SCM-F-04 - RFP1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST (SBD 4)Any legal person, including persons employed by the state¹, SANSA Board members or persons having a kinshipwith persons employed by the state, including a blood relationship, may make an offer or offers in terms of thisinvitation to bid (includes a price quotation, advertised competitive bid, limited bid or proposal). In view of possibleallegations of favouritism, should the resulting bid, or part thereof, be awarded to persons employed by the state, orto persons connected with or related to them, it is required that the bidder or his/her authorised representative declarehis/her position in relation to the evaluating/adjudicating authority where-The bidder is employed by the state;-SANSA Board member; and/or-the legal person on whose behalf the bidding document is signed, has a relationship with persons/aperson who are/is involved in the evaluation and or adjudication of the bid(s), or where it is known thatsuch a relationship exists between the person or persons for or on whose behalf the declarant acts andpersons who are involved with the evaluation and or adjudication of the bid¹“State” means –(a)any national or provincial department, national or provincial public entity or constitutional institutionwithin the meaning of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999);(b)any municipality or municipal entity;(c)provincial legislature;(d)national Assembly or the national Council of provinces; or(e)ParliamentAre you or any person connected with the bidder presently employed by the state?If so, furnish the following particulars:Name of person / director / trustee / shareholder/ member: .Na Name of state institution at which you or the person connected to the bidder is employed .Position occupied in the state institution: Any other particulars: IIf you are presently employed by the state, did you obtain the appropriate authority to undertake remunerativework outside employment in the public sector?If yes, did you attach proof of such authority to the bid document?(Note: Failure to submit proof of such authority, where applicable, may result in the disqualification ofthe bidIf no, furnish reasons for non-submission of such proof: Did you or your spouse, or any of the company’s directors / trustees / shareholders / members or their spousesconduct business with the state in the previous twelve months?If so, furnish particulars: .Do you, or any person connected with the bidder, have any relationship (family, friend, other) with a personemployed by the state and who may be involved with the evaluation and or adjudication of this bid?If so, furnish particulars: .Are you, or any person connected with the bidder aware of any relationship (family, friend, other) between anyother bidder and any person employed by the state who may be involved with the evaluation and oradjudication of this bid?If so, furnish particulars: .YES / NOYES / NOYES / NOYES / NOYES / NOYES / NOPage 2 of 12

SCM-F-04 - RFPDo you or any of the directors / trustees / shareholders / members of the company have any interest in anyYES / NOother related companies whether or not they are bidding for this contract?If so, furnish particulars: 2. Declaration of Bidder’s past supply chain management practices (SBD 8)2.1 This Standard Bidding Document must form part of all bids invited.2.2 It serves as a declaration to be used by institutions in ensuring that when goods and services are being procured,all reasonable steps are taken to combat the abuse of the supply chain management system2.3 The bid of any bidder may be disregarded if that bidder, or any of its directors have2.3.1 Abused the institution’s supply chain management system2.3.2 Committed fraud or any other improper conduct in relation to such system; or2.3.3 Failed to perform on any previous contract.2.4 In order to give effect to the above, the following questionnaire must be completed and submitted with thebid.ItemQuestionYesNo2. 4.1Is the bidder or any of its directors listed on the National Treasury’s database ascompanies or persons prohibited from doing business with the public sector?YesNoYesNoYesNo(Companies or persons who are listed on this database were informed inwriting of this restriction by the National Treasury after the audi alterampartem rule was applied). so, furnish particulars:2.4.2Is the bidder or any of its directors listed on the Register for Tender Defaultersin terms of section 29 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act(No 12 of 2004)?To access this Register enter the National Treasury’s website,, click on the icon “Register for Tender Defaulters” orsubmit your written request for a hard copy of the Register to facsimilenumber (012) 3265445. so, furnish particulars:2.4.3Was the bidder or any of its directors convicted by a court of law (including acourt outside of the Republic of South Africa) for fraud or corruption during thepast five years? so, furnish particulars:Page 3 of 12

