Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022Welcome from the PrincipalOur most important priority at BusseltonSenior High School is to ensure all of ourstudents are ‘Successful Students’. They mustbe given the opportunity to achieve excellenteducational outcomes and develop necessaryskills to be successful in their choice of furthereducation or employment. I intend to ensurethat our students’ successes are not onlymeasured by their results but also by the waythe school value adds to them; that theygraduate as successful members of society.The school provides a high quality learningenvironment with quality teachers andexcellent facilities including the Trade TrainingCentre, exceptional Art, Science and SportingFacilities that ensures students are inspired toreach their academic potential. As anIndependent Public School, we are very proudof our achievements. Our past results clearlydemonstrate that we are catering to allstudents in the ATAR (University) and VETPathways.The partnership and relationship between home and school is critical in the successful education ofyour child; we encourage and welcome communication with the school. Working together, we needto focus on the destination, whether it is University, TAFE or employment, and then help ourstudents choose the courses in line with their ability and interests that will enable them to get there.I encourage you to read this handbook with your child as, in addition to identifying what we offerYear 11 students at the school, it includes the most current information relating to the WesternAustralian Certificate of Education (WACE), Attainment and School Pathway options.Please don’t hesitate to contact staff at the school with any comments or questions you may have.RegardsDavid GaultPrincipal2

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022Table of ContentsWELCOME FROM THE PRINCIPALWESTERN AUSTRALIAN CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATIONAchievement of a WACELiteracy and numeracyVET programsEndorsed programsMultiple pathways to achieve the WACESenior School PathwaysSCHOOL ASSESSMENTGrades and school marksAdjustment of grades and school marksExternally set tasks (EST)Authenticity of workReview of school assessmentsATAR EXAMINATIONSCERTIFICATIONFolio of achievementEXHIBITIONS AND AWARDSEligibility for exhibitions and awardsPeak awardsBeazley medal: WACEBeazley medal: VETAwards for outstanding achievementGeneral exhibitionsGeneral exhibition (ATSI)Special general awardAwards for outstanding achievement in an ATAR courseCourse exhibitions (ATAR courses)Special course awards (ATAR courses)Certificates of excellence (ATAR courses)Special certificate of excellence (ATAR courses)Awards for outstanding achievement in VETVET exhibitionsSpecial VET awardsCertificates of excellence (VET)Special certificate of excellenceAwards for outstanding achievement in the WACECertificates of merit and certificates of distinctionAPPENDICESAppendix 1: CoursesAppendix 2: Summary of coursesAppendix 3: Summary of Stand Alone VET ProgramsAppendix 4: Summary of On Grid VET ProgramsAppendix 5: WACE breadth-of-study list for the WACE in 15151616161616171717171717181616172630343

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022Western Australian Certificate of EducationThis section is relevant to all students seeking to achieve the WACE in 2023.The WACE is a certificate that demonstrates significant achievement over Years 11 and 12.The WACE requirementsAchievement of your WACE acknowledges that at the end of your compulsory schooling you haveachieved or exceeded the required minimum standards in an educational program that has suitablebreadth and depth.To achieve a WACE, a student must satisfy the following:General requirements demonstrate a minimum standard of literacy and a minimum standard of numeracy complete a minimum of 20 units or equivalents as described below complete: at least four Year 12 ATAR courses* OR at least five General courses and/or ATAR courses or equivalent OR a Certificate II (or higher) VET Qualification in combination with ATAR, General or Foundationcourses.*In the context of ATAR courses in the WACE, the term ‘complete’ requires that a student sits theATAR course examination or has an approved sickness/misadventure application for not sitting theexamination in that course. Students who do not sit the ATAR course examination will not have acourse mark or grade recorded on their WASSA, nor will they receive an ATAR course report.Note: for ATAR courses with practical components, students must complete both the written andpractical examinations.Breadth and depthStudents must complete a minimum of 20 units or the equivalent. This requirement must include atleast: a minimum of ten Year 12 units or the equivalent two completed Year 11 units from an English course and one pair of completed Year 12 unitsfrom an English course one pair of Year 12 units from each of List A (arts/languages/social sciences) and List B(mathematics/science/technology).Achievement standardStudents must achieve 14 C grades (or equivalents, see below) in Year 11 and Year 12 units, includingat least six C grades in Year 12 units (or equivalents).Unit equivalence can be obtained through VET qualifications and/or endorsed programs. Themaximum unit equivalence available through these programs is eight units – four Year 11 units andfour Year 12 units. Students may obtain unit equivalence as follows: up to eight unit equivalents through completion of VET qualifications, or up to four unit equivalents through completion of endorsed programs, or up to eight unit equivalents through a combination of VET qualifications and endorsed programs,but with endorsed programs contributing no more than four unit equivalents.4

