March 2012NEW YORK STATE HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM(NYSHIP) for Empire Plan enrollees and their enrolleddependents, COBRA enrollees with their Empire Planbenefits and Young Adult enrolleesCenters of ExcellenceThe Empire Plan Centers of Excellence are a select group ofproviders recognized as leaders in specific fields of medicine.The Empire Plan currently offers Centers of Excellence for cancertreatment, transplants and infertility.Using a Center of Excellence is your choice. But, the benefitsunder the Centers of Excellence Programs are available onlywhen you enroll and receive prior approval from The Empire Plan.At a Center of Excellence, you receive paid-in-full benefits forcovered services with no copayments. However, you may haveout-of-pocket expenses for certain services, such as laboratory andpathology tests that are required by the Center and received outsidethe Center. Remember to ask for an Empire Plan participatingprovider when you receive services outside a Center of Excellence.When you use a non-participating provider, the Basic Medicaldeductible and coinsurance apply.If the patient travels within the United States, a travel, lodgingand meal allowance may be available. See page 4 for details.This publication describes The Empire Plan Centers of ExcellencePrograms. The Centers of Excellence benefits for cancer andinfertility are available to all Empire Plan enrollees. The Centersof Excellence benefit for transplants is available only to EmpirePlan-primary enrollees. (If The Empire Plan is the secondarycoverage, but the enrollee’s primary coverage denies coverageat a Center of Excellence facility, The Empire Plan will beconsidered the primary insurance for the Centers of Excellencefor Transplants. See page 2 for additional details.) To receivethe paid-in-full benefits and the travel allowance, you must callThe Empire Plan toll free at 1-877-7-NYSHIP (1-877-769-7447)for approval. Choose the Medical Program for the cancerand infertility programs and the Hospital Program for thetransplants program.This issue of Reporting On is for information purposes only.Please see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Read yourplan materials for complete information about coverage.Centers ofExcellence“Life is what happensto you while you’re busymaking other plans,”wrote John Lennon.How true. Life oftenadds the unexpected toour plans. And when theunexpected becomes amedical crisis, The EmpirePlan is there to help withCenters of Excellence.2 Centers of Excellencefor Cancer; Centers ofExcellence for Transplants3 Centers of Excellencefor Infertility4 Centers of ExcellenceTravel Allowance5 Success Stories6 Questions and Answers7 Centers of ExcellenceLocations8 Benefits Outside Centersof Excellence; Resources

Centers of Excellence for CancerThe Centers of Excellence forCancer Program provides paidin-full coverage for cancer-relatedservices received through anationwide network known asCancer Resource Services (CRS).The Cancer Resource Servicesnetwork includes many of thenation’s leading cancer centers.What is CoveredYou receive paid-in-full benefits,including inpatient and outpatienthospital services and physiciancare related to the cancertreatment and provided in a CRScancer center. Routine follow-upcare provided at the CRS cancercenter is included. Cancer clinicaltrials and related treatment andservices recommended andprovided by a physician in a CRScancer center are also covered.There is a Centers of ExcellenceTravel Allowance. To be eligible,the patient must be enrolled inthe Centers of Excellence programand travel within the United States.See page 4 for details.If a Transplant is NeededIf you are enrolled in the Centers ofExcellence for Cancer Program, youhave paid-in-full benefits for yourcancer treatment with the exceptionof transplants. The Empire Planoffers paid-in-full transplant servicesunder the Centers of Excellence forTransplants Program. Because thenetworks for these two programs aredifferent, the Center of Excellenceyou are using for your cancertreatment may not be a Center ofExcellence for Transplants. And,this may result in out-of-pocketexpenses for you. To receive themaximum benefit, contact theHospital Program at The Empire Plantoll free number, 1-877-7-NYSHIP(1-877-769-7447), as soon asyou are identified as a candidatefor transplant.However, if you need a bone marrowtransplant, and your Center ofExcellence for Cancer is not partof The Empire Plan Centers ofExcellence for Transplants Program,services related to the bone marrowtransplant, including hospitalservices, at the Center of Excellencefor Cancer would be paid throughUnitedHealthcare. These benefitswould be paid in accordance withthe benefits