DESERT COMMUNITY ENERGY BOARDMEETING AGENDAFriday, May 22, 202011:00 AMCoachella Valley Association of Governments73-710 Fred Waring DrivePalm Desert, CA 92260760-346-1127Pursuant to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-29-20(March 18, 2020), the Desert Community Energy meeting willonly be conducted via video/teleconferencing.Join Zoom Meeting YWIrWUt0SFRCaGNDMmhZZDVpMGFPZz09Dial in: 1 (669) 900-9128 USMeeting ID: 828 0226 2602Password: 290982One tap mobile 16699009128,,82802262602# USMembers of the public are encouraged to submit comment in connectionwith the Desert Community Energy meeting, by email to: [email protected] 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to the committee meeting. Commentsintended to be read aloud into the record, should be no more than 300characters in length.THIS MEETING IS HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE.ACTION MAY RESULT ON ANY ITEMS ON THIS AGENDA.

1.CALL TO ORDER2.ROLL CALLA. Member Roster3.P4PUBLIC COMMENTS ON AGENDA ITEMSAny person wishing to address the Desert Community Energy Board on itemsappearing on this agenda may do so at this time. Please limit comments to 3 minutes.At the discretion of the chair, additional public comment time and/or opportunitiesduring the meeting may be granted.4.BOARD MEMBER / DIRECTOR COMMENTS5.CONSENT CALENDARA. Approve Minutes from Board Meeting of April 20, 2020P5B. Approve Task Order 4 with The Energy Authority for Preparation of theDesert Community Energy 2020 Integrated Resource Plan – Katie BarrowsP8Recommendation: Authorize the Executive Director or Chair to sign Task Order4 with The Energy Authority for Preparation of the 2020 Integrated Resource Plan,for an amount not to exceed 50,000.6.DISCUSSION / ACTIONA. DCE Program Launch and Activities Update – Katie BarrowsP15Recommendation: Information only.B. Update Selected 100% Carbon Free Generation Rates for Desert Community P20Energy – Jeff Fuller, The Energy AuthorityRecommendation: Adopt Resolution 2020-04 approving an updated DesertCommunity Energy retail generation rate schedule for selected 100% Carbon Freerates, effective April 13, 2020.C. Desert Community Energy Long Term Renewable Request for Offers – JaclynHarr, The Energy AuthorityP31Recommendation: Approve the release of DCE's 2020 Long Term RenewableRequest for Offers (RFO) and authorize the Executive Director to make nonsubstantive changes to the RFO in consultation with legal counsel and modify theschedule as necessary.D. Desert Community Energy Fiscal Year 2020/2021 Budget Review – Don DameRecommendation: Review Desert Community Energy Fiscal Year 2020/2021Proposed Budget.P65

7.INFORMATIONA. Attendance RecordB. Utility Discount (CARE/FERA) Program UpdateC. Unaudited Financial ReportD. Expenditures Reimbursed to CVAG for period ending June 30, 20198.PUBLIC COMMENTS ON NON-AGENDA ITEMSAny person wishing to address the Board on items not appearing on this agenda maydo so at this time. Please limit comments to 2 minutes. At the discretion of the chair,additional public comment time and/or opportunities during the meeting may be granted.9.ANNOUNCEMENTSNext DCE Board Meeting: The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for June15, 2020 at 2:30 p.m.10. ADJOURNP73P74P76P79

ITEM 2ACity of Cathedral CityCity of Palm DesertCity of Palm SpringsVOTING MEMBERSMayor John Aguilar, Vice ChairAlternate: Mayor Pro Tem Raymond GregoryCouncilmember Sabby JonathanAlternate: Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen KellyMayor Geoff Kors, ChairAlternate: Councilmember Lisa MiddletonNON-VOTING MEMBERCity of Desert Hot SpringsVacantSTAFFTom Kirk, Executive DirectorKatie Barrows, Director of Energy & Environmental ResourcesBenjamin Druyon, Management Analyst