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022The amount of unit equivalence allocated to VET qualifications and endorsed programs is as follows:VET Qualifications Certificate I is equivalent to two Year 11 units Certificate II is equivalent to two Year 11 and two Year 12 units Certificate III or higher is equivalent to two Year 11 and four Year 12 unitsEndorsed Programs - unit equivalence is identified on the Authority’s approved list of endorsedprograms.There are five types of courses, three of which are offered at Busselton SHS, developed by theAuthority (see Appendix 1 for a list of courses available in 2022 / 23) at Busselton Senior High School.1. Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) courses: ATAR course units are for students whoare aiming to enrol in a university course directly from school. These courses will beexamined by the Authority and contribute to the achievement of an Australian TertiaryAdmission Rank (ATAR).2. General courses: General course units are for students who are aiming to enter furthertraining or the workforce directly from school. These courses will not be examined by theAuthority.3. Vocational Education and Training (VET) Industry specific courses: Vocational Education andTraining industry specific courses are for students who are aiming to enter further training orthe workforce directly from school. VET Industry Specific courses have been developed inclose consultation with WA Industry Training Councils and include a full, nationallyrecognised qualification and mandatory industry-related workplace learning.There are two types of programs which can contribute to the WACE:1. VET programs2. Endorsed programsIn Year 10, you have the opportunity to choose what you will study in Years 11 and 12. Appendix 2provides a summary of each course.Achievement of a WACECourses units/programs from these groups contribute to theachievement of a WACE: ATAR, General, Foundation,VET industry specific courses, VET qualificationsand endorsed programs.WACE courses are grouped intoList A (arts/languages/social sciences) andList B (mathematics/science/technology).Students studying for a WACE are required to select at leastone Year 12 course from each of List A and List B.Appendix 3 lists the subjects as List A and List B.Schools choose to offer courses that meet the needs andinterests of their students in line with the resources they haveavailable. You are able to select across a range of courses at arange of cognitive levels to suit your skills and post-school aspirations. If you think you will beheading to university once you finish Year 12, you should enrol in at least four ATAR courses.5

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022The rank is used by universities as a selection mechanism. More information about the ATAR isavailable at the TISC website at you do not complete the course requirements to achieve an ATAR you will need to achieve aminimum of a Certificate II qualification.Each course has four units, Units 1 and 2 (Year 11 units) and Units 3 and 4 (Year 12 units). Thedifferent certificates (I, II and III) available through VET industry specific courses are packaged as twoor four units. Unit 1 and Unit 2 can be studied as a pair, Unit 3 and Unit 4 must be studied as a pair.Unlike other WACE courses, VETis course units are paired in both the Year 11 (Unit 1 and Unit2) and the Year 12 (Unit 3 and Unit 4) syllabuses. A student who withdraws from a VETis course afteronly one semester will not receive VETis course unit credit for that academic year.Permission for a student to change courses is a school decision; however, for a student to achievecourse unit credits, a change can only be made early in Year 12, before the cut-off date set by theAuthority; or in Year 11 early in the year after the completion of Unit 1, or at the end of Year 11 afterthe completion of Unit 2. A student who withdraws from a VET industry specific course does notachieve course unit credits.The Western Australian Statement of Student AchievementA Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA) is issued to all Year 12 studentswho complete any study that contributes towards a WACE. It lists all courses and programs studentshave completed in Year 11 and 12.Literacy and numeracyThere are two parts to demonstrating competence in literacy and numeracy. Firstly, you are requiredto complete two Year 11 units from an English course and a pair of Year 12 units from an Englishcourse. Secondly, you must demonstrate that you have met the minimum standard for literacy andnumeracy, which is based on skills regarded as essential for individuals to meet the demands ofeveryday life and work.You can demonstrate the minimum standard: Through the Authority’s Online Literacy Numeracy Assessment (OLNA), or If you demonstrated Band 8 or higher in your Year 9 NAPLAN, Reading, Writing and Numeracytests.The OLNA is compulsory for those students who have not prequalified in one or more of thecomponents through Year 9 NAPLAN and want to achieve the WACE. Students will have up to sixopportunities (two per year) between Year 10 and Year 12 to demonstrate the literacy and numeracyminimum standard.There are three assessment components: One 50‐minute, 45‐item multiple‐choice of Reading One 50‐minute, 4‐item multiple‐choice of Numeracy, and One 60‐minute, extended response in Writing of between 300 and 600 words.If you have a language background other than English and arrived from overseas in the past year youmay be able to delay sitting the OLNA. You should discuss your options with your careers counsellor.6

