EZ CommanderUser ManualModel No. EZ902 2006 [email protected] Technology Inc.

Important Safety RegulationsPlease read the User Manual carefully, and follow the safety guidelines before using this device.WARNINGYou are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could voidyour authority to operate this equipment.To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. To avoid electric shock, donot open the case. Please refer all servicing to qualified personnel only. Any attempt to open coversother than the battery cover will void the warranty.CAUTIONAs the laser beam on the EZ Commander is harmful to the eyes, do not point the laser at any person forany reason. When not in use, do not leave the device unattended or within the reach of small children.Please remove the batteries if this device is to be left unused for longer than one month.The EZ Commander (Model No. EZ902) is classified as aCLASS II LASER PRODUCT.The CLASS II LASER PRODUCT label is located on theback of the device.FCC ComplianceThis equipment has been tested and complies with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant toPart 15 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules. Operation is subject to thefollowing conditions:1. This device may not cause harmful interference.2. This device must accept any interference that may cause undesired operation.3. Unauthorized equipment changes may void FCC certification.ManufacturerCompany Name:Model No.:Address:[email protected] Technology, Inc.EZ902303 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 600Redwood City, CA 94065U.S.A.Web site:Telephone 632-45661

GreetingsThank you for purchasing the EZ Commander, an innovative way to experience multimedia with yourPC. Before you get started, please read the following directions carefully. This will help you to getthe most from our product and enjoy the best of digital life in your own way.We appreciate your comments and any sharing of ideas. Your satisfaction is always the first priority ofthe [email protected] design team.Table of ContentsUnpacking the Package Contents . . .3Setup and Installation (Plug & Play) . 3Part Names and Functions .4 Wireless Trackball Mouse . .4 The Portable Keypad . . .4Getting started . 71.Surfing the Internet . . 72.Playback Music or Movie Clips . . .83.Manage the Presentation . . . .9EZ Input Preferences Window . 10EZ Input Help & On Screen 101 Keyboard 11Media Software Key Mapping Support List 12Trouble Shooting & FAQ 122

Unpacking the Package ContentsPlease verify that the package contains the following items. If any of these items appear to be missingand/or damaged, please contact your dealer.1. EZ Commander2. IR Receiver4. 2 AA Batteries3. EZ Input CD5. User ManualSetup and Installation (Plug & Play)Step 1. Insert AA batteries into the remote unitStep 2. Connect IR Receiver to the USBport on your PCStep 3. Install EZ Input software (v1.2) to your PC ( Note: Windows XP, MCE, or Vista required ) Insert the setup CD-ROM into your PC’s CD-ROM drive. The setup wizard should runautomatically, and the welcome screen should appear.If it doesn’t, click the Start button and choose Run. In the field that appears, enterE:\setup.exe (if ‘E’is the letter of your CD-ROM drive).Please follow the directions and refer to the user help. The setup wizard will guide you step bystep to install the EZ Input software.3

Note. If you have an older version of EZ Input on your system, EZ Input CD would uninstall the oldversion of EZ Input first. After the un-installation, please insert the EZ Input CD again (or Run theE:\setup.exe command) to start installing the new EZ Input software.Part Names and Functions1. Wireless Trackball MouseThe EZ Commander is designed with a highly sensitive wireless trackball mouse with 400 dpiresolution. Complete control of your computer and software applications is at your fingertips.L key is the mouse left click key and R key is the mouse right click key. You may also pushdown on the trackball, and it works like the mouse left click key.Mouse Left ClickMouse Right ClickTrackball Mouse(Push down to workas a mouse left click)2. The Portable KeypadThe EZ Commander keypad works in two different modes - PC and Media modes. PC andMedia keys are the two switch function keys on EZ Commander.When you press Media key, EZ Commander switches to Media mode. Key functions of EZCommander in Media mode are displayed in figure 1. Most keys are defined as media controlkeys, such as Play (), Pause (), etc. By default, these keys are defined to controlMicrosoft Windows Media Player (with hardware only). EZ Input allows users using these mediacontrol keys to control other popular media applications, such as PowerPoint, Real Player, iTune,or WinDVD without an effort, so EZ Commander can work as a universal remote control toalmost every popular software on PC. To playback music, videos, or manage the presentation in aconference, is as EZ as the touch of a button. For a list of supported software, please refer to theMedia Software Key Mapping Support List.In Media mode, you may press INS key (as seen in fig. 1) to switch between programs on thetaskbar. For Windows Vista users, press INS key to cycle through programs on the taskbar byusing Windows Flip 3-D. Press Enter key to select your working program and switch back tothe desktop.4