available to you underthe Centers of Excellence forTransplants Program.Remember, you must call theHospital Program at The Empire Plantoll free number for preauthorizationof your transplant. Call as soonas you know you are a candidatefor transplant. A transplant casemanager will then review yourtransplant facility choices andanswer your questions.How to EnrollTo participate in the Centers ofExcellence for Cancer Program, youmust call The Empire Plan toll free at1-877-7-NYSHIP (1-877-769-7447)and choose the Medical Program.Then choose Cancer ResourceServices (CRS) to connect to aCRS nurse consultant. CRSnurse consultants can answeryour cancer-related questionsand help you understand yourdiagnosis and treatment options.Call between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.Eastern time, Monday throughFriday, except holidays. If youare currently receiving cancertreatment from a Center ofExcellence and you have nevermade the call to participate in theCenters of Excellence for CancerProgram, you must call CRS toreceive the paid-in-full benefits.Centers of Excellence for TransplantsThe Empire Plan offers theBlueCross and BlueShieldAssociation’s Blue DistinctionCenters for Transplants (BDCT)Program, which is a nationalnetwork of transplant providerswith a proven record of successfultransplants. In addition, EmpireBlueCross BlueShield of New Yorkoffers two Centers of Excellencenetwork facilities known for theirexcellence in kidney transplants.2 RO COE/March 2012Preauthorization RequiredCall The Empire Plan toll free at1-877-7-NYSHIP (1-877-769-7447)and choose the Hospital Programto preauthorize covered transplantservices at a Center of Excellencefor Transplants. To enroll in theCenters of Excellence for TransplantsProgram and receive these benefits,The Empire Plan must be yourprimary insurance coverage.If you have secondary coverageunder The Empire Plan, andyour primary insurer/HMO deniescoverage at a Center of Excellencefor Transplants, The Empire Planwill be considered your primarycoverage. You or your primary healthplan must send the denial letter toEmpire BlueCross BlueShield. Forhelp, call the Hospital Program atThe Empire Plan toll free number.

What is CoveredThe benefits under the Centers ofExcellence for Transplants Programare available for the following typesof transplants: Bone Marrow Peripheral Stem Cell Cord Blood Stem Cell Heart Heart-Lung Kidney Liver Lung Pancreas Pancreas after Kidney Simultaneous Kidney/PancreasYou receive paid-in-full benefits,including inpatient and outpatienthospital services and physiciancare related to the transplant.This includes twelve months offollow-up care at the Center wherethe transplant was performed. Thetwelve-month period begins on thedate of your transplant and servicesinclude pretransplant evaluation aswell as reevaluations as needed.If a transplant is authorized butyou do not use a designatedCenter of Excellence, benefits willbe provided in accordance withThe Empire Plan hospital and/ormedical/surgical coverage.If you choose to have yourtransplant in a facility other than adesignated Center of Excellence,or if you require a small bowelor multivisceral transplant, youmay still take advantage of theEmpire BlueCross BlueShieldcase management services fortransplant patients if you enrollin the Centers of Excellence forTransplants Program. A casemanagement nurse will help youthrough the transplant process.There is a Centers of ExcellenceTravel Allowance. To be eligible,the patient must be enrolled inthe Centers of Excellence programand travel within the United States.See page 4 for details.Case ManagementWhen you participate in theCenters of Excellence forTransplants Program, EmpireBlueCross BlueShield will providecase management services througha registered nurse from the time youare listed for transplant until up totwelve months after the transplant.The registered nurse case managerhas experience in oncology, bonemarrow transplants and solid organtransplants. The case manager willhelp you through the transplantprocess, coordinate all transplantrelated needs and work with otherEmpire Plan programs you may use.Centers of Excellencefor TransplantsFor a complete list* of nationwidefacilities that participate underthe Blue Distinction Centers forTransplants (BDCT) Program,contact The Empire Plan toll free at1-877-7-NYSHIP (1-877-769-7447)and choose the Hospital Program orgo to the Blue Distinction Centersfor Transplants web site at: ction-transplants/.Additional Centers of Excellencefor kidney transplants thatparticipate with Empire BlueCrossBlueShield in New York State:Albany Medical Center Hospital43 New Scotland AvenueAlbany, NY 12208New York UniversityMedical Center550 First AvenueNew York, NY 10016* This