Oregon 2013Regional Visitor ReportThe Central Region

Introduction Longwoods International began tracking American travelers in 1985, and hasconducted large-scale syndicated visitor research quarterly since 1990. It is currently the largest ongoing study ever conducted of American travelers,providing our clients with more reliable data and greater ability to home in on keymarket segments of interest. This report provides: Estimates of 2013 overnight visitor volume and travel expenditures for Oregonas well as for the Central Region in particular Strategic intelligence about the Central Region’s overnight travel marketincluding: Key sources of business Visitor profiling Trip characteristics2

Methodology For each of the 2012 and 2013 travel years, a representative sample of visitors to theCentral Region was identified through Travel USA . Respondents who visited Oregon were asked to identify which of the state’s 7tourism regions they spent time in with the aid of a visual map. Of the survey sample of 5,752 overnight trips taken to Oregon in 2012 and 2013: 630 included a visit to the Central Region Of those, 300 were marketable trips3

Analytical Note The results of this report are based on two time frames: Market size and structure estimates for the Central Region are reported for the2013 travel year, as are all Oregon state norms. To maximize statistical reliability, other Central Region data (tripcharacteristics and visitor profiles) are based on two years’ combined samplefrom 2012 and 2013.5

Travel Market Size & Structure- 2013

Size of the Central Region’s OvernightTravel MarketTotal Overnight Trips to Oregon* 30.6 MillionSpent Time inthe CentralRegion13%3.8 Million*Includes both adults and children7

The Central Region’s Overnight Travel Market— Adults vs. ChildrenTotal Overnight Trips to the Central Region 3.8 MillionAdults81%3.1 MillionChildren19%0.7 Million8

The Central Region’s Overnight Travel Marketby Trip PurposeMarketable51%Business7%VFR42%*Marketable includes Business-Leisure9

Purpose of Trip —The Central Region vs. Oregon StateBase: 2011 Overnight Trips51Marketable Trips4742Visits to entral Region*Marketable includes Business-LeisureOregon 201310

2013 Overnight Spending — by Sector2013 Central Region Spending 477 MillionLodging37%RestaurantFood &Beverages24% 177 Million 115 MillionRecreation10% 49 MillionRetail17%Transportation12% 79 Million 57 Million11

Average Per Person Expenditures on OvernightTrips — By SectorBase: Total Overnight Person-Trips50Dollars403020 37 24100 17LodgingRestaurant Food &BeverageRetail Purchases 12 10Transportation 2

Average Per Person Expenditures on OvernightMarketable Trips — By SectorBase: 2011 Overnight Marketable Trips50Dollars4030 4620 25100 18LodgingRestaurant Food &BeverageRetail Purchases 15 on atDestination13

Marketable Trip Characteristicsand Visitor Profile –2012/2013

Main Purpose of Marketable Trip —Central Region vs. State NormBase: Overnight Marketable TripsOutdoors29232324TouringSpecial event1815Resort1113City trip611Casino58Golf Trip31Skiing/snowboarding321212CruiseTheme park010203040PercentCentral RegionOregon 201315

State Origin Of Overnight TripBase: Overnight Marketable 2New York2Connecticut2Texas20204060Percent16

DMA Origin Of Overnight TripBase: Overnight Marketable TripsPortland, OR34Eugene, OR14Seattle-Tacoma, WA8Bend, OR6Medford-Klamath Falls, OR/CA5Los Angeles, CA3San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA3New York, NY/NJ/PA/CT3Chicago, IL2Phoenix, AZ2Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA2Salt Lake City, ID/UT2Reno, NV2010203040Percent17

Other Oregon Regions Visited onCentral Region TripBase: Overnight Marketable TripsEastern Region11Coast Region11Southern Region10Greater Portland9Mt. Hood/Columbia River Gorge9Willamette Valley6051015Percent18

Method of Planning TripBase: Overnight Marketable Trips80Percent60405863442080Internet9Travel AgentCentral Region39Other/NoneOregon 201319

Method of Booking TripBase: Overnight Marketable Trips80Percent60405951432090Internet8Travel AgentCentral Region39Other/NoneOregon 201320

Season of TripBase: Overnight Marketable Trips16January - March2024April - June2541July - September34October December182101020304050PercentCentral RegionOregon 201321

Total Nights Away on TripBase: Overnight Marketable TripsAverageCentral Region 4.1 NightsAverageOregon 3.9 Nights171 night23242 nights30293-4 nights2311105-6 nights197 nights14010203040PercentCentral RegionOregon 201322

Number of Nights Spent in Central RegionBase: Overnight Marketable Trips with 1 Nights Spent In Central RegionAverage Nights Spent in Central Region 3.11 night292 nights253-4 nights285-6 nights97 nights901020304050Percent23

Size of Travel PartyBase: Overnight Marketable TripsCentralRegion2.6Oregon2.501Total 3.50.9Total 3.30.8234Average No. of PeopleAdultsChildren24

TransportationBase: Overnight Marketable TripsPersonalVehiclesCommercialVehiclesOwn car/truckRental carCamper, i CabShip/Boat161546474713020406080100PercentCentral RegionOregon 201325

