User ManualEasyCap ProductsDocument Version 1.5.

Table of ContentsSECTIONPAGETable of Contents 21.0 Introduction 51.1 EasyCap 51.2 EasyCap Versions 51.3 About TWAIN DS 61.4 Accessing the TWAIN DS 62.0 Software Package and System Requirements 72.1 Software Package 72.2 System Requirements 72.3 Software License Agreement 73.0 Installation and Support 83.1 Managing Software Installation 83.2 Additional installation steps; PowerShot Plugin and Canon A480, Canon A495, Canon SX200 IS,and Canon SX210 IS 103.3 Managing License Registration Registration with Internet Connection 13License Registration without Internet Connection 13Invalid Application Serial 15License already in use 153.4 License Unregistration 153.5 DEMO mode 164.0 Mode of Operation 174.1 The Normal mode 174.2 The TWAIN mode 175.0 Final Check out before initiating the operations 185.1 Initiating operations with EasyCap application 186.0 EasyCap Application 196.1 Introduction 196.2 EasyCap – Host application 196.2.1 Devices Tab 206.2.2 Populate Devices 206.3 Camera Info 206.3.1 Camera Tab 206.4 Application Tab 216.4.1 Cropping Type 22Doc. VersionPage 2

6.4.2 Auto Cropping 256.4.3 Managing Extra 256.5 Extra Tab Plugins 26Managing Language 28Managing Enhanced Settings 29Managing Face Find and Auto Capture 296.6 Quick Navigation Icons 306.6.1 Skin Gallery 306.6.2 About 306.6.3 Help 316.7 System Tray icon 327.0 EasyCap Application Device Plugins 338.0 WDM/DirectShow Device Plugin 338.1 Introduction 338.2 Supported Cameras for WDM/DirectShow Device Plugin 338.3 Using WDM/DirectShow Device Plugin 338.3.1 Managing the Camera Tab 339.0 Canon EOS Device Plugin 359.1 Introduction 359.2 Supported Cameras for Canon EOS Device Plugin 359.3 Using Canon EOS Device Plugin 359.3.1 Managing the Camera Tab 3510.0 Canon PowerShot Device Plugin 4010.1 Introduction 4010.2 Supported cameras for Canon PowerShot Device Plugin 4010.3 PowerShot Configuration Wizard 4010.4 Using Canon PowerShot Devices 4510.4.1 Managing the Camera Tab 4511.0 Capture-From-File Device Plugin 4811.1 Introduction 4811.2 Supported File Types for Capture-From-File Device Plugin 4811.3 Using Capture-From-File Device Plugin 4811.3.1 Managing the File Settings Tab 4812.0 Appendix A: TWAIN DS 5212.1 Accessing the TWAIN DS 5212.1.1 Using EasyCap with Badge Maker 5212.1.2 Using EasyCap with nFive / jFive 5412.1.3 Using EasyCap with Adobe Photoshop 5613.0 Appendix B: IP General Plugin 57Doc. VersionPage 3

13.1 Overview 13.1.913.1.1013.1.11Advanced Image Preview ( 57Image Adjustment Automatic ( 57Color Tone Image ( 57Color Tone Image Advanced ( 58Convert to Grayscale Image ( 59Image Masking ( 59Image Adjustment Manual ( 60Save Image as File ( 60Convert to Black-and-White Image ( 61Image Resizing ( 61Color cropping ( 6114.0 APPENDIX C: IP MaskCropping Plugin 6214.1 Overview 6214.1.1 Cropping Mask ( 62Legend: Button text is used to indicate a button and is used throughout the text.Doc. VersionPage 4

