HACC, CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA’SCOMMUNITY COLLEGE IS PLEASEDTO OFFER CONTINUING EDUCATIONCOURSES TO MEET YOUREDUCATION AND PROFESSIONALLICENSURE REQUIREMENTS.Location of coursesHACC – Harrisburg CampusHall Techology Building, Room 203One HACC DriveHarrisburg, PA 17110HACC Massage Therapy Program isapproved by the National CertificationBoard for Therapeutic Massage andBodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuingeducation approved provider. Provider#451654-11. We also are a PA statelicensed continuing educationapproved provider. HACC is accredited by the Commissionon Higher Education of the Middle States Associationof Colleges and Schools.student:teacher ratioThe maximum student:teacher ratio in the lab is12:1 to ensure individual attention and skill assessment.In the classroom the ratio is 18:1. The maximumnumber of students per class is 18.canceLLation PoLicyRefunds can only be made if notification is receivedno later than 2 days prior to the start of class.

anaLyzing gaitsaPPLying bioMechanics to MassageThis course is to instruct students on the proper gait patterns and some common deviations fromthe norm. For example, pronation of the foot and how that affects the muscle chain. It will allowstudents to conduct a lab where they analyze one another’s walking patterns or gaits, and recordtheir findings. Using these findings, we are going to examine what muscles are at play with theseparticular patterns.The instructor will demonstrate to the learners some massage techniques to work on the affectedareas and will allow the students to use the techniques on each other and receive them as well.Learning about anatomy and kinesiology means that you will better understand the bodyand how it works—so you can better promote healing in your clients.CLASS OFFERINGS:March 3, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.INSTRUCTORBIOGRAPHY:Joe Grzybicki, B.S., LMTteaches anatomy, physiology,and neuromuscular therapy for theHACC Massage Therapy Program.Please bring sheets, pillow caseIn addition to a massage certificationand massage lotion.from the Lancaster School of Massage,Joe has a four-year college degreein kinesiology – the study of movement. Joe also owns and operates Morphysique inLancaster, PA. Joe provides bodywork, personal training and CPR training6 CEU’sCost: 120CRN# 72997Massage theraPy for theiLLioPsoas and Quadratus LuMboruM“Minding your P’s and Q’s”This course will be a review of anatomy of the psoas and quadrates lumborum.Students will learn to locate trigger points and pain patterns, demonstratemuscle releasing techniques and learn and demonstrate stretching techniques.This course will assist in developing an effective treatment plan for clientswith psoas and quadratus lumborum pain.CLASS OFFERINGS:April 21, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.6 CEU’sCost: 120CRN# 72999INSTRUCTORBIOGRAPHY:Monica T. Pageler,RN, LMT is the Supervisorof HACC Student MassageStudio and an instructor inPlease bring sheets, pillow casethe HACC Massage Therapyand massage lotion.Program. A graduate fromReading Hospital and MedicalCenter Nursing School and The Pinellas Humanities Center Massage School in Florida,she brings 33 years of experience into the health and massage field. She has been a memberof the American Massage Therapy Association for the past 20 years. Additional educationincludes: Positional Release, Sports Massage, Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Massage, AlternativeHealing/Chakra Balancing, and Aromatherapy. She is a Neurolinguistic Practitioner,Yamana Body Rolling instructor and a Reiki Master. She currently has a private massagepractice with her husband, integrating personalized massage treatments and wellnessstrategies thus educating the client.

aroMatheraPy Massage essentiaLoiLs for sPringIn this course students will review the anatomy of the sinuses and learn which essential oils helpto relieve sinus inflammation and soreness related to spring allergies. Instructor will demonstratea sinus massage combined with essential oils to help clients presenting with sinus distress.We will also review the anatomy of the liver and the gallbladder. There will be a brief overviewof the Chinese 5 Elements for Spring and learn which essential oils assist with spring timecleansing of the liver and gallbladder.Instructor will demonstrate a protocol designed to cleanse the liver and gallbladder combinedwith essential oils to assist with the process. We will also discuss which essential oils can beused for spring time cleaning of your massage officeCLASS OFFERINGS:INSTRUCTORBIOGRAPHY:Sherrie Kelly, LMT currently teachesBusiness Practices, Hot Stone Massage,6 CEU’sCost: 240CRN# 72996Chair Massage, and Spa Treatments andAromatherapyin the HACC MassageCost includes a high quality essential oil travel set.Therapy Program. She graduated fromSet includes 8 oils, 2 inhalers, jars and bag.the Winter’s School of Massage inPlease bring sheets, pillow caseHouston, TX in 1999 and holds a TXand massage lotion.and PA massage therapy license.She then went on to the College ofHolistic Studies in Houston, TX to study aromatherapy and holistic spa modalities. CurrentlySherrie is xpanding her aromatherapy education at Aromahead Institute in Andrea Butje. Shehas had her own practice in Houston, TX, San Miguel de Allende Mexico and now has a privatepractice in Harrisburg, PA.May 5, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.body Mechanics tune-uPThe massage therapy profession is so physically demanding that a high percentage of therapistssuffer repetitive stress injuries at some time in their careers. Often, these injuries are careerending. Continued attention to proper body mechanics while performing massage is essentialto career longevity.This workshop is designed for therapists who have been in practice and may be experiencingnagging soreness as a result of the work. The cornerstone of the workshop is individual videoanalysis of each therapist while performing a regular massage. Potential problem areas will beidentified along with strategies for improvement.CLASS OFFERINGS:May 12, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.6 CEU’sCost: 120CRN# 72995INSTRUCTORBIOGRAPHY:Kathy Zoladz, M.Ed., LMT,NCTMB is currently the Swedishmassage instructor in HACC’sprofessional massage therapyPlease bring sheets, pillow caseprogram. She is a nationallyand massage lotion.certified therapist who offers anintegrative style of massage usingboth light and deep techniques. A graduate of the original Baltimore School of Massage, shealso holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physical education. She currently practicesat Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg. Recently she achieved full certification in Ashiatsu,which is deep, flowing Swedish massage performed with the feet while standing on the tablewith the client and using overhead bars for balance and safe technique application.

