100 Unique and Weird Scholarships Worth ApplyingFor (2016) pplying-for-2013/Scott HawksworthUpdate: We’ve added 10 more weird and unique scholarships to our list! Check them out in our HonorableMention section!1. Jif Most Creative Sandwich ContestJif Peanut Butter holds the Jif Most Creative SandwichContest as a fun way to award students preparing to attendcollege. The award includes a scholarship worth 25,000, aswell as a Jif Peanut Butter Basket worth 50.Apply : Jif2. The Wear Duck Tape to Prom ScholarshipDuck Brand products holds an annual contest to see who canmake the best Prom outfit from Duck Tape. The winnersreceive a 5,000 scholarship.Apply : ShurTech Brands, LLC3. Zildjian’s 2013 Kerope Zildjian ScholarshipCompetition

The Kerope Zildjian Scholarship is designed for studentspursuing a four-year degree at an accredited university andawards a 5000 scholarship. Applicants also win a trip toZildjian’s world headquarters and win completmentarycymbals. In order to qualify, students must send an audiorecording playing a complex snare or four-mallet marimbasolo.Apply : Avedis Zildjian Company Inc4. Western Golf Association Evans Scholars Foundation ScholarshipsThe Western Golf Association Evans Scholars FoundationScholarship is designed for golf caddies around the country.The Western Golf Association who oversees the EvansScholar Foundation also runs three large golf tournaments.Apply : Western Golf Association Evans Scholars Foundation5. Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship FundThe Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship Fund is designed forstudents who do not habitually use tobacco, alcohol,narcotics, and are not involved in strenuous athletic contests.The applicant must have lived in Mount Caramel for 10 yearsand graduate from Mount Caramel Public High School aswell.Apply : Bucknell University6. AMIA Scholarship ProgramThe AMIA Scholarship Program is for those planning ongraduate school with majors in moving image studies, libraryor information science, archival administration, museumstudies, or a related field. Selected students will then beawarded scholarships from Sony Pictures, Rick ChaceFoundation, or Universal Studios.Apply : The Association of Moving Image Archives7. American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship ProgramThe American Fire Sprinkler Association has scholarshipstotalling 20,000 that are awarded to students who submit therequired documents, including an essay on automatic firesprinklers.Apply : American Fire Sprinkler Association8. NCEA’s Esthetician Scholarship

The National Coalition of Estheticians,Manufacturers/Distributors & Assocations award a number ofscholarships every year. The NCEA’s Esthetician Scholarshipawards esthetician students a 1,000 incentive scholarshipwhile attending esthetic school, but students must be currentlyenrolled and maintain at least 80% attendance and gradeaverage.Apply : National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers /Distributors and Associations9. Northern Tier Hardwood Association Community Forests ScholarshipOnly open to students in select Pennsylvania counties, theNorthern Tier Hardwood Association Scholarship awards 500to two high school students planning on pursuing a career inforest resources or a field in the wood industry.Apply : Northern Tier Hardwood Association10. Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card 10,000Scholarship ContestFor students with artistic flair, scrapbooking acumen, or a lovefor design, the Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarshipfrom The Gallery Collection is a great way to get 10,000 forcollege. Competitors must design the front of a greeting cardto be designed for business and consumer use.Apply : The Gallery Collection11. Archibald Rutledge Scholarship ProgramThe Archibald Rutledge Scholarship Program is for studentsinvolved in the arts and awards five scholarships at 2000each in areas of Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Theatre, andVisual Arts. Students must submit an original piece, graduatehigh school in South Carolina, and go to college in SouthCarolina.Apply : South Carolina State Department of Education12. North American International Auto Show High School Poster ContestThe North American International Auto Show High SchoolPoster Contest awards 16 students prizes of varying amounts,from as little as 100, to as much as 1000. The onlystipulation is that a 25” x 21” poster must be submitted.Apply : North American International Auto Show, LLC13. Associated Male Choruses of America

