Demystifying Pet Shampoo Claims

Outline – The Label Claims Cruelty st DryingEnzymaticOptical Brightenersand Enhancers Medicated –Shampoo Therapy Dilution Ratio AntiAnti-Itch Conditioning DeDe-shed DeDe-tangleDeDe-matt Flea Control Safe for cats Hard water compatible Odor control andremoval Shelf life and rancidity VeterinarianRecommended

Cruelty Free Not tested on Animals Insurance Companies – Product Liability Draize eye irritancy test- personal careproducts – 100mg of solution for 72 hours. Feedback from groomers influencesshampoo formulations

HypoHypo-allergenic Hypo-allergenic and non-allergenic not same. “Hypo” indicating that the porduct is not likely”or “will generally not” cause an allergicreaction. A manufacturer need not possess data to provethat a product is hypo-allergenic Detoxifying agents and irritation mitigators areadded to fight potential reactions Dilution is important

NonNon-Allergenic Will not cause an allergic reactionDetoxifying agentsIrritation mitigatorsBetainsLanolin derivatives

Tearless Amine oxides can prevent irritation Oil-based eye protectrants can be used toshield the pet’s eyes

Fast Drying Ask many questions before paying extrafor a “fast drying” product How is dryness measured? Which factors affect dryness?E.g. Relative humidity Dryers, towels and technique Surface tension and sheeting action

Fast Drying Fast drying shampoos often containcosmetic-grade silicones Can science prove that a product shortensdrying time? Humid air vs. dry air More than 95% of water is mechanicallyremoved by a towel and a high velocitydryer Every 18 degrees F higher, the air’sability to hold water doubles

Enzymatic Specialty formulas which use proteinbased enzyme additives remove proteinbased stains Enzymatic does not mean harsh Heat enzymes improved stain removal

Optical brighteners and colorenhancers Formulations includes ingredients thatdeposit on the hair shaft Violet #2 (human shampoo) Optical brighteners and color enhancersare not the same Optical brighteners convert ultravioletlight to visible light

Medicated Used to treat problematic coats andskin Additives commonly used in petshampoos:coal tarmeadowsweetsulfurcomfreyoil of wintergreenchamomilezinc pyrithioneselenium sulfidebenzoyl peroxideoatmeal

AntiAnti-Itch Itching results from diet, fleas or bathing– Common food allergents– Fleas and ticks– Over bathing and under rinsing Not enough sebum leads to an itchy coat Properly dilute all products and rinsethoroughly

ConditionersConditioning shampoos Migrated from human to pet shampoos Shampoos remove oil; conditioners are oilbased Aware of importance of sebum, coat mustbe replenished with organic and natural“substitute” oils

Conditioners“Put back” is what we expectand get from conditioners Conditioners assist to repair the hair,minimizing the appearance of split ends An improved surface condition (thecuticle) assists the hairs to align with eachother, forming a more parallel andadjacent pattern This improved pattern results in moreshine

ConditionersConditioners helpminimize “fly away,”which occurs whenhair becomesnegatively charged.Physics 101 tells usthat like chargesrepel and unlikecharges attract.attractBride-to-beAfghan Houndsuffers from “flyaway.”

DeShed, DeTangle,DeMattThe Three D’s Conditioners facilitate deshedding,dematting and detangling Conditioner can allow undercoat tobecome more accessible for betterdeshedding

DeShed, DeTangle,DeMatt Most deshedding, dematting anddetangling products can be used eitherbefore or after bathing Some products are sold in concentratedform and can be used to “upgrade”shampoos Add no more than 1 - 2 ozs. ofconcentrate to shampoo

Flea control Synthetic flea killers Natural flea killers

Flea control Kill or repel fleas? Flea shampoos work only duringbathing Chrysanthemums Natural flea killers exist, such asD-limonene or Oil of Wintergreen

Flea control Flea eliminating treatments includetablets and spot-on products There are pros and cons to each Fleas are resistant!

Flea control Synthetic flea killers Natural flea killers

Safe for cats Cats perform self grooming Tea tree oil is an excellent product,but isn’t safe for felines Coal tar should also be avoided

Water types Shampoos effective in hard wateror well water rely upon inclusion ofspecial additives called chelatingagents. (Premium shampoos boastthese additives, too.) Di Sodium EDTA, Tri Sodium EDTA High pH water does not mix wellwith some ammonium-basedshampoo additives

OdorsDeodorizing shampoos Claims about deodorizingshampoos are based on inclusionof:–––––EnzymesOxygen-based deodorizersBiocidesModifiersMasking agents

OdorsDeodorizing shampoos Pros and cons of oxygenoxygen-baseddeodorizers:–––––Very effectiveGood spot treatmentFast actingCan be very aggressiveCan bleach fur

OdorsDeodorizing shampoos Pros and cons of enzymeenzyme-baseddeodorizers:– Easier on pet’s coat and non-irritating– “Friendly” enzyme attackscontaminating bacteria to break itdown quickly. Hence, odor iseliminated not just covered up.

OdorsDisinfectants Biocides are chemicals that killodor-causing bacteria and fungus Commonly referred to asbactericide or sanicide Any chemical that claims to killbacteria, micro-organisms or othermatter is a biocide Biocides make good pretreatments

OdorsModifiers Modifiers change structure ofodor-causing matter. This causesodor to appear to be perceiveddifferently or disappear. Seldom used in shampoos Prevalent in manufacturing

OdorsMasking Agents Masking agents contain chemicalsthat change a bad odor to apleasant scent Not a permanent solution Used to cover up an offensiveodor

Shelf life and rancidity Preservatives are used tomaintain shelf life and “pot”life Shampoos and conditionersquickly become rancidwithout preservatives Leave in vs. Wash offProducts

Shelf life and rancidity Rancidity issues are due to dirtydispensing systems, or residualshampoos and conditioners thatare so highly diluted they lack thepreservatives needed to remainfresh. Rancidity can be countered bycarefully rinsing tanks, hoses andapplicators with commondisinfectants

Outline Cruelty st DryingEnzymaticOptical Brightenersand Enhancers Medicated –Shampoo Therapy AntiAnti-Itch Conditioning DeDe-shed DeDe-tangleDeDe-matt Flea Control Safe for cats Hard water compatible Odor control andremoval Shelf life and rancidity

Demystifying Pet Shampoo Claims

Cruelty Free Not tested on Animals Insurance Companies -Product Liability Draize eye irritancy test-personal care products -100mg of solution for 72 hours.