ITEM 5A1.CALL TO ORDERThe meeting of the DCE Board was called to order by Chair Geoff Kors at 2:35pm via Zoommeeting.2.ROLL CALLRoll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum was present.Members PresentCouncilmember Sabby JonathanMayor Geoff KorsMayor John AguilarAgencyCity of Palm DesertCity of Palm SpringsCity of Cathedral CityDCE Staff & ConsultantsTom KirkKatie BarrowsBenjamin DruyonJoanna StueckleLibby CarlsonErica FelciBrian RixJeff FullerBurkeRixThe Energy AuthorityOthers Present:Charlie McClendonDavid FreedmanCity of Cathedral CityCommunity Advisory Committee Chair3.PUBLIC COMMENTS ON AGENDA ITEMS – There were no public comments made.4.BOARD MEMBER / DIRECTOR COMMENTS – Tom Kirk provided suggestions on usingZoom.5.CONSENT CALENDARA. Approve Minutes from Board Meetings of February 11th, 2020.

IT WAS MOVED BY BOARD MEMBER SABBY JONATHAN AND SECONDED BYCHAIR KORS TO APPROVE THE BOARD MEETING MINUTES OF JANUARY 13TH,2020 AFTER AMENDING TO REFLECT MAYOR AGUILAR WAS NOT PRESENTBUT COUNCILMEMBER RAYMOND GREGORY WAS PRESENT FOR CATHEDRALCITY REPRESENTATION.THE MOTION CARRIED WITH 3 AYES.Vice Chair AguilarBoard member JonathanChair KorsAyeAyeAyeB. CalEnviroscreen’s Negative Impact on Eligibility for Rooftop Solar Program.IT WAS MOVED BY VICE CHAIR AGUILAR AND SECONDED BY BOARD MEMBERJONATHAN TO AUTHORIZE THE DCE CHAIR AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TOADVOCATE FOR CHANGES IN CALIFORNIA’S DISADVANTAGED COMMUNITIESSINGLE-FAMILY SOLAR HOMES (DAC-SASH) PROGRAM, AND ANY SIMILARROOFTOP PROGRAMS, TO ENSURE ELIGIBILITY AND FAIRNESS FOR DCECUSTOMERS.THE MOTION CARRIED WITH 3 AYES.Vice Chair AguilarBoard member JonathanChair Kors6.AyeAyeAyeDISCUSSION / ACTIONA. Audited Financial Report, Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) 114 Letter andReport on Internal Controls for Fiscal Year 2018/2019 – Gary LeongGary Leong introduced the auditor from Lance, Soll & Lunghard, LLP who went over theresults of the DCE audit. The auditor reported DCE received an “unmodified opinion”and had no findings or recommendations to report.IT WAS MOVED BY VICE CHAIR AGUILAR AND SECONDED BY BOARD MEMBERJONATHAN TO RECEIVE AND FILE THE REPORTS FOR FISCAL YEAR 2018/19.THE MOTION CARRIED WITH 3 AYES.Vice Chair AguilarBoard member JonathanChair KorsAyeAyeAyeB. DCE Program Launch and Activities Update– Katie BarrowsKatie provided updates on Palm Springs successful launch and the effect COVID-19 hashad. Mayor Aguilar reported on Cathedral City’s City Council action to withdraw fromDCE. Cathedral City will stay with DCE until official term end in July of 2021, allowingthem to continue participating in the CARE/FERA Enhanced Enrollment (Utility Discount)program. Board member Jonathan reported on the City of Palm Desert’s City Councilactions to stay with DCE and consider launching municipal accounts in the future. ChairKors reported on Palm Springs messaging and communications and thanked DCE stafffor continued efforts.THIS ITEM WAS INFORMATIONAL ONLY.Desert Community Energy Board of DirectorsMeeting Minutes – February 11, 2020

