Operator’s ManualCompuCarve SystemModel Number: 133.217540Manual Revision 1.38This manual is revised regularly. Please to download the latestversion of this manual.CAUTION: Read and follow all Safety Rules andOperating Instructions before using this product.Please keep the box and packaging foam from theCompuCarve machine. This box will be used forshipping in the event that the unit needs servicing.Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179For technical or software supportplease call 713-473-6572 MaintenanceTipsTroubleshooting

Limited Warranty StatementSears, Roebuck and Co (“Sears”) warrants this product against defects inmaterial or workmanship for the time period of one year from the original date ofpurchase or 200 hours of use whichever comes first. Pursuant to this LimitedWarranty, Sears will, at its option, (i) repair the product using new or refurbishedparts; or, (ii) replace the product with a new or refurbished product. For purposesof this Limited Warranty, “refurbished” means a product or part that has beenreturned to its original specifications. In the event of a defect, these are yourexclusive remedies.This warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is not transferable. TheCompuCarve is warranted for use in the United States only.This warranty does not apply to any refurbished, reconditioned orremanufactured machines. Nor does it apply to any machines that have been repackaged or re-sold in any manner.RESPONSIBILITY OF ORIGINAL PURCHASER:Retain original cash register sales receipt or receipt from Sears, Roebuck and Coas proof of purchase for warranty work.Use reasonable care in the operation and maintenance of the product asdescribed on the Owners Manual(s).Deliver or ship the product to the directed service entity according to the shippingand packing instructions that will be provided upon calling the service line.Freight costs, if any, must be paid by the purchaser. Product should be shippedin its original packaging or in approved packing material (which can be obtainedfrom the service entity if needed. Any damage caused by improper packagingshall be the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipping damage is not covered bythe warranty. It is strongly recommended that customers obtain adequateinsurance on any shipments.This product must be registered with before obtaining any warranty service.This product is for personal home use only. Any commercial or industrial usevoids the warranty.THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER:Merchandise sold as reconditioned, used, rental equipment, and floor and displaymodels.Merchandise that has become damaged or inoperative because of ordinary wear,misuse, cold, heat, rain, excessive humidity, wetness, freeze damage, use ofimproper chemicals, negligence, accident, failure to operate the product inaccordance with the instructions provided in the Owners Manual(s) supplied withthe product, improper maintenance, commercial use, acts of God, limitations oftechnology, the use of accessories or attachments not specified by themanufacturer, or unauthorized repairs, modifications or alterations.Sears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/101

Repair and transportation costs of merchandise determined not to be defective.Costs associated with assembly, required cleaning and maintenance,adjustments or other installation and start up costs.Expendable parts or accessories supplied with the product which are expected tobecome inoperative or unusable after a reasonable period of use including butnot limited to flex shafts, cutting/router bits, quick-change mechanism, gritsurface drive belts, bit adapters, and lubricants.Using the machine with unapproved bits will void the warranty.Any unauthorized repairs, modifications, or alterations will void the warranty.Warranty is null and void if machine is used to cut metals, stone, or any otherhard material.ANY INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS, DAMAGE, OREXPENSE THAT MAY RESUL FROM ANY DEFECT, FAILURE ORMALFUNCTION OF THE PRODUCT IS NOT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY.Some states do not allow the exclusion of or limitation of incidental orconsequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply toyou.IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY ORFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TOTHE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY. Some states do not allow limitationson how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusion maynot apply to you.OTHER WARRANTY CONDITIONS:This warranty only includes the cost of parts and labor for items covered by thewarranty. The sole liability of Sears, Roebuck and Co with respect to thiswarranty shall be repair and replacement as set forth herein.No claim of breach of warranty shall be cause for cancellation or rescission of thecontract of sale of any CompuCarve machine.This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights,which vary from state to state.Please keep the box and packaging from the CompuCarve machine. This boxwill be used for shipping in the event that the unit needs servicing.For CompuCarve technical support or for CarveWrightDesigner Software support please call:713-473-6572Sears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/102

