POSCPayroll Online Service Center

What is this new POSC System?The payroll online service center is a newservice where you can access the followingby visiting Central Payroll Bureau’s web sitehhtp:// Current Pay StubPrior Year Pay StubMost recent W2 (2) reporting yearsIncrease security on your pay information

POSCCurrent Year Pay Stubs Employees who currently receive aprinted check will be able to viewand print copies of their mostrecent pay stubs. Employees who participate inDirect Deposit will be able to viewand print copies of their entirecurrent (calendar) years pay stub.We encourage you to sign up forDirect Deposit.

POSCWeb Only AccessEmployees that participate in direct depositwill have the option to sign up for WebOnly Access. This feature will allow you toview and print copies of the entire(calendar) year’s pay stub information andthe Prior Year year end pay stubinformation starting with the year end for2005. POSC will tract and provide up to (5)years of year end history.By electing Web Only Access you havecancelled your pay stub from being mailedout through the University which increasesyour privacy

POSCW-2Employees will be able to view andprint a duplicate copy of their(most recent 2 years) W-2 data,without having to request it frompayroll or receive it via mail.

POSCSigning UpTo sign up for POSC you will needyour most recent pay stub toprovide you with personalized dataand unique information. You will beable to create you own Logon IDand password, that will be usedeach subsequent time you accessthe POSC.Choose a ID and password that’seasy to remember!

POSCAdditional InformationTerminated employees, will be removedafter (2) years. Employees that were receiving a checkwill only be able to view and print theirlast two pay stubs. Employees that had direct deposit willbe able to view and print pay stubinformation for the last year ofemployment.Note: Each year on January 1st, POSCclears out all previous year pay stubinformation.

POSCFuture POSC ServicesUpcoming services to look for late in2006: Enrollment or Updates for DirectDeposit Enrollment or Updates for SavingsBonds Address Updates (continue tonotify HR) Updates to your W4 WithholdingForm





POSCContactFor any assistance or furtherinformation please contact thePayroll Office.Payroll SupervisorDuane Williams - (301) 860-3483Payroll ProcessorJatina Cooke – (301) [email protected]

The payroll online service center is a new service where you can access the following by visiting Central Payroll Bureau's web site hhtp:// Current Pay Stub Prior Year Pay Stub Most recent W2 (2) reporting years Increase security on your pay information