SIX DAYSTHREE CONFERENCESONE EXHIBITIONEUROPE’S PREMIERMICROWAVE, RF, WIRELESSAND RADAR EVENTEUROPEAN MICROWAVE WEEK 2022CALL FOR PAPERSMILANO CONVENTION CENTRE (MICO), MILAN, ITALY25TH – 30TH SEPTEMBER 2022THE 25TH EUROPEAN MICROWAVEWEEK COMBINES THREECONFERENCES: The European Microwave Conference (EuMC) The European Microwave Integrated CircuitsConference (EuMIC) The European Radar Conference (EuRAD)PLUS: Workshops, Short Courses and Special Sessions The Defence, Security and Space Forum The Automotive Forum The Beyond 5G Forum Student Activities The European Microwave ExhibitionINPERSONEVENTOfficial Publication:52The 17th European MicrowaveIntegrated Circuits ConferenceCo-sponsored by:Organised by:Supported by:ND2022Co-sponsored by:Co-sponsored by:2022The 52nd European Microwave ConferenceThe 19th European Radar ConferenceCo-sponsored by:Co-sponsored by: SUBMIT PRELIMINARY PAPERS ONLINE ATWWW.EUMWEEK.COM BY 25TH MARCH 2022

SUBMIT PRELIMINARY PAPERS ONLINE AT WTHE 25TH EUROPEAN MICROWAVE WEEKThe 2022 European Microwave Week (EuMW 2022) continues the annual series of highly successfulmicrowave events that started back in 1998. EuMW 2022 comprises three co-located conferences: The European Microwave Conference (EuMC) The European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) The European Radar Conference (EuRAD)In addition, EuMW 2022 includes The Forum on Defence, Security and Space, The Automotive Forum,The Beyond 5G Forum and a very large trade show. EuMW 2022 provides the opportunity to participatein conferences, workshops, short courses and special sessions. There are also special events for PhDstudents.The annual European Microwave Exhibition, which is by far the largest RF and microwave trade showin Europe, is held in conjunction with the conferences. The exhibition also includes a series of technicalseminars and exhibitor workshops describing commercial products and processes.The venue for EuMW 2022 will be MiCo Milan. A wide range of transport options are available to travel toMiCo Milan – air, rail network, tube, and cable car or walking/cycling. In particular, Milan is served by threeinternational airports (Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, and Orio al Serio Bergamo), by high-speed trains, anda very efficient underground and surface transport system. Many points of interest of Milan are at walkingdistance from MiCo. For more information, please visit and join us in Milan and enjoy both the European Microwave Week (Europe’s premier microwave,RF, wireless and radar event) and the city of Milan. Our slogan for EuMW 2022 is “Creative microwaves” –as we believe the colleagues and fellow professionals can be inspired by Milan, as it happened to Leonardoda Vinci during the seven years he worked in this dynamic European city.ADDRESSESGeneral Chair:Luca PerregriniUniversity of [email protected] TPC Chair:Maurizio BozziUniversity of [email protected] Co-Chair:Luciano TarriconeUniversity of no TarriconeUniversity of [email protected] Director:Lorenzo SilvestriUniversity of [email protected] DATES:28 February 202225 March 20226 June 202220 June 20221 July 2022Deadline for proposals of workshops, short courses, focussed and special sessionsDeadline for submission of papersNotification of acceptanceDeadline for submission of requests for grants, fellowships, and visasDeadline for final paper/WS submissionEUMW 2022 EXHIBIT:For exhibition enquiries, please contact:Richard VaughanTel: 44 20 7596 8742email: [email protected] House Publications, 16 Sussex Street, London SW1V 4RW, UK

WWW.EUMWEEK.COM BY 25TH MARCH 2022SUBMISSION OF PRELIMINARY PAPERS AND GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORSAuthors are requested to submit a 4-page preliminary paper in the standard conference proceedings layout, inEnglish. A template, as well as instructions for paper submission, can be found on the website: paper must be uploaded in pdf format. The maximum file size is 3 MB. It is essential to emphasise the novelaspects of your paper. One author information form per paper must be completed when uploading the paper.The week comprises three conferences. A paper can only be submitted to a single conference. Do not uploadthe same paper to more than one conference. As regards the deadline for submission of preliminary papers, thenotification of the status of the submission, and the final digest paper upload, please refer to “Important Dates”section in the second page of this Call for Papers. Late submissions will not be accepted. Each preliminarypaper will be reviewed by the Technical Programme Committee (TPC) of the conference to which the paperhas been submitted by the author(s). The TPC Chair decides whether a paper is accepted and assigns it to anoral or poster session. The General TPC Chair reserves the right to redirect a paper, which does not fit withthe conference selected by its authors, towards the most appropriate conference. Authors of accepted paperswill find instructions for