IntroductionThe CompuCarve System, with its computer-controlled 3D carving andgeneral woodworking capabilities, is a revolutionary breakthrough inbench-top power tool design. This manual will explain the many featuresof the CompuCarve machine to help make creative carving operationspleasant and rewarding.Safety, performance, and dependability have been given top priority in thedesign of the CompuCarve System. Read carefully through this entireoperator's manual before using the new CompuCarve System. Pay closeattention to the Rules for Safe Operation section and Safety AlertSymbols. If the CompuCarve System is used properly and only for whatit is intended, it will provide many hours of safe, reliable service.For access to online information about the CarveWright Design Softwarevisit or CAUTION:Look for this symbol to point out important safety precautions.It means attention -- Personal safety is involved!Look for this symbol to point out helpful information and hintsthat will allow maximum efficiency and enjoyment of theCompuCarve system.Please keep the box and packaging from the CompuCarve machine. Thisbox will be used for shipping in the event that the unit needs servicing.WARNING: Machines not packed in the original packaging aredamaged in shipping most of the time. Customers areresponsible for this damage, which can cost as much as thetotal price of the machine in some cases.Be Sure to Visit These Great Resources to Learn MoreAbout Your CompuCarve Machine and the CarveWrightDesigner Software. The CarveWright Website (’s Forum, Customer Gallery, Tutorials & so much more) Software Tutorials(Step-by-step instructions on how to use the basic software functions) The CarveWright Corner(Free Monthly Newsletter with customer spotlight, product news & contests) Tips & Tricks(Free Monthly Newsletter with expert advice from power users) The Pattern Post(Free Monthly Newsletter featuring new patterns and pattern vendors) CarveWright Training Classes(Check website for next available training class date & location) CarveWright Tradeshows(Check website to see when we are in a city near you)Sears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/103

Table of ContentsLIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT. 1INTRODUCTION. 3TABLE OF CONTENTS . 4SPECIFICATIONS. 5RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION . 6ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS . 9STORING THE MACHINE . 9GLOSSARY. 10UNPACKING THE COMPUCARVE MACHINE . 11ITEMS INCLUDED WITH THE COMPUCARVE SYSTEM . 11HARDWARE FEATURES . 14OPERATION . 17USING THE COMPUCARVE SYSTEM . 17CREATING PROJECTS WITH THE CARVEWRIGHT SOFTWARE . 17NAVIGATING THE MENUS VIA THE KEYPAD AND LCD . 18Keypad Data Entry . 19BUILT-IN FUNCTIONS . 19Rip or Cross Cut . 20Jointing and Squaring . 20Bevel and Miter Cuts . 21Routing an Edge . 21Measuring a Board . 22Configuration Menu Options . 22CARVING A PROJECT . 23Selecting the Material . 23Inserting a Board . 25Workpiece Preparation . 28Jogging the Cutting Truck . 30Auto Jigging Function. 30Workpiece Size Limitations . 31QUICK RELEASE CHUCK . 32Chuck Operation . 33Cocking the Quick Release Chuck . 34Bit Assembly Installation . 35Bit Assembly Removal . 35Chuck Care and Maintenance . 36Chuck Troubleshooting . 38CUTTING BITS . 39Bit Adapter Assembly . 39Proper Bit Installation Into the Bit Adapter . 41CarveWright Approved and Branded Bits . 42CARE AND MAINTENANCE . 43GENERAL TIPS AND HELPFUL REMINDERS . 49TROUBLESHOOTING . 52CHECKING THE MACHINE’S ONBOARD SENSORS . 62REVISION CHANGES . 64Sears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/104

SpecificationsPackage Size .28.5” Long x 20.25” Wide x 18” DeepPackage Weight . .78 lbs (35.4 kg)Machine Weight . .70 lbs (31.8 kg)Cut Motor Speed (No Load) .20,000 rpmCut Motor Horsepower (Peak) 1.0HpElectrical Rating 110VAC at 8 A, 60 HZPower Cord Length .6 feetMaximum Cut Depth . .1” (or length of cutting flutes)Movement Velocity:Length Axis . 2 inches per secondWidth Axis . .12 inches per secondUp/down Axis .12 inches per secondWorkpiece Size (Min):Length .7.0 inchesWidth .1.5 inchesHeight . .0.5 inchesWorkpiece Size (Max):Length . 144 inches (Limited by weight)Width . 14.5 inchesHeight . .5.0 inchesSears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/105

Rules for Safe OperationCAUTION: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructionsbefore using this product.General Safety Rules For Power ToolsALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION. The operationof any power tool can result in foreign objects beingthrown into the eyes, which can result in severe injury.Before beginning tool operation, always wear safetygoggles or safety glasses with side shields and a fullface shield when needed. A Wide Vision Safety Mask isrecommended for use over eyeglasses or standardsafety glasses with side shields. Always wear eyeprotection that is marked to comply with ANSI Z87.1.ALWAYS WEAR EAR PROTECTION. Power toolscan generate high levels of noise that will causepermanent hearing loss. Before beginning tooloperation, always don hearing protection to minimizethe risk of damaging hearing.ALWAYS BE ALERT. Operating electrically poweredmachinery poses a risk of serious physical injury tohands and fingers. Always operate machinery withALL guards in place and in good working order. DONOT attempt to defeat safety guards! KNOW THE POWER TOOL. Read the operator's manual carefully. Learn the machine’sapplications and limitations as well as any specific potential hazards related to this tool. MAINTAIN TOOLS WITH CARE. Keep cutting tools sharp and clean for better and saferperformance. Follow instructions for lubricating and changing accessories. USE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB. Do not force the tool or attachment to do a jobfor which it was not designed. Use it only the way it was intended. DO NOT OVERREACH. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. KEEP WORK AREA CLEAN. Cluttered work areas and workbenches invite accidents.Keep floors clean and free of accumulated dust. DO NOT leave tools or pieces of woodon top of the machine or on support extensions while it is in operation. KEEP WORK AREA WELL LIGHTED. Good lighting promotes safety and good output. DO NOT USE IN DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENT. Do not use power tools near gasolineor other flammable liquids or explosive fumes. Do not use in damp or wet conditions. WEAR A DUST MASK to keep from inhaling fine particles. Use wood dust collectionsystems whenever possible.Sears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/106

