MindView User GuideTable of ContentsIntroduction . 4Trademarks . 4MindView Windows and macOS – End User License Agreement . 5Welcome . 13What's new in MindView 8 . 17Important terms . 19Installation and login . 22Installing MindView . 22Logging in . 25Support . 28Getting help . 28Reporting a problem . 29Quick Start . 30First step: Creating the mind map . 31Second step: Enhancing the mind map . 33Setting up. 39Setting up your workspace . 39Setting up your preferences . 46Basic tasks. 51Creating a mind map. 51Saving a mind map . 53Opening a mind map. 55Entering a branch label . 56Inserting branches . 57Designing a mind map . 61Viewing a mind map. 65Zooming in and out . 69Inserting text notes . 71Inserting comments. 76Inserting icons . 79Inserting pictures . 82Inserting task data. 86Inserting timeline data . 90Inserting calculation values . 94Printing a mind map . 102Further tasks . 104Formatting a branch . 104Editing branch data . 1081

Moving a branch . 110Focusing on a branch . 112Creating sub-maps of selected branches . 114Filtering a mind map . 116Using conditional formatting . 119Attaching objects . 123Inserting audio notes. 125Dictating text . 127Creating hyperlinks . 129Creating branch connections . 131Capturing text and images . 134Finding and replacing text . 137Using predictive suggestions . 139Setting up suggestion sources . 141Inserting a new root . 146Detaching a branch . 147Setting a password . 148Tracking changes . 149Working with legends . 150Presenting a mind map . 152Checking a mind map . 154Packing a mind map . 155Sending a mind map . 157Publishing a mind map. 158Creating project reports . 160Using the Picture Catalog . 162Using the Properties dialog . 168Using the Overview panel . 170Using the Object list . 171Using online workspaces . 172Understanding online workspaces . 172Managing online workspaces . 173Opening and saving online documents. 176Collaborating on a MindView Drive document . 177Managing files on MindView Drive . 181Views . 184Using different views . 184Understanding document types . 186Mind Mapping views . 190Timeline view . 193Outline view . 199Gantt view . 203Spellchecking . 246Using the spellchecker . 246Spellchecking options . 2492

Sources and citations . 253Managing sources. 253Importing and exporting sources . 258Using citations . 260Exporting. 263Introduction . 263Additional folders . 264Exporting to Microsoft Word . 265Exporting to Microsoft PowerPoint . 271Exporting to Microsoft Excel . 275Exporting to Microsoft Outlook task list. 279Exporting to Microsoft Project . 283Exporting to HTML . 284Exporting to PDF. 307Exporting to RTF . 308Exporting to XML . 311Exporting as picture . 312Importing . 313Introduction . 313Importing from Microsoft Word . 314Importing from Microsoft PowerPoint. 317Importing from Microsoft Excel . 320Importing from Microsoft Outlook . 323Importing from Microsoft Project . 325Importing from XML . 326Importing from other applications . 327Pen Mode . 328Speech Mode (AT Edition only) . 333Touch Mode . 338Reference . 340Properties . 341List of calculation functions . 358Keyboard shortcuts . 363Index . 3663

IntroductionTrademarksMatchWare, MindView, MindView Drive and MatchWare MindView Online are trademarks, pendingtrademarks or registered trademarks of MatchWare A/S.Mind Map and Mind Mapping are registered trademarks of the Buzan Organisation.Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Word, MicrosoftPowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft FrontPage, MicrosoftWindows, Windows Media Player, Visual C , Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are trademarksor registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.Mac and macOS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.The 2007 Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface is subject to protection under U.S. and internationalintellectual property laws and is used by MatchWare A/S under license from Microsoft.WorldCat and the WorldCat logo are trademarks/service marks of OCLC Online Computer LibraryCenter, Inc.Mendeley is a trademark of Elsevier Ltd.Zotero is a registered trademark of the Corporation for Digital Scholarship.Nuance, the Nuance logos, the Dragon logos, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, NaturallySpeaking,DragonBar and Select-and-Say are trademarks or registered trademarks of NuanceCommunications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.YouTube and Google Drive are trademarks of Google Inc.Certain portions of Word Prediction copyright Texthelp Ltd 2015Other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.This Product is copyrighted 2002-2020 by MatchWare A/S. All rights reserved.Information given in this documentation can be changed and represents no obligation onMatchWare, its Publishers or Agents. This documentation is copyrighted 2002-2020 byMatchWare A/S. All rights reserved. This documentation is not to be copied, photocopied,reproduced, translated or transferred to an electronic media or machine sensible form without awritten authorization from MatchWare or its Publishers.IMPORTANT You should read the following MatchWare License Agreement (EULA) carefully. If youinstall, copy, download, or use this software Product, you agree to be bound by the terms of thisagreement. If you do not agree with the conditions, you are not entitled to install and use thesoftware, and should immediately return the software package and all other material in this packagealong with proof of payment, to the authorized dealer from whom you obtained it for a full refund ofthe price you paid. Do not make any illegal copies.4