2.4.4Was any contract between the bidder and any organ of state terminated duringthe past five years on account of failure to perform on or comply with thecontract? so, furnish particulars:3.SCM-F-04 - RFPYesNoCertificate of Independent Bid Determination (SBD 9)3.1This Standard Bidding Document (SBD) must form part of all bids¹ invited.3.2Section 4 (1) (b) (iii) of the Competition Act No. 89 of 1998, as amended, prohibits an agreement between, or concertedpractice by, firms, or a decision by an association of firms, if it is between parties in a horizontal relationship and if it involvescollusive bidding (or bid rigging).² Collusive bidding is a pe se prohibition meaning that it cannot be justified under anygrounds.3.3Treasury Regulation 16A9 prescribes that accounting officers and accounting authorities must take all reasonable steps toprevent abuse of the supply chain management system and authorizes accounting officers and accounting authorities to:a.disregard the bid of any bidder if that bidder, or any of its directors have abused the institution’s supply chainmanagement system and or committed fraud or any other improper conduct in relation to such system.b.cancel a contract awarded to a supplier of goods and services if the supplier committed any corrupt or fraudulent actduring the bidding process or the execution of that contract.3.4This SBD serves as a certificate of declaration that would be used by institutions to ensure that, when bids are considered,reasonable steps are taken to prevent any form of bid-rigging.3.5In order to give effect to the above, the attached Certificate of Bid Determination (SBD 9) must be completed and submittedwith the bid:¹ Includes price quotations, advertised competitive bids, limited bids and proposals.² Bid rigging (or collusive bidding) occurs when businesses, that would otherwise be expected to compete, secretlyconspire to raise prices or lower the quality of goods and / or services for purchasers who wish to acquire goodsand / or services through a bidding process. Bid rigging is, therefore, an agreement between competitors not tocompete.Certificate of Independent Bid DeterminationI, the undersigned, in submitting the accompanying bid:(Bid Number and Description)in response to the invitation for the bid made by:(Name of Institution)do hereby make the following statements that I certify to be true and complete in every respect:Page 4 of 12

SCM-F-04 - RFPI certify, on behalf of: that:(Name of Bidder)A.I have read and I understand the contents of this Certificate;B.I understand that the accompanying bid will be disqualified if this Certificate is found not to be true and complete in everyrespect;C.I am authorized by the bidder to sign this Certificate, and to submit the accompanying bid, on behalf of the bidder;D.Each person whose signature appears on the accompanying bid has been authorized by the bidder to determine the termsof, and to sign the bid, on behalf of the bidder;E.For the purposes of this Certificate and the accompanying bid, I understand that the word “competitor” shall include anyindividual or organization, other than the bidder, whether or not affiliated with the bidder, who:(a)Has been requested to submit a bid in response to this bid invitation;(b)Could potentially submit a bid in response to this bid invitation, based on their qualifications, abilities or experience;and(c)Provides the same goods and services as the bidder and/or is in the same line of business as the bidderF. The bidder has arrived at the accompanying bid independently from, and without consultation, communication, agreement orarrangement with any competitor. However communication between partners in a joint venture or consortium³ will not beconstrued as collusive bidding.G. In particular, without limiting the generality of paragraphs 6 above, there has been no consultation, communication, agreementor arrangement with any competitor regarding:(i)prices;(ii)geographical area where product or service will be rendered (market allocation)(iii)methods, factors or formulas used to calculate prices;(iv)the intention or decision to submit or not to submit, a bid;(v)the submission of a bid which does not meet the specifications and conditions of the bid; or(vi)bidding with the intention not to win the bid.H. In addition, there have been no consultations, communications, agreements or arrangements with any competitor regarding thequality, quantity, specifications and conditions or delivery particulars of the products or services to which this bid invitationrelates.I. The terms of the accompanying bid have not been, and will not be, disclosed by the bidder, directly or indirectly, to anycompetitor, prior to the date and time of the official bid opening or of the awarding of the contract.³ Joint venture or Consortium means an association of persons for the purpose of combining their expertise,property, capital, efforts, skill and knowledge in an activity for the execution of a contract.J.I am aware that, in addition and without prejudice to any other remedy provided to combat any restrictive practices related tobids and contracts, bids that are suspicious will be reported to the Competition Commission for investigation and possibleimposition of administrative penalties in terms of section 59 of the Competition Act No 89 of 1998 and or may be reported to theNational Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for criminal investigation and or may be restricted from conducting business with the publicsector for a period not exceeding ten (10) years in terms of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act No 12 of2004 or any other applicable legislation.Page 5 of 12