NEVER LEAVE A RUNNING TOOL UNATTENDED. Turn the power off and do not leavethe tool until it comes to a complete stop. USE THE PROPER EXTENSION CORD. Make sure the extension cord is in goodcondition. Use only a cord heavy enough to carry the current the product will draw (seeunder Electrical Connections the proper gauges and lengths to use.) DISCONNECT TOOL from the outlet when not in use or before servicing. DRESS PROPERLY. Do not wear loose clothing, gloves, neckties, rings, bracelets, orother jewelry near a running machine. They can get caught and draw the user into movingparts. Wear protective hair covering to contain long hair. Non-slip footwear isrecommended. GUARD AGAINST ELECTRICAL SHOCK by preventing body contact with groundedsurfaces such as pipes, radiators, or appliances while using the tool. GROUND ALL TOOLS. When using an external dust collection system or vacuum makesure to use only grounded equipment to reduce the risk that harmful static electricity willaccumulate due to the air flow. (Also See Electrical Connections) DO NOT ABUSE POWER CORD. Never yank the cord to disconnect it from receptacle.Keep the cord from heat, oil, and sharp edges. Inspect power cords regularly and repairor replace if damaged. PROTECT VISITORS AND CHILDREN. All visitors should wear safety glasses, hearingprotection, and be kept a safe distance from work area. Do not let visitors contact the toolor extension cord while it is operating. MAKE WORKSHOP CHILDPROOF. Use padlocks and master switches, and removeswitch keys AVOID ACCIDENTAL STARTING. Be sure switch is off when plugging in the tool. DO NOT OPERATE ANY POWER TOOL WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS,ALCOHOL, OR ANY MEDICATION AFFECTING ALERTNESS. STAY ALERT AND EXERCISE CONTROL. Stay alert and use common sense. Do notoperate the tool when tired. Do not rush.Specific Safety Rules & Precautions For The CompuCarve.WARNING: Look for this symbol throughout this manual. Itpoints out important safety precautions. It means attention -Personal safety is involved! WHILE USING MACHINE, make sure that the power to the machine is kept constant.Using other high power draw machines on the same power leg may cause themachine to lose position and damage the workpiece. BEFORE MAKING A CUT, be sure that all mechanical adjustments and settings aresecure. Until thoroughly familiar with the operation, it is a good idea to create a checklist tohelp ensure all are secure. REMOVE WRENCHES AND ADJUSTING KEYS. Get in the habit of checking - beforeturning on the tool - that any hex keys or adjusting wrenches are removed from tool. CHECK FOR DAMAGE. Before using the tool, routinely check for any damaged parts,including guards. Look for anything that could interfere with proper operation andperformance, such as any binding or misalignment of moving parts or any sign ofinstability in the carving system. A damaged part must be properly repaired or replaced bya qualified service technician at a repair center to avoid risk of personal injury. BE SURE THE BIT CLEARS THE WORKPIECE. Never start the system with the bittouching the work piece. DO NOT HOLD OR STRESS THE FLEX SHAFT DURING OPERATION. Placing stresson the shaft during operation will accelerate wear and cause premature failure. NEVER ATTEMPT TO DEFEAT SAFETY DEVICES OR INTERLOCKS. Guards andother safety devices protect the user from injury; do not try to bypass or remove them. KEEP HANDS AWAY FROM CUTTING AREA. When the machine is running, neverreach underneath the workpiece or into the blade-cutting path for any reason. DO NOT PLACE HANDS ON THE GRIT SURFACE DRIVE BELTS DURINGOPERATION. Belts in motion could drag a hand into the machine and cause injury.Sears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/107

AVOID AWKWARD OPERATIONS AND HAND POSITIONS where a sudden slip couldcause hands to move into the cutting area. NEVER OPERATE THE MACHINE WITHOUT THE MUFFLER BAG IN PLACE. The bagcaptures dust and debris from machining operations. NEVER LOOK INTO THE VACUUM OUTLET DURING MACHINE OPERATION.Machining debris could be thrown out at high speed and cause eye injury. TURN OFF THE SYSTEM IF A STRANGE NOISE OR HEAVY VIBRATION OCCURS.Immediately turn off the system. Then locate and correct the source of the problem beforerestarting. USE A SUPPORT FOR LONG WORKPIECES. To minimize the risk of over stressing themachine, use a sturdy “outrigger” support when carving a long workpiece of more than 36inches in length. Never substitute a person for a proper support. USE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES. Using improper accessories may risk injury.Consult the accessories section for recommended accessories. USE ONLY APPROVED CUTTING BITS to ensure quality and to avoid equipmentdamage or injury. KEEP BITS CLEAN AND SHARP. Sharp bits minimize workpiece burning, poor cutquality, and stress to the system. Keep bits free of rust, grease, and pitch. USE GLOVES TO HANDLE HOT CUTTING BITS. Recently used cutting bits are hot,and all bits have sharp edges; gloves will help prevent cuts and burns. USE ONLY ORIGINAL REPLACEMENT PARTS. Repairs using other than originalreplacement parts may create a hazard as well as damage to the machine. To ensureproper repair using original replacement parts, a qualified service technician at aCarveWright service center should make all repairs, whether electrical or mechanical. DO NOT USE THE TOOL IF THE POWER SWITCH DOES NOT TURN IT ON AND OFF.Have defective switches replaced by a CarveWright service center. CUT ONLY WOOD, PLASTIC OR WOOD-LIKE MATERIALS. Do not cut metal. NEVER cut more than one piece at a time. DO NOT STACK more than one workpiece in the CompuCarve at a time. BE SURE THE WORKPIECE PATH IS FREE OF NAILS. Inspect for, and remove allnails, staples, and protruding features from the lumber before cutting. KEEP TOOL DRY, CLEAN, AND FREE FROM OIL AND GREASE. Always use a cleancloth when cleaning. Never use brake fluids, gasoline, petroleum-based products, or anysolvents to clean the system. DO NOT STAND ON TOOL. Serious injury can occur if tool is tipped or if the cutting toolis unintentionally contacted.WARNING: Operation of this tool should not be attempted until allinstructions, safety rules, etc. contained in this manual have been read thoroughly andunderstood completely. Failure to do so can result in accidents involving fire, electricshock, or serious personal injury. Save the operator's manual and review it frequently forcontinuing safe operation and for instructing others who may use this tool.WARNING! Some dust created by power sanding, cutting, and drillingcontains chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, allergic reactions, orreproductive damage. Some examples of these chemicals are: Lead from lead-basedpaints, Arsenic, copper, and chromium from chemically treated lumber, Wood resin,Plastic solvents, and Silica Dust.To reduce exposure to these chemicals: 1) Work in a well ventilated area, 2) Work withapproved safety equipment, such as dust masks that are specially designed to filter outmicroscopic particles AND 3) Keep the machine and work area clean.IMPORTANT NOTE: Servicing requires much care and specializedknowledge of the system and should be performed only by a qualified service technician.For service, return the machine to the nearest repair center in the original packaging.Sears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/108