MindView Windows and macOS – End User License AgreementThese are the Terms of the End User License Agreement (Agreement) that govern Your rights touse the Product and the free trial of the Product. This Agreement, unless explicitly stated, alsogovern any additional features that may be added to the Product.BY ACCEPTING THIS AGREEMENT, BY CLICKING A BOX INDICATING YOUR ACCEPTANCEOF THIS AGREEMENT, YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU AREENTERING INTO THIS AGREEMENT ON BEHALF OF A COMPANY OR OTHER LEGAL ENTITY,YOU REPRESENT THAT YOU HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO BIND SUCH ENTITY AND ITSAFFILIATES TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, IN WHICH CASE THE TERMS "YOU" OR"YOUR" SHALL REFER TO SUCH ENTITY AND ITS AFFILIATES. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SUCHAUTHORITY, OR IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, YOU MUSTNOT ACCEPT THIS AGREEMENT AND MAY NOT USE THE SERVICES.1. DEFINITIONS"MatchWare" means the MatchWare company described in Section 13.3 (Who You Are ContractingWith, Notices, Governing Law and Jurisdiction)."Product" means the desktop versions of MindView for Windows and MindView for macOS andincluded services such as MindView Drive and Public Maps."Subscription" means a subscription such as MindView Suite Subscription, EducationalSubscription, or Enterprise Subscription purchased from MatchWare, which defines how many usersare allowed to access the Product for the period of time covered by the Subscription."Free Trial" means the Product made available by MatchWare for testing purposes without anyexpense to You for a designated period of time. MatchWare reserves the right to determine thelength of the trial period and to change the feature offering made available during such trial period."User Guide" means the online User Guide for the Product, as updated from time to time."Third Party Applications" mean any external applications that the Product is dependent on toperform specific functions such as, but not limited to, screen sharing and data managementsystems."You" or "Your" means you or the entity you represent by your acceptance of this Agreement."Your Data" or "Content" means documents created by You with the Product and electronic dataor information submitted by You using included services.2. USE OF THE PRODUCT2.1 Subscription-Based Software LicenseIf the Product is provided to You through a Subscription such as, but not limited to, a MindView SuiteSubscription, subject to Your compliance with the Terms of this Agreement and the Terms of Servicefor the Subscription, MatchWare grants You a non-exclusive license to install and use the Product aslong as Your Subscription is valid and used in accordance with the number of licenses purchased.Your Subscription lets You use the Product on multiple devices, but only one device at a time.2.2 Device-Based LicenseMatchWare grants You a non-exclusive license of the Product subject to the Terms in thisAgreement.Prior to using the license to the Product You must assign it to a device, which becomes the "licenseddevice". A hardware partition, blade, external hard drive, Flash drive etc. is considered to be aseparate device.You may install and use one copy of the Product on the licensed device. Further, the primary user ofthe licensed device may install and use another copy of the Product on a second device.The Product license can be reassigned to another computer or user, but not within 90 days of thelast assignment, so long as there is no possibility of it being used by more than one person.However, in the event of a permanent hardware failure, it can be reassigned sooner.5