C. Update Selected Generation Rates for Desert Community Energy with an effectivedate of April 1, 2020 for Calendar Year 2020 – Jeff FullerJeff Fuller (The Energy Authority (TEA)) reported on current DCE rates, SCE rates,recommended changes, and mislabeled items in the rate schedule which werecorrected.IT WAS MOVED BY BOARD MEMBER JONATHAN AND SECONDED BY VICECHAIR AGUILAR TO ADOPT RESOLUTION NO. 2020-03 ADOPTING AN UPDATEDDESERT COMMUNITY ENERGY GENERATION RATE SCHEDULE ANDRESCINDING RESOLUTION NO. 2020-02.THE MOTION CARRIED WITH 3 AYES.Vice Chair AguilarBoard member JonathanChair KorsAyeAyeAye7. INFORMATIONA. Attendance RecordB. CARE / FERA Utility Discount ProgramC. Financial ReportD. DCE Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Information8. PUBLIC COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEMSThere were no public comments.9. ANNOUNCEMENTSNext DCE Board meeting will be May 18th, 2020 at 2:30pm via Zoom.10. ADJOURNThe meeting was adjourned at 3:10pm.Respectfully submitted,Benjamin DruyonDesert Community Energy Board of DirectorsMeeting Minutes – February 11, 2020

Item 5BStaff ReportSubject:Approve Task Order 4 with The Energy Authority for Preparation of the DesertCommunity Energy 2020 Integrated Resource PlanContact:Katie Barrows, Director of Energy & Environmental Resources ([email protected])Recommendation: Authorize the Executive Director or Chair to sign Task Order 4 with TheEnergy Authority for Preparation of the 2020 Integrated Resource Plan, for an amount not toexceed 50,000.Background: One of the requirements for Community Choice Aggregation programs is to submitan Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The firstDCE Integrated Resource Plan was approved by the Board and submitted in August 2018. Thisplan provides guidance for serving the electric needs of the residents and businesses in DesertCommunity Energy’s territory, while meeting policy objectives and regulatory requirements. Afocus of the IRP is to ensure that DCE is providing enough energy to serve DCE’s load and toquantify greenhouse gas emissions reduction objectives. As part of the agreement between DCEand The Energy Authority, Task Order 4 provides for the preparation of the IRP, through a contractbetween TEA and MRW & Associates, LLC. MRW prepared the 2018 DCE Integrated ResourcePlan which was well received by the CPUC and held up as an example for other CCAs.The IRP addresses DCE’s existing and planned supply commitments to fulfill regulatory mandatesand voluntary procurement targets related to renewable, greenhouse gas-free (carbon-free) andconventional (non-renewable) energy.The IRP has four primary purposes:1. Document current procurement status for our first year of operations;2. Quantify resource needs;3. Articulate relevant energy procurement policies;4. Communicate DCE’s resource planning policies, objectives and planning framework to thepublic and key stakeholder groupsThis IRP addresses how DCE will meet the following targets by managing a portfolio of energyand capacity resources to: Meet California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements of 35% of retailelectricity sales to come from renewable energy sources in 2021. This percentageincreases to 50% by 2030. Provide the necessary capacity reserves to meet California’s Resource Adequacy (RA)regulatory requirements for load-serving entities. Maintain a minimum carbon-free energy content of 100% carbon-free for its Carbon Freeproduct, while working towards a goal of increasing DCE’s renewable and carbon-freecontent.The request is for the Board to authorize the Executive Director to execute Task Order 4 with TEAto allow preparation of the Integrated Resource Plan. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic

the deadline for submittal of the IRP has been extended from July to September 1, 2020. The IRPwill be presented to the Board prior to the September 1 deadline for your review and approval.Fiscal Impact: The policies set forth in the Integrated Resource Plan will direct DCE’s energyprocurement activities. DCE will procure resources per this plan and DCE’s adopted yearlybudget.Attachments:1. TEA Task Order 4 for IRP Services