Electrical ConnectionsPOWER SUPPLYThe CompuCarve woodworking machine is controlled by precision electronics. It shouldbe connected only to a power supply that is 120 volts nominal, 60 Hz, AC (normalhousehold outlet). It should not be connected to a 240-volt power supply. This tool willnot operate on direct current (DC). If the machine does not operate when plugged intoan outlet, check to see that the fuse or circuit breaker for the outlet is not open and thatthe outlet has power available. The plug has polarized terminals so make sure that it isinserted properly into the outlet.The machine is UL certified and listed (3HPU E304775). This machine is considered byUL as “double insulated” and as such has no ground connection. The UL listing numbercan also be found on the sticker on the back of the machine.EXTENSION CORDSWhen using the CompuCarve at an extended distance from the wall outlet, use anextension cord heavy enough to carry the current that the tool will draw without inducinga large resistance load. An undersized extension cord will cause a drop in line voltage,which can result in a momentary loss of power. This will cause the machine sensors towork intermittently and can even cause damage to the machine. This may show itself inrandom machine stalls or even a full electronics reboot. Additionally, only connect to adedicated AC circuit. Circuits with other large loads (AC units, other tools, dust collectionsystems, etc.) can also cause a momentary voltage drop when operating at the sametime (especially at startup).Use the chart provided below to determine the minimum wire size required in anextension cord. Only jacketed cords listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) should beused.Length of Extension Cord vs. Minimum Wire Size (American Wire Gage - AWG)Up to 10 feet - 14 AWG10 to 50 feet - 12 AWGOver 50 feet – not recommendedWhen working with the tool outdoors, use an extension cord that is designed for outsideuse (This is indicated by the letters WA on the power cord's outer jacket). Before usingan extension cord, inspect it for loose or exposed wires and cut or worn insulation.Storing the MachineIt is important that the CompuCarve be stored indoors in a low humidity environment.Never expose the machine to temperatures of over 110 degrees Fahrenheit for anyextended period of time. The machine should not be used in an environment with atemperature of less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that all exposed metalsurfaces on the quick release chuck and bit adapters are well oiled for operation andstorage.Be sure to keep the box and packing foam should the machineneed to be returned for service.Sears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/109