1.0 Introduction1.1 EasyCapEasyCap is the answer to the high end, high speed live photo capture task. By using the standard TWAIN interfacewe are able to offer this application to any organisation wishing to upgrade their existing photo-ID or Accesscontrol application.EasyCap incorporates a highly accurate face detection algorithm. This face detection feature not only detects thepresence of a face in the picture, it also measures that face. By using this measurement EasyCap automaticallycrops the photo to the desired height/width ratio.Although extensive tests have proven our algorithm successful for approximately 96%, EasyCap still uses computervision principles. This means that sometimes no faces, or multiple faces will be detected. To overcome thesesituations, EasyCap has an easy to use manual crop function that is automatically started when needed.EasyCap is an intelligent capturing application for ID Photography based on face detection. EasyCap products aredesigned to perform the following functions: Full control of image capturing devices including WDM, Canon SLR, Canon PowerShot, etc.Ability to work as TWAIN driver.Ability to work as standalone software.Camera settings control from computer.Live image preview.Image rotation: manual by 90 degrees.Automatic image capture.Automatic face crop on the captured image.Image enhancement.Image export to the TWAIN compatible software (e.g. to ID card design and management software.Save images to the specified folder.Customized plugins which allows the user to add special customized features to his EasyCap capturingsolutions.EasyCap software can work both as standalone software and as TWAIN driver with all TWAIN compatible ID cardapplications (Asure ID, Badge Maker, CardExchange, Card Five, EPISuite, ID Works, ID Flow and others).With this innovative way of capturing and optimizing photos from file or digital camera, you will greatly improveyour capturing time and production efficiency. Your photo ID cards will have a higher level of quality while thequality level of the input photos can be much lower than before.In general, EasyCap will capture a quality photo in less than a second.1.2 EasyCap VersionsEasyCap offers you the functionality of working with the following devices and plugins: WDM DevicesCanon reflex (SLR) cameraCanon PowerShot cameraProcess existing imagesPage 5 - 62

1.3 About TWAIN DSTWAIN is a standard software protocol that regulates communication between software applications and imagingdevices such as scanners and digital cameras.TWAIN Data Source (TWAIN DS) is a high-level device driver to access imaging device from Twain compliantapplication like Asure ID, Badge Maker, BM Entry, CardCoach, CardExchange, Card Five, CardsOnline, CM500,CM5000 EPISuite, ID Works, ID Flow, EasyCap, jFive, nFive, PaintShopPro, PhotoShop and others.1.4 Accessing the TWAIN DS- If you work with Adobe PhotoShop go to File / Import / EasyCap xxx-If you work in Jasc Paint Shop Pro go to File / Import / TWAIN / Select Source, and select EasyCap xxx.After the source is selected use Acquire command (File / Import / TWAIN /Acquire).-If you work in other graphic applications supporting TWAIN, please refer to the correspondingdocumentation supplied with your graphic software.For more details: “Appendix A: TWAIN DS” for some extra examples of using the EasyCap application withapplications which support TWAIN DS devices.Page 6 - 62

2.0 Software Package and System RequirementsThe following sections specify the software package and the system requirements for the EasyCap products.2.1 Software PackageSoftware package includes the following:1. Setup file (setup.exe).2. Serial number for activating the software.Note: The user manual is stored on a web server, to open this manual an active internet connection is required. Ifno internet connection is available, ask your reseller to provide you a hard-copy of it.2.2 System RequirementsBelow you’ll find the system requirements to run the various EasyCap products on your computer properly. Alwaysinstall the latest Microsoft updates and service packs. Supported Operating Systems:o Windows 7.o Windows Vista.o Windows XP.Citrix, Virtual Machines, Windows Emulators are not supported! Supported Architectures:o x86.o x64 (in 32 bit mode)Hardware Requirements:o Recommended minimum for good performance: Dual Core or higher with 1GB MB RAM or more.o Minimum disk space: 100 MB.o One free USB 1.0 (or higher) port to connect camera to the PC (if applicable). For some newcameras supporting USB 2.0; we advise the use of a USB 2.0 port. Otherwise the image transferspeeds will be much lower than is allowed by the camera. If the EasyCap version is supplied withthe USB dongle, your computer shall have the second free USB port.Prerequisites:o .NET Framework 4.0Security:o Installation: during the installation, installation privileges are required!o Operation: during the operation of EasyCap read/write privilege for“%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Documents\EasyCap\” are required. This folder contains the differentsetting files! Windows XP: “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\EasyCap” Windows 7: “C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\EasyCap”2.3 Software License AgreementThis document is a legal agreement between the user (Licensee) and ScreenCheck Europe BV. By installing this product, Licensee is obliged tofulfil the terms of this agreement.ScreenCheck Europe BV reserves all rights not specifically granted, and retains title and ownership of the software.A licensee shall have no rights to duplicate, translate, decompile and/or reverse-engineer this product, nor shall licensee attempt to developany other products that possesses the ‘look and feel’ of this product.As the only warranty under this agreement, and in the absence of accident, abuse or misapplication, ScreenCheck Europe BV warrants to theoriginal licensee only that the disks on which the software is recorded are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal useand service for a period of 90 days from the delivery date. ScreenCheck Europe BV is only obliged to either return the purchase price asindicated or replace the disk that not meets ScreenCheck Europe BV’s limited warranty upon return.ScreenCheck Europe BV shall have the sole and exclusive rights, in its discretion, to institute and prosecute lawsuits against third persons forinfringements of the rights licensed in this agreement.This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands; all disputes under this agreement shall be resolved bylitigation in the courts of Den Haag.Page 7 - 62

3.0 Installation and Support3.1 Managing Software InstallationThe following are the steps for the installation of an EasyCap Application:1.Run setup.exe.Press Next to install EasyCap Application.2.Click Next to initiate the installation procedure of EasyCap Application.Page 8 - 62

3.The installation process is in progress.4.If your EasyCap version contains the Canon Powershot Plugin, the Canon PowerShot Drivers will beinstalled during this step. See the “Error! Reference source not found.” paragraph “Error! Referencesource not found.“ (next paragraph) for more information.5.Select the License Type. Choose “Standard License” if application needs to run with the stand-alonelicense. Use “Network License” if you are using floating license at your organization. To install serverlicense service, separate installation document is available upon request.To configure the application on the server, you need to specify the IP address of your server and the Porton which the service runs.Page 9 - 62

6.The installation process has been successfully completed.Click Finish to exit the Setup3.2 Additional installation steps; PowerShot Plugin and Canon A480, Canon A495, Canon SX200 IS, and CanonSX210 ISAdditional Installation steps if PowerShot Plugin is detected / embedded to the installer AND you would like to useone of the following PowerShot Devices; Canon PowerShot A480, Canon PowerShot A495, Canon PowerShot SX200 IS, Canon PowerShot SX210 IS1.If you are using one of above listed Canon PowerShot Camera, additional driver has to be installed. Formore recent PowerShot models, there is NO need to install this additional driver and installation taskcould be skipped!2.Connect camera to your machine and click OK to continue. It’s mandatory that you complete theinstallation process properly to make sure that the software will work outstanding3.The Canon PowerShot Drivers will be installed one by one.Page 10 - 62

4.The Canon PowerShot Drivers are installed and if you have a Canon PowerShot Camera connected to yourmachine, please switch the PowerShot Camera off and on, to configure it and click OK to continue.5.Your Canon PowerShot camera will be configured.Page 11 - 62

6.Set the password for Camera Configuration Wizard for the PowerShot Plugin. You may even choose not toset any password. If the Camera Configuration Wizard is loaded, the user has to enter this passwordbefore he is able to continue.7.Camera Configuration Wizard.Only for PowerShot users:Before you can use your Canon PowerShot device with the EasyCap application you need to run thePowerShot Camera Configuration Wizard. You can find the configuration wizard in Start All Programs EasyCap Camera Configuration Wizard.Look at “Powershot Configuration Wizard” further in this document for detailed information.3.3 Managing License RegistrationPage 12 - 62

Registering EasyCap product can be achieved in two ways:i)ii)Online activation: with internet connection.Offline activation: without internet connection.Note: if the installed EasyCap application is not licensed, all features will be available but DEMO watermark will beadded to the result image.For special projects it is possible to use a USB hardware dongle as well. Contact your reseller if you are in need ofthis solution.3.3.1 License Registration with Internet ConnectionThe steps below will help you to register the EasyCap product:1. Go to ‘Start’ and select ‘All Programs’.2. Select the EasyCap application.3. Select Register.4. Now enter the Application Serial code that is provided with the Software Package.5.6.Press the Register button.“Congratulations! Your license has been activated successfully” message box.Note: if you do not get this message box, something went wrong during the registration. Further in thismanual the different error scenarios are discussed.Note: By pressing Copy on the register form, the “Application Serial” and the “Request Code” will be copied tothe Clipboard. The user can use this functionality to paste these values in a document or an e-mail for further use.3.3.2 License Registration without Internet ConnectionIf the registration tool does not detect any active internet connection during startup, the following popup isdisplayed:Page 13 - 62

If no internet connection is detected, the user can manually get the EasyCap product’s software license. The userneeds to follow the steps listed below to get the license:1.Enter the “Application Serial” and the “Request Code” and accordingly press on the Export button. Bypressing this button a LIR file, known as the License Request file, will be generated. This file should besend to your reseller.2.3.Your reseller will process the LIR-file and provide you a LIC-file.To register your EasyCap product, you have to press the Import button and select the LIC-file.4.If the reseller generated a valid license, you’ll get the “Congratulations! Your license has been activatedsuccessfully” message box.Note: if you do not get this message box, something went wrong during the registration. Further in thismanual the different error scenarios are discussed.Page 14 - 62

3.3.3 Invalid Application SerialWhile registering an EasyCap application, if an invalid application serial is entered, the following error message willbe displayed.When pressing Ok , the user will be redirected to the following instructional message.3.3.4 License already in useIf the license is already in use or the number of maximum registrations has been achieved, the register tool willdisplay a message box shown below, after pressing the Register button.The user should contact his reseller in order to fix this problem or to get more information regarding this problem.Note: if you are using a single-machine-license, an Application Serial can only be used once. If you are using amultiple-machine-license, an Application Serial can be used on several machines.3.4 License UnregistrationIf you’re uninstalling easyCAP and valid internet connection is available, your license will be de-activatedautomatically in the License Database.Page 15 - 62

3.5 DEMO modeWhen the EasyCap application is started without getting its license registered first, the application will work in theDEMO mode.The user can discover all the features while using the DEMO mode. The only difference is that the applicationscreen shows ‘DEMO’ text in the bottom left side corner and the result image will get a ‘DEMO’ watermark.Page 16 - 62

4.0 Mode of OperationSuccessful installation lets you run EasyCap Products in the following operating modes:1. The Normal mode2. The TWAIN mode4.1 The Normal modeIn this mode, the EasyCap product runs as an independent stand-alone application that can be operated directly.Operating in the normal mode lets the user save the captured image on the local hard drive. The following stepswill help you to run EasyCap product in the normal mode: on the Windows Start button.Go to All Programs.Select the EasyCap product.Press the Capture button.Save Dialog will be displayed to save the captured image.4.2 The TWAIN modeIn this mode, EasyCap runs as a TWAIN source from all the TWAIN compatible applications. As soon as the userfinishes the capturing, the result image gets transferred to the TWAIN application.Page 17 - 62

5.0 Final Check out before initiating the operationsPlease confirm the following steps before you start working with EasyCap product:1.2.3.Your capturing device is installed properly.EasyCap Product software is installed on the PC.The capturing device is turned on and connected with the USB cable to your PCEasyCap Canon SLR Attention! Not all Canon SLR cameras provide an ability to have live image preview in the software window. Canon SLR cameras having live image preview ability shall be set in “Auto” (P), “Exposition priority” (TV),“Aperture priority” (Av), or “Manual” (M) mode. The live image preview will not be displayed in thesoftware window if Canon SLR camera is set in “Full Auto” mode or any of the special modes. The live image should be sharp, dark, with natural colors, etc. In order to get proper image in the previewwindow and start capturing photos please read the EasyCap Canon SLR section.5.1 Initiating operations with EasyCap applicationThe first time when the EasyCap application starts, the loading time might be considerably high because thelicense is checked and the connected cameras are configured. Once EasyCap is started, the application willcontinue running in the background of your system. So, the next time the EasyCap application is called, it will takeless than a second to load.If EasyCap is running in the background, the icon will be displayed in the system tray. By double-clicking on thisicon, the EasyCap window will be displayed.Attention! The live image can be blurry, dark, devoid of natural colors, etc. In order to get proper image in thepreview window and start capturing photos please read the next Chapter.Page 18 - 62

6.0 EasyCap Application6.1 IntroductionAll the EasyCap plugins (WDM Camera, Canon SLR Camera, Canon PowerShot Camera, and Virtual Capture Device)are based on the same framework and therefore have the same workflow. If a user is familiar with any of theseEasyCap plugins, it won’t be difficult for him to switch to using other EasyCap plugins. Our mission is to keep it userfriendly, secure and fast.In the next section, we shall discuss the different features of the EasyCap Application.6.2 EasyCap – Host applicationEasyCap lets you capture images and process them according to your requirements with the help of variousfeatures offered in the control panel.The program window of EasyCap is divided into two parts:1. The (Live View) window on the left side: The Live View area depicts the image of the object to be captured.Any changes in the camera setting that are desired by you for the image to be captured, done before thecapturing, gets reflected in the Live View window. This window has two buttons:a. Capture: By pressing this button, the image of the object viewed in the Live View area will becaptured and processed.Tip: if you press on the button with a right mouse click, the manual cropping workflow will becalled.b.Settings: This is a toggle button. When you press the Show Settings button, it asks for a PIN tounlock all the settings. Upon entering the correct PIN, the various settings are displayed and thebutton will change to Hide Settings . If you want to hide the control panel showing the settings,press Hide Settings button.Page 19 - 62

2.The Control Panel on the right side: Following 3 basic application control tabs and 1 or 2 (specific to theselected EasyCap plugin) device specific tabs are available on the Control Panel:a. Devices: Here all the available EasyCap plugins are listed. On selecting any of the available deviceplugins you can activate that device and configure it to your liking. By default no plugins areselected.b.File Settings: This tab page will be loaded only when you select the Virtual Capture Device pluginfrom the device list. This tab page contains version specific settings to manage the acquisitiondevice (camera or Windows Image File)c.Camera: This tab page will be loaded when any of the camera device plugins (WDM, Canon SLR,and Canon PowerShot) is selected. Here you can customize the image settings for the connecteddevice and its image acquisition.d.Flash: This tab page is exclusively specific to the Canon PowerShot device plugin. You canmanage the flash settings of your connected Canon PowerShot device here.e.Application: This tab page contains configurable software parameters (face detecting, cropping,offset, )f.Extra: This tab page contains some extra application settings (plugin, language, )Attention! The default pin code 1234 or 1A2B6.2.1 Devices TabHere you can find a list of all the devices connected to the machine. By default no device is selected. On selectingone of the devices from the list, its respective plugin is activated and its plugin specific tab pages are added.6.2.2 Populate DevicesWhen a device is connected to machine while the EasyCap application is running, the user can click the Populate button to get all the plugin specific information and settings of the connected device.6.3 Camera InfoOn selecting a camera of the EOS device plugin type (Canon SLR camera), the camera specific informationwill be displayed on the tab page below the list of connected devices. The camera information will display thefollowing:i)Product Name: The name of the Canon SLR cameraii)Body ID: The unique identification number of the Canon SLR camera bodyiii)Battery Quality: The quality of the battery being used inside the Canon SLR cameraiv)Battery Level: The battery level is an indicator of the power left inside the battery6.3.1 Camera TabThis tab page lets you adjust the acquisition settings.Because this tab page is different for each EasyCap version, you’ll find more information about this tab page ineach EasyCap device plugin specific section further in this document.Page 20 - 62

6.4 Application TabIn the Application tab, relevant software settings canbe adjusted. Obviously the default setting is to cropautomatically using the face detection algorithm, but itis possible to override this mechanism.The proportion list lets the operator choose out of oneof the predefined height/width ratios, or define acustom ratio.Since the face detection algorithm will always try tocenter the nose on the diagonals, it could happen thatthe total image from the camera is not wide enough, orin other words, that the detected face is too close to aborder of the image to crop without hitting theboundaries.To overcome these circumstances, some complexmechanisms where implemented into the software toautomatically ‘shift’ the face in the resulted selectionand add pixels to the image in the areas where spaceneeds to be created.By selecting the ‘Preview’ option, the software showsthe result to the operator before passing it to thephoto-ID software or saving on disk.Page 21 - 62

6.4.1 Cropping TypeThe default setting is to crop automatically (auto crop) using the face detection algorithm, but it is possible tooverride this mechanism by selecting the No Crop or Manual Crop option.No CropThe ‘No Crop’ feature does not offer the user the cropping function. When using this option, the captured image isdirectly saved/ transferred to the desired location. If the Preview option is selected, a preview of the capturedimage is displayed before actually saving/transferring the image to its desired location.Manual CropThe ‘Manual Crop’ feature allows the user to manually crop the captured image. After the image is captured, themanual cropping form will be displayed. The user needs to select the region of interest, press the Save button andaccordingly the final image will be saved/transferred to the desired location.When the ‘Use Fixed Proportion’ is selected, the cropping rectangle in the manual cropping form appears in a fixedproportion. The cropping rectangle can be resized but the fixed proportion will

EasyCap software can work both as standalone software and as TWAIN driver with all TWAIN compatible ID card applications (Asure ID, Badge Maker, CardExchange, Card Five, EPISuite, ID Works, ID Flow and others). With this innovative way of capturing and optimizing photos from file or digital camera, you will greatly improve