list is subject to change.Centers of Excellence for InfertilityEmpire Plan Infertility Centersof Excellence offer New YorkState’s best in reproductivemedical technology and infertilityprocedures. UnitedHealthcarechooses these Centers basedon several criteria, including:volume of in vitro fertilizationcases, success rate of live birthsper retrieval, range of services,personnel/credentials, laboratoryservice, ultrasound procedures,record keeping, informed consent,patient access, outcomes data andemergency transfer plan.Prior Authorization RequiredCall The Empire Plan toll free at1-877-7-NYSHIP (1-877-769-7447)and choose the Medical Program,for prior authorization for infertilitytreatment at an Infertility Center ofExcellence. With prior authorization,benefits for covered services,supplies and qualified proceduresat the Center are payable in full,subject to the maximum lifetimebenefit of 50,000.Continued on page 4RO COE/March 20123

Centers of Excellence for Infertility, continuedThere is a Centers of ExcellenceTravel Allowance. To be eligible,the patient must be enrolled in theCenters of Excellence program andtravel within the United States.The travel, lodging and meal benefitalso requires prior authorizationand is applied toward the maximumlifetime infertility benefit. See belowfor details.What is CoveredCovered services and suppliesinclude but are not limited to: Patient Education/Program Orientation Diagnostic Testing Ovulation Induction/Hormonal Therapy Artificial/Intra-Uterine Insemination Surgery to enhancereproductive capabilityQualified procedures arespecialized procedures thatfacilitate a pregnancy but do nottreat the cause of the infertility.If UnitedHealthcare authorizesbenefits, the following qualifiedprocedures are covered: Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART) procedures including: In vitro fertilization andembryo placement Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer(GIFT) Zygote Intra-Fallopian Transfer(ZIFT) Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection(ICSI) for the treatment of malefactor infertility Assisted hatching Microsurgical sperm aspirationand extraction procedures,including: MicrosurgicalEpididymal Sperm Aspiration(MESA) and Testicular SpermExtraction (TESE) Sperm and/or inseminated eggprocurement and processing andbanking of sperm or inseminatedeggs. This includes expensesassociated with cryopreservation(freezing and storage of spermor embryos). Exclusions andlimitations apply to the infertilitybenefits. Please see your EmpirePlan Certificate for details. Or, visitthe New York State Departmentof Civil Service homepage at SelectBenefit Programs then NYSHIPOnline and follow the prompts tothe NYSHIP Online homepage.See page 7 for a listing of Centersof Excellence for Infertility locations.Centers of Excellence Travel AllowanceA travel, lodging and meal expensesallowance may be available if thepatient is enrolled in the Centersof Excellence program for canceror transplants or the patient ispreauthorized for the Centers ofExcellence in infertility and travelswithin the United States.* Theallowance is available to the patientand one travel companion when thefacility is more than 100 miles (200miles for airfare) from the patient’shome. If the patient is a minor child(under the age of 18), the allowancewill include coverage for up to twotravel companions. The Empire Planprovides reimbursement for travel,meals and one lodging per day.The Centers of Excellence forCancer, Transplants and Infertility4 RO COE/March 2012will reimburse for meals and lodgingbased on the United States GeneralServices Administration (GSA) perdiem rate and automobile mileage(personal or rental car) based on theInternal Revenue Service medicalrate. Save original receipts forreimbursement. Only the followingtravel expenses are reimbursable:meals, auto mileage (personal andrental car), economy class airfare,train fare, taxi fare, parking, tollsand shuttle or bus fare from lodgingto the Center of Excellence. Tofind the current per diem ratesfor lodging and meals, visit theUnited States General ServicesAdministration web site and look underTravel Resources.There is a 50,000 per coveredperson lifetime maximum forqualified procedures, includingtravel allowance, when treatmenthas been preauthorized at a Centerof Excellence for Infertility. The TravelAllowance will be applied towardthe 50,000 maximum lifetimebenefit for Infertility Benefits.There is no lifetime maximum fortravel, meals and lodging for theCenters of Excellence for Canceror Transplants.The Travel Allowance is available aslong as the patient remains enrolledand is receiving benefits under theCenters of Excellence Program.* This does NOT include U.S. Territories.

