RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23Request for Proposal (RFP)ForStructured Cabling of Network RacksForBranches of REPCO BANK LTD,Head Office,No, 33, Repco Towers,North Usman Road, T.Nagar,Chennai – 600017Tender Reference No. : RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23Date: 09.05.2022.RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 1 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23IndexSl. NoRequest For Proposal (RFP)Page No.1Invitation for Tender Offers32Instructions to Bidders43Terms and Conditions64Offer validity Period65Address for Communication66Pre-Bid Visit67Proposal of Ownership68Preliminary Scrutiny69No Commitment to Accept Lowest710Negotiation711Collection of Tender Document712Amendment to RFP Contents713Terms and Conditions of the Tender713Annexure A – BID FORM (Technical Bid)1114Annexure B – Scope of Work1315Annexure C – Bidder Details1416Annexure D – Bidder’s Eligibility Criteria1517Annexure E – Branch Location Details1618Annexure F – Commercial Proposal17RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 2 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-231. Invitation for Tender OffersRepco Bank (hereinafter referred to as “Bank”) invites Request for Proposal (hereinafterreferred to as “RFP”) from reputed vendors for Structured Cabling of Network Racks at variousBranches of Repco Bank across Southern States of India.A complete set of tender document may be downloaded from our websitehttps://www.repcobank.comThe details are given below:Table – ATender ReferenceRFP/11/PPD/2022-23Application FeeRs. 500/- GST (Non-Refundable)Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)Rs.50,000/-Date of commencement of issue of tender document 09.05.2022Last Date and Time for receipts of tender offers19/05/2022 up to 4.30 PM.Address of CommunicationRepco BankNo, 33, Repco Towers,North Usman Road, T.Nagar,Chennai – 600017Email [email protected] Telephone Numbers044-28343783The address to which Tender document to besubmittedTo,The General Manager [Administration]Repco Bank, No,33 Repco Towers,North Usman Road,T.Nagar, Chennai 600017.Application Fee Including GST (Non-Refundable) mentioned above as a Demand Draftfavouring “REPCO BANK LTD” payable at Chennai along with bid document.Earnest Money Deposit mentioned above as a Demand Draft favouring “REPCO BANK LTD”payable at Chennai along with bid document.Terms and Conditions, the formats and pro-forma for submitting the tender offer aredescribed in this tender document and its Annexures.General Manager,Administration.RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 3 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23About Repco BankThe Repco Bank is a Government of India Enterprise, functioning with 108 Branches acrossthe Southern States of India.Bank’s RequirementsIn order to revamp the existing Network Infrastructure in branches, the bank proposes toinvite tenders from eligible Bidders to carryout Structured Cabling of Network Racks as perdetails/scope of work mentioned in Annexure – B of this RFP document.Scope of WorkOverview of Scope of Work (SOW) is given in Annexure - B. The contract being ofcomprehensive type, successful bidder must provide one year comprehensive on-sitereplacement on all the items supplied.2. Instructions to BiddersThe bid is to be submitted in TWO separate envelopes:a) Technical Bidb) Commercial Bida) One of the envelopes is to be prominently marked as TECHNICAL PROPOSAL FORSTRUCTURED CABLING OF NETWORK RACKS FOR BRANCHES OF REPCO BANK LTD INRESPONSE TO THE RFP NO: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23 DATED 09.05.2022 and thisenvelope should contain following documents and properly sealed. Annexure – A,B,C,D DD favouring Repco Bank Ltd for Rs. 50,000/- towards Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). The application fee of 500/- (non-refundable) 18% GST in the form of a DemandDraft/Banker’s cheque in favour of Repco Bank Ltd., payable at Chennai shall beattached with the application at the time of submission of bidding document to theBank. Necessary enclosure like Financial Statement, any proof for the work alreadyundertaken to be enclosed (Refer Annexure – D) All the Annexures in the RFP to be signed by the authorised person as applicable. The entire RFP to be downloaded from the bank website and signed in all pages by thebidder.RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 4 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23 The Technical Bid shall contain no Financial/Commercial details. Offers with TechnicalBid containing prices shall be rejected outright. Any decision in this regard by thecommittee appointed by the bank shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Bidder.b) A Second sealed envelope prominently marked as COMMERCIAL PROPOSAL FORSTRUCTURED CABLING OF NETWORK RACKS FOR BRANCHES OF REPCO BANK LTD INRESPONSE TO THE RFP NO: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23 DATED 06.05.2022 This envelope should contain only Commercial Proposal strictly on the lines ofAnnexure - F. The Price must include all the components mentioned. Prices are to be quoted inIndian Rupees only (Including Tax). The Commercial Proposal shall be submitted in format mentioned in Annexure - FBidders may note: Bids will be rejected if only one (i.e. Technical bid or Commercial bid) is received. If deemed necessary the bank may seek clarifications on any aspect from the bidder.However that would not entitle the bidder to change or cause any change in thesubstances