publication and presentation on the EuMW 2022 website. Authors are responsible forobtaining publication approval from their employer or sponsor.INCENTIVES FOR AUTHORSPresenting at EuMW 2022 gives you the opportunity to interact with your peers, present your work to aninternational audience, receive feedback and exchange ideas with academia and industry. Your paper will bepublished in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, contributing to your professional development, visibility, credibility,and proper exposure of your work. Selected papers will also be nominated by the TPC for a Special Issueof the International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, published by Cambridge UniversityPress. This Special Issue will be published in open access, with the article processing charges covered by theEuropean Microwave Association (EuMA). Each conference will award a conference best paper prize and oneor two young engineer’s prizes. Prize winners will receive a financial award. All participants in one or more of theconferences will receive an electronic version of the conference proceedings.WORKSHOPS AND SHORT COURSESA number of workshops and short courses, on a variety of topics relating to current or emerging interests, willbe organised during EuMW 2022. Do you have any suggestions for a workshop or short course? Your proposalis very welcome and should be sent to: [email protected]. We encourage early discussion of anysuch ideas with the Workshops and Short Courses Chairs before the submission deadline. Proposals should besubmitted on the templates which will be available from or can be requested directly [email protected]. As regards the deadline for proposals submission and the notification of the statusof the submission, please refer to “Important Dates” section in the second page of this Call for Papers.FOCUSSED AND SPECIAL SESSIONSFocussed Sessions are sessions dedicated to an emerging subject of specific interest to the microwave community.Special Sessions should reflect specific (historic or recent) events of interest to the microwave community orrecognise the life work of people by honouring their contributions. They may also highlight technical achievementsmade in a specific geographical region of the world. Proposals for focussed or special sessions should be sentto [email protected], using the templates available from As regards thedeadline for proposals submission and the notification of the status of the submission, please refer to “ImportantDates” section in the second page of this Call for Papers.WOMEN IN MICROWAVE ENGINEERINGWe continue the tradition of holding the Women in Microwave Engineering event during EuMW. Of course, bothwomen and men are welcome to participate in this event.STUDENT GRANTS AND VISASEuMC, EuMIC and EuRAD will provide several competitive student grants. Applications should be sent to theEuMW 2022 Grants Chair, by emailing [email protected] within the deadline (see “Important Dates”section). For assistance in obtaining a visa letter, please contact [email protected] ACTIVITIESStudents will shape the future of our profession and are particularly targeted throughout EuMW. Activities forstudents include ‘schools’ dedicated to PhD students and a Career Platform to help with planning professionaldevelopment beyond university. For more information, please contact [email protected].

THE CITY OF MILANMilan is the undisputed business and financial capital of Italy, it is also homeof the financial markets and is the base for all of the country’s multinationals,making Milan a confirmed international metropolis. Its fine aesthetic traditions areupheld in new projects carried out in the city by star architects. Among the manyfascinating monuments, it is worth mentioning the Duomo di Milano, the world’slargest Gothic cathedral, the Sforza Castle, La Scala theatre, the Church of SantaMaria delle Grazie with the Last Supper painting of Leonardo da Vinci. The cityalso enjoys an enviable setting in Lombardy. Filled with enchanting art cities, thisis the Italian region with the largest natural parks and splendid lakes surroundedby mountains and is a paradise for both mountaineers and skiers. The region’sstrong attachment to its longstanding traditions is reflected in the unforgettableflavours of internationally renowned local cuisine and wine.For more information, visit MILANO CONVENTION CENTREMiCo Milano Convention Centre is home to the most important internationalassociation and corporate events. It is right in the heart of Milan, in thecompletely renewed quarter of City Life, surrounded by hotels, rangingfrom luxury to budget, and by many restaurants. The venue boasts excellenttransport links for both national and international visitors, with easy accessto the underground and surface transport system, convenient connection tothree international airports (Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, and Orio al SerioBergamo) and to the high-speed trains system. Many points of interest ofMilan are at walking distance from MiCo. For more information, please visit