In Media mode, you may press Mode key (as seen in fig. 1) to switch to Windows desktop anytime when you want to select a desktop icon. For Windows Vista or MCE users, press Modekey to switch the PC to Windows Media Center mode. This is an integrated PC multimediaenvironment provided by Microsoft for home entertainment. Press ESC key to exit WindowsMedia Center mode and switch back to the desktop.PC: Switch to PC modeMedia: Switch to Media modePower: Standby PCLaser: Push and hold for laser: Help: Zoom InMenu: File menu: Mute: Play: Record: Pause: Stop: Backward searchVol : Volume up: Forward searchCh : Channel up: Previous trackVol- : Volume down: Next trackCh- : Channel downTAB: Tab keyESC: Esc keyEnter: Enter keyBkspace: Back space keyDEL: Delete keyINS: Switch betweenopen programsNumber keysMode: Switch to Desktop (orWindows Media Center modefor Vista, XP MCE)Space: Space keyFig. 1 Key functions in Media mode5

When you press the PC key, EZ Commander switches to PC mode. Key functions of EZCommander in PC mode are displayed as follows in figure 2. Notice that these keys are somemost frequently used keys for Windows desktop and many common software applications. Forexample, you may press the Web key to open up your default web browser, such as IE. In PCmode, EZ Input allows users using number keys to input text for up to 10 languages. Pleaserefer to the Getting Started section for more details.PC: Switch to PC modeMedia: Switch to Media modePower: Standby PCLaser: Push and hold for laserTask-Mgr: Bring up Windowstask manager (Ctrl Alt Del)Show: Start Power Point slideshowMenu: File menuWeb: Bring up default webbrowser, e.g. IEOpen: Open a fileSave: Save a fileNew: Open a new filePrint: Print a fileHome: Home key: Right keyEnd: End key: Up keyPgUp: Page Up key: Left keyPgDn: Page Down key: Down keyTAB: Tab keyESC: Esc keyEnter: Enter keyBkspace: Back space keyDEL: Delete keyINS: Insert keyNumber keysMode: Input mode switch key(mode, Mode or MODE)Space: Space keyFig. 2 Key functions in PC mode6

Getting Started1. Surfing the Internet Bring up your Internet browser. You may use the trackball mouse to click browser icon onthe desktop, or click Start Program then choose the browser program. When EZCommander is in PC mode, numerical input (default status), you may press Web key directlyto bring up the browser.Numerical InputEZ Input PC mode Mouse click on the links of your interest. When you need to input text (e.g. search keyword) into the browser, press PC key to open EZInput dialogue window. By default, English 10-key input keypad will show up in the windowand the tray icon will indicate the status as follows.English InputEZ Input PC mode You may keep pressing PC key to select a different input language. Respective 10-key keypadwill show up in the dialogue window and the tray icon will indicate the selected language aswell. (Note: By default, only English is enabled. To enable or disable the text input forother languages, please refer to the Enable / Disable an Input Language section in EZInput help system.) Use number keys (0 9) to input your text. The input method is “Just Type It” as with mostsmart mobile phones. This means you press on the respective number key only once for eachletter. EZ Input will spell the word for you. For example, you want to input “pizza” as yoursearch key for Internet search. Click on the search text box on Google or Yahoo search page,then press 7(p), 4(i), 9(z), 9(z), 2(a) keys. A selection list will appear. Use Up and Downkeys to locate the word “pizza”, then press Enter to send it to the search text box.Words for selectionInput number keysEnglish keypadESC keyMODE keySpace key7

Press the space key at anytime to insert a space into the text. Press the BKSP / DEL key todelete an input number in the Input Buffer or a character in the text (when the Input Buffer isempty). To input numbers instead of the word (e.g. to input "74992" instead of "pizza"), justmouse clicks on the input numbers (e.g. "74992") directly. The numbers will be typedinto the working application. You may also mouse click on the screen keypad to do text input. EZ Input supports up to10 languages. For more details, please visit “”. Press ESC key to close the dialogue window and switch back to numerical input status (i.e.standby mode). In numerical input state, all key inputs would be directly sent to the workingapplication. Press Mode key to switch input mode between en, En, and EN, which represent normal,leading uppercase, and uppercase respectively. In en mode (default), the input word is typedinto the working application without any change. In En mode, the first letter would beuppercase. In EN mode, the whole input word will be changed to uppercase.en modeEn modeEN mode2. Playback Music or Movie Clips Bring up your favorite multimedia software or application (e.g. Windows Media Player). Press Media key to switch both EZ Commander and EZ Input into media mode. When EZCommander is in Media mode, the EZ Input tray icon will indicate the status as follows.8