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022Disability provisions are available for students with significant conditions which may severely limittheir capacity to participate in the OLNA. These students, after discussions with parents/carers andthe school, may choose not to sit the OLNA. However, this would mean that these students couldnot achieve the WACE. Students should discuss their options with their careers counsellor.7

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022Vocational Education and TrainingA number of Vocational Education and Training qualifications are available to students. Thesenationally recognised qualifications provide pathways to employment and/or further training.If your educational program does not include four ATAR courses in Year 12, you will need tocomplete a Certificate II VET qualification or higher to achieve your WACE. You can begin training foryour career while still at school by undertaking one or more VET qualifications in the industry areasthat interest you. Appendix 3 and Appendix 4 outline the qualifications available at Busselton SeniorHigh School.Student Welfare and Guidance ServicesBusselton Senior High School follows a whole school approach to a caring school. All VET studentshave full access to the range of welfare and guidance services available at the school. These servicesinclude but are not limited to: teachers, Program Coordinators, VET Coordinator, Senior SchoolAssociate Principal, School Nurse, School Psychologist and Chaplain. Program Coordinatorscommunicate with parents, students and teachers to provide a high level of pastoral care.Students requiring additional support in literacy and numeracy will be referred to OLNA supportclasses.VET Fee Structure & InformationA list of fees and charges (Contribution and Charges Booklet) is provided to students/parents prior tothe commencement of the course. Please refer to the School’s 2022 Contributions and ChargesBooklet for information regarding course costs, deposits and refunds.In regard to refunds in the case of a student leaving the school, the Department of Education Refundof Secondary Charges and Voluntary Contributions Policy is applied. Refunds are paid according tothe time that a student leaves the school, summarised below:Refund/Billing Schedule for Charges and Voluntary Contributions in Secondary SchoolsTerm 180-100 %Term 250-80%Term 330-50%Term 4NilVET Courses and Personal RequirementsStudents may also be required to purchase uniform, texts and personal stationery items. Theserequirements will be discussed at the time of student/parent interview. Yr 11/12 Personal Items Listsoutline specific text and personal requirements. These are also issued prior to enrolment.VET Courses and Entry RequirementsThere are no specific entry requirements for VET Programs. However, all students will need to attendan interview with a parent/guardian.VET Course DeliveryVET qualifications are delivered over two years with a minimum of 5 hours per week dedicated todelivery. Students will also complete a minimum of 110 hours per year in Workplace Learning.Specific details of each program and work placement arrangements are explained in Appendix 3 andAppendix 4 from page 27.All VET courses are delivered face to face.Busselton Senior High School is a Registered Training Organisation, RTO Code 50537. In the unlikelyevent that the RTO is unable to deliver services, risk management processes would ensure theoutsourcing of qualifications to ensure delivery of qualifications as indicated at enrolment.8

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022VET Courses – ComplaintsStudents are given every opportunity to access an equitable process for complaints. In the firstinstance, complaints should be outlined to the Program Coordinator or the VET Coordinator.Complaints will be dealt with fairly and with due consideration to time.If a situation is not resolved informally, the complaint should be made in writing and lodged with theVET Coordinator. This will be acknowledged within 2 working days. If the issue is not resolved by theVET Coordinator, the matter will be referred to the Principal for resolution as per the process forComplaints and Appeals.*VET Courses – AppealsStudents have the right to lodge an appeal against the assessment of a competency if: the assessment process didn’t provide a fair and reasonable opportunity to demonstratecompetence. they were not informed in advance of the assessment conditions or type of assessment they were ill at the time of the assessment (must be supported by a medical certificate).In the first instance, students should discuss the appeal with the teacher. If not satisfied, the studentshould ask the teacher or VET Coordinator for an Appeals Record Form and submit to the Principal.The appeal will be processed according to the BSHS RTO Appeals process. If the appeal is successfulat any stage you will be given the opportunity to be re-assessed. If the appeal judgement isunsatisfactory appellants will be advised to contact the Training Accreditation Council.**Processes for Complaints and Appeals are explained to students as part of their induction tocompetency based assessment and Competency Assessment Books at the commencement of theirprogram.Endorsed ProgramsEndorsed programs address areas of learning not covered by WACE courses. Examples includeWorkplace Learning, Cadets WA, performance in school productions and independently administeredexaminations in music, speech and drama. These programs can be delivered in a variety of settingsby schools, community organisations, universities, training organisations and workplaces.Endorsed programs may replace up to two Year 11 course units and two Year 12 course units youneed to achieve your WACE. At Busselton Senior High School endorsed programs comprises of(among others) Workplace Learning, and the Year 10 Keys for Life Program.Multiple pathways to achieve the WACEThe WACE breadth and depth of study requirement previously outlined, specifies that students mustcomplete a minimum of 20 units (10 courses) during Years 11 and 12, including a minimum of 10Year 12 units or equivalents. Students may use ATAR courses, General courses, VET industry specificcourses, Foundation courses, VET qualifications, or endorsed programs to meet this requirement.There are limits to the number or VET qualifications (not VET industry specific) and endorsedprograms that may contribute to achievement of the WACE. In summary, students can gain unitequivalence of up to four Year 11 units and four Year 12 units on the basis of completed VETqualifications and endorsed programs but a maximum of four units from endorsed programs.9


Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022School Assessment(This section is relevant to all students.)Grades and school marksTo be assigned a grade in a WACE unit pair, you must have had the opportunity to complete yourschool’s education and assessment programs for the unit, unless there are exceptional circumstancesthat are acceptable to the school.Teachers of Year 11 and Year 12 students submit results to the Authority at the end of the schoolyear based on assessments such as classroom tests, in-class work, assignments, practical work andexaminations.You will receive a grade A, B, C, D or E for each unit pair you have completed. The notation of ‘U’ canbe used for non-final year students who, for reasons acceptable to the school, do not complete theassessment program. Only students who will be returning the following year to complete theassessment program can be awarded a ‘U’ notation.You will also receive a school mark in the range 0 to 100 for each unit pair of an ATAR orGeneral course you complete.In Year 11 there may be occasions when you need to change your course enrolment at thecompletion of Semester 1 (e.g. you may nominate to transfer from an ATAR course to a Generalcourse). Only in these cases will you receive a grade and mark for each individual unit you havecompleted.You will receive a ‘completed’ status instead of a grade for VETis course unit pairs. The notation‘completed’ counts the same as a C grade. If you do not complete the requirements of a VETis courseyou will be awarded a ‘U’ notation (see above) and WACE credit may contribute as VET unitequivalence, depending on how much of the course you have finished.Endorsed programs are not comprised of units, but a completed endorsed program is allocated one,two, three or four unit equivalents.Adjustment of grades and school marksDuring the school year, the Authority uses several procedures to ensure that the grades awarded bydifferent schools are comparable. Grades assigned by your school are based on the Authority’s gradedescriptions for each course. The grades you receive from your school are provisional until confirmedby the Authority. Your school is required to advise you in writing if any changes are made to yourprovisional grades during the approval process. However, the Authority adjusts the grades assignedby a school only in exceptional circumstances.Externally set tasks (EST)An EST is a common task that all students enrolled in a General course will do in Semester 1 of Year12. The task is set by the Authority, completed by students under test conditions, and is worth 15 percent of the final mark for that pair of units. ESTs are marked by your teacher using a marking keyprovided by the Authority.11

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022Authenticity of workIt is imperative that all work you submit for school assessment is your own. Any material that isincluded in your work that is not your own must be acknowledged appropriately.Your school’s assessment policy will outline the penalties for submitting another’s work as your own.Work which could not be considered your own could include, but is not limited to: copying someone’s work in part or in whole, and presenting it as your own buying, stealing or borrowing another person’s work and presenting it as your own paying someone to write or prepare work submitting work to which another person (such as a parent, tutor or subject expert) hascontributed substantially using material directly from sources such as books, journals or the internet without reference tothe source building on the ideas of another person without reference to the source using the words, ideas, designs or the workmanship of others in practical tasks (performance,production or portfolio) without appropriate acknowledgement using non-approved materials and/or equipment during an assessment task or examination assisting another student to engage in an activity that will enable that student to have an unfairadvantage over other students.All the work you submit as part of the WACE practical component (ATAR and General Units3 and 4) must also be your own work. Any material included in your work that is not your own mustbe acknowledged appropriately.Review of school assessmentsSchools must inform students in writing of their grades by a date specified annually by the Authority(usually in late October).If you believe that your grade and/or school mark is incorrect, you should make a request in writingto your school for a review of the result.The Busselton Senior High School Assessment Policy reflects the principles of the School Curriculumand Standards Authority policy.VVE12

