EZ-ACCUser GuideJuly 20111


TECHNICIAN SETUPThis section should only be accessed by a qualified technician as incorrect configurationchanges could affect the communication and functionality of the EZ-ACC access controlsystem. The default login for Technician Setup is 'HC'.The user will be presented with the following configuration menu:The above configuration options will not be reviewed in this user guide. Refer to yourinstallation technician for assistance or contact Hartmann Controls Technical Support at1-877-411-0101 during normal business hours (Mon - Fri; 9AM - 5PM EST).3

ADD/REMOVE CARDHOLDERSThis is the area in which you can Add, Remove, or Edit cardholderinformation. The fields with a red asterisks must be completed; the other16 fields are customizable by your installer in the technician setupsection.ADDING A NEW CARD:Click New to add a new cardholder, the5 fields with red asterisks must becompleted. Enter all personal data asrequired (First and Last Name), enter avalid Card Number and site code,(Found imprinted on each proximitycard or key fob), and specify an accessprivilege group by selecting from thedrop-down menu. An Expiry Date mayalso be added (the date you may wishthis card to stop working)Once all the information is entered, clickon Save, and repeat this step for each new cardholder. After all new card holdersinformation has been entered, Exit the cardholder section and update the panel to sendthe current changes to the panelEDITING A CARDHOLDER:To locate the cardholder you would liketo edit information for, use theFirst/Previous/Next/Last buttons, oruse the search tools Find/FindNext/Show List buttons. Once you haveselected the cardholder, click Edit tomake changes to currently enteredcardholder information. When done,click on Save, after all changes havebeen.DELETING A CARDHOLDER:To delete a cardholder, locate the cardholder using the First/Previous/Next/Last buttons,or use the search tools Find/Find Next/Show List buttons. Click on DELETE, you willbe asked if you want the current record to be deleted, after answering YES, you will4

again be asked if you are sure you want to delete the current record, answering yes againwill remove the entry from the cardholder list.OVERRIDE DOORSThis is the section in which you can physically control theLocked/Unlocked position of the doors in your system, as well as check thepanel version.LOCK/UNLOCK DOORSTo lock or unlock a specific door, selectthe door you want to control byhighlighting it in the list, then click onLOCK to lock the door, or UNLOCK tounlock the door.RESUME TIME ZONETo return a chosen door to its timeschedule (when it unlocks and locksautomatically) click on RESUME TIMEZONEPULSE DOOR LOCKHighlight the door you want to control, click on PULSE DOOR LOCK to momentarilyunlock a door to allow a single person through that door.REQUEST PANEL VERSIONTo view the panel version, click on REQUEST PANEL VERSION, then view the eventdescription screen**NOTE** If the door(s) you are overriding is on a programmed lock/unlock scheduleyou must return the door to its time zone by clicking on RESUME TIME ZONE, or yourdoor will stay in the locked or unlocked position!5

REPORTSThis is the section in which you can generate reports based on CardholderActivity, Door Activity, System Messages, or Special Reports.To generate a report, youmust have a printerinstalled on yourcomputer. Choose thereport you want togenerate from the reportpage.All reports operate in thesame manner as thecardholder report belowCARDHOLDERSWhen generating a cardholder report, youhave the option to search for a specificcardholder through a formula type search, orsearch all cardholders to generate a list ofevery cardholder in the system. Thegenerated list can also be sorted by any ofthe fields available in the drop down menu.Click RUN REPORT to generate a view of the requested report, as below6

UPDATE PANELSThis is the section where you can send information from your computer tothe panel(s)After any configuration changesor any cardholder informationchanges, you must do a fulldownload, which will send allcurrent information on yourSYSTEM STATUSThis section allows you to see the status of the doors on the system.If your system has been installed withdoor contacts, the door status will bevisible on the system device map showingreal time door condition (open, closed,held open, forced open, granting accessetc.7