Media mode For the software supported on the Media Software Key Mapping Support List, justpress the media control keys (, etc. ) to control the software and playbackcontents. If the software is not supported on the list, please use the mouse for control or youmay create a key mapping code book for the software. Please refer to the Remote ControlMultimedia Software section in EZ Input help system for details.3. Manage the Presentation Bring up the PowerPoint or other presentation tools. Control PowerPoint with EZ Commander in PC mode.In PC mode, you may use EZ Commander to control PowerPoint with or without EZ Input.Just press the PC key to switch EZ Commander to PC mode and switch EZ Input to standbymode. Then, press Show key to start the slide show. You may use PgUp / PgDn keys orarrow keys to backward / forward the slide show. When finished, press the ESC key to stopthe slide show. Control PowerPoint with EZ Commander in Media mode.This is recommended for a trade show or multimedia presentation. Just press Media key toswitch both EZ Commander and EZ Input into media mode. Then useslide show. Use/( or/,/key to start the) to backward / forward the slideshow. When finished, press the ESC key to stop the slide show. You may integrate audio /video or other media into the trade show and control all applications with EZ Commander atthe same time (using the media control key set).9

EZ Input Preferences WindowEZ Input supports up to 10 different languages. Users can use the PC key to select a language, asdescribed in the Getting Started - Section 1. The EZ Input Preferences Window allows usersto temporarily disable languages users do not wish to use. Languages can be re-enabled at a later time,if desired.To open the Preferences Window, press ESC key to close the EZ Input dialogue window first,or press Media key to switch to Media mode. Then mouse right click on the EZ Input tray iconand select “Preferences ” as follows.The Preferences window will appear as follows.As you can see, by default, “English” is selected. Users can enable or disable any other languages bychecking or un-checking the respective check boxes. Click on the OK button once selections havebeen made. In this example, the input keypads will show up in the following sequence when you keeppressing the PC key.10

EZ Input Help & On Screen 101 KeyboardMouse click the help button () on the EZ Input dialogue window as follows, or mouseright click the tray icon then select “Help”. The help system will appear for your review.HelpOn-Screen KeyboardMouse click the On-Screen keyboard button () on the EZ Input dialogue window, asabove. The EZ Input dialogue window will close, and the On-Screen Keyboard will show up.Users can mouse click on each letter or function key to do the text input. This provides users aconvenient way to input special text such as a user password.11

Media Software Key Mapping Support List4am Music Console 1.7Foobar2000 0.942Opera 9.1ACDSee 32ACDSee 6Freeamp 2.1.1Google Video PlayerPicasa 2.0PlayCDG PE/SPACDSee 8ACDSee 9Ace Media Player 2.2Hero DVD Player 307Hipix DV-200 3.52Hotwire Movie Player 4.1PPLivePPStreamQQLiveAdobe Photoshop Album 3.0Adobe Reader 8.0Internet ExplorerInterVideo WinDVD 8Quicktime 7.13Quintessential Player 4.51ATI Multimedia 8.9Atomix MP3 Player 2.3Audioplus 2.00eIrfan View 3.99iTune 7J.River Media Center 11.1Real Player 10.5SkypeSlingplayer 1.4AverMedia AverTV USBAXCDPLAY 2.6JetAudio 6.2.2JoostSonic Stage 3.1SopCastB & Q Beoplayer 3.1Blaze DVD Player 3.5CDMAXKKBox 2.2Magic DVD PlayerMediaMonkey 2.54Swift Ultralite 1.032Theater Tek DVD Player 2.11ThumbsPlus 7Christv 4.6Cinematograph 2.1.3MediaPortal 0.22Microsoft ExcelTT Player 4.6TvantsCoolCD Studio 1.4Core Media Player 4.11Crystal Player pro 1.97Microsoft PowerPointMicrosoft WordMS AccessUlead DVD PlayerUltra DVD Player 5.5UUSeeCyberlink Power CinemaCyberlink PowerDVD 7MS FrontPageMS NotepadVan Basco KaraokeVidLizard Player 1.24dBpowerAMP 2DDB Player 3.95Digicasa EZ Player 2MS OutlookMS PaintMS Picture & Fax ViewerVirtuosa 5.2VU Player 2.45Winamp 5.12Digiguide 8.3DigiTV 3.2Music Match Jukebox 10My Theatre 3.26Windows Media Player 10, 11Windows Media Center (MCE)Dojo Media Player 2003Dscaler 4.115DVB-TplayerNapster3.5.2.5Nero mix Showtime GoYahoo Music Engine 1.11025Yahoo Music JukeboxeXtremeMP3 Player 1.0NVidia NVDVDZoomPlayer 4.51Trouble Shooting & FAQMy EZ Commander does not work.Please first check if the batteries are good and installed correctly. Then make sure that the IRreceiver is connected properly to a USB port on your PC. Move the trackball on EZ Commander toverify mouse operation. If this does not work, please contact our product support.12

