March 31, 2015RE: RFP 497 District Wide Beverage Vending ServicesDear Prospective Bidders,Attached is a packet detailing the Request for Proposal 497 District Wide Beverage VendingServices for the Ventura County Community College District. The packet includes GeneralInstructions to Bidders, General Information, Supplemental Questions sheet and Bid Proposalforms with Drug Free and Non-Collusion forms.The College District is seeking beverage vending machine providers to place, service and stockmachines throughout the three campuses to offer beverages for students to purchase. TheDistrict is interested in your proposal to offer this beverage vending service on the campuseswith commission on sales offered to the District.There is no jobwalk scheduled for this proposal, however if you would like to walk the campusesto view the existing vending machine placement areas, please contact me by April 10 so thatthis can be arranged.The RFP packet following describes the proposal and details about the district colleges. TheRFP packets can be downloaded from the VCCCD websiteat: and agreements/current.shtml.If you are unable to download the packet, contact the Purchasing Specialist namedbelow. Questions about the RFP must be submitted in writing by e-mail to the below listedPurchasing Specialist by April 17, 2015. Answers to questions will be posted to the websitewhen available.The deadline for submission to this RFP is on or before 3:00 pm, Wednesday, April 29, 2015.Proposals should be enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed and delivered to the VenturaCounty Community College District, Purchasing Department, 255 W Stanley Ave, Ste 150,Ventura, CA 93001 prior to this time. All RFP proposals must be clearly marked with the RFPnumber and title. No electronically submitted or faxed proposals will be accepted. Proposalsthat arrive after the time stated will be returned to the Bidder unopened.It is the responsibility of the Bidder to verify that their proposal has been received by theVCCCD Purchasing Department prior to the opening date. Verification of receipt can be madethrough the below Purchasing Specialist.Thank you for your interest in this project.Janice KischPurchasing [email protected]

VENTURA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTGENERAL INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS1. Definitions: The following terms shall be given the meaning shown, unless context requires otherwise or aunique meaning is otherwise specified.a. “RFP” means an offer, made in response to a solicitation, to perform a contract for services, labor or tosupply goods or materials at a specified price.b. “Bidder” means a supplier who submits a RFP to the District in response to a solicitation.c. “Purchasing Agent/Buyer,” means the Ventura County Community College District authorizedcontracting official.d. “District” means Ventura County Community College District.2. RFP Packet: This RFP Packet consists of the following: Cover Letter, General Instructions, RFPSpecifications and a Bid Form.3. RFP Proposal: RFP proposals, to receive consideration, should be made in accordance with the followinginstructions:a. Should a Bidder find discrepancies and/or omissions from the drawings or documents, or should be indoubt as to meaning, the Bidder should contact the Purchasing Agent/Buyer listed in the RFP Packet.Neither the District nor its representative will be responsible for any oral instructions. No addenda willbe issued later than five (5) days prior to the date set for the opening of RFP. Inquiries affecting RFPwill be answered in writing and distributed to all Bidders in the form of addenda to the RFP.b. All addenda or bulletins issued during the bidding period are to be considered part of the RFP and beincluded in the RFP proposal.c.RFP proposals, enclosed in a sealed envelope, shall be addressed and delivered to Ventura CountyCommunity College District Administration Center, Attn: Purchasing Department, 255 W Stanley Ave,Ste 150, Ventura CA 93001, before the time stated in the RFP Packet. Each envelope shall bear theNumber of the RFP, Title of the RFP and the Name of the Bidder. No electronic (e-mail) or faxedRFP proposals or amendments to RFP proposals will be accepted. All RFP proposals mustinclude a signed and dated Bid Form to be eligible for consideration. Bid Form must be signed by aresponsible officer of the bidding company in order to be considered.It is the responsibility of the Bidder to verify that their RFP has been received by the District’s PurchasingDepartment prior to the RFP opening. Verification of receipt can be made through the Purchasing Agent/Buyer listed in the RFP Packet.4. Specifications: The use of a manufacturer, product brand name or make in the specifications is not intendedto restrict Bidders. The specification establishes the character or quality of the article desired. Alternativematerials or goods on which other proposals are submitted must, in all cases be equal or exceed in everydetail to the item specified. RFP must clearly state the brand, make