Massage in Long-terM careThis course will be a hands on learning experience providing resident massage in a longterm care setting. Geriatric massage, death and dying and gentle touch will discussed.Medical conditions and cautions will be covered in detail.Massage Therapist participating in this educational experience must have a two-partcompleted TB test and wear blue scrubs for the workshop. If you have any specificquestions please contact Nina directly at (717) 221-1386CLASS OFFERINGS:June 9 and 10, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.INSTRUCTORBIOGRAPHY:Nina Kottcamp, LMT, NCMTis the Massage Therapy ProgramCoordinator and teaches ConnectiveTissue Therapy at the HACC MassagePlease bring sheets, pillow caseTherapy Program. She is a 1996and massage lotion.graduate of the original BaltimoreSchool of Massage, is NationallyCertified in Therapeutic Massage, and is a professional member of the American MassageTherapy Association. In addition to Connective Tissue Therapy, Nina has advanced training inManual Lymph Drainage and Mastectomy Massage and is an Emergency Medical Technician.12 CEU’sCost: 280CRN# 72998Jean Peterson, BSRN offers 24 years supervisory experience in rehabilitation and geriatrics.She is the class and clinical instructor for HACC Nurse Aide Training Program located at theClaremont site. Ms. Peterson brings to the classroom a compassion and a consideration for residentcare that has been exposed in her work, instruction and service over the past several decades.Camille Baughman, MA, LMT has a B.S. in Education from Shippensburg University,an M.A. in Applied Healing Arts from the Tai Sophia Institute and has been a licensed MassageTherapist trained at the Florida School of Massage since 1986. In addition to running a practicethat includes 10 other licensed and certified Massage Therapists, Camille is involved in massageeducation at several institutions.What’s haPPening at hacc?FIND HACC’S MASSAGE THERAPY PROGRAM ON FACEBOOKGo To WWW.HACC.EDU and click the Facebook icon.Scan this QR Code with your smartphone to learn moreabout the Massage Therapy program or ssageTherapistHACC does not discriminate in employment, student admissions, and student services on the basis of race, color, religion, age,political affiliation or belief, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, place of birth, General Education Development Certification (GED),marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other legally protected classification.

registrationComplete the registration form below and return it,along with your credit card information orcheck made payable to: haccTo register by phone, please call (717) 780-2414Please give registration the class #Mail to:registration c206one hacc driveharrisburg, Pa 17110Or fax to: (717) 780-1135register earLy as sPace is LiMited!!!MASSAGE THERAPYCONTINUING EDUCATIONregistration forMNameStreet AddressCityStateZipPhoneEmail AddressPlease register me for the following course numbers:I authorize HACC to charge to my Visa MasterCard DiscoverAccount # Exp. DateSignature

HACC HEALTH SCIENCEASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMThe Associate of Health Science is a degree completion program designed for activelycredentialed or licensed health care professionals currently working in their fields.Each student must submit a portfolio for review. After portfolio evaluation, qualifiedapplicants will be awarded 15 to 30 credits toward the Health Science degree. This is aselective admissions program. The complete program is available at the Harrisburg,Lancaster, Lebanon, Gettysburg and York campuses. Most courses also available on-linethrough the Virtual campus.Entry into this program is not guaranteed with admission to the College; specificadmissions criteria must be metDEGREE CONCENTRATIONS: GerontologyManagement/Marketing – can be done mostly onlineMedical AdministrationSocial Servicethe following massage credentials have been approved for 30 credits:National Certification in Therapeutic Massage (NCTM) or National Certification inTherapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB)HEALTH SCIENCE PROGRAM,ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREEPROGRAM REQUIREMENTS(TOTAL CREDITS 61)generaL educationENGL 101 English Composition IENGL 102 English Composition IISPCH 101 Effective Speaking orSPCH 104 Interpersonal CommunicationHumanities & Arts Elective **Social & Behavioral Science Elective **Free Elective **Physical Education (W) **3333331/19MajorAllied Health Electives Option Selection*3012We are very proud to offer this specializedassoicate in health science, Please address all questions to:Vicki Gentzel [email protected] 717 780-1992 or 800-222-4222 extension 199242

Massage theraPystudio at haccAppointments with Massage Therapy students are1-hour Swedish massage sessions for 30 (no tippingis permitted). Swedish massage is geared towardrelaxation and stress reduction and is considered safefor most people. Please check with your doctor if youare not sure you are a candidate for massage therapy.The Massage Therapy Studio is located atHACC’s Harrisburg Campus, Hall Technology Building,room 203, One HACC Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17110.Massage Therapy Studio hours vary. Please call 221-1317in advance to schedule an appointment.Payment can be made by check or exact cash.Gift Certificates available.All proceeds go to the Massage Therapy Studio.Cancellation Policy: We request 24-hour notice ofchange or cancellation of a scheduled appointment.This allows us to attempt to fill the time slot for the student.

and neuromuscular therapy for the HACC Massage Therapy Program. In addition to a massage certification from the Lancaster School of Massage, Joe has a four-year college degree in kinesiology -the study of movement. Joe also owns and operates Morphysique in Lancaster, PA. Joe provides bodywork, personal training and CPR training 6 CE 4.