ADJUST SETTINGSThis section allows you to create and adjust TIME ZONES, add andremove HOLIDAYS, adjust ACCESS PRIVILEGES, andSYNCRONIZE field panel timesADJUST TIMEZONE200 Time zones can becreated and adjusted/editedhere. Time zones can beapplied in two differentareas.1) A time zone can beapplied to a door timeschedule to control whattime a door will open andclose, if so desired(programmed in theTechnicians setup).2) A time zones can be applied to an access privilege group, to control when a credentialwill be allowed access through a door.To create a new time zone, click on NEW, name the time zone, then click on the greenbutton, then click on the Monday time bar. A green section will appear, and can beextended with your left mouse button. The exact time can be fine tuned with the fine tunetool located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. When done setting the times ineach day, including the weekends and holidays, click save.To edit a time zone, choose the time zone to be edited from the drop down menu, makethe desired changes, then save.**NOTE** Please remember to update the panel(s) after you make any changes in theprogramming.ADD REMOVEHOLIDAYS32 Holidays can be programmed into this section.To add a new holiday, click onnew; add the holiday name and the8

month, day and year. Click save when done**NOTE** Please remember to update the panel(s) after you make any changes in theprogramming.ADJUST ACCESS PRIVILEGE255 Different access privilege groups can be configured in this section.An access privilege group is applied to a cardholder to determine which doors thecardholder (or group of cardholders with the same access privileges) will have accessthrough, and when.To add a new access privilege,click on new and add an accessprivilege name. Choose readersfrom the list on the left, thatpeople in this privilege groupwill be allowed to have accessthrough. Highlight the readerson the left and use the bluearrow in the center to move thereader from the left pane to theright pane. Once on the rightside, highlight the reader, andfrom the privilege group timezone drop down menu, selectthe time when access of the cardholders in this group will be granted through this door.Repeat this step until you have all the required doors, with the times attached in the rightpane.Remember, cardholders will only haveaccess through the doors that appear in theright pane, at the times that are attached tothose doors in the access privilege groupthey are in. For example, if the time zoneto the left “grant access 8am to 5 pm” isattached to a door in the right pane, thecardholder will only be granted access tothe door during the “GREEN” times, andbe denied access during the “YELLOW”times**NOTE** Please remember to update the panel(s) after you make any changes in theprogramming.9

SYNCHRONIZE FIELD PANEL TIMESChoosing this selection will automatically send a pulse to all the panels in the system,updating and synchronizing the time. The time sent to the panel is the time on generatedby the operating system of the computer that the software resides on.BACKUP DATABASEThis backup utility allows you to create a database backup of all systemconfigurations, including cardholder information, time zones, accessprivileges etc. It will also allow you to purge older information from theexisting database.To backup your database,indicate the destination of thebackup, or browse to thelocation. We strongly suggestthat data be backed up to anexternal dive/ thumb drive,so that it can be retainedseparately from the operatingsystems hard drive, andeasily recovered incase ofhard drive failure.RESTORE A DATABASE FROM BACKUPTo restore a previously created backup generated by the EZ-ACC Backup Utilityprogram, first you must determine the location of the backup file or archive and thenidentify which back up file you wish to restore. Generally the file with the most recentdate modified attribute as shown within Windows Explorer will be the file required forrestoration.10

The backup process makes a copy of the current system database ‘dbmmc.mdb’ andsaves it into the assigned directory under a modified file name based on the calendar datethe backup process was performed.As an example, if a backup was performed on Tuesday, July 12, 2011; the backup filename would then be saved as ‘dbmmc.mdb Tuesday, Jul 12 2011.mdb’.Copy this file into your C:\Program files\EasyAcc\dbase directory.It is suggested you do not delete the current dbmmc.mdb file (unless it is corrupt orunusable) but rather right-click on it and rename it to ‘dbmmc old.mdb’.Now right-click on the recently copied in backup file and rename it from ‘dbmmc.mdbTuesday, Jul 12 2011.mdb’ (using above date as an example) to just ‘dbmmc.mdb’.If you did not use the EZ-ACC Backup Utility program to generate the backup file butrather just made a copy of the original ‘dbmmc.mdb’ file and stored it in a backuparchive, the steps to restore are similar.You should, as suggested above, rename the existing ‘dbmmc.mdb’ and then simply copythe backup file into the C:\Program files\EasyAcc\dbase directory. If you do not renamethe existing database file, when you copy the backup file on top of it, Windows willprompt you advising that the file already exists and whether you wish to overwrite.Select ‘Yes’ or ‘Copy and Replace’.Open the EZ-ACC software and verify by reviewing configuration settings, paneladdresses and card holder lists that the backup restore was successful.Note: Configuration settings and instructions stored on the panel cannot bedownloaded back to the software as a method of restoring a backup. Anyconfiguration changes or card holder information that has changed or beenadded since the last known good backup will have to be manually reentered.11

by the operating system of the computer that the software resides on. BACKUP DATABASE This backup utility allows you to create a database backup of all system configurations, including cardholder information, time zones, access privileges etc. It will also allow you to purge older information from the existing database. To backup your database,