When using Remote Desktop technologies You may access and use the Product provided that onlythe primary user of the device hosting the remote desktop session accesses and uses the Productwith a remote access device. You are not permitted to use the Product on both the device hostingthe remote desktop session and the access device at the same time.2.3 Restrictions and Requirementsa. You may not rent, lease, loan or license this Product or any copy.b. You may not reverse-engineer, disassemble, decompile, modify or create derivative work of thisProduct.c. You may not host or stream the Product. Nor make it available for third parties remotely.d. You must ensure that all copyrights, trademarks and other property notices appear on any copyof the Product You make.e. You may not install or deploy the Product outside of the country where You purchased thelicense unless permitted under a volume license program that You have entered withMatchWare. MatchWare may terminate Your license and end Your Subscription if MatchWaredetermines that You violate this section.f. If You have purchased an upgrade version of the Product, it constitutes a single product with theMatchWare Product that You upgraded. For instance, the upgrade and the Product that Youupgraded cannot both be available for use by two different persons at the same time andcannot be transferred separately.2.4 Terminal Server / Non-Activation KeysA Terminal Server is a computer allowing other Client computers to run applications on the TerminalServer such as but not limited to a Microsoft Terminal Server and a Citrix Server. If the Product isinstalled on a Terminal Server You need a license for each user who has access to the Product.A Named User means a license to 1 individual person. You may add users by paying for a separatelicense for each user You wish to add. When installing the Product on a server which allows multiple,concurrent users to access and run the Product, You must license (purchase) additional licenses foreach named user.If You are a Government entity or approved organization that has been granted a Non-Activation keythat does not require activation You must purchase a license for each named user of the Product.If You are using a Terminal Server /Non-Activation key then You are required to sign a “TerminalServer Solution and Non-Activation License Key Program Agreement”. Please contact MatchWare toenroll.Upon reasonable notice by MatchWare, MatchWare reserves the right to request an audit of any andall users accessing the Product deployed on a Terminal Server or via a Non-Activation key on aquarterly basis. This number of audited users must be in accordance with the number of licensespurchased by You. You are required to record the number of named users utilizing the Product.Upon reasonable notice by MatchWare, You shall grant MatchWare, at MatchWare’s expense,reasonable access to Your premises, but no more than once per calendar year, for the purpose ofconducting an audit of the use of the Product pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. If such auditreveals improper use of the Product by You, then MatchWare shall be entitled to invoice You forsuch unauthorized use in accordance with MatchWare’s standard fees and legal rights at the time ofthe completion of such audit.3. ACTIVATIONYou must activate Your license to the Product or validate Your Subscription. When activating theProduct, or validating a Subscription, certain information about the Product and the device will besent to MatchWare. By using the Product, You consent to the transmission of this information.Failure to activate the Product, failure to validate a Subscription, or fraudulent and unauthorized usedetermined by MatchWare may result in reduced functionality of the Product or a termination orsuspension of the Subscription.6

4. OTHER LICENSES4.1 Educational LicensesCommercial use of Educational Licenses of this Product is prohibited.Some educational multi-user licenses offer home use rights for teachers (and students). Anyadditional licenses purchased to facilitate such home use may not be installed or used on therespective educational institution premises, buildings or campus.If You are enrolled in the Educational Subscription program for the Product, the use of the Product issubject to the Subscription Agreement and this License Agreement.4.2 OEM VersionsAn OEM version is a license of the Product that is distributed with a hardware device by the devicemanufacturer. An OEM version of the Product is identified as an OEM version either on the cover ofthe physical media and/or in the main title bar within the Product.You may transfer all of Your rights to use the OEM version of the Product to another party only withthe licensed hardware device, provided that You transfer to that person the entire Product package,physical media, documentation, and this statement, and transfer or destroy all copies in any form.Once You transfer the Product You no longer have any rights to use it. The OEM version of theProduct may not be transferred separately without the hardware device.4.3 Not For Resale versions (NFR)MatchWare may provide trial versions or demonstration versions of the Product (Not For Resaleversions). You may install and use NFR versions for the purpose agreed with MatchWare.5. SPECIFIC SOFTWARE TERMS AND CLIPART5.1 MindView Public Maps LibraryWhen publishing documents to the MindView Public Maps Library, You accept and agree to theTerms of Service to the Public Maps Library ( publicmaps). Youunderstand and agree that the documents published and shared on the Public Maps Library areviewable for everyone and can be downloaded and used by other users according to the Terms ofService.5.2 MindView DriveWhen using MindView Drive to save, share, and collaborate on documents, You accept and agree tothe Terms of Service to MindView Drive ( mindviewdrive).5.3 ClipartThis Product may contain clipart ("Clipart") such as images and icons etc. All intellectual copyrightfor the Clipart is owned by MatchWare A/S or licensed by MatchWare A/S.MatchWare grants You a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable right to use the Clipart in documents andwebsites created with this Product. There is no royalty due for such use to MatchWare. The Clipartmay not be sublicensed or made available to any person or entity that does not have a legal licenseof this Product.6. PRIVACY AND DATAIn the event that MatchWare is a data processor or sub-data processor of personal data inconnection with a Product or the provision of Professional Services, MatchWare treats Your personaldata in compliance with applicable laws. For more information, see MatchWare's PrivacyPolicy and Data Security Policy.7. SUPPORTMatchWare will provide online support (Level 1) for the Product at no additional charge.To access the FAQ:

Submit questions under the “Contact” tab.Phone support (Level 1) is provided for technical issues (including Product defects), but not customconfigurations, operational inquiries or general use. Phone support can be obtained at these officesduring normal business hours:MatchWare US: 1-800-880-2810, 9am to 6pm ESTMatchWare UK: 44 208 940 9700, 9am to 6pm GMTMatchWare France: (0)810000172, 9am to

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