Director of External Affairs 250 weekly stipend15-19 hours per week(May 2017-June 2018)Director of External AffairsWith the collaboration of the SPACES Co-Directors, the SIPHR Co-Coordinators, and the SIAPS Co-Coordinators, theDirector of External Affairs serves to oversee and support student-initiated and student-run access and programs. Withthe guidance of the SPACES Advisor along with relevant community advisors, this position is responsible for theconsistency and development of programs and services that reflect the SPACES mission statement and charter.The Director of External Affairs is responsible for maintaining and building community relationships, connecting SPACESto community and non-profit organizations working in the San Diego area and working with any outside entities thatwish to collaborate with SPACES. This person will be the main contact when .This person must collaborate with outreachentities at UC San Diego in order establish site contacts, ensuring that student-initiated local programs are wellrepresented at the administration level. . Specific responsibilities for the Director of External Affairs are the following:Job-Specific ResponsibilitiesExternal Outreach Development Collaborate with UC Student Association and the UCSD External office to organize UCSD’s delegation in theStudents of Color Conference; With the Advisor and AS AVP EDI (Equity Diversity and Inclusion), organize and develop UCSD’s participation inthe annual National Conference on Race and Ethnicity; Collaborate with CORE organizations, other entities on campus, and students to organize participation in variousother statewide or national conferences; Advocate for student-initiated outreach and retention efforts within statewide venues such as the stategovernment and the UC Regents. Collaborate with Co-Director of Local Affairs to work with the AS External Office and Local Affairs office tocoordinate the UCSD Lobby Corps, and the UCSD delegation to the annual UC Student Association’s LobbyConference; Assist in the development of year-long access programs through trainings, workshops, and logistical support; Coordinate one Lobby Visit every Spring quarter to a local representative, regarding issues of educational equityand access and retention in higher education; Attend events throughout the San Diego region that pertain to educational equity and access and retention inhigher education and encourage attendance of SPACES staff and community members when possible. Develop political education workshops for SPACES, UCSD, or San Diego communities regarding issues relevant toeducational equity; Maintain awareness of campus organizing initiatives and involve SPACES staff and community in them whenappropriate.Administrative Oversight Provide developmental, emotional, and leadership support for all student interns; Provide work direction, foster collaboration, and facilitate strategic program planning among student internsthrough the Community Project Group; Collaborate with SIAPS Co-Coordinators in developing the annual SIAPS College Tour and assist with outreach tohigh school students;

Attend and participate fully in weekly Co-Director meetings;Attend and participate fully in Co-Director/Coordinator meetings twice a week;Conduct bi-weekly one-to-one’s with interns;Participate in bi-weekly one-to-one’s with the SPACES Professional Staff;Collaborate with the SPACES Co-Directors, SIPHR Co-Coordinators, and SIAPS Co-Coordinators to prepareagendas for the All-Staff and Board of Directors meetings and to oversee material and resource management inthe center;Help facilitate and participate fully in the All-Staff and Board of Director meetings;Collaboratively coordinate the All-Staff and Board of Directors Retreats;Facilitate and engage in activities that foster holistic development, which may require personal and emotionalinvestments beyond job-specific duties;Attend SPACES events when necessary;Ensure accountability with SPACES staff by maintaining uniform and consistent application of staff policies andregulations.Program and Community Outreach Development Develop goals and objectives, assessment, and evaluation for SPACES staff in collaboration with the SPACES CoDirectors, SIPHR Co-Coordinators, SIAPS Co-Coordinators and SPACES Professional Staff; Conduct and promote outreach to improve communication with new and existing partnered organizations; Provide administrative support for SPACES-sponsored events and community events for access and retentioninitiatives; Collaborate with Director of Statewide Affairs and interns to create programs that will utilize partnered sitessuch as the Logan Heights Library; Assist in targeting student organizations for specific development and assistance; Assist in providing guidance on operation and program development; With the SIPHR Co-Coordinators, SPACES Co-Directors, and SPACES Professional Staff, participate in meetingswith the Campus Community Centers, OASIS, Counseling and Psychological Services, and other student servicesdepartments to strengthen student-run retention programs; With the SIAPS Co-Coordinators, SPACES Co-Directors, and SPACES Professional Staff, participate in meetingswith TRiO, Early Academic Outreach Program, Cal-SOAP, Admissions Office, and other outreach departments tostrengthen student-run access programs; Build and maintain connections with students, alumni, staff, and faculty members who are allies to SPACES; With the Co-Directors and Co-Coordinators, build and maintain connections with the Associated Students; Represent SPACES to a number of committees, departments, and organizations including but not limited toAssociated Students, Student Life, Campus Community Centers, CREATE, San Diego Education Consortium,Coalition of Neighborhood Councils, Statewide SIAP, etc.; Maintain a relationship with core orgs by attending one event funded by SPACES per quarter.Data Management and Reports Assist in the compilation of the annual SPACES Annual Report; Collaborate with the SPACES Co-Directors, SIPHR Co-Coordinators, SIAPS Co-Coordinators, and SPACESProfessional Staff to develop effective instruments for evaluating student staff’s progress academically, socially,professionally, and personally; Consistently track and evaluate the effectiveness of all funded activities; Submit quarterly self-evaluations to document job experience give an overall assessment of position andprovide recommendations to incoming SPACES Staff for future improvements.Other Duties Coordinate a self-initiated project during fall, winter or spring quarter; Complete weekly paperwork;2