I cannot install EZ Input software into my PC.EZ Commander is a plug and play device which supports PC Operating Systems back to Windows98SE. However, EZ Input software requires support from Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 and up. Inorder to benefit from the great features provided by EZ Input, please visit Microsoft Windows updatenetwork to download the patch and update your Windows system (for XP, NT 4.0 sp3 and up).I cannot Input text into my working application.Text input is a feature provided by EZ Input software which works with EZ Commander. EZ Inputalways sends input text into the active window or application. When you use EZ Input to type intoyour working application, please make sure that you have mouse-clicked the application window tomake that window active.How do I input a phrase or name of a city, which contains space(s) between words (e.g.“New York”, “San Francisco”)?To input a phrase or name which contains space(s), just type number key “0” for space(s). Forexample, you want to input “New York”. Just press 6(n), 3(e), 9(w), 0( ), 9(y), 6(o), 7(r), 5(k) keys.Please refer to the English Letter & Symbol Table section in user help for the corresponding numberkey of each alphabetic letter or symbol. In this table, you may see that space character belongs tocategory “0”, and “-” (minus) character belongs to category “2”, etc.Function keys on EZ Commander do not work.EZ Commander can work in two different modes, PC and Media mode, as described above. Keyfunctions are defined differently for each mode’s function. In PC mode, key functions are defined fortext input and desktop application’s operation. In Media mode, key functions are defined to controland operate multimedia applications to playback your digital contents. Before you use these functionkeys for their defined functions, please first make sure that EZ Commander is in the correct workingmode, (i.e. PC or Media mode) by pressing the desired switch key (i.e. PC or Media key).EZ Commander cannot control my multimedia application.Auto-key-translation is a feature provided by EZ Input software which works with the EZCommander. Without EZ Input, EZ Commander can only control the playback of Windows MediaPlayer 10. With EZ Input installed on your PC and running in Media mode, the function keys on EZCommander can be transformed automatically to hot-keys of other popular media software and thuscontrol their playback. Please make sure that EZ Input software is installed and running on yoursystem. Then make sure that EZ Commander is working in the Media mode. You may do this byverifying the tray icon on the system taskbar. If EZ Commander is not in Media mode, press theMedia key. Then check if the media software which you are using right now is supported on theMedia Software Key Mapping Support List.Trackball on my EZ Commander is not very smooth.You may open the trackball cover and do some clean up. There are two small spots on the trackballcover. Use a proper tool to hold on the spots then push and turn anti-clockwise to open the cover.Remove the trackball and clean up the base. After the clean up, do the reverse to reassemble thetrackball and cover.13

My keyboard sometimes does not work properly.When EZ Commander is not in use, please switch EZ Input to standby mode (PC mode, numericalinput). Since in Media mode, EZ Input will keep monitoring user key-in at the background. If thekey-press matches the defined key code of EZ Commander, EZ Input will translate the key-press to acontrol hotkey of the working application. In this case, user might experience unexpected result forthe typed keys.My computer is a MAC from Apple. Can I use EZ Commander with it?Yes, you can use EZ commander with a MAC if it comes with a USB port. The only issue is that EZInput software supports only the Windows platform right now. A MAC version of EZ Input softwareis coming soon.Would EZ Commander work by itself without EZ Input software?Yes. EZ Commander is a USB port plug and play device and it works as a wireless trackball mouseand small keypad. In media mode (press Media key), it works as a remote control for WindowsMedia player (v.10). In PC mode (press PC key), it provides number keys and most of the functionkeys for Windows desktop operations. However, if you need to input multilingual text, or want toremote control other popular media software on your PC, you need to install EZ Input software andhave it running on the PC. These are two features provided by EZ Input.Where do I find those multimedia contents or programs on the Internet?There have been many multimedia programs and contents on the Internet and millions of users havebeen enjoying them on a daily basis. At , we offer a link called “MediaWorld” which provides access to TV programs, news, music and movies from around the world.Most of them are free. Some may require membership, either free or for a small charge. This willget you connected and start your digital life in a convenient way. [email protected] does not own thosecontents. Note: The contents are owned by companies in the US or elsewhere in the world, and theyare protected by copyrights.What’s the working distance and angle for the Infra Red on EZ Commander?EZ Commander is equipped with wide angle dual infra-red emitter which can be effective up to 30feet. You don’t need to point the remote unit directly at the receiver. However, please make surethat the receiver is visible to you and not blocked by other objects.What are the key codes of EZ Commander defined in PC and Media mode?Please visit for the key code definitions.How do I input languages other than English?Please visit for details of input method for other languages.How long is the battery life for EZ Commander?For regular usage, about 2 hours a day, the battery life is about 90 days. Battery life also depends onhow often text input is used and the condition of the batteries.14

E:\setup.exe command) to start installing the new EZ Input software. Part Names and Functions 1. Wireless Trackball Mouse The EZ Commander is designed with a highly sensitive wireless trackball mouse with 400 dpi resolution. Complete control of your computer and software applications is at your fingertips.