ScholarshipThe Associated Male Choruses of America Scholarshipawards candidates 1000- 1200 each for applicants enrolledin university music programs for the upcoming school year.Candidates must be sponsored by a member chorus of theAssociated Male Choruses of America.Apply : Associated Male Choruses of America14. Shaw-Worth Memorial ScholarshipThe Shaw-Worth Scholarship from the Humane Society of theUnited States awards 2,500 to selected high school seniorswho have made significant contributions to animal protectionover extended periods.Apply : Humane Society of the United States15. International Dairy Deli Bakery AssociationScholarshipsThe International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association awardsspecial scholarships to college students working at an IDDBAmember company at least 13 hours a week. The requirementsinclude majoring in a food-related field, such as culinary arts,baking/pastry arts, or food science.Apply : International Dairy Deli Bakery Association16. AACT’s John Kitt Memorial ScholarshipThe American Association of Candy Technologists awards a 5000 scholarship over two installments to a recipient who isa college sophomore, junior, or senior that has ademonstrated interest in confectionery technology. Evidencemust be presented in the form of research projects, workexperience, or formal study.Apply : American Association of Candy Technologists17. Frank J. Richter Scholarship ProgramThe American Association of Railroad Superintendents isopen to any student in the United States or Canada. Thestudent must be a full-time college student and have at least a2.75 Grade Point Average. The scholarship is awarded is 1000 and preference is given to applicants enrolled in thetransportation field.Apply : American Association of Railroad Superintendents

18. Copyright Awareness ScholarshipScholarhips up to 5000 are awarded by the Music PublishersAssociation of the United States as part of their CopyrightAwareness Scholarship. Students must submit a writtenessay, audio or video recording, or pictoral compilationexpressing why they believe copyright is so important.Apply : Music Publishers Association19. National Youth Education SummitThe Friends of the NRA selects 45 outstanding high schoolsophomores and juniors from around the country to come toWashington D.C. for a week of educational seminars andactivities stressing the importance of being active in civicaffairs. Additionally, those selected for this Youth EducationSummit then compete for a total of 30,000 in scholarships.Apply : Friends of NRA20. Congressional Black Caucus Spouses HeinekenPerforming Arts ScholarshipThe CBC Spouses Heineken Performing Arts Scholarship isawarded to students interested in drama, dance, opera,marching bands, and other performing arts pursuits.Applicants must also meet the other requirements stipulatedon the online application page.Apply: Congressional Black Caucus Foundation21. ATIA Foundation ScholarshipsThe Alaska Travel Industry Association awards a number ofscholarships each year to various students around Alaska, incommunities of all sizes. The goal is to better invest in citizensto preserve the Alaskan tourism industry. Scholarships areawarded in increments from as little as 500 and as much as 3000.Apply: Alaska Travel Industry22. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarships

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo awards numerousscholarships with varying requirements and sizes. Somerequirements include a minimum of a 19 on the ACT, be aresident of Texas, and plan to go to college in Texas at a notfor-profit school. Most of the awards are 18,000 four yearscholarships.Apply : Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo23. C.A.T.S. Tall Club Scholarship ProgramThe Central Arizona Tall Society gives a scholarship to a girl ofat least 5’10” and a boy at least 6’2″ in an award of 250. Thestudent must live in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.Apply : Central Arizona Tall Society24. Central Florida Orchid Society ScholarshipThe Central Florida Orchid Society awards an annualscholarship to students to encourage the pursuit of careers inHorticulture and the Agricultural and Life Sciences. Thescholarship is 3000 and reside in a central Florida county.Apply : Central Florida Orchid Society25. Boren Awards for International StudiesThe Boren Awards for International Study is awarded tostudents who wish to study abroad in areas typicallyunderrepresented. The scholarships can be as large as 20,000 and are only for students attending school at anaccredited university.Apply : Boren Awards for International Studies26. General CIEE Grant ScholarshipThe CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships award over 3 Millioneach eyar to help students with the cost of studying abroad.They require students to fill out a form entailing their specialcircumstances, write an essay, and also a summary of theircurrent financial aid situation.Apply : CIEE Study Abroad27. Nordstrom Scholarship Program