TEA Task Order 4 forIRP ServicesTEA and DCE agree that the following terms and conditions constitute Task Order 4 for IRPServices (“Task Order 4”).Section 1.Scope of Services.Subject to the terms and conditions of the RMA, during the Term, TEA, via its sub-contractor,MRW & Associates, LLC (“MRW”) shall provide to DCE certain services, as more particularly describedin this Task Order 4.Section 2.Description of Integrated Resource Planning Services.During the Term of this Task Order 4 (as defined in Section 7.1), TEA, through MRW, shallprovide the following Services.Integrated Resource Plan MRW will develop an integrated resource plan (“IRP”) to plan DCE’s projected loads and identifya least-cost plan to meet those loads. MRW will first develop a load forecast of DCE’s load thatextends to a 10-year study period. Included in this load forecast will be an analysis of the impactsof demand-side resource management including energy efficiency, distributed generation, anddemand response.To estimate the best resource mix for DCE, MRW will collect economic data from a variety ofsources for conventional, wind and utility scale renewable resources. MRW will include localresource options that DCE may wish to consider and/or acquire. Utilizing a levelized lifecycle costof energy methodology, MRW will aggregate resource, regulatory, and market assumptions tomodel projected DCE resource costs.MRW will also consider future market, political, and regulatory uncertainties, such as carbonpricing and amended state renewable portfolio standards that may affect resource planningdecisions. MRW will project resource costs under a variety of market environments that simulatehigh, medium, and low annual hydro production, fuel and power prices, and market heat rates.Based on the above analysis MRW will present resource options that include costs and a discussionof the relative risk of each resource mix.Based on the above analysis, MRW will project portfolio options for DCE that include cost and adiscussion of the relative risk of each respective option. MRW will work with DCE to recommendportfolios that strive to achieve minimal levels of risk relative to cost, consistent with DCE’srenewable and GHG goals.IRP Rulemaking ProcessPursuant to Senate Bill 350 the CPUC established a new Rulemaking (R.16-02-007) addressingthe Integrated Resource Planning requirements of the statute.The “IRP” developed under this process may differ from a conventional utility IRP planningdocument. The IRP plans prepared for DCE will meet CPUC requirements, as well as provide aplanning document and guide for DCE to follow.The current proposed schedule requires DCE to submit its second IRP by July 1, 2020.Deliverables and Estimated ScheduleOutlined below is a description of deliverables associated with developing an IRP for DCE andthe estimated schedule for completing this work based on currently available draft requirements.Because Rulemaking (R.16-02-007) is ongoing, adjustments may be needed to comply with the finalIRP requirements established by the CPUC. The DCE IRP will incorporate the adjustmentsnecessary to comply with the Proposed Decision issued by the CPUC on February 21, 2020.

The IRP deliverable will be structured to meet the requirements established by the CPUC;however, incremental planning and analysis above what is required by the CPUC will be deferred andincorporated in subsequent updates of the IRP. TEA and MRW will work with DCE to appropriatelyscale the activities described below to meet this objective.1. Kickoff meeting.MRW Staff will attend a meeting with appropriate TEA and DCE staff to map out themanagement and responsibility paths and refine the scope and schedule for the IRPs, upon a scheduleto be mutually determined by the Parties.2. Data Review.MRW will work with TEA and DCE to gather data concerning potential resources to include inthe IRP, including, but not limited to: forecast load; potential DCE-supported feed in tariffs for smallrenewables; compensation and incentivization of net-energy-metered resources; incentivization ofbattery storage; locally-sited renewable resources; remote renewable resources, fossil and other nonRPS compliant resources; and other demand-side resources. Based on the cost and characteristics ofthe various resources, MRW will create a matrix of possible resources to be used in the IRP.Estimated Completion Date: 4 weeks after kickoff meeting.3. Draft of IRP for Review.Based on the potential resources identified in Task 2, and in conjunction with TEA and DCEstaff, MRW will draft an IRP. This draft will be reviewed by TEA and DCE staff and management.Estimated Date: 4 to 8 weeks from the completion of Task 2.4. Working IRP for Planning.Based on the feedback from TEA and DCE, MRW will produce a “Working IRP” to serve as aguide for DCE’s procurement activities.Estimated Date: 2 weeks from the receipt of TEA/DCE feedback in prior task.5. Monitoring of IRP Proceedings at the CPUC.MRW will monitor the ongoing IRP proceedings at the CPUC. MRW will provide periodicupdates to TEA and DCE as to proceeding status and what the CPUC will be expecting/requiring withrespect to the required IRP submissions.Ongoing from kickoff meeting.6. Draft IRP for CPUC Submission.Based on the Working IRP and the requirements set by the CPUC, MRW will prepare the formalIRP for submission to the CPUC. The draft IRP will need to be completed prior to the July or August2020 DCE Board meeting so it can be reviewed at a public meeting.Estimated Date: September 1, 2020.Section 3.Compensation for Services Provided in Task Order 4.For each IRP completed, DCE shall pay TEA the following amounts as fees for the Servicesprovided under Task Order 4:Professional fees for this Task Order 4 are estimated to total 50,000 (the “MRW Service Fees”),plus reasonable travel expenses, which will be billed on an hourly basis at the MRW professional ratesand itemized on a monthly invoice as such Services are performed. TEA will provide DCE with anupdated MRW Service Fee estimate as final IRP requirements are established through Rulemaking (R.1602-007). TEA shall provide DCE such itemized invoices which reflect the amount and description of feesand expenses for Services performed. The MRW hourly rates for 2020 are as follows: 299 forprincipals, 297 for senior project managers, 224 for senior associates, and 155 for associates.Section 4.Pricing Assumptions.The MRW Service Fees defined in Section 3 of Task Order 4 include only the services and itemsexpressly set forth in this Task Order 4. Unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties in an amendment to theAgreement or this Task Order 4, the cost of any additional deliverables provided by MRW for DCE shallbe billed at the MRW hourly rates, plus any out-of-pocket costs incurred by MRW (without mark-up),provided, however, that such additional deliverables must be authorized in writing by DCE.

Section 5.Definitions.Capitalized terms found in this Task Order 4 and not defined herein, shall have the meaningsassigned to such terms in the RMA.Section 6.Notices Related to Task Order 4.All notice and other communications required under this Task Order 4 shall be in writing andmay be delivered by hand delivery, United States mail, overnight courier service, facsimile, or email andshall be deemed to have been duly given (i) on the date of service, if served personally on the person towhom notice is to be given, (ii) on the date of service if sent by facsimile or email, provided the originalis concurrently sent by first class mail, registered or certified, postage-prepaid, and provided that noticesreceived by facsimile or email after 5:00 p.m. shall be deemed given on the next business day, (iii) on thenext business day after deposit with a recognized overnight delivery service that renders a receipt ondelivery (e.g. UPS, FedEx), (iv) on the third (3rd) day after mailing, if mailed to the party to whom noticeis to be given by first class mail, registered or certified, postage-prepaid, and properly addressed asfollows:If to DCE:Desert Community Energy73710 Fred Waring Drive, Suite 200Palm Desert, California 92260Attn: Tom Kirk, Executive DirectorE-mail: [email protected] to TEA:The Energy Authority, Inc.301 West Bay Street, Suite 2600Jacksonville, Florida 32202Attn: Daren L. AndersonE-Mail: [email protected] 7.Term and Termination of Task Order 4.Section 7.1Term of Task Order 4.This Task Order 4 shall become effective and Services provided under this Task Order 4 shallcommence on the Effective Date of the Agreement and shall continue until terminated as provided inSection 7.2.Section 7.2Termination.Either Party may terminate this Task Order 4 by providing at least thirty (30) days advancewritten notice of termination to the other Party. If this Task Order 4 is terminated under this Section, orterminated by mutual agreement of the Parties, DCE shall only be liable to TEA for the payment of anyportion of the MRW Service Fees then due and owing TEA under this Task Order 4. Upon such payment,all other obligations of TEA shall be discharged and of no force or effect.Section 7.3Consistency with RMA.The term of Task Order 4 shall not exceed the termination or expiration of the RMA.Section 8.Controlling Terms and Conditions.The provisions of this Task Order 4 are subject to the terms and conditions of the RMA betweenthe Parties. If any provisions of this Task Order 4 conflict with any provisions in the RMA, the provisionsof the RMA shall take precedence.Section 9.Expenses and Reimbursement.Reasonable, actual out-of-pocket expenses for travel and participation in on-site meetings,authorized by DCE, will be reimbursed in addition to the compensation outlined in this Task Order 4.Travel costs such as airfare, hotel, ground transportation, per diem or meals (hereinafter, “Expenses”) willbe billed in the amount incurred by MRW for actual out-of-pocket cost, without any additional mark-up.Any Expenses incurred shall be billed for the month in which the Expenses are incurred. Air travel will be