Success StoriesBased on actual experiences ofEmpire Plan enrolleesCharles and theCancer ProgramCharles visits his doctor for hisroutine health exam. The examshows an enlarged prostate and ahigher than normal prostate-specificantigen (PSA) count, which couldmean a problem. Charles’ doctoradvises him to see a cancerspecialist. Charles calls The EmpirePlan toll free number to connectwith a Cancer Resource Services(CRS) nurse. The nurse talks withCharles and helps him choose aCenter of Excellence for cancerand an oncologist.At the Center, Charles learns that hehas prostate cancer. With the helpof the doctor and the CRS nurse,he decides that surgery is the besttreatment to follow. Through thesurgery and recovery time, hiscancer care is fully covered at theCenter of Excellence. Even Charles’follow-up visits to check his PSAcount continue to be coveredunder The Empire Plan Centers ofExcellence for Cancer Program.Tom and theTransplants ProgramTom’s doctor advises Tom he needsa kidney transplant. Tom callsThe Empire Plan Hospital Program.A case manager returns Tom’sphone call. The case managerreminds Tom of The Empire Planpreadmission requirements andthe benefits of enrolling in theCenters of Excellence forTransplants Program. Tom is gladto learn that the Program gives himpaid-in-full benefits for coveredservices. Plus, the Program willreimburse both his and his wife’stravel costs to the Center sinceit’s over 100 miles from his home.There’s even a lodging and mealsallowance for them. Tom decidesto receive his transplant at anEmpire Plan Center of Excellence.The case manager contacts thetransplant office at the Center ofExcellence Tom has chosen. Sheworks with the Center to arrangeTom’s evaluation at the Center andto get approval of the transplantrequest. Tom then enrolls in TheEmpire Plan Transplants Program.The case manager calls Tomregularly before the transplant totalk about his needs and answer hismany questions. She also stressesthe importance of regular doctorvisits so that Tom stays as healthyas possible before his transplant.Following Tom’s successfultransplant six months later, the casemanager arranges a discharge planand home care services for Tom.She continues to check in on Tomeach month for the next twelvemonths to be sure he’s doing allright both physically and mentallythrough his follow-up care at theCenter of Excellence.Isabel and the InfertilityCenter of ExcellenceIsabel and her husband havewanted to have a baby for along time. Their doctor suggeststreatment at an Empire PlanInfertility Center of Excellence.Isabel calls The Empire PlanMedical Program and getsapproval for paid-in-full infertilitybenefits at the Center. And,because the Center is over100 miles from Isabel’s home,The Empire Plan benefits fortravel, lodging and meal costsare available as part of themaximum lifetime benefit.After her first in vitro fertilizationat the Center, success! Isabel ispregnant. Nine months later, herhealthy baby boy arrives. Isabeland her husband couldn’t behappier with their new baby,and with The Empire Plan.Karen, the Cancer Programand The Empire PlanKaren’s doctor tells her that abiopsy of the lump in her breastshows cancer cells. Karen wantsto talk about treatment with acancer specialist at an Empire PlanCenter of Excellence for Cancer.After contacting Cancer ResourceServices (CRS) through TheEmpire Plan toll free number,Karen and her husband drive200 miles from their home tothe Center they’ve chosen.The Program’s travel allowanceprovides reimbursement for theirmileage, room and meal costs.Following the doctor’srecommendation, Karen makesarrangements to have the surgeryat the Center of Excellence. Heroutpatient and inpatient hospitaland physician care at the Centerof Excellence are paid in full byThe Empire Plan. This benefitincludes radiation therapy at theCenter after the surgery.Karen continues to travel to theCenter for her radiation therapyand uses the Program’s travelallowance to help pay relatedcosts. When her doctor prescribeschemotherapy following theradiation, Karen chooses to havethis treatment outside the Centerat a facility closer to her home.Although she no longer has paidin-full coverage for her cancertreatment, by using Empire Planparticipating providers, she has nocopayment for her chemotherapy.Copayments apply to follow-upvisits to her doctor’s office.RO COE/March 20125