GlossaryBevel Cut - A cut made across a workpiece that results in an angle otherthan 90 to the table surface.Cross Cut - A cutting operation across the grain or width of theworkpiece.Head Screw - The threaded shaft on each side of the machine by whichthe head is raised and lowered when activated by the head crank.Joint or Jointing - A trim cut parallel to the grain of the wood on theedges of a board to create 90-degree angle with the top and bottomsurface. A joint will create a smooth and, most important, straight edgeand is often used in preparation for a glue joint to attach the board toanother piece of wood.LCD - Liquid Crystal Display – The two-line text display found above thekeypad.Miter Cut - A vertical cut made at any angle other than 0 across theworkpiece.Molding - A shaping cut that gives a varied profile to the workpiece.Pitch - A sticky, sap-based substance found in some woods.Raster Carving - A carving produced by taking many small passes withthe carving bit, building the image one line at a time.Rip Cut - A cut made parallel to the grain or length of the workpiece.Rout - To hollow, scoop or carve out.Snipe - An unwanted depression formed near the end of a workpiececaused by the uneven transition of the workpiece from one supportsurface to another. Minimize snipe by ensuring that the auxiliary outfeedsupports are properly adjusted. The free end of the workpiece should alsobe well supported so that its weight does not place lifting pressure at theend of the workpiece being carved.Squaring Cut - A smoothing trim cut across the grain of the wood on theend of a board to create 90-degree angles with the top, bottom, and sideedges.Vector Cut - A cutting operation that is composed of a group of strokesfrom one point to another. These can be lines, circles, splines or anyother number of geometric elements.Workpiece - Is the item on which the cutting operation is being performed.The surfaces of a workpiece are commonly referred to as faces, ends, andedges.Sears, Roebuck and Co.CompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/1010

Unpacking the CompuCarve MachineItems included with the CompuCarve SystemA)B)C)D)E)F)G)H)I)J)K)CompuCarve MachineCarveWright Software CDOperation ManualCarveWright Memory Card ProgrammerCarveWright Memory Card1/16” Diameter Tip Tapered Carving Bit with Bit Adapter1/8” Diameter Cutting Bit with Bit Adapter3/32” Allen WrenchMuffler Dust CollectorBit removal ToolCrank Handle Ball and Shoulder BoltItems Included With the CompuCarve SystemFIGURE 1: CARVEWRIGHTMEMORY CARD PROGRAMMERFIGURE 4: 1/8”CUTTING BIT WITHADAPTERFIGURE 2: MUFFLER AND DUSTCOLLECTOR BAGFIGURE 5: 1/16”CARVING BIT WITHADAPTERSears, Roebuck and Co.FIGURE 6: 3/32”ALLEN WRENCHCompuCarve System (Rev 1.39) 04/19/10FIGURE 3:CARVEWRIGHTMEMORY CARDFIGURE 7: BITREMOVAL TOOL11

Unpacking and Setting Up the CarveWright System1. Remove the top packaging foam: After opening the shipping box,carefully remove the top molded foam packing from the machine. Locatedin the top tray are items B through K listed above.2. Remove the machine from box: With a helper, lift out the machine andplace it on a sturdy table or bench. Fold down the Outfeed Support Tables.Remove the plastic film covering the top clear safety cover.3. Attach the handle: Attach the crank handle ball to the crank lever usingthe supplied shoulder bolt.Crank Handle BallHandle Shoulder BoltFIGURE 8: ATTACHING THE HANDLE4. Prepare the flexshaft assembly: Remove the plastic wrapping andrubber band from the end of the flexshaft assembly. Gently pull theprotruding flexshaft core (with squared end) out of the sheath severalinches. Holding the end vertically, push the core back into the sheath andmake sure that it slips into, and engages, the cutting motor. It will drop intothe receptacle on the motor side about 5/8ths of an inch. Turn the core byhand and feel for resistance of the motor. If the shaft spins withoutresistance, push the core inward while rotating until it drops into the slotand engages the motor. The flexshaft core should appear as in Figure 9.Flexshaft Core5/8” Protruding OptimallyNo More than 3/4"No Less Than 3/8”FIGURE 9:FLEXSH

This warranty only includes the cost of parts and labor for items covered by the warranty. The sole liability of Sears, Roebuck and Co with respect to this warranty shall be repair and replacement as set forth herein. No claim of breach of warranty shall be cause for cancellation or resc