purchased at coach class fares, with advance purchase discounted tickets used when scheduling permits.Expense reports detailing all Expenses, along with receipts, will be presented to DCE for reimbursement.Section 10.Billing and Payments Information.Section 10.1Billing and Payments.TEA will bill DCE on a monthly basis for the amount of compensation owed pursuant to Section 3of this Task Order 4, plus Expenses, if any. DCE shall pay each invoice for compensation related toServices under this Task Order 4 the later of thirty (30) days after receiving the invoice from TEA or thefirst business day of the following month. DCE will send payment as designated in Section 10.2, or asotherwise designated by TEA. For the first month of operations, and until funds are first received by DCEfrom SCE into the Lock Box Account, then TEA shall give DCE a grace period of an additional thirty (30)days for the payment of compensation by DCE. Billable hourly fees, if any, will be tracked and itemizedfor each month in which Services are performed under Task Order 4.Section 10.2Payment Information.Unless otherwise provided by TEA, DCE will send payment either via electronic funds transfer toTEA’s bank account or via U.S. mail to:The Energy Authority, Inc.301 W. Bay Street, Suite 2600Jacksonville, Florida 32202Attention: Lisa Bailey, AccountingThe Parties agree to cooperate to develop and supplement the procedures related to billing andpayments for the orderly implementation of Sections 3 and 10 herein; provided, however, that nothingherein shall require either Party to agree to an amendment to the terms of those sections.Section 10.3DCE Failure to Pay.DCE’s failure to make timely payments to TEA or fund amounts required in this Task Order 4 shallbe considered a breach. In the event such breach is not cured within three (3) days following written noticeby TEA, then DCE shall be in default (an “Event of Default”). Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default,TEA may, without waiving any other remedies:(a) Apply any revenues or payments received by TEA for the benefit of DCE from any third party,if any, towards the outstanding amount owed to TEA;(b) Apply any monies from security, including the Reserve Account or Lock Box Account, postedby DCE, towards the outstanding amount owed to TEA;(c) Defer collection or provide an extension of outstanding amounts owed to TEA; and/or(d) Terminate this Task Order 4 and all services provided for herein pursuant to the processoutlined in RMA Section 25.2.Section 10.4Late Payments.Any payment that is not received by TEA under this Task Order 4, on or before the date required,shall incur a late fee, which shall be calculated by multiplying the total undisputed outstanding balance bythe lesser of (i) the Interest Rate (as described in RMA Section 11.2), or (ii) the maximum rate allowableby state law (the “Late Fee”) for the number of days which the balance remains outstanding.

Section 11.Functions Performed by DCE.Unless otherwise mutually agreed to by the Parties, activities not expressly provided for hereinare considered not within the scope of services for Task Order 4 and shall be performed by DCE or otherthird party, unless otherwise addressed in a separate Task Order.Section 12.Amendment.This Task Order 4 may only be amended by an instrument in writing signed by each Party’sauthorized representative.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have caused this Task Order 4 to be executed intheir respective names by their respective duly authorized representatives as of the date written in the firstparagraph of this Task Order 4.DESERT COMMUNITY ENERGYTHE ENERGY AUTHORITY, INC.By:By:Name: Tom KirkName: Joanie C. TeofiloIts:Its:Executive DirectorDate:ATTEST:By:Name:Its:Date:President and CEODate:

Item 6AStaff ReportSubject:DCE Program Launch and Activities UpdatesContact:Katie Barrows, Director of Energy & Environmental Resources([email protected])Recommendation: Information Only.Palm Springs Launch: The April 2020 enrollment of customers in Palm Springs has gonesmoothly. The four notices that are required to be mailed out to Palm Springs customers 60 daysbefore the April 1 launch date and 60 days after the launch date have all been mailed. The firstpre-enrollment notices were mailed out on February 18th/20th and the second notices were mailedout March 2nd/4th. The first post-enrollment notice went out the week of April 13 and the final noticewent out starting May 4. An example of the first customer notice is attached. All customer noticesthat have been mailed to date are available on the DCE website /. The Spanish version of all notices are alsoposted on the website.As noted in April, a special notice was sent out by the City of Palm Springs during the first weekof April. Given the impacts of COVID-19, this mailer responded to questions about DCE, andemphasized the option to choose Desert Saver and save over SCE’s base rate. This notice alsoincluded a reminder about the CARE/FERA program for eligible customers.Staff continues to work closely with Southern California Edison (SCE) and our consultants toensure all milestones are met. Our data management/customer service team from Calpine isworking with SCE to ensure that all enrollments are correct. There is also ongoing monitoring ofthe SCE billing to ensure that all DCE customers are billed correctly and that any errors arecorrected promptly.COVID 19 and DCE: As described in the April meeting update, the DCE team continues tomonitor, evaluate and plan for both short-term and long-term impacts from COVID-19. In the shortterm, California’s shelter-in-place requirements has led to decreased weekday demand andweekend demand for electricity across the state. DCE’s scheduled load in the California energymarket has been adjusted by TEA to match this change in customer behavior based on the bestdata available for the evolving situation. The staff report for item 6D on the DCE budget notes thatthe reduction in load during California’s continuing shelter-in-place requirement will affect DCE’srevenues as well as its costs. An additional consideration that DCE staff is monitoring closely isrevenue loss due to possible increases in customer non-payments. SCE has held severalconference calls with DCE and other CCAs to discuss the impacts of suspending servicedisconnections for nonpayment and waiving late fees. These discussions include explanations onhow revenues will be distributed when not all customers are able to pay their bills. DCE staff andour consultant team continues to monitor and plan for these changes as more data becomesavailable. Staff will continue to provide updates and identify potential future actions as thesituation evolves and our understanding of impacts develops.

Business Customers & Key Stakeholders: The outreach team is following up with largecommercial customers to provide analysis of the bill savings they would see with Desert Saverupon request, answering their questions, and offering assistance as needed. With the economicimpacts resulting from COVID-19, this effort has expanded to all businesses. A mailer specificallydesigned for businesses was mailed out on April 13. This mailer focuses on the option to opt downto the Desert Saver plan, which gives them a discount compared to the base rate they are payingSCE now. The mailer includes instructions on how to opt down by phone or online. It also refersto the bill relief program that SCE has implemented and provides a link to other resources thatcan help businesses in these challenging times.Community Outreach: Outreach efforts continue to focus on social media, phone calls, andemail notices to key stakeholders. The customer service center noted an increase in the callsfrom customers asking questions; this is a positive way that we can ensure customers get theinformation they need. Ongoing DCE outreach activities continue to include targeted social media,SunLine bus shelter ads, ads on Spanish-speaking radio, and videos in both English and Spanish.Our outreach team maintains an active presence on social media and is monitoring commentsfrom the public. Regular posts on Facebook and other social media include responses toquestions, reminders about the lower cost Desert Saver plan, and benefits of Community ChoiceEnergy. Activities of the Community Advisory Committee and Palm Springs Working Group aredescribed in item 7B.Opt-down and Opt-out Status: The following table shows the statistics for calls to the DCEcustomer service center and opt-out and opt-down rates as of May 10, 2020. There have been2,228 total opt-outs or 5.49% of total eligible customers. As of May 10, 1,470 customers haveopted down to Desert Saver, or 3.62% to date. Calpine has indicated that the typical pattern forCCAs is that the highest volume of opt outs are seen within the first 60 days prior to launch. The“Weekly Opt-Outs” row in the table shows this pattern with declining o

May 18, 2020 · Meeting ID: 828 0226 2602 Password: 290982 One tap mobile 16699009128,,82802262602# US Members of the public are encouraged to submit comment in connection with the Desert Community Energy meeting, by email to: [email protected] by 5:00 p.m. on the day