AccommodationBase: Overnight Marketable TripsHotelCampground/trailer park/RV parkMotelResort hotelTime shareFriend/relative's dwelling (not paid)Bed & breakfastRented cottage/cabinCountry inn/lodgeRented home/condo/apartmentOwn home/condo/apartment/cabinBoat/cruise 3040PercentCentral RegionOregon 201326

Activities and ExperiencesBase: Overnight Marketable TripsHiking/backpackingNational/state parkCampingShoppingSwimmingFine diningFishingLandmark/historic 2262425201916102991014203040PercentCentral RegionOregon 201327

Activities and Experiences (Cont’d)Base: Overnight Marketable t galleryAttend/Participate in kids sports ngRaftingWineryMountain climbingRock/pop concertWatch amateur/youth sports 0203040PercentCentral RegionOregon 201328

Activities and Experiences (Cont’d)Base: Overnight Marketable TripsTrade ShowZooParticipate in adult sports event/tournamentTheme parkHuntingMotorcycle TouringParticipant in an amateur or youth sporting eventPro/college sportsBusiness 3466353433333333232213010203040PercentCentral RegionOregon 201329

Activities of Special InterestBase: Overnight Marketable TripsHistoric places, sites andlandmarks323823Cultural activities & attraction3015Exceptional culinary experience2011Eco-Tourism119Traveling with grandchildren97Winery tours & wine tasting11010203040PercentCentral RegionOregon 201330

Online Social Media Use by TravelersBase: Overnight Marketable TripsUsed any social media for travel7779Used Smartphone while traveling4044Posted travel photos/video online27Read travel reviews273231Looked at travel photos/video online1822Read a travel blog1713Accessed travel news/events/deals/promotions1720Connected with others interested in travel1614020406080100PercentCentral RegionOregon 201331

Online Social Media Use by TravelersBase: Overnight Marketable TripsUsed any social media for travel7779Gave travel advice1510Got travel advice1313Contributed travel reviews1210"Followed" a destination/attraction1010Subscribed to a travel e-newsletter108Tweeted about a trip87Blogged about a trip86020406080100PercentCentral RegionOregon 201332

GenderBase: Overnight Marketable Trips57Male5243Female48020406080100PercentCentral RegionOregon 201333

AgeBase: Overnight Marketable TripsAverage AgeCentral Region 45Average AgeOregon 451418-24 years113725-44 years423145-64 years291865 years180204060PercentCentral RegionOregon 201334

Household SizeBase: Overnight Marketable Trips181 member18342 members35183 members17184 members15105 members1501020304050PercentCentral RegionOregon 201335

Household IncomeBase: Overnight Marketable Trips8 150K 414 100K- 149.9K1418 75K-99.9k1625 50K- 74.9K2435Under 49.9K4201020304050PercentCentral RegionOregon 201336

Marital StatusBase: Overnight Marketable Trips65Married/Withpartner6525Never 0PercentCentral RegionOregon 201337

Children in HouseholdBase: Overnight Marketable Trips58No Children Under 185420Any child between 13-172019Any child between 6-122419Any child under 621020406080PercentCentral RegionOregon 201338

EducationBase: Overnight Marketable Trips13Post-graduate1740College graduate3628Some college2817High school or less172Other201020304050PercentCentral RegionOregon 201339

EmploymentBase: Overnight Marketable Trips45Full-time/Self-employed4311Part-time1344Not employed/Retired/ Other440204060PercentCentral RegionOregon 201340

RaceBase: Overnight Marketable 100PercentCentral RegionOregon 201341

Hispanic BackgroundBase: Overnight Marketable Trips93No927Yes8020406080100PercentCentral RegionOregon 201342

Appendix A: Key Terms Defined

Key Terms Defined An Overnight Trip is any journey for business or pleasure, outside yourcommunity and not part of your normal routine, where you spent one morenights away from home. A Day Trip is any journey for business or pleasure, outside your communityand not part of your normal routine, that did not include an overnight stay. Daytrips involve travel of more than 50 miles from home. A Person-Trip is one trip taken by one visitor Person-trips are the key unit of measure for this report.44

Trip-Type SegmentsTotal Trips Leisure Business Business-Leisure MarketableTrips:Includes allleisure trips,with theexception ofvisits tofriends/relatives Leisure Trips: includes all trips where the main purpose was one of the following: Visiting friends/relatives Touring through a region to experience its scenic beauty, history and culture Outdoors trip to enjoy activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and boating Special event, such as a fair, festival, or sports event City trip Cruise Casino Theme park Resort (ocean beach, inland or mountain resort) Skiing/snowboarding Golf TripBusiness Trips: includes Conference/convention Other business tripBusiness-Leisure: a trip for business where, on the same trip, the visitor stayed for at least oneadditional day to experience the same place or nearby area simply for leisure.45

Methodology 3 For each of the 2012 and 2013 travel years, a representative sample of visitors to the Central Region was identified through Travel USA . Respondents who visited Oregon were asked to identify which of the state's 7 tourism regions they spent time in with the aid of a visual map. Of the survey sample of 5,752 overnight trips taken to Oregon in 2012 and 2013: