTI’s website at SCHOOL CALENDAR AND DORM CLOSURE DATESYou can locate the MCTI school calendar and the dorm closure dates on our website BREAKS – CLOSINGSThe dorm will be closed between terms, at Thanksgiving, Christmas and after the summerterm. Students need to familiarize themselves with these dates and be prepared to leavecampus at these times. Break periods are noted on the school calendar. Generally, beforea break period classes end at 2:30 p.m. and students do not have to be out of the dormuntil 12:00 noon the next day.TERM BREAKS – TRANSPORTATIONTransportation to the bus and train station will be after 2:30 p.m. on the last full day ofclass and then the morning of the next day with the last trip at noon. We do not providetransportation to the bus and train stations before 2:30 p.m. on the last full day ofclass. If students choose to leave before 2:30 p.m., they will have to find their own ride tothe bus and train station.13

Section 4CAMPUS LIFEDRUG AND ALCOHOL FREE ZONENo alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on campus. This includes empty alcohol containersand any type of drug paraphernalia.DORMITORY (DORM)Room Assignments and Room ChangesEnrolling students are assigned to rooms by the Dorm staff. Dorm staff will take intoconsideration disability, sex, and age when assigning rooms. For safety reasons, allstudents with hearing impairments will be assigned a dorm room designated as accessible.Also, all students with mobility issues will be assigned to a first floor room. Couples(heterosexual, gay, lesbian) are not allowed to be roommates or suitemates.Personal BelongingsIt is the responsibility of the students to remove their personal belongings when they leaveMCTI. If personal items cannot be removed due to emergency departure from MCTI, it isthe responsibility of the student to box personal items and turn in these items to the Dormstaff for storage. Boxed items must have the student’s name and date of departure. TheDorm staff will then place items in the designated storage area.Personal belongings will be stored for no more than three weeks. Items left in storagelonger than three weeks will be discarded. Due to lack of storage, MCTI can’t keep itemsindefinitely. A student’s failure to turn personal items into the Dorm staff for storage willplace all responsibility for personal items upon the student. Dorm staff will make areasonable effort to make sure that the items left will be safe, although there is noguarantee when a student does not turn in his/her items to the Dorm staff.14

Section 4CAMPUS LIFERoom InspectionsFloor officers and Dorm staff will be inspecting all dorm rooms on a weekly basis. Duringthis inspection, the team will be looking for: Cleanliness of room. Damage of room fixtures and walls.Room KeysAll resident students are issued a room key on the day they are assigned a dorm room.When the student leaves MCTI, the dorm room key must be returned.Room VisitationsStudents must sign in their off-campus guests at the Dorm Office and receive a guestpass. Guests must purchase meal tickets at the Dorm Office if they would like to eat ameal in the cafeteria. There is no curfew for MCTI students in the dorm; however, we dohave room visitation hours which apply to all MCTI students and their guests.There is no overnight visitation for guests of MCTI students. Students are allowed to visiton dorm floors other than their own only during the below-listed hours.Visitation Hours:Monday - Thursday 3:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. for MCTI students3:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. for non-studentsFridaySaturday3:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. (Saturday) for MCTI students2:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. for non-students10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. (Sunday)Sunday10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.Holiday: Same as Saturday and Sunday (the night before classes - 11:00 p.m.)15

Section 4CAMPUS LIFEQuiet HoursQuiet hours for all MCTI residence halls are from 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Sunday throughThursday. On Friday and Saturday nights, quiet hours are from midnight to 8:00 a.m.Quiet hours on some halls may begin before these times. These halls will post notices atthe end of their halls.Eagle ShackThe Eagle Shack is the school store managed by MCTI’s Retail Marketing Department,where students can purchase snacks, meal tickets, personal items and school attire. Thestore is open after class and on weekends for the students’ convenience.Evening SupervisionIt is the goal of MCTI to provide a safe and secure environment for all students. However,you should be aware that we do have limited evening supervision, which requires studentsto be able to live independently.FIRE & SAFETYSafety and security is a very important priority of the MCTI community. Fire and SafetyDepartment coverage is 24-hours seven days a week, including all holidays.Thisdepartment oversees and completes all safety inspections and monitors compliance withall MIOSHA standards. The Fire and Safety Department has the responsibility to monitor,investigate and track all unusual incident reports. The department interacts with local lawenforcement agencies regarding any criminal activity identified on campus.16

Section 4CAMPUS LIFEFOOD SERVICEMeals are served in the cafeteria seven days a week when school is in session. The cost of meals is included with the student’s room and board. Students are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week and brunchand dinner on the weekends. A wide variety of food is served, with an unlimited salad, soup, beverage anddessert bar. Students may request special diets and/or “Heart Smart” meals. Visitors may purchase meal tickets at the Eagle Shack; the cost for lunch or dinneris 3.00.Visiting hours do not start until after the completion of breakfast; therefore, guests will notbe allowed to purchase meal tickets for breakfast. Commuters and Pine Lake Apartmentresidents may eat lunch in the cafeteria during the week for f

A separate entity from the traditional community college or technical school, Michigan Career & Technical Institute has provided training for adults with disabilities in Michigan since 1944. MCTI offers a unique blend of caring support services and state-of File Size: 319KB