Questions and AnswersQ. I live outside of the United States,can I still use the Centers ofExcellence?A. Yes. The Centers of Excellenceprograms are available to eligibleEmpire Plan enrollees who liveoutside of the United States.However, you are only eligible forreimbursement for travel withinthe United States.Q. Can I just go to a Centerof Excellence without callingThe Empire Plan?A. You must call The EmpirePlan at the toll free number,1-877-7-NYSHIP(1-877-769-7447) beforeyou receive cancer treatment,transplant services or qualifiedprocedures for infertility ata Center of Excellence. TheMedical Program (UnitedHealthcare)approves benefits for cancercare or infertility; the HospitalProgram (Empire BlueCrossBlueShield) approves benefitsfor transplants. This will ensureyou are taking full advantage ofyour benefits.Q. Will I have coverage forprescription drugs prescribedby a provider at a Center ofExcellence?A. Yes, prescription drugsprescribed for cancer treatment,transplants or infertility andadministered at a Center ofExcellence are covered by thePlan with no prescription drugcopayment. Prescription drugsordered by a Center providerand administered at home arecovered under the Specialty6 RO COE/March 2012 Pharmacy Program or TheEmpire Plan Prescription DrugProgram. To view the mostcurrent listing of drugs coveredunder the Specialty PharmacyProgram, go to the NYSDepartment of Civil Service website at,click on Benefit Programs, thenNYSHIP Online, choose yourgroup (if prompted) then click onWhat’s New, or call The EmpirePlan toll free at 1-877-7-NYSHIP(1-877-769-7447), and selectthe Prescription Drug Program.Q. What sets Blue DistinctionCenters for Transplants(BDCT) apart from othertransplant centers?A. Each BDCT is selected basedon information for each typeof transplant performed.This information includes thenumber of transplants, howlong transplants have beenperformed at the facility, patientmanagement, patient outcomes,transplant team training andexperience, patient/familyeducation and support programsand patient post-transplant care.To qualify as a BDCT for aspecific type of transplant, afacility must meet all theprogram criteria, in addition toengaging in certain businessagreements with the BlueCrossBlueShield Association.Q. If I decide to use a Center ofExcellence, do I have to receiveall my care at the Center?A. No. You may choose to havepart of your care, surgery forexample, at the Center ofExcellence and another part of your care, such as follow-uptreatments, at another facilitythat is not a Center of Excellence.You would receive the paid-infull benefits for covered servicesat the Center. Outside theCenter, The Empire Planprovides benefits for medicallynecessary care. However, youmust follow the requirementsof the Benefits ManagementProgram and you are responsiblefor any applicable deductible,coinsurance and copayments.Q. What if I decide to use ahospital that isn’t an EmpirePlan Center of Excellence?A. You have the choice to use aCenter of Excellence or not. Ifyou choose not to use a Center,Empire Plan benefits are availablefor medically necessary care.Please see Benefits OutsideCenters of Excellence on page 8of this report and your EmpirePlan Certificate and Empire PlanReports for details.Q. How do I get a nurse tohelp manage my care?A. Whether you receive benefitsfrom an Empire Plan Centerof Excellence or a hospital thatis not a Center of Excellence,The Empire Plan offers medicalcase management under theBenefits Management Program.Case management nurses helppatients make choices abouttreatment and facilities availablethrough The Empire Plan. YourEmpire Plan Certificate hasmore information about theBenefits Management Programand case management.

Centers of Excellence LocationsCenters of Excellencefor Cancer*AlabamaUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamComprehensive Cancer CenterBirmingham (P)CaliforniaCity of Hope Cancer CenterDuarte (P)Stanford Hospital and ClinicsStanford (P)UCSF ComprehensiveCancer CenterSan Francisco (P)ColoradoThe Children’s HospitalDenver (P)FloridaH. Lee Moffitt Cancer Centerand Research InstituteTampaIllinoisChildren’s Memorial HospitalChicago (P)Robert H. LurieComprehensive Cancer Centerof Northwestern UniversityChicagoMarylandThe Sidney Kimmel ComprehensiveCancer Center at Johns HopkinsBaltimore (P)MassachusettsDana-Farber/Children’s HospitalCancer CareBoston (P)Dana-Farber/Brigham andWomen’s Cancer CenterBostonMassachusetts General HospitalCancer CenterBostonMichiganKarmanos Cancer InstituteDetroitMinnesotaUniversity of MinnesotaMedical Center, FairviewMinneapolis (P)Centers of Excellencefor TransplantsNebraskaThe Nebraska Medical CenterOmaha (P)New YorkMemorial Sloan-KetteringCancer CenterNew York (P)New York PresbyterianHospital – Columbia UniversityMedical CenterNew YorkRoswell Park Cancer InstituteBuffaloOhioThe Cleveland Clinic FoundationCleveland (P)James Cancer Hospitalat The Ohio State UniversityColumbusPennsylvaniaAbramson Cancer Center atthe University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaChildren’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia (P)Fox Chase Cancer CenterPhiladelphiaTennesseeSt. Jude Children’sResearch HospitalMemphis (P)Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer CenterNashville (P)TexasM.D. Anderson Cancer CenterHouston (P)UtahHuntsman Cancer Instituteat the University of UtahSalt Lake CityWisconsinUniversity of WisconsinPaul P. CarboneComprehensive Cancer CenterMadison (P)Please see page 3 for a link to theBlue Distinction Centers for Transplantsweb site and for additional Centers ofExcellence for kidney transplants.Centers of Excellencefor Infertility*ConnecticutReproductive Medicine Associatesof ConnecticutNorwalkNew YorkThe Center for ReproductiveMedicine and InfertilityNew YorkCenter for Women’s ReproductiveCare at Columbia UniversityNew YorkCNY FertilitySyracuse, LathamInfertility and IVF Associatesof Western New YorkSnyderLong Island IVFLake Success, Melville, Port JeffersonMMC Reproductive Endocrinology –also known as Genesis Fertility &Reproductive MedicineBrooklynNew York University Center Programfor IVF, Reproductive Surgery andInfertilityNew YorkReproductive Medicine Associatesof New YorkNew YorkReproductive Specialists of New YorkMineolaStrong Fertility CenterRochester(P) Pediatric oncology servicesare offered at these Centersof Excellence for Cancer.* This list is subject to change.RO COE/March 20127

Benefits Outside Centers of ExcellenceThe Centers of Excellence Programsare voluntary. If you choose not touse a Center of Excellence foryour cancer treatment, transplantor infertility, Empire Plan benefitsare still available for medicallynecessary care.Cancer BenefitsBenefits for covered medicaland surgical services for cancertreatment are available under theParticipating Provider Programor the Basic Medical Programthrough UnitedHealthcare.Benefits for covered hospitalservices are available throughEmpire BlueCross BlueShield.You must follow the requirementsof the Benefits ManagementProgram and are responsiblefor any applicable deductible,coinsurance and copayments.Transplant BenefitsInfertility BenefitsIf you choose to have yourtransplant in a facility that is nota Center of Excellence, or if youneed a transplant not available ata Center of Excellence, you maystill take advantage of the casemanagement services at no costto you. Call The Empire Plan tollfree number and choose theHospital Program to connectto a case manager.If you do not use the Centers ofExcellence for TransplantsProgram, you must follow therequirements of The Empire PlanBenefits Management Programand pay any applicable deductible,coinsurance and copayments.Infertility benefits outside Centersof Excellence, including coveredservices, supplies and qualifiedprocedures, are subject to thecopayments, deductibles andcoinsurance of UnitedHealthcare’sParticipating Provider and BasicMedical Programs. Benefits forqualified procedures must bepreauthorized by UnitedHealthcare.Call The Empire Plan toll free numberand choose the Medical Program.The maximum lifetime benefit forall covered hospital, medical,travel, lodging and meal expensesassociated with qualified proceduresis 50,000.American Cancer -813-HOPEwww.cancercare.orgNational Cancer Institute1-800-4-CANCERwww.cancer.govBlueCross BlueShield bluedistinction-transplants/American Society forReproductive Medicinewww.asrm.orgUNOS (United Networkfor Organ Sharing)www.unos.orgResourcesThe Empire Plan NurseLineSMHealth information and support24 hours a day, 7 days a week1-877-7-NYSHIP (1-877-769-7447).Press 5 on the main menu then 2for the Health Information Library.Enter PIN 335 and then say oneor two words about the informationyou are looking for or enter thefour-digit topic code.New York State Department of Civil Service, Employee Benefits Division, Albany, New York 12239 https://www.cs.ny.govIt is the policy of the New York State Department of Civil Service to provide reasonable accommodation to ensure effective communication of information inbenefits publications to individuals with disabilities. These publications are also available on the Department of Civil Service web site ( the web site for timely information that meets universal accessibility standards adopted by New York State for NYS Agency web sites. If you needan auxiliary aid or service to make benefits information available to you, please contact your agency Health Benefits Administrator. NYS and PE Retirees,NYS and PE COBRA Enrollees and Young Adult enrollees: Contact the Employee Benefits Division at 518-457-5754 or 1-800-833-4344 (U.S., Canada,Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands).This Reporting On was printed using recycled paper and environmentally sensitive inks.8 RO COE/March 2012AL1173RO COE/March 2012

care related to the cancer treatment and provided in a CRS cancer center. Routine follow-up care provided at the CRS cancer center is included. Cancer clinical trials and related treatment and services recommended and provided by a physician in a CRS cancer center are also covered. There is a Centers of Exce