Assist in facility maintenance including, but not limited to basic cleaning, furniture rearrangements, and supplyinventory;Assist with SPACES administrative duties including data entry, photocopying, typing, and customer service;Become part of the SPACES family and work to promote the SIPHR/SIAPS/SPACES Mission Statements relative tothe AS Mission Statement to improve campus climate for all students;Other duties as assigned.General Responsibilities Available to work on occasional evenings and weekends; Participate in bi-weekly one-to-one’s with full-time staff, co-directors, and co-coordinators. Participate in mandatory weekly staff meetings, each Thursday from 3:30-4:50pm; Participate in mandatory weekly project group meetings, each Tuesday from 3:30-4:30pm; Fully engage in activities that facilitate holistic development, which may involve personal and emotionalinvestments beyond job-specific duties; Meet with members of the SPACES Board of Directors and/or Core Organizations, as needed; Complete paperwork, including project proposal forms and Triton Activities Planner (TAP), to receive projectfunding; Assist with Front Desk coverage and reception at least one hour a week; Assist with SPACES administrative duties including data entry, photocopying, typing, and customer service; Assist in facility maintenance including, but not limited to basic cleaning, furniture rearrangements, and supplyinventory; Consistently document and evaluate the effectiveness of all activities through the use of the SPACES SharedDrive, Post-Program Report Form, and Participant Database; Submit quarter and end-of-year evaluations of your internship experience to give an overall assessment of yourposition and provide recommendations for future improvements; Coordinate a self-initiated project during fall, winter or spring quarter; Build and maintain connections with students, staff and faculty members who are allies to SPACES; Collaborate with SPACES Staff to promote the SPACES Mission to improve campus climate for all students; Provide administrative support for SPACES sponsored events and community events in relation to access andretention initiatives; Other duties as assigned.Qualifications Pay quarterly registration fees for each quarter employed; Available on occasional evenings and weekends; Flexible to meet the dynamic and high paced needs of SPACES including ability to work hours exceeding the 15 aweek average when necessary; Ability to maintain accountability amongst student staff and community members; Understanding of the mission and aspiration of SPACES and those affiliated with it; Awareness of SIPHR, SIAPS,SPACES and previous current access and retention initiatives; Strong passion and commitment for educational equity; Understanding of the importance of access and retention in relation to equal access to education, diversity, andcultural/socioeconomic struggles and oppressions; Progressive and innovative leadership approach; Self-motivation and experience working cooperatively as part of a team; Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate effectively in one-to-one and group settings; Ability to work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and the wider communities which the universityserves; Ability to organize and manage multiple projects simultaneously; Ability to recognize one’s own impact on others;3

High level of awareness and sensitivity to the needs of different communities especially those fromunderrepresented and underserved backgrounds;Ability to maintain confidentiality with highly-sensitive information;Eligibility: Anyone who will not be employed at OASIS or one of the UC San Diego’s Campus Community Centers(Black Resource Centro, Cross-Cultural Center, LGBT Resource Center, Raza Resource Centro, Women’s Center)or in a high-demand student leadership roles for the 2015-2016 school year (e.g. chair/vice-chair of a studentorganization, Residential Advisor);SPACES Student Staff must put their position as their first priority if they are employed elsewhere.4

Coco Weekly Hour DistributionOffice HoursAll SPACES student staff members are expected to carry out majority of the work within the center. This is to ensure thata student staff member is present at all times during the center’s hours of operation as well as to encourage studentstaff to build their organizational skills and manage their time well by completing majority of the work within theircenter. Be available to help out with administrative tasks around the center such as event set-up, managing the frontdesk, chores, assisting community members, etc.All-Staff MeetingsAll-Staff meetings occur on a weekly basis. They serve to create and build community with full-time staff, cocoordinators, co-directors, and interns.Co-Director/SIPHR/SIAPS MeetingsCo-Director/SIPHR/SIAPS meetings occur on a weekly basis. They allow the coco’s to have more in-depth conversationsrelated to their position.Co-Coordinator/Director MeetingsCo-Coordinator/Director meetings occur on a weekly basis. They serve to maintain communication amongst the studentleaders of the center and the full-time staff.Project Group MeetingsProject Group meetings are weekly meetings that serve as a supportive and collaborative space for the initiation anddevelopment of student intern work and projects.One-to-One MeetingsOne-to-ones are bi-weekly meetings that serve as a time for the interns to check in with supervisory support about howthey are doing within the work place as well as academically and personally.Additional Meetings/Events/Field HoursThe remainder of the weekly hours is more flexible that can be used for various internal/external meetings andassisting/coordinating/facilitating events. If there are no scheduled meetings and/or events that week, allocate thesehours to working in the center. These include: SIPHR/SIAPS Steering Committee Meetings Board of Director (BOD) Meetings Meetings with Departments Organization Meetings EventsA typical 15-hour week for co-coordinators/directors will look similar to the following outline: Office Hours (4 hours) All-Staff Meeting (1.5 hours) Co-Coordinator/Director Meetings (3 hours) Co-Director/SIPHR/SIAPS Meetings (1.5 hours) Project Group Meeting (1 hour) One-to-One Meetings (2 hours) Additional Meetings/Field Hours (2 hours)5

Conditions of EmploymentIn order to be considered for an internship at SPACES, you must agree to the following conditions:Conditions2015 – 2016 DatesUC San Diego Undergraduate enrolled in all 3 academic quarters2015-2016 Academic School YearNot employed at OASIS or one of UC San Diego’s Campus Community Centers(Black Resource Center, Cross-Cultural Center, LGBT Resource Center, RazaResource Centro, and Women’s Center), or in a high-demand student leadershiproles (e.g. chair/vice-chair of a student organization)2015-2016 Academic School YearIf hired at a second job, SPACES must remain as the first priority. Cannot exceedworking over a total of 19 hours per week during academic sessions per StudentLife policies.2015-2016 Academic School YearAttend SPACES Cycle IX Staff Orientation MeetingMay 8, 2015; 4-6pmComplete hiring paperwork with Student Life Human Resources.May 22, 2015SPACES End of the Year Celebration 2015TBDParticipate in Job Shadowing (Week 7-10): 2 hours/weekMay 11-June 5, 2015Participate in SPACES Co-Coordinator/Director TrainingAugust 10-27, 2015; 10-4pmParticipate in SPACES Co-Coordinator/Director School Year PreparationAugust 31-September 10, 2015; 10-4pmCoordinator SPACES Board of Directors RetreatSummer 2015Participate in SPACES All-Staff Summer Retreat(7am) September 14-(6pm) September 15, 2015Attend SPACES All-Staff TrainingSeptember 16-18, 2015; 9-4pmSeptember 21, 2015; 9-12pmParticipate in Welcome Week planning and activitiesSeptember 21-25, 2015Attend SPACES All-Staff Winter RetreatJanuary 23, 2016; 9-5pmAttend SPACES Weekly Project Group & All-Staff MeetingsEvery Tuesday and Thursday; 3:30-4:50pmAvailable to work: Interns: 10-15 hours/week Co-Coordinators/Directors: 15-19 hours/weeko In addition to the dates required by all Co-Coordinators andCo-Directors, SIAPS Co-Coordinators must also be available towork Summer Summit 2015 and Summer Summit 2016September 14, 2015 - June 30, 2016August 10, 2015 - June 30, 2016June 15, 2015 – July 31, 2016Student Staff Developmental OutcomesThe overall goal of the SPACES Student Staff program is to provide student staff the opportunity to self-reflect, buildcommunity, as well as develop one’s professional skills while working towards educational equity. At the end of theinternship, each intern will be able to translate their holistic experience into skill sets that are adaptable to any workenvironment. In addition to advocating for social justice, creating community, and enhancing one’s personaldevelopment, SPACES strives to meet the professional needs of students and help them develop in the following areas:Communication Assessment of clarity of ideas expressed, effectiveness of oral and written presentations, effectiveness inlistening and interacting with others in a helpful and informative manner. Asks for and provides constructivefeedback and assistance.Empowerment Assessment of self-empowerment and the ability to facilitate empowerment in others.Initiative and Innovation Assessment of self-starting ability and creativity. Introduces new concepts and processes using independentand original thought. Involves creativity and imagination with programming, projects and problem-solving.Organizational Skills6

Ability to record, update, sort, and maintain information in a clear, orderly manner through the use of calendars,databases, and other organizing tools.Punctuality and Accountability Assessment of timeliness and responsibility in terms of coming to work and work-related events. Includeseffectiveness in completing the allotted hours per week.Quality and Productivity Assessment of excellence in factors such as accuracy, completeness, and follow-through on a sufficient volumeof work.Resourcefulness Assessment of understanding and utilizing resources available.Teamwork and Collaboration Assessment of effectiveness in working together with peers at various levels to solve problems, improve workprocess, and accomplish specific tasks.Time Management Ability to thoroughly initiate and complete goals in a time-efficient and sustainable manner. 7

Job-Specific Responsibilities . Collaborate with UC Student Association and the UCSD External office to organize UCSD’s delegation in the Students of Color Conference; With the Advisor and AS AVP EDI (Equity Diversity and Inclusion), organize and develop UCSD’s participation in . agendas for