EZ GrabberV3.1EZ Grabber Quick Installation Guidance1.INTRODUCTIONIntroductionEZ Grabber is a capture equipment specified designed for capturing MPEG, which transmit screenedimportant images to HDD by connection of AV and S-Video with high resolution as 720*576. You can edit valuableDV/Digital 8 video recorder, Vidicon, VCR, DVD and camera to burn VCD, SVCD, DVD, MPEG4, AVI formatsdirectly.1.1 Features and applicationFeatures:Small sizeUse newest USB2.0 chipset which provides high data transmit rate to ensure video and audio work long atthe same timePowerful functions , installation easily with USB powerCompatible with all laptop, LCD and USB2.0 portSupply many kinds of capture formats and MPEG models to make VCD, DVD, WMV convenient and easy torelease on internetSupply multi-video and S-video inputs.Deluxe User Interface, software make you do film DIY more easily1.2 Application scope:Internet video meetingVideo phoneVideo-audio animation transcribing and editingMake VCD, DVD and WebsiteEnterprise bulletin and advertisement1.3 System requirementSystem requirementInter Pentium4 1.4G CPU, recommended Pentium4 2.0G or higherRMA is 128M at least , recommend 256M or higherA high speed USB2.0 interfaceVGA card supports DirectX9.0CD-ROM (for installation)300MB HD space(install driver and application ,like EZ Grabber), 600MB to 3GB per hour for recording1.4 ContentsEZ Grabber boxAV cable 3-3Software CDUlead Video Studio 9 SE DVD (Optional)1.5 EZ Grabber Connection

EZ GrabberV3.12. Driver and Application InstallationStep1:OS will remind a new hardware-- “New Hardware Device” was found. Please choose“Cancel”,Step2: When CD is inserted, OS will guide you to the setup automatically. Click “Driver Install” orrun Drive\Setup.exe,Step3: Click “next” to continue installation

EZ GrabberV3.1Step4:Click “Install” to continue installation driverStep5: OS will promote to install devices,Click “Continue Anyway”(Only Windows XP)

EZ GrabberV3.1Step6: Click “Finish” to completely install the Driver SoftwareStep7:Click “Software Install” or run “EZ Grabber\Setup.exe” to install application,Choose your favor atelanguage.Step8: Please make sure DirextX9.0 installed before application installation. If not, system will prompt install itautomatically

EZ GrabberStep9: After that, click “next”Step10:Choose install the components, and click “Next”.V3.1

EZ GrabberV3.1Step11:Prepare to install EZ Grabber click “next”Step 142: Auto promote install “Windows Media Format9”, and click “Yes”.(Only Windows XP)Step 13:Click “Yes” to continue “Windows Media Format9” installation. (Only Windows XP)

EZ GrabberV3.1Step14: System will prompt that system will restart, please click “Finish”.Step15:Icon on your desktopStep16: When all finished, please check on open the control panel, selectproperties”, select“System”, select ”system“Device Manager”, you can see four new device drivers installed.

EZ GrabberUSB2.0 Video DeviceV3.1

EZ GrabberV3.13. EZ Grabber ApplicationMain user InterfaceNODescriptionNO1Status921011Stop playing files125Setting Setup menuSnapshotStart to recordStop recordDescriptionPlay recorded filesStatus window6Fast forward147Back forward15Shift stereoBack forwardOpen the recorded fileMinimizeFull screen : Window and videodesktop switchAbout:Show version and copyright.Exit EZ Grabber8Pause34133.1 SettingPresson panel, then you can adjust any function

EZ GrabberV3.13.1.1 Video source ,you can set video system and video source.Video system as NTSC or PAL. Normally, device can choose the video system as signal. Video source as VideoComposite and S-Video. Default is Video Composite.3.1.2 Color settingYou can change brightness, contrast, Hue, saturation and sharpness.Press “Default” to return default status3.1.3 Capture button Optional

EZ GrabberSnapshot: Capture picture。Capture video: Capture video files。3.1.4 Snapshot OptionalBMP:BMP file format.JPG:JPEG file format.Change destination directory for snapshot. Click “browse”3.1.5 Video formats as DVD,SVCD,VCD,MPEG4,AVI,WMV,WMA and MP3.Default is VCD.V3.1

EZ GrabberV3.1Change destination directory for video file and snapshot. Click “browse”4. Mouse Right Click4.1 Most topThe TV Window always on the top4.2 Full screen modeEnlarge the window to full screen, double click on the screen will return to window mode4.3 Display control panelDisplay /hide EZ Grabber4.4 Video inputSelect video sourceThere are two choices: Video Composite and S-Video. Default is Video Composite.4.5 Video modelChange the video format to PAL/NTSC/SECAM4.6 RecordYou can record live TV program, the gray status mean unavailable

EZ GrabberV3.14.7 StopStop recording. When playing, this item is unavailable4.8 AboutEZ Grabber version and copyright information4.9 ExitExit EZ Grabber5. Use EZ Grabber5.1 RecordEZ Grabber is a application for live program or audio recording, supports MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 ,to save muchspace.5.1.1 Record:Pressbutton to start recording, pressto stop it. EZ Grabber save file as default5.1.2 Status windowEZ Grabber show the status of application5.1.3 Recording spaceDisk space depend on the format when you recording. There is some information for you reference.Audio bit rate(Kbps)Disk Space62242.6GB/hr480*4802.422241GB/hrNTSC VCD320*2401.15224600MB/hrPAL DVD720*57662242.6GB/hrPAL SVCD480*5762.422241GB/hrPAL 8224WMV352*288FormatResolutionVideo bit(Mbps)NTSC DVD720*480NTSC SVCDrate1.2224MP3224WMA224Around650MB/hr5.2 SnapshotWhen watching pressbutton to capture the picture and save as .bmp format. After pressing snapshotbutton, software will save still image automatically5.3 Video playingEZ Grabber will play the recorded video files you made it before.5.3.1 choose your favorite program and playing, double click or click “Open” on right click of

EZ Grabber5.3.2 Status window will inform you the living program information when playing .5.4About EZ GrabberClick “about” oron right-click of mouse to show EZ Grabber versionV3.1

EZ Grabber box AV cable 3-3 Software CD Ulead Video Studio 9 SE DVD (Optional) 1.5 EZ Grabber Connection. EZ Grabber V3.1 2. Driver and Application Installation Step1:OS will remind a new hardware-- "New Hardware Device" was found. Please choose "Cancel", Step2: When CD is .