The Nordstrom Cares Scholarship selects 80 students instates with a Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store and awardsthem a 10,000 scholarship. The requirements include pastvolunteer service, community service, or extracurricularactivities and a minimum of a 2.7 GPA. Recipients must alsoplan on applying for financial assistance in order to attendcollege.Apply : Nordstrom28. Marian A. Smith Costume Scholarship AwardThe Marian A. Smith Costume Scholarship Award from theSoutheastern Theatre Conference awards 2,000 to a studententering graduate school for costume design and/or costumetechnology. The student must submit a portfolio of tensamples and three to five references to be considered.Apply : Southeastern Theatre Conference29. Davidson Fellows ScholarshipsThe Davidson Fellows Scholarships are considered to beamong the most prestegious and largest in the world. Theyaward 50,000, 25,000, and 10,000 to students who havecompleted a significant piece of work before 18 in areas suchas Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Literature,Music, Philosophy, or “Outside the Box.”Apply : Davidson Institute for Talent Development30. Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest.Stuttgart, Arkansas awards scholarships at the Chick andSophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest. First place winsa scholarship of 2000, second place wins 1000, 3rdreceives 750, and 4th receives 500.Apply : Stuttgart31. IDC Scholarship ProgramThe IDC Scholarship Program from Ocean Divers awards 4students per 3 month period to take, for free, a number ofscuba diver classes and then work on environmentalconservation and reef identification.Apply : Ocean Divers32. Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation

The Corinna Jeannine Schillings Foundation awardsscholarships to help students study abroad. An award of 1000 is issued to a Silver or Gold Girl Scout who plans tostudy abroad and maintains at least a 3.0 GPA.Apply : Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation33. The Alexia GrantsThe Alexia Foundation grants scholarships to students to helpproduce picture stories that promote the foundation’s views ofworld peace and cultural understanding. The undergraduatewinner recieves full tuition payment for a study abroadprogram, along with various funds for equipment andexpenses.Apply : Alexia Foundation34. ESA Foundation Scholarship ProgramThe Entertainment Software Association FoundationScholarship Program gives up to 30 scholarships annually, 15to graduating high school seniors and 15 to current collegestudents. The award is for up to 3000 and the applicant mustbe a woman or minority student pursing a degree and careerin computer and video game arts with a minimum 2.75 GPA.Apply : Entertainment Software Association Foundation35. The Fountainhead Essay ContestAyn Rand Novels, a site specializing in the writings of authorand philosopher Ayn Rand, has an annual essay contestawarding between 50 and 10,000 to over 200 students whowrite essays on chosen topics about Rand’s well known work,The Fountainhead. While not strictly a scholarship, thesecontests are only open to 11th and 12th grade students, andthe winnings could provide a great headstart toward paying forcollege.Apply : Ayn Rand Novels36. Rome PrizeThe American Academy in Rome Scholarship, titled the RomePrize, is designed for students specializing in a variety ofstudies, such as Architecture, Visual Arts, Ancient Studies, andother areas. Each winner is provided with a stipend, meals, abedroom with a private bath, and a study or studio. Thestipends are 15,000 for 6 months or 27,000 for 11 months.Apply : American Academy in Rome

37. United States Bowling Congress ScholarshipsThe United States Bowling Congress offers scholarships tomany young students who have shown a passion for bowling.Leagues and member organizations of the USBC offerscholarships as well, so anyone involved in USBC activitiesshould look into the possibility of a college scholarship.Apply : United States Bowling Congress38. Brett Ratner Tuition GrantThe Brett Ratner Tuition Grant through the New York FilmAcademy offers 100 scholarships for grants of up to 15,000.Students must show evidence for need of financial assistanceand a personal statement on why they would like to attend theNew York Film Academy.Apply : New York Film Academy39. Fund for Investigative Journalism GrantsThe Fund of Investigative Journalism meets almost quarterly toreview grant applications for those wishing to pursueinvestigative endeavors focusing on domestic issues or issuesfocuses on the US government. Grants average 5000 and areissued in two parts, the latter when evidence of progress issubmitted.Apply : Fund for Investigative Journalism40. Benjamin A. Gilman International ScholarshipThe Institute of International Education awards the BenjaminA. Gilman International Scholarship to students who havereceived a Pell Grant for the term they are applying for aswell. Students are also not allowed to study in countries with aU.S. Department of State Travel Warning.Apply : Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship41. Annual Glenn Miller Scholarship CompetitionThe Glenn Miller Birthplace Society, based in Clarinda, Iowa,holds an annual scholarship competition in honor of GlennMiller. The contest is in its 37th year and awards twoscholarships of 4000, 2000, and 1000, each to a onevocalist and one instrumentalist. Audition CD’s or tapes mustbe submitted in order to qualify.Apply : Glenn Miller Birthplace Society