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022ATAR Examinations(This section is relevant to students who intend to enrol in ATAR Units 3 and 4.)ATAR examinationsThe Authority sets, administers and marks ATAR examinations for ATAR Units 3 and 4 in all courses.Each ATAR examination assesses the specific content, understandings, knowledge and skillsdescribed in the syllabus for the pair of units studied. Each syllabus is available on the relevantcourse page of the Authority website at Secondary/Courses/WACE Courses.All ATAR examinations have written papers and some also include practical, oral, performance orportfolio examinations. The practical ATAR examinations are held in the first week of the Term 3school holidays, on weekends and the Queen’s Birthday public holiday and during the second andthird weeks of Term 4. Written examinations will start on the first Monday in November.ATAR examinations provide students and the wider community with confidence about the standardsachieved at the end of Year 12. They also make it possible to compare the achievement of students,regardless of the school attended.Enrolling in examinationsWhen you enrol in a Year 12 ATAR course, you will be automatically enrolled to sit the ATARexamination in that course.If you are applying for university admission, you should check that your course selections meet theentry requirements. University admission information is available on the TISC website examination arrangementsSpecial arrangements may be made if you have permanent or temporary disabilities that maydisadvantage you in an examination situation. If your disability prevents you having reasonableaccess to an examination, your school must submit an application on your behalf. Information abouthow to do this will be made available to your school at the start of Year 12.13

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022CertificationFolio of AchievementAt the end of senior secondary schooling, all students who have satisfactorily completed any WACEcourse unit, VET certificate or endorsed program will receive a folio of achievement. This folio mayinclude one or more of the following: WACE WASSA ATAR course report Award certificates achieved.The WACE indicates that you have satisfied therequirements for WACE achievement (see page 4).Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement(WASSA)A statement of student achievement is issued to all Year12 students at the completion of their secondaryschooling. The statement of student achievement formallyrecords, as relevant: achievement of WACE requirements achievement of literacy (reading and writing) standard achievement of numeracy standard achievement of exhibitions and awards school grades, school marks, and combined scores inATAR units* school grades and school marks in General andFoundation units* completed Preliminary units completed VET industry specific units successfully completed VET qualifications and VET unitsof competency completed endorsed programs number of community service hours undertaken (ifreported by the school).ATAR Course ReportAn ATAR course report is issued to students (excluding private candidates**) who sit an ATAR courseexamination in that course. The ATAR course report records: school marks moderated school marks examination marks combined score state-wide distribution of combined scores in that course the number of candidates for that examination.The ATAR course report shows how the student performed relative to all other students whocompleted the course (represented by a location on a graph).14

Busselton Senior High SchoolYear 11 Curriculum Handbook 2022Exhibitions and Awards(This section is relevant to all students who will achieve a WACE. It provides information about theexhibitions and awards granted by the Authority, which recognise individual excellence at the end ofYears 11 and 12.)Your achievements in Year 11 and Year 12 will be used to determine if you are granted an award bythe Authority. Full details regarding exhibitions and awards are available on the Authority website Secondary/Exhibitions and Awards.Eligibility for exhibitions and awardsTo achieve a Beazley medal: WACE, a Beazley medal: VET, a general exhibition, a general exhibition(ATSI), a course exhibition, a VET exhibition, a certificate of excellence, a certificate of distinction or acertificate of merit, a student must: be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia have been enrolled as a full-time student1 in a registered secondary school have satisfied the requirements for a WACE at the time of the determination of theaward/exhibition (except for course exhibitions and certificates of excellence).Special general awards, special course awards, special VET awards, and special certificates ofexcellence may be awarded to students who do not meet the general eligibility criteria.Peak awardsBeazley medal: WACEThe Beazley medal: WACE is awarded for excellence to the eligible student who achieves the topWACE award score which is used to rank students for general exhibitions (see below).Beazley medal: VETThe Beazley medal: VET is awarded to the eligible student who has demonstrated the mostoutstanding performance in a VET Certificate II or higher and in their other WACE achievements.Awards for outstanding achievementGeneral exhibitionsForty awards, known as general exhibitions, are awarded to eligible students who obtain the highestWACE award score. The WACE award score is based on the average of five scaled examination scoresin ATAR courses, calculated to two decimal places, with at least two from each of List A and List B.General exhibition (ATSI)One award, known as the general exhibition (ATSI), may be awarded to the Aboriginal andTorres Strait Islander student who is eligible and achieves the highest WACE award score.To be eligible for this award, the student mu

or four units. Unit 1 and Unit 2 can be studied as a pair, Unit 3 and Unit 4 must be studied as a pair. Unlike other WACE courses, VETis course units are paired in both the Year 11 (Unit 1 and Unit 2) and the Year 12 (Unit 3