or model number. Alternative goods andmaterials are subject to review and must be approved prior to the date listed on the RFP specifications. TheDistrict, for inspection and specification testing, may require samples of RFP items. Samples furnished mustbe free of expense to the District. Samples furnished must also be identical in all respects to the productsspecified in the RFP. Samples, if not destroyed by tests, and if requested, will be returned at the Bidder’sexpense. All goods furnished under this contract shall be newly manufactured goods. Used or reconditionedgoods are prohibited, unless otherwise specified.5. Prices: Prices shall be included within the Proposal Documents as appropriate for each individual sale item.Taxes shall be included at the Ventura County sales tax rate of 8.25%, unless otherwise specified. Pricingshould be valid for the period as indicated in the RFP proposal/pricing forms, unless otherwise stated in theRFP response.General Instructions to Bidders - Page 1 of 4

6. Quantity: All quantities are estimates and may vary upon actual ordering of units. The District reserves theright to increase or decrease quantities, all or part of the items may be awarded. Over shipments will bereturned at the Bidder’s expense.7. Delivery: Time and manner of delivery are essential factors in proper performance under the contract.Promptness of delivery may be a factor in awarding the RFP. Unless otherwise specified, the Bidder(s) shallbe responsible for delivery and shall pay all costs, including drayage, freight, packing and insurance costs fordelivery FOB Destination as specified in the RFP. Where specific authorization is granted to ship goods FOBPoint of Origin, Bidder(s) agrees to prepay all shipping charges, routing the least expensive method. Eachinvoice will list shipping charges as a separate line item on the invoice and shall include the original or a copyof the freight bill (excluding postal charges). No COD shipments will be accepted.8. Contract Renewal: The term of the contract is stated in RFP documents. Per Education Code § 81644contracts for goods and materials may not exceed three (3) years, contracts for services may not exceed five(5) years. Bidder and the Purchasing Agent/Buyer, representing the District, must mutually agree uponallowances for manufacturer price increases and decreases, during the term of the contract.9. Prevailing Wage: In accordance with Section §1771 of the California Labor Code, except for public worksprojects of one thousand dollars ( 1,000) or less, as defined in Section §1720, not less than the generalprevailing rate of per diem wages for work of a similar character in the locality in which the public work isperformed, and not less than the general prevailing rate of per diem wages for holiday and overtime work fixedas provided in this chapter, shall be paid to all workers employed on public works. This section is applicableonly to work performed under contract, and is not applicable to work carried out by a public agency with itsown forces. This section is applicable to contracts let form maintenance work.In accordance with Section §1773 of the California Labor Code, the Contractor shall post a copy of thedetermination prevailing rates of wages at each job site. A copy of these determinations, entitled“PREVAILING WAGE SCALE” is available to any interested party through the internet at: TheContractor and any Subcontractor(s) shall not pay less than the specified prevailing rates of wages to allworkers employed by them in execution of the contract when applicable.10. References: Bidder may be required to provide a reference list of current customers using materials, goodsor services similar to those specified in the RFP.11. Withdrawal of RFP: RFP proposals may be withdrawn by the Bidder prior to, but not after the scheduledopening by notifying the Purchase Agent/Buyer listed in the RFP Packet. It shall be at the sole discretion of theDistrict to allow Bidder to withdraw a RFP. If evaluation and award of the RFP will be based on award of “all ornone” of the items or services, the withdrawal must be for the entire RFP. If the evaluation and award of theRFP will be based on line items, sections, combination of items, the District may consider permittingwithdrawal of specific line item(s), sections combinations of items or services.12. Opening of RFP Proposals: RFP proposals will be opened and read at or shortly after the time set in theadvertised Notice Inviting RFPs, unless otherwise stated in the RFP Packet. Bidders or their representatives,and other interested persons, may be present at the opening of RFP proposals. RFP proposals that arriveafter the time set for RFP opening will be returned to the vendor unopened and considered non-responsive.13. Bidders Interested in More Than One Bid/RFP: No person, firm or corporation shall be allowed to make,file, or be interested in more than one bid/RFP for the same work unless alternate bids/RFPs are specificallystated.14. Award or Rejection of RFPs: The RFP, if awarded, may be awarded in compliance with these instructionsand based on the evaluation criteria within this packet. The competency and the responsibility of Bidder(s) willbe considered in making the award of RFP. Prior to RFP award, the District may require the Bidder(s) tofurnish evidence satisfactory to the District that it has sufficient means and experience in the type of workcalled for to assure completion of the contract in a satisfactory manner. The District reserves the right to rejectthe RFP of any Bidder(s) who have previously failed to perform properly or to complete on-time contracts withthe District. The District reserves the right to reject any or all RFPs or alternates and waive any informality orirregularity in the RFP or in the bidding.General Instructions to Bidders - Page 2 of 4

The District will evaluate the responses to the RFP based on strength of operations, quality, price, service ofexisting locations, and financial return to the District. In-kind equipment and/or benefits listed in RFPresponses will be considered in determining the award of RFP.15. Form of Contract: The form of contract which, the successful Bidder, will be awarded is a District PurchaseOrder referencing RFP specifications and other contract documents.16. Hold Harmless: The Bidder shall hold the Ventura County Community College District, its officers, agents,servants and employees harmless from liability. The Bidder agrees to protect the District against all claims,suits, or proceedings for patent, trademark, copyright or franchise infringement arising from the purchase,installation or use of services or goods and materials purchased herein. The Bidder further agrees to assumeall expenses and damages arising from such claims, suits and proceedings.17. Anti-Discrimination: Bidder hereby certifies that in performing services or providing materials or goods forthe District, there shall be no discrimination in hiring or employment practices because of sex, race, color,ancestry age, national origin, disability, disabled veteran status, or religious creed. The Bidder further agreesto comply with all applicable Federal regulations and California Fair Employment Practice Act.18. Invoices and Payments: Unless otherwise specified, the Bidder shall render invoices for materials, goodsand services under the contract to the Ventura County Community College District Administration Center,Accounts Payable Department, 255 W Stanley Ave, Ste 150, Ventura, CA 93001. Invoices shall be submittedon a form acceptable to the District under the same firm name as shown on contract. All invoices, packinglists, packages, and shipping notices shall contain the applicable purchase order number. The Bidder shall listseparately any taxes payable by the District.19. Default by Bidder: The District shall hold the successful Bidder responsible for any damage, which may besustained because of the failure or neglect of Bidder to comply with any terms or conditions listed herein. Inthe event of a breach by the Bidder of any of the provisions in the RFP or subsequent contract, the Districtreserves the right to cancel and terminate this contract forthwith upon giving oral and/or written notice to theBidder.20. Independence of RFP: Unless the Bidder is furnishing a joint RFP, by submitting this RFP, Bidder swearsunder penalty of perjury that it did not conspire with any other supplier to set prices in violation of anti-trustlaws.21. Participation by Other Public Entities: Other public entities in the State of California may procure items and/or services off this RFP under the same terms and conditions stated in this RFP.22. Warranty: Unless otherwise specified, the warranties contained in this contract begin after acceptance ofmerchandise has occurred. Bidder will include all written information on any warranty provided by Bidder or themanufacturer.23. Disputes: The parties shall deal in good faith and attempt to resolve potential disputes informally. If thedispute persists, the Bidder shall submit to the Purchasing Agent/Buyer, the “Bidder Protest” form within five(5) working days after being notified by the Purchasing Department of the proposed award. Protests shallinclude reasonable and valid concerns as to why the award, as determined by the District, should not goforward. The District will respond to all protests in writing. The Board of Trustees will not consider protestsfrom Bidders and/or their agents during a public meeting if they have not followed this procedure.24. Rehabilitation Act of 1973: Vendor hereby warrants that the products or services to be provided under thisagreement comply with the accessibility requirements of section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, asamended (29 U.S.C. § 794d), and its implementing regulations set forth at Title 36, Code of FederalRegulations, part 1194. Vendor agrees to promptly respond to and resolve any complaint regardingaccessibility of its products or services, which is brought to its attention. Vendor further agrees to indemnifyand hold harmless the Ventura County Community College District, the Chancellor’s Office of the CaliforniaCommunity Colleges, and any California Community College using the vendor’s products or services from anyclaim arising out of its failure to comply with the aforesaid requirements. Failure to comply with theserequirements shall constitute a breach and be grounds for termination of this agreement.General Instructions to Bidders - Page 3 of 4

25. Security/Bond: The District reserves the right to request Bidders Security/Bond if stated in the RFPdocuments.26. Artwork: Any artwork produced for this project is the sole property of the District and shall be forwarded tothe Purchasing Department at 255 W Stanley Ave, Ste 150, Ventura, CA 93001 upon completion of thisproject.27. Insurance: Vendors providing services to the Ventura County Community College District cannot begin workuntil the proof of insurance has been submitted and approved by the District. Satisfactory proof of insuranceconsists of a certificate of insurance on an ACORD TM Form and a policy endorsement issued by the Vendor'sinsurance company that references the policy number and the District named as additionally insured. Exceptfor worker’s compensation insurance, the policy shall not be amended, modified or the coverage amountsreduced without the District’s prior written consent. The District shall be furnished thirty (30) days written noticeprior to cancellation of the insurance. Vendors shall not allow any Subcontractor, employee or agent tocommence work until the insurance required has been obtained.The following are the insurance minimums required by the District and must be submitted with an executedcopy of the contract;A)WORKER'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE. Vendors must maintain Worker's CompensationInsurance on all employees to be engaged in work for the District. In case of any such work sublet, the Vendorshall require the subcontractor similarly to provide Worker's Compensation Insurance for all of the latter'semployees employed in connection with the work unless the Vendor's insurance covers the subcontractor andits employees.B)PUBLIC LIABILITY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE. Vendors shall maintain PublicLiability Insurance in an amount not less than 1,000,000 for injuries, including accidental death to any oneperson and subject to the same limit for each person, in an amount not less than 1,000,000 on account ofone accident, and Property Damage Insurance in an amount not less than 1,000,000. Any subcontractoremployed in connection with the work shall maintain such insurance unless the Vendor's insurance covers thesubcontractor and its employees.C)AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE: 1,000,000 combined single limit per accident or bodilyinjury and property damage.General Instructions to Bidders - Page 4 of 4

VENTURA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTBID FORMThe undersigned, having carefully examined Notice to Bidders, General Instructions to Biddersand Specifications for RFP 497 Districtwide Beverage Vending Services, hereby proposes to furnishsaid materials and services in accordance with prices quoted on the attached form.Bid prices must be valid for a minimum of a 6-month period after opening date of bid.COMPANY NAME:ADDRESS:PHONE NO.:FAX NO.E-MAIL ADDRESS:ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF BID ADDENDAIn submitting this Bid Proposal, the Bidder acknowledges receipt of all Bid Addenda issued. The Bidderconfirms that this Bid Proposal incorporates and is inclusive of all items or other matters contained in BidAddenda.No Addenda Issued(Initials)Addenda Number(s) received, acknowledged and incorporated in this Bid Proposal.(Initials)PREPARED BY:TITLE:SIGNATURE:DATE:

DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE CERTIFICATIONThe Bidder certifies the following:1.I am aware of the provisions and requirements of California Government Code §§8350 et seq., the DrugFree Workplace Act of 1990.2.I am authorized to certify, and do certify, on behalf of Bidder that a drug free workplace will be provided byBidder by doing all of the following:A.Publishing a statement notifying employees that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation,possession or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in Contractor's workplace and specifyingactions which will be taken against employees for violation of the prohibition;B.Establishing a drug-free awareness program to inform employees about all of the following:(i)The dangers of drug abuse in the workplace;(ii) Bidder's policy of maintaining a drug-free workplace;(iii) The availability of drug counseling, rehabilitation and employee-assistance programs; and(iv) The penalties that may be imposed upon employees for drug abuse violations;C.Requiring that each employee engaged in the performance of the Contract be given a copy of thestatement required by subdivision (A), above, and that as a condition of employment by Bidderconnection with the Work of the Contract, the employee agrees to abide by the terms of thestatement.3.Contractor agrees to fulfill and discharge all of Contractor's obligations under the terms and requirementsof California Government Code §8355 by, inter alia, publishing a statement notifying employeesconcerning: (a) the prohibition of any controlled substance in the workplace, (b) establishing a drug-freeawareness program, and (c) requiring that each employee engaged in the performance of the Work of theContract be given a copy of the statement required by California Government Code §8355(a) andrequiring that the employee agree to abide by the terms of that statement.4.Contractor and I understand that if the District determines that Contractor has either: (a) made a falsecertification herein, or (b) violated this certification by failing to carry out and to implement therequirements of California Government Code §8355, the Contract awarded herein is subject totermination, suspension of payments, or both. Contractor and I further understand that, should Contractorviolate the terms of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1990, Contractor may be subject to debarment inaccordance with the provisions of California Government Code §§8350, et seq.5.Contractor and I acknowledge that Contractor and I are aware of the provisions of California GovernmentCode §§8350, et seq. and hereby certify that Contractor and I will adhere to, fulfill, satisfy and dischargeall provisions of and obligations under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1990.PREPARED BY:TITLE:SIGNATURE:DATE:

NON-COLLUSION AFFIDAVITIn connection with the foregoing Bid Proposal, the undersigned declares, states and certifies that:1.The Bid Proposal is not made in the interest of, or on behalf of, any undisclosed person, partnership,company, association, organization or corporation.2.The Bid Proposal is genuine and not collusive or sham.3.The bidder has not directly or indirectly induced or solicited any other bidder to put in a false or shambid, and has not directly or indirectly colluded, conspired, connived, or agreed with any other bidder oranyone else to put in sham bid, or to refrain from bidding.4.The bidder has not in any manner, directly or indirectly, sought by agreement, communication, orconference with anyone to fix the bid price, or that of any other bidder, or to fix any overhead, profit orcost element of the bid price or that of any other bidder, or to secure any advantage against the publicbody awarding the contract or of anyone interested in the proposed contract.5.All statements contained in the Bid Proposal and related documents are true.6.The bidder has not, directly or indirectly, submitted his or her bid price or any breakdown thereof, or thecontents thereof, or divulged information or data relative thereto, or paid, and will not pay, any fee toany person, corporation, partnership, company, association, organization, bid depository, or to anymember or agent thereof to effectuate a collusive or sham bid.I hereby acknowledge and agree to all specifications of the Ventura County Community College Districtbid and will see that our company is responsible for all materials and services as specified.I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.PREPARED BY:TITLE:SIGNATURE:DATE:

In order to comply with legal requirements, the Ventura County Community College District is gathering andupdating the affirmative action status of vendors. Please check your company's appropriate code as indicatedbelow (see definitions). Minority-owned/Disadvantaged businessWoman-owned businessSmall business concernDisabled Veteran enterpriseOtherNone of the aboveVENTURA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICTAFFIRMATIVE ACTION STATUS CODE DEFINITIONSMinority-Owned/Disadvantaged BusinessA small business concern which is at least fifty-one percent unconditionally owned by one or more socially andeconomically disadvantaged individuals, or, in the case of any publicly owned business, at least fifty-one percent (51% ofthe stock of which is owned by such individuals, and whose management and daily business operations are controlled byone or more of such individuals).Business owners who certify that they are members of named groups (African American, Hispanic Americans, NativeAmericans, Asian-Pacific/Asian Indian Americans) are considered socially and economically disadvantaged.Woman-Owned BusinessA business concern that is at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned by a woman or women who also control and operate it."Control" in this context means exercising the power to make policy decisions. "Operate" in this context means beingactively involved in the day-to-day management.Small Business ConcernAn independently owned and operated concern certified, or certifiable, as a small business by the Federal Small BusinessAdministration (SBA). Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes may be found in the Federal Acquisition Regulations,Section 19.01 or in the Federal Procurement Regulations, Section 1-1.701.Disabled Veteran Enterprise"Disabled Veteran" means a veteran of the military, naval or air service of the United States with a service-connecteddisability who is a resident of the State of California. To quality under this category, certification must be obtained fromthe Office of Small & Minority Business (OSMB) by completing Form OSMB11 and receiving an approved certificationletter from that office. Contact the OSMB at (916) 322-5478 for specific assistance. The District must receive thiscertification with the bid response.Ethnic Groups KeyAfrican Americans: United States citizens whose origins are in any of the Black racial groups of Africa.Hispanic Americans: United States citizens whose origins are in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Central orSouth America.Native Americans: United States citizens whose origins are in any of the original peoples of North America, i.e., AmericanIndians, Eskimos, Aleuts, and Native Hawaiians.Asian Pacific/Asian Indian Americans: United States citizens whose origins are in Japan, China, Korea, Okinawa,Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Trust Territories of the Pacific, theNorthern Marianas, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, or Nepal.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL 497Districtwide Beverage Vending ServicesVentura County Community College DistrictSealed proposals must be submitted to the Ventura County Community College District PurchasingDepartment before 3:00 pm, Wednesday, April 29, 2015 to be considered.The District seeks a supplier to ensure that high-quality, responsive, beverage vending services areprovided for its college campuses. Beverage vending is an important service for students, faculty and staffof the District. Since the recent closure of cafeteria services at all three campuses, our former fountainservices and most coolers in those locations will no longer be available. The proposed vending machinelocations will be discussed and viewed in detail on the Jobwalk that accompanies this RFP.There is no jobwalk scheduled for this proposal, however if you would like to walk the campuses to view theexisting vending machine placement areas, please contact me by April 10 so that this can be arranged.The selected contractor will be required to furnish and install beverage vending machines, coolers andbeverages at all existing locations within 60 days after the award of the RFP. It is the District’s intention tomake a decision and notify the successful firm in June of 2015, allowing time for the successful firm to planits implementation and have beverages soon after the award.In order to obtain the most advantageous commissions, pricing of products, and to ensure a commitmentbetween the District and the Contractor, the District is offering an exclusive contract to provide beveragevending services. As a result, the district expects that the contractor will offer its products, services,commissions and prices consistent with current national and local contracts, and also consistent with otherschools and colleges. This request for proposal for beverage vending service does not include snack foods,food items or hot beverages.The term for this proposal will be for three (3) years, with an appropriate termination clause for nonperformance by awarded vendor.Proposals should discuss/address all sections below in their Request for Proposal. It is highly desirable thatproposals be prepared in accordance with the following outlined sections so the District can easily compareproposals, although it is not required to be exactly in this order so long as all information is provided andclear. Provide as much information about your firm and your machines, service, products, and guaranteesthat you think will assist the District in evaluating your firm’s ability to perform this contract.In addition, complete, sign, and answer all questions on the District-provided forms: the ProposalCertification Sheet, Drug-Free Workplace, Non Collusion and Supplemental Questions.Questions about the RFP must be submitted in writing by e-mail to [email protected] and must besubmitted no later than April 17, 2015. Answers to questions will be posted to the website.RFP 497 District Wide Beverage Vending ServicesSpecifications - Page 1 of 7

Existing Beverage Service InformationThe current beverage vending situation is briefly described below. The exhibits attached will show themachines on campus and their sales volume as will the Annual Sales Summary on Exhibit D. It isrecommended that vending stations remain at their current locations, or similar due to past sales reportsand available utilities. These locations are also uniformly spread throughout the campus for accessibility forthe students. As previously stated, the replacement of existing machi

RE: RFP 497 District Wide Beverage Vending Services Dear Prospective Bidders, Attached is a packet detailing the Request for Proposal 497 District Wide Beverage Vending Services for the Ventura County Community College District. The packet includes General Instructions to Bidders, General Information, Supplemental Questions sheet and Bid Proposal