42. American Academy of Chefs Culinary ScholarshipsThe American Culinary Federation awards culinaryscholarships to high school students, college students, andprofessional chefs looking to further their education.Requirements vary based on the scholarship applied for, but astrong passion for culinary arts goes a long way.Apply : Aermican Culinary Federation43. Robert J. Marriott’s Scholarship GrantThe Robert J. Marriott Scholarship Grant from theInternational Federation of Fly Fishers awards 500 to anundergraduate or graduate student majoring in biology or asimilar field, such as fishery management.Apply : International Federation of Fly Fishers44. Fashion Scholarship Fund ScholarshipsThe Fashion Scholarship Fund awards numerous scholarships inhonor of Geoffrey Beene, Jim Edleman, and others. Requiredapplication materials include a case study and personalstatement.Apply : Fashion Scholarship Fund45. 2,500 “Advice to Your High School Self”ScholarshipCampus Discovery has a scholarship for 2,500 called the“Advice to Your High School Self” Scholarship. Studentsapproaching graduation from college or recent college gradswho finished an Associates or Bachelor’s Degree are eligible.Apply : Campus Discovery46. James “Rhio” O’Connor Memorial ScholarshipFundCancer Monthly has scholarships honoring James O’Connor,with over 10,000 in awards. All that is required is an essay onhow Mr. O’Connor’s story of surviving 5 years longer thanpredicted is so inspiring and what you would do if faced withsimilar challenges.Apply : Cancer Monthly47. NDS/DMI Milk Marketing Scholarship

The National Dairy Shrine awards one 1500 and six 1000scholarships to encourage undergraduates to pursue careersin dairy product marketing. Students must have a minimum ofa 2.5 GPA.Apply : National Dairy Shrine48. Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete ProgramThe Davis Law Group awards 100 scholarships to two highschool seniors from January to March and then invites thosestudents to enter a Sportsmanship Essay Contest for achance to win an additional 1000 scholarship.Apply : Davis Law Group49. Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Inc. Founders FundScholarshipTheodore Gordon Flyfishers is a non-profit anglingorganization that promotes environmental protection,conservation, and various activities attached to activism andeducation. A Founders Fund Scholarship is awarded for 3,500 annually and the applicant must be planning onmajoring in environmental studies, in areas such as biology,natural resource management, zoology, and other relevantfields.Apply : Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Inc.50. Washington State Potato FoundationThe Washington State Potato Foundation awardsscholarships to students who live in either Washington ofOregon and plan on pursuing a two/four year degree, withpreference given to those pursuing agriculture-related fields.Apply : Washington-Oregon Potato ConferenceRETURN TO TOP OF PAGE51. NPFDA Scholarship Foundation, Inc.The National Poultry & Food Distributors Association selectsstudents from across the country for scholarships amountingto 1500- 2000. In order to qualify, students must be collegejuniors or seniors at a U.S. Institution and pursuing anagriculture-related field, along with letters of recommendation,a sealed transcript, and a one-page letter describing her or hisgoals and aspirations.Apply : National Poultry & Food Distributors Association

52. Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarships for Migrant FarmworkersThe Geneseo Migrant Center runs a scholarship to support artscholarships for migrant farm workers. This was implementedby Berrien Fragos Thorn and many 500 scholarships areissued and semi-annually, a review is done for grants up to 2,500.Apply : National PASS Center53. Ruth Lilly Poetry FellowshipsThe Poetry Foundation supports five 15,000 scholarships toyoung poets through a national competition also sponsored byThe Poetry Foundation. Applicants must be at least 21 yearsold, no older than 31, and follow the guidelines on the website.Apply : Poetry Foundation54. F. Lammot Belin Arts ScholarshipThe F. Lammot Belin Arts Scholarship is given preference tostudents in Northeastern Pennsylvania and aims to supportartists with exceptional talent in the fine arts. The award is 15,000 and a detailed explanation must be given for how thefunds will be used.Apply : Waverly Community House55. Nordic Skiing Association of AnchorageScholarshipThe Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage has awardedscholarships to students for over 25 years and students areawarded these scholarships based on personal performanceand achievements.Apply : Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage56. Krylon Clear Choice Art ScholarshipKrylon, a company specializing in art products, awards five 1,000 Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarships. Additionally,each school will receive a gift package worth 500 of artproducts. Applicants must submit a portfolio of 3-6 images ofartwork on CD.Apply : Krylon57. Two Ten Footwear Foundation

The Two Ten Footwear Foundation awards scholarships toover 400 students amounting to over 700,000. Thescholarships come in various forms, such as those forfootwear employees and also those who are studying footweardesign in college.Apply : Two Ten Footwear Foundation58. Screen Actors Guild ScholarshipThe Screen Actors Guild Foundation created the John L.Dales Scholarship Fund in 1973 and helps aid Screen ActorsGuild members’ children with educational funds to attendcollege.Apply : Screen Actors Guild59. The Culinary Trust Scholarships and GrantsThe Culinary Trust has a number of scholarships and grantsthat are awarded annually. Students, as well as CulinaryProfessionals can apply.Apply : The Culinary Trust60. Chuck Allen Snowboard Scholarship AwardThe United States of America Snowboard and FreeskiAssociation has a Chuck Allen Snowboard Scholarship Award.The Scholarship is typically used for academic endeavors, butis also allowed to be used for club or organizationalequipment.Apply : United States of America Snowboard and FreeskiAssociation61. The Vegetarian Resource Group ScholarshipsThe Vegetarian Resource Group has two 5,000 Scholarshipsthat it gives out annually. Applications will be judged onstudents ability to demonstrate compassion, courage, and astrong commitment to world peace through a vegetarianlifestyle.Apply : The Vegetarian Resource Group62. KODAK Student Scholarship Program

The Kodak Student Scholarship Program gives a StudentCinematography and Student Scholarship Award each year tostudents who can demonstrate exceptional skills in therelevant field. Students can be awarded as much as 9,000.Apply : KODAK63. Slam What You Will has a “Slam What You Will” Contest, whichawards a 1,000 scholarship to the winner. Rules includebecoming a member of the poetry community and submittinga poem.Apply : Power Poetry64. DutchCrafters Amish Furniture HeritageScholarshipDutchCrafters founded The DutchCrafters Amish FurnitureHeritage Scholarship in 2011 and each year provides fivestudents with 500 scholarships over two disbursements of 250. Students must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA andcurrently be a high school senior applying to college in the fall.Apply : DutchCrafters65. The Astrid Thalheimer Memorial VocalScholarshipThe Astrid Thalheimer Memorial Vocal Scholarship, dedicatedto the founder of The A Cappella Singers who established thegroup in 1963. The scholarship awards 500 to a womanpreparing to graduate from high school and major in eithervocal performance or music education with a concentration onvocals.Apply : The A Cappella Singers66. American Water Ski Educational Foundation Water Ski Hall of Fame/ MuseumScholarshipsThe American Water Ski Educational Foundation startedawarding scholarships in 1983 to students currently enrolledin their sophomore, junior, or senior year of college. Studentsmust write an essay of 500 words, include two letters ofreference, work/school records, along with communityactivities.Apply : American Water Ski Educational Foundation WaterSki Hall of Fame/ Museum

67. WJA Scholarships & GrantsThe Women’s Jewelery Association awards scholarships eachyear in amounts ranging from 500 to 7000. There are threeseparate categories students may qualify in and eachapplicant must submit an essay detailing why they believethey deserve the award.Apply : Women’s Jewelry Association68. Oregon Space Grant Consortium ScholarshipProgramThe Oregon NASA Space Consortium Scholarship Programgives 4000 scholarships to students majoring in Science,Technology, Engineering, or Math. The intention is to promotethe advancement of the space program while rewardingacademic excellence.Apply : Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium69. JBF ScholarshipsJames Beard is remembered for his commitment to advancingculinary arts and the James Beard Foundation serves to carryon his legacy by awarding a large number of scholarships tostudents seeking careers in culinary arts, be it at a culinaryinstitution or a university.Apply : James Beard Foundation70. Alan H. Conklin Business Aviation ManagementScholarshipThe National Business Aviation Association established, inconjunction with Conklin & de Decker, the Alan H. ConklinBusiness Aviation Management Scholarship, an annual 5000award to an undergraduate student who is enrolled in anaviation management program.Apply : National Business Aviation Association71. National Council of Destination OrganizationsGraduate Scholarship

The Ronald H. Brown Memorial Scholarship awards a 3000scholarship to a minority undergraduate who is focused on acareer in the travel industry.Apply : U.S. Travel Association72. George Bock Charitable TrustLittle People of America focuses on awarding scholarships tostudents who have been diagnosed with dwarfism and arecurrently part of Little People of America. Additionally,scholarships are awarded to the children of those diagnosedwith dwarfism and range from 250- 1000.Apply : Little People of America73. Boyd N. Lyon ScholarshipThe Boyd N. Lyon Scholarship was founded by The OceanFoundation in conjuction with The Boyd Lyon Sea TurtleFund. It was designed for Masters or PhD students to applyand the award is 2500.Apply : The Ocean Foundation74. The Eileen J. Garrett ScholarshipThe Parapsychology Foundation founded a scholarship inmemory of Eileen J. Garrett and is for undergraduate andgraduate students who are currently pursuing an academicpath for a career in parapsychology. The scholarship is for 3000.Apply : Parapsychology Foundation, Inc.75. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation WildlifeLeadership AwardsThe Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Wildlife LeadershipAwards to juniors and seniors in college who have a provenrecord in leadership and a passion for wildlife conservation.The scholarship is for 2000 and includes a one-yearmembership to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.Apply : Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation76. The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation

Printing Industries of America began The Print and GraphicsScholarship Foundation in order to assist undergraduatewomen and men who are interested in graphic communicationcareers.Apply : Printing Industries of America77. The David Letterman ScholarshipBall State University founded The David LettermanScholarship in honor of late night television host DavidLetterman. It is designed for juniors in college who arecurrently majoring or minoring in telecommunications. Theamount of each scholarship varies, based on the creativity thescholarship committee feels was achieved.Apply : Ball State University78. American Society for Enology and Viticulture Scholarship ProgramThe American Society for Enology and Viticulture ScholarshipProgram is for students currently enrolled in a four-yearprogram at an accredited university in North America. Theminimum grade point average is 3.0 for undergraduates and3.2 for graduate students. The applicant must also currentlybe enrolled in enology or viticulture, or in a curriculumemphasizing a science basic to wine and the grape industry.Students recieve a quarterly or per-semester stipend.Apply : American Society for Enology and Viticulture79. National Potato Council ScholarshipThe National Potato Council Scholarship awards ascholarship each year for 10,000 to a graduate student whois currently conducting research to benefit the potato industry.Apply : National Potato Council80. Electronic Document Scholarship FoundationScholarshipsThe Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation was startedin 1999 to support the next generation of DocumentManagement and Graphic Communication Professionals. Aminimum of 40 scholarships are available per year and areawarded in amounts ranging from 1000- 5000.Apply : Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation81. Billy Welu Scholarship

The Professional Bowlers Assocation awards The Billy WeluScholarship annually to male and female bowlers whoseextraordinary qualities, partnered with competing in bowlingevents, show that they are fantastic recipients of the 1,000.Apply : Professional Bowlers Association82. Michael Jackson ScholarshipThe United Negro College Fund set up a Michael JacksonScholarship to honor the late performer and it awards up to 4000 to students majoring in ther performing arts, English, orcommunications.Apply : United Negro College Fund, Inc.83. American Quarterhorse Association FoundationScholarshipsThe American Quarterhorse Assocation FoundationScholarships are awarded to students who have underlinedacademic achievement, financial need, and very importantly,involvement in the American Quarter Horse Foundation. Theamount of the scholarship is announced annually.Apply : American Quarterhorse Association84. CFJS Scholarship ProgramThe Central Florida Jazz Society awards three scholarshipsper year, amounting to 3000. Students must submit a writtenrecommendation, along with a recording of an improvisedchorus.Apply : Central Florida Jazz Society85. Students Rising AboveThe Julia Burke Foundation awards the Students RisingAbove Scholarship to help low-income, first-generationstudents who need more than a tuition check to successfullygraduate from college. SRA provides one-on-one advice,along with academic support to help students not berestrained by any financial setbacks.Apply : Julia Burke Foundation86. The Kor Memorial Scholarship

The Klingon Language Foundation awards students who areable to implement a creative use for the fictional Star Treklanguage of Klingon. Winners recieve a 500 scholarship.Apply : The Klingon Language Institute87. Optimist International ScholarshipsThe Optimist International Scholarships are earned bystudents who win essay contests on a number of topics,typically promoting self-worth and confidence in youth. Awardsrange from a medallion to 2500.Apply : Optimist International88. Harlequin Floors’ Annual Dance ScholarshipEach year, American Harlequin awards four 250scholarships through the Harlequin Floors’ DanceScholarship. The goal of the program is to promote betteropportunities for dancers.Apply : American Harlequin89. Design Sponge Scho

The NCEA’s Esthetician Scholarship awards esthetician students a 1,000 incentive scholarship while attending esthetic school, but students must be currently enrolled and maintain at least 80% attendance and grade average. Apply : National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers / Di