SCM-F-04 - RFP4. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND IMPLEMENTATION4.1 BACKGROUND TO SANSAThe South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has a mandate, as outlined in the South African NationalSpace Agency Act, 2008 (Act No 36 of 2008), to co-ordinate and integrate national space science and technologyprogrammes and conduct long-term planning and implementation of space-related activities in South Africa, forthe benefit of the citizens of South Africa4.2 SCOPE OF WORK (TERMS OF REFERENCE)The purpose of this assignment is to acquire the services of a supplier to develop tools for monitoring andevaluating compliance within SANSA. To conduct training for the SANSA employees in order to implement thenew regulations.SANSA require the followingoooooooooooooooooProvision of Licensing for the software or Subscription (options)Software system [Tools for monitoring compliance within SANSA]Compliance training/awareness sessions for SANSA staffTraining for Legal Services Unit staff [on how to implement new regulations]Compliance monitoring and evaluation/ review for UnitsSystems and Process [implement systems and processes to conform to regulation].Improvement Initiatives [corporate improvement programs related to regulatory compliance]Scanning [proactively look and understand future regulation]Software to be used by 10 usersProvide support and maintenance of the software for the duration of the contractPerform risk assessment on compliance requirementsAbility of the software to rate the seriousness, probability and risk of each Act at the various levels ofSANSAGeneration of compliance risk management plans directly from the compliance contentGeneration of compliance checklist directly from the contentAbility to create action plans with due dates and responsible owners in the case of non-complianceComprehensive SANSA compliance reportingAlert the changes in requirementsSANSA PREMISESSANSA CORPORATE AND EARTH OBSERVATION OFFICES: Enterprise Building, Mark ShuttleworthStreet, Innovation Hub, PretoriaPage 6 of 12

SCM-F-04 - RFP5. EVALUATION CRITERIASANSA promotes the concept of “best value” in the award of contracts, as opposed to merely looking for thecheapest price, which does not necessarily provide the best value. Best value incorporates the expertise,experience and technical proposal of the organisation and individuals who will be providing the service and theorganisational capacity supporting the project team.SANSA is committed to achieving Government’s transformation objectives in terms of the Preferential ProcurementPolicy Framework Act.The value of this bid is estimated not to exceed R500 000 (all applicable taxes included) and therefore the 80/20system shall be applicable.The procedure for the evaluation of responsive tenders is price, functionality (quality) and preference method.The evaluation of the bids will be conducted in the following two stages: Firstly, the assessment of quality will be done in terms of the evaluation criteria (Table 1) and theminimum threshold of 70 points explained below. A bid will be disqualified if it fails to meet the minimumthreshold for functionality as per the bid invitation Thereafter, only the qualifying bids are evaluated in terms of the 80/20 preference points systems,where the 80 points will be used for price and the 20 points will be awarded to a bidder for attaining theB-BBEE status level of contributor in accordance with the Table belowPreference(ORIGINAL/CERTIFIED B-BBEE STATUS LEVEL VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE/SWORN AFFIDAVIT MUSTBE SUBMITTED IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR PREFERENCE POINTS FOR B-BBEE)Calculation of points for B-BBEE status level contributorPoints will be awarded to a bidder for attaining the B-BBEE status level of contributor in accordance with theTable1 belowTable1: B-BBEE level and pointsB-BBEE Status Level of ContributorNumber of points (80/20system)12021831441258667482Non-compliant contributor0Page 7 of 12

SCM-F-04 - RFPEligibility CriteriaTo be eligible for the functionality, price and preferencing evaluation, the bidder must submit the following as pertable 2 below.If there is “No” on the Table 2 below, the bidder who DID NOT submit the required document (s) with their bidwill be disqualified.Table 2: Eligibility CriteriaAttachedCriteria(Yes/No)CommentsCSD Registration Summary Report with a compliant tax statusQuality/Functionality:Scores will be tabulated to 100 points. Respondents must score 70 points and over to be assessed on theirfinancial offer and preference score.The allocation of points for the evaluation of quality/functionality is set out in Table3 below:Table 3: Quality/Functionality CriteriaCriteriaMaximum Points1. Methodology/Approach402. Company Experience and References20Only respondents who score 40 points or more on the aforementioned evaluation criterion will be evaluatedfurther on the presentation and demonstration of the tool.Presentation of the Software management Tool40Total evaluation points for quality (functionality)100Evaluation criteria 1: Methodology/Approach (Proposal Outline)Ability to meet all proposed topics as listed on the scope of work and methodology to achieve the outcomeThe scoring of the proposed approach will be as follows:Methodology/ApproachNon Responsive(score 0)Poor(score 10)Tenderer has not provided an approachThe approach is poor or is unlikely to satisfy project objectives or requirements. The tenderer hasmisunderstood certain aspects of the scope of work and does not deal with the critical aspects ofthe scope of the work.The approach omits important outcomes and understanding of scope of workPage 8 of 12

Good(score 30)Excellent(score 40)SCM-F-04 - RFPThe approach is specifically tailored to address all scope of work objectives and requirements; andis sufficiently flexible to accommodate changes that may occur during execution.The work plan fits the approach well; all important activities are indicated in the scope and theirsequencing is appropriate and consistent with project objectives and requirements.There is a fair degree of detail that facilitates understanding of the proposed scope of work.Besides meeting the “good” rating, the important issues are approached in an innovative andefficient way, indicating that the tenderer has outstanding knowledge of the deliverables.The approach details ways to improve the project outcomes and the quality of the outputs. Theapproach has included value added services that is relevant to the project.The sequencing and timing of activities are very well defined, indicating that the tenderer hasoptimized the use of resources and the work plan permits flexibility to accommodate contingenciesand risks.Evaluation criteria 2: Company experience and referencesThe bidder must present at least 3 valid reference letters, on the client’s letterhead, for which they haveconducted similar services in delivering, installing, configuring and supporting the software tool being offered in thelast 4 years. Reference letters must indicate the periods and the year(s) in which such services were rendered,and the letters will be used to evaluate this criterion.Failure to provide all 3 reference letters will result in the bidder losing points as follows:Please note that SANSA reserves the right to contact references provided to verify the information.The scoring of the company experience will be as follows:Points 20Company ExperienceNon Responsive(score 0)No letters submittedPoor (score 5)Less than 3 years’ experienceGood (score 10)3 to 5 years’ experienceExcellent (score 20) More than 5 years’ experienceEvaluation criteria 3: Presentation of the Software Management ToolBidders who scored 40 points and more in the first two evaluation criteria, being Methodology/Approach ANDCompany Experience, will be invited to present an overview of how their software tool works.Non-Responsive(score 0)Service provider did not present.Poor(score 20)The system presented does not satisfy or meet all the objectives or requirements as perthe scope of work.Good(score 30)The software tool presented satisfies/meets all the objectives or requirements as per thescope of work.Excellent(score 40)The software tool presented addresses ALL aspects of the provided scope of work in aninnovative and efficient way. Additionally, the Service Provider has presented anexcellent targeted presentation on how the organisation plans to execute the project,with a comprehensive training and support offering.Page 9 of 12

SCM-F-04 - RFP6. PRICING SCHEDULEPricing Instructions1. The Bidder must price all items;2. Rates are to include all costs with no unspecified cost to allow for a fair evaluation.3. Payment will be made based on the deliverables (proven progress) for the services rendered/goods received.4. Payment will only be made on the basis of invoices provided.5. Offer to be valid for 30 days from the bid closing date.OPTION 1: SOFTWARE AND LICENSESDescription1. Management Software with thefollowing licensed modules:a. Documentation Generation2. Software Maintenance and support3. Servicesa. Training Courseb. System set-up assistance4. Configuration Management5. Disbursement6. Other Cost (Please mention)Minimum Quantity(Software licenses)Total CostYear 1Total CostYear 2Total CostYear 3Total CostYear 1Total CostYear 2Total CostYear 31Per year1 (Year1)1 (Year1)Total Excluding VAT (Rands)VATTotal Including VAT (Rands)OPTION 2: SOFTWARE AND SUBSCRIPTIONDescription1. Management Software with thefollowing licensed modules:b. Documentation Generation2. Software Maintenance and support3. Servicesc. Training Coursed. System set-up assistance4. Configuration Management5. Disbursement6. Other Cost (Please mention)Minimum Quantity(Software subscription)1Per year1 (Year1)1 (Year1)Total Excluding VAT (Rands)VATTotal Including VAT (Rands)Page 10 of 12

SCM-F-04 - RFP7. SPECIAL CONDITIONSa) Quotations to be returned to: Boitumelo Maredi [email protected]) Contract will not be awarded unless supplier is registered on the Central Supplier Database. Asupplier registration summary with a compliance tax status must be submitted with the proposal.Potential suppliers should contact SANSA should they require assistance in registering on theCSD)c) This RFP is part of the Supplier Development Programme (SDP). The recommended bidder willbe required to sign a SDP agreement for shorter payment periods for EMEs.d) The offices of SANSA are situated at the following address:Enterprise Building, Mark Shuttleworth Street,Innovation Hub,Pretoria8. TIMELINESThe successful service provider must be in the position to provide the service within 1 week after thepurchase order has been issued by SANSA.9.SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION AND MINIMUM CRITERIAIn order to demonstrate their capacity and score points with respect to the criteria, tenderers should providethe following supporting documentation.a. Original/Certified B-BBEE status level verification certificate/Sworn affidavit must be submitted in order toqualify for preference points for B-BBEE);b. 3 References including organisation name, contact person and contact numbers;c. Quotation must reflect a cost breakdown, where applicable, prices quoted must be inclusive of VATd. All pages of quotation must be signed by the responsible persone. SANSA has the right to withdraw any quotation at any time within the validity of the quotation.f. SANSA reserves the right to invite suppliers/companies to present their bid proposals for finaldecision10. DECLARATIONThe undersigned, who warrants that he / she is duly authorized to do so on behalf of the enterprise:i) confirms that neither the name of the enterprise or the name of any partner, manager, director or other person,who wholly or partly exercises, or may exercise, control over the enterprise appears on the Register of TenderDefaulters established in terms of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act of 2004;ii) confirms that no partner, member, director or other person, who wholly or partly exercises, or may exercise,control over the enterprise appears, has within the last five years been convicted of fraud or corruption;iii) confirms that I / we are not associated, linked or involved with any other tendering entities submitting tenderoffers and have no other relationship with any of the tenderers or those responsible for compiling the scope ofwork that could cause or be interpreted as a conflict of interest;iv) confirms that the contents of this questionnaire/forms (SBD 4, 8 & 9) are within my personal knowledge andare to the best of my belief both true and correctv) accept that, in addition to cancellation of a contract, action may be taken against me should the Declarationprove to be confirms that the bidder has read the General Conditions of Contract (GCC) and agree with the conditions. TheGCC can be found on SANSA website C.pdf )SignedDateNamePositionEnterprisenameBid ConditionsPage 11 of 12

SCM-F-04 - RFP1. DisqualificationPlease note that if a bid document is not filled in correctly or completely, or complied with the specification, oris delivered/send after the bid closing date and time, or the supplier is not registered on the CSD or supplierhas a non-compliant tax status, then unfortunately that bidder will be disqualified. Please return this documentwith the supporting documents.2. Bid Document SubmissionEmailed tender documents will be accepted. However, the onus is on the tenderer to ensure that completeemail documents have been received by the SANSA by the due date and time.Please note that any alterations to the tender document other than filling in the tenderer’s details and tenderprice will automatically disqualify the tenderer.ENDPage 12 of 12

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) RFP NUMBER RFP CO 209/02/2022 . 14 February 2022 (Re-advertising) PROJECT NAME Compliance Management System and Implementation CLOSING DATE AND TIME 28 March 2022 @ 13:00 NAME OF PROPOSER/TENDERER CSD SUPPLIER NUMBER (MA NUMBER) TELEPHONE NUMBER . To access this Register enter the National Treasury's website,