WWW.EUMWEEK.COM52ND2022The 52nd European Microwave ConferenceEUROPEAN MICROWAVE CONFERENCE 2022MILAN 27TH – 29TH SEPTEMBER 2022The 2022 European Microwave Conference is Europe’s largestconference dedicated to microwave, millimetre-wave andterahertz devices, systems and technologies and will give youopportunities to share and discuss your recent findings withpeers and experts across this region of the spectrum. In 1452,Leonardo da Vinci, the famous genius of the Renaissance, wasborn. In 2022, 570 years later, he is still a symbol of the possibleand prolific union between science and art, engineering andcreativity. Leonardo spent several years in Milan, where herealized the drawing known as the Vitruvian Man, whichinspired our EuMW 2022 logo, and remembers us that “Man isthe measure of all things”.The conference is being held from the 27th to the 29th ofSeptember 2022 in Milan, Italy, and represents the main eventin the European Microwave Week. A broad range of highfrequency related topics, from materials and technologies tointegrated circuits, systems and applications will be addressedin all their aspects: theory, simulation, design, and measurement.Examples include the latest developments of filters andpassive components, modelling and design of RF MEMS andmicrosystems, high frequency and high data rate microwavephotonics, highly stable and ultra low-noise microwave andmillimetre-wave sources, new linearisation techniques, 5G, IoT,and the impact of new packaging technologies on developmentapplications.The European Microwave Conference provides ampleopportunities for networking and interaction with internationalexperts in a wide variety of specialties, attracting delegateswith academic as well as industrial backgrounds. With carefullyselected papers in more than 50 oral and poster sessions, theconference represents an exciting forum for the presentationand discussion of the most recent advances in the microwavearea. In addition to scientific papers, contributions on industrialapplications are also strongly encouraged, covering thefields of instrumentation, medical, telecommunication, radioastronomy, radar, space, automotive and defence systems.EuMC 2022 CONFERENCE TOPICSPassive Components, Circuits andSubsystemsField and Circuit Analysis, Simulationand Characterisation TechniquesE01 Planar Passive Components and CircuitsE02 Planar Filters and MultiplexersE03 Non-Planar Passive Components andCircuitsE04 Non-Planar Filters and MultiplexersE05 Smart materials, RF MEMS, MOEMS andNEMSE06 Metamaterials, Frequency SelectiveSurfaces and Electromagnetic BandgapStructuresE07 Interconnects and PackagingE08 Additive Manufacturing and EmergingMaterialsE16 Electromagnetic Field Theory andNumerical TechniquesE17 Electromagnetic Modelling andOptimization by Artificial Intelligenceand Machine LearningE18 Electromagnetic Compatibility andInterference, Signal IntegrityE19 Modelling of Interaction ofElectromagnetic Waves with Matter,Biological EffectsE20 Measurement Techniques and Systemsfrom RF to THzE21 Channel CharacterisationE22 Antenna and Array CharacterisationTechniquesActive Components, Circuits andSubsystemsE09 Low Noise Hybrid Circuits and ModulesE10 Systems for Frequency Generation,Conversion and ControlE11 Front-End and Transceiver Modules,System-in-Package TechnologiesE12 Power Amplifier Systems, includingEfficiency Enhancement andLinearisation TechniquesE13 Power Amplifier Behavioural Modellingand its ApplicationsE14 Sub-THz and THz Systems and ModulesE15 Microwave Photonic Components,Circuits and SystemsAntennas and PropagationE23 Microwave and Millimetre-wave AntennaDesignE24 Sub-THz and THz Integrated AntennasE25 Array Antennas, Smart Antennas, MIMOAntennas and Related Tx/Rx ModuleTechnologiesE26 Microwave and Millimetre-waveIntegrated AntennasSystems and ApplicationsE27 Microwave SystemsE28 Millimetre-wave SystemsE29 Sub-THz and THz SystemsE30 Biological and Medical Applications,Biomedical Sensing and Imaging,DosimetryE31 Components and Systems for RemoteSensing ApplicationsE32 Wireless Power Transfer and EnergyHarvestingE33 Components and Systems for MicrowaveSensingE34 Short Range Wireless Applications, RFID,NFC, IoT, WSNE35 Wearable Microwave Components,Antennas, and SystemsE36 Smart Antennas, Digital Beam-formingand MIMO Antennas for FutureNetworksE37 Wireless High Data RateCommunications and Cognitive RadioE38 Smart Factory, Mobility and LogisticsE39 Quantum Microwave Systems andApplicationsGeneral topicsE40 Education in RF and Microwave

WWW.EUMWEEK.COM52ND2022The 52nd European Microwave ConferenceCONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTSThe European Microwave Conference is the ideal event to keep up to date with the most recent achievements in the field ofmicrowave theory, technology, systems, and applications. Through its multidisciplinary and highly interactive character, it offerssecond-to-none opportunities to network and interact with international experts from the industrial and academic fields. Highquality contributions, selected via a rigorous reviewing process, offer an unparalleled perspective on the state-of-the-art in thefield. Keynotes and invited papers, presented by well-known specialists, as well as a variety of workshops, short-courses andspecial sessions on “hot topics” will complement the programme.EuMC MICROWAVE PRIZEThe EuMC Technical Programme Committee and the EuMW Steering Committee will award the EuMC Microwave Prize of 5,000to the author(s) of the best paper at the 52nd European Microwave Conference. An extended version of the winning paper willbe considered for publication in the International Journal of Microwave & Wireless Technologies.EuMC YOUNG ENGINEERS PRIZEThe Technical Programme Committee of the EuMC and the EuMW Steering Committee will award two EuMC Young EngineerPrizes of 2,000 each to young engineers or researchers who have presented an outstanding paper at the European MicrowaveConference. To be eligible, candidates must: (1) be under 30 years of age at date of award, (2) be the first author of the paper, and(3) be the contribution presenter in an oral or a poster session. The first author must have made a major contribution to the workreported which must be described in an electronic statement signed by all authors of the paper (effectively co-authors state thattheir contribution was merely advisory). This statement has to include the date of birth of the first author and must be submittedtogether with the original submission. The number of co-authors of the paper is not limited. An extended version of the winningpaper will be considered for publication in the International Journal of Microwave & Wireless Technologies.REDUCED FEES AND SPECIAL GRANTSReduced registration fees are offered for students as well as senior persons aged 65 years or more. The European MicrowaveAssociation will also provide up to 14 student grants of 750 and free EuMC registration. Applicants for a student grant must beaged 30 or younger at the time of the European Microwave Week, be a full time student (i.e., an undergraduate or a PhD student),and they will be asked to provide a supervisor’s written confirmation of their current student status. The European MicrowaveAssociation will also provide a number of grants for delegates coming from the Newly Independent States, from Russia and fromlow-income countries. The value of the grant is 750 in addition to a free EuMC registration. Applications should be sent to theEuMW 2022 Grants Chair by emailing [email protected] within the deadline (see “Important Dates” section).52ND EuMC TEAMFunctionNameEmailChairAlessandra [email protected] D’Antonioeum[email protected] ChairMarco [email protected]

WWW.EUMWEEK.COMThe 17th European MicrowaveIntegrated Circuits ConferenceEUROPEAN MICROWAVE INTEGRATED CIRCUITS CONFERENCE 2022MILAN 26TH – 27TH SEPTEMBER 2022The 17th European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference(EuMIC) will be held in Milan, Italy, as part of the EuropeanMicrowave Week 2022. Initiated by the GAAS Association in1990 and renamed in 2006, the conference is being held fromthe 26th to the 27th of September 2022 in Milan, Italy, in theConvention centre representing an International hubs fortechnical and financial activities in a truly dynamic city that nevergoes to sleep! The EuMIC conference is jointly organized by theGAAS Association and EuMA, and is the premier Europeantechnical conference for RF and microwave electronics, andopto-electronics. It has established itself as a key contributor tothe success of the overall European Microwave Week and remainsthe largest scientific event in Europe related to microwaveintegrated circuits.The aim of the conference is to showcase recent notableachievements and trends within our industry and to encouragethe exchange of scientific and technical information coveringa broad range of high-frequency related topics, from materialsand technologies to integrated circuits and applications;encompassing all relevant aspects such as theory, simulation,design, and measurement. Research and innovation in this fieldhelp to create the crucial enabling infrastructure for new andemerging information and communication applications.rapidly progressing applicability of CMOS/SOI solutions formicrowave/millimetre-wave applications.Technological innovations continue to drive challenges formodelling and simulation as well as for the characterisationtechniques applied at both device and circuit levels. While GaAsand silicon-based IC technologies are extensively used in today’ssystems, emerging technologies such as wide-bandgap (SiC,GaN, etc.), CNT, and graphene-based devices are expected tobecome commercially available within the coming years, witha huge impact on system performance expected. Moreover,new materials and devices push integrated circuit capabilityto millimetre-wave and even to THz bands, while high-speeddigital and optoelectronic integrated circuits represent other keyareas of interest. In the modelling area, topics related to devicesand systems, small- and large-signal characterisation, test setups, and modelling approaches up to the THz band are ofinterest. In the technology area, papers on nanotechnologies formicrowaves, as well as wide-bandgap devices and technologiesfor microwave photonics are specifically solicited. Topics relatedto semiconductor devices, IC reliability and 3D-interconnectsin ICs are also invited to the conference. Finally, contributionsare encouraged in the areas of circuit design and applications,RF and microwave ICs, millimetre- and submillimetre-wave ICs,photonic ICs, mixed-signal and high-speed digital ICs, tunableand reconfigurable ICs as well as integrated detectors, receivers,transmitters, and transceivers.How will the next mega trends in 5G connectivity, connectedcars, intelligent sensors, pan-global satellite coverage, SmartCity & Smart Factory developments affect what high frequencydevices we should be developing next? Where will the smart If you are keen to hear of the latest advances in RF/microwave/investment money go and what are the most promising areas to mmWave device and IC technology, and how they will drivethe next Telecomms, Industrial, Automotive and Smart Cityfocus your IC start-up company?revolutions, then the EuMIC conference is the place to be inWhilst traditionally, the EuMIC conference has focussed mostlySeptember 2022! Our team is putting a programme togetheron III-V semiconductor technologies, we are particularly keenwhich will ensure that you won’t be encourage more Si based contributions as we recognise theEuMIC 2022 CONFERENCE TOPICSModelling, Simulation of Devices andCircuitsG01 TCAD and Multi-Physics Based Deviceand IC Modelling and SimulationsG02 Linear, Nonlinear and NoiseCharacterization and ModellingTechniquesG03 Linear and Nonlinear CAD Techniquesfor Devices and CircuitsG04 Advanced Methods for MicrowaveIntegrated Circuit Design and Modelling(Also Including AI, DL, ML, ANN)Technologies, Devices and IC-ProcessesG05 Nano-materials, Technologies andDevices for Microwave to THzApplicationsG06 Device and IC Manufacturing: Reliability,Processes and TestingG07 Passive Devices, Hetero-Integration and3D-Interconnects in ICsG08 Si-Based Microwave and Millimetrewave Technologies and DevicesG09 Compound SemiconductorTechnologies and DevicesG10 New and Emerging Material and DeviceConcepts (Quantum Electronics, CNT,Organic, )G11 Devices for THz Electronics andIntegrated Microwave PhotonicsIntegrated Circuit DesignG12 RF, Microwave and Millimetre-waveIntegrated Circuits up to 100 GHzG13 Millimetre-wave (beyond 100 GHz) andTHz Integrated CircuitsG14 Integrated Receivers, Transmitters andHigh-Speed TransceiversG15 Power Amplifier Integrated CircuitsG16 Integrated Frequency Sources andfrequency conversionG17 ICs for Phased Array AntennasG18 Microwave Photonics Integrated CircuitsG19 Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits andGB/s Data ConvertersG20 Low Noise Integrated CircuitsG21 Si-based Integrated Circuits DesignG22 Si-based Power Amplifier IntegratedCircuitsEmerging Technologies and ApplicationsG23 Microwave and Millimetre-waveIntegrated Circuits for InnovativeApplications (Smart Industry, SmartDevices, 6G, M2M, LoRa, RFID, IoS,IoT,.)G24 Wearable Integrated Electronics forSensing Applications from MHz to THzG25 Microwave Integrated Circuits forAutonomous Systems and VehicularCommunications (V2X, C-ITS, .)G26 Microwave Integrated Circuits forQuantum Computing

WWW.EUMWEEK.COMThe 17th European MicrowaveIntegrated Circuits ConferenceCONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTSAbout 100 papers and poster papers will be presented with contributions from Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA, and a growingnumber of emerging countries. High-quality papers and posters will be accepted after a rigorous review process and madeavailable in the Conference Proceedings. Lively industrial panel sessions will also be organised. Keynote speakers from industryand academia will present invited talks on hot topics. Tailored short-courses and workshops will complement the programme.EuMIC MICROWAVE PRIZEThe EuMIC Technical Programme Committee and the EuMW Steering Committee will award the EuMIC 2022 Prize of 3,000 tothe author(s) of the best contributed paper at the 17th European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference. An extended versionof the winning paper will be considered for publication in the International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies.EuMIC YOUNG ENGINEERS PRIZEThe EuMIC Technical Programme Committee and the EuMW Steering Committee will award a EuMIC Young Engineer Prize of 2,000 to young engineers or researchers who have presented an outstanding paper at the European Microwave IntegratedCircuits Conference. To be eligible, candidates must be (1) under 30 years of age at date of award, (2) the first author of the paper,and (3) be the contribution presenter in an oral or a poster session. The first author must have made a major contribution to thework reported, which must be described in an electronic statement signed by all co-authors of the paper (effectively co-authorsstate that their contribution was merely advisory). Further rules are similar to EuRAD and EuMC.TOM BRAZIL FELLOWSHIP AWARD (BY THE GAAS ASSOCIATION)As part of the fellowship award, for the next 3 years, starting in 2021, the GAAS Association will promote an essay competitionin memory of Prof. Tom Brazil who was a great contributor to the Microwave Community and a well-known friend and colleaguefor many of us. To be eligible to participate the student has to be enrolled in a full time Ph.D. or graduate degree programme inmicrowave electronics.The student should write a 4000-word essay or max of 12 pages including diagrams and tables, reporting His/Her view on“Microwaves for global challenges”, thus describing what kind of future microwave activities would be important and why. Theessays will be shortlisted and the top 3 will be asked to do a final pitch during EuMW Week.Applications should be sent to the email address [email protected] by 1st September 2022. For further details, see theconference website and the GAAS Association website: FEES AND SPECIAL GRANTSReduced registration fees are offered for students as well as senior persons aged 65 years or more. The European MicrowaveAssociation will also provide up to six student grants of 750 and free EuMIC registration. Applicants for a student grant must beaged 30 or younger at the time of the European Microwave Week, be a full-time student, i.e., an undergraduate or a PhD student,and they will be asked to provide a supervisor’s written confirmation of their current student status. The European MicrowaveAssociation will also provide a number of grants for delegates coming from the Newly Independent States, from Russia, and fromlow-income countries. The value of the grant is 750 in addition to a free EuMIC registration. Applications should be sent to theEuMW 2022 Grants Chair by emailing [email protected] within the deadline (see “Important Dates” section).17TH EuMIC TEAMFunctionNameEmailChairPaolo o [email protected] ChairAlessandro Cidronalieumi[email protected] Co-ChairRocco Giofré[email protected]

WWW.EUMWEEK.COM2022The 19th European Radar ConferenceEUROPEAN RADAR CONFERENCE 2022MILAN 28TH – 30TH SEPTEMBER 2022The 19th European Radar Conference (EuRAD 2022) will beheld from the 28th to the 30th of September 2022 in Milan,Italy, in the framework of the European Microwave Week2022. This Radar Conference is the major European event forthe present status and the future trends in the field of radarresearch, technology, system design and applications. TheEuRAD conference will bring together a global network ofresearchers, practitioners and institutes working on topicsrelated to the following four areas of focus.The Radar Sub-systems and Phenomenology topic comprisesradar electromagnetic phenomenology (including radar crosssection) modelling and characterisation, antenna design(simulation and measurements) including innovations andmethods in antenna characterisation, phased arrays, fully digitalarrays, transceiver technologies as well as reconfigurable frontends and sub-systems.The Radar Techniques topic aims to attract innovative researchcontributions on digital beamforming and other multiantennatechniques (including MIMO, multi-static and networked),signal processing techniques for detection and estimation,localisation and tracking, imaging, information extraction,target classification and compressive sensing. This incorporatesalso, for example, interferometry, polarimetry, tomography etc.Contributions on sensor management, cognitive techniquesand waveform diversity as well as on spectrum sharing andjoint radar and communication are also included. Submissionsare also expected in the use of machine learning, deep learningand adaptive techniques for radar.The Radar Architecture and Systems topic incorporates thelatest development of sensors from the classical designssuch as CW, over-the-horizon, passive, noise and polarimetricradar, up to the most complex and sophisticated architectures,incorporated in, for example, remotely piloted aircraft, multisensor and multi-functional systems, UWB systems, millimetrewave and THz systems and quantum radar. New tools for radarsimulation and system performance modelling, model-baseddesign, as well as new trends in cognitive, bio-inspired, lowcost and software defined radars are encom

EUROPE’S PREMIER MICROWAVE, RF, WIRELESS AND RADAR EVENT Official Publication: Organised by: Supported by: Co-sponsored by: Co-sponsored by: 2022 The 19th European Radar Conference The 17th European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference Co-sponsored by: 52 The 52nd European Microwave Confer