of the bid already submitted or the price quoted. The bidder must provide specific and factual details to the points raised in the RFP. Any inter-lineation, erasures or overwriting shall be valid only if these are initialled bythe person signing the bids. Repco Bank reserves the right to reject bids not conforming to above. The two NON-WINDOW envelopes shall be put together and sealed in an outer NONWINDOW envelope. All the envelopes shall be addressed to the bank and delivered at the address given inTable - A of this RFP and should have name and address of the bidder on the cover.The bidder shall bear all the costs associated with the preparation and submission of the bidand Repco Bank Ltd will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of theconduct or the outcome of the tendering process.Bids submitted without EMD and application fee will not be considered for evaluation. Bidssent by email will not be considered for evaluation.Offers received after the date and time specified for receiving the offers are liable forrejection.RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 5 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23The Project should be completed within 8 weeks from the date of placing Purchase Order forall the branches mentioned in Annexure-E.Qualified L1 Vendor should complete a demo of the proposed Structured Cabling of NetworkRacks in one of our branch office for evaluation. The contract will be awarded only onsatisfactory of the work.3. Terms and ConditionsTerms and conditions for Bidders who participate in the tender are specified in the sectioncalled “Terms and Conditions”. These terms and conditions will be binding on all the Bidders.These terms and conditions will also form a part of the works contract order, to be issued tothe successful Bidder(s) on the outcome of the tender process.4. Offer validity PeriodThe offer is valid for 45 days from date of opening. Repco Bank may release single purchaseorder or purchase order in staggered manner.5. Address for CommunicationOffers should be addressed to the following officer at the address given below:The General Manager [Administration]Repco Bank, No, 33 Repco Towers,North Usman Road,T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017.E-Mail: [email protected] Pre-Bid VisitFor the purpose of clarification of doubts of the bidders on issues related to this RFP, Bidderscan visit the bank for understanding of the Infrastructure and can hold discussions with TMDdepartment after seeking appointment.7. Proposal of OwnershipThe proposal and all supporting documentation submitted by the Bidder shall become theproperty of the Bank.8. Preliminary ScrutinyOffers not meeting the qualification criteria will be rejected. The Bank will scrutinize the offersreceived to determine whether they are complete and as per tender requirement, whethertechnical documentation as asked for and required to evaluate the offer has been submitted,RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 6 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23whether the documents have been properly signed and whether items are offered as per thetender requirements.The Bank may, at its discretion, waive any minor non-conformity or any minor deviation in thesubmission of bid documents. This waiver shall be binding on all the Bidders and the Bankreserves the right to exercise such waivers.9. No Commitment to Accept LowestRepco Bank Ltd., is under no obligation to accept the lowest Offer received in response to thistender and reserves the right to split the order or reject any or all the offers includingincomplete offers without assigning any reason whatsoever. Repco Bank Ltd., reserves theright to make any changes in the terms and conditions of the RFP.10. NegotiationIt is absolutely essential for the Bidders to quote the lowest price at the time of making theoffer in their own interest. However, the Bank reserves the right to enter into any pricenegotiations.11. Collection of Tender DocumentBank will put the Tender Document on the web site of the Bank. Bidders are required to downloadthe document.12. Amendment to RFP ContentsAt any time prior to the last date for bid-submission, the Bank may, for any reason, whetherat its own initiative or in response to clarification(s) requested by a prospective bidder, modifythe RFP contents by amendment. Amendment will be notified in website.Bank reserves the right to scrap the tender at any stage without assigning any reason.13. Terms and Conditions of the Tender13.1 Technical Inspection and Performance EvaluationRepco Bank Limited, reserves its right to carry out a technical inspection and performanceevaluation of all bidders. Bidder shall have no say whatsoever in the matter and report shall bebinding on the Bidder.RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 7 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-2313.2 Full / Partial ParticipationBidders have to mandatorily participate in all the items in the schedules. One bidder can submitonly one bid, which has separate envelope for Technical bid & Commercial bid as mentioned ininstructions to the bidders.13.3 Payment TermsPayment will be released after1. Work Completion Report including Quantity of materials actually used and invoice forthe work.2. Confirmation for the material used and work satisfactory Report from the Branch.3. Final clearance from HO-TMD based on the above and after analysing the soft copyof the image containing both before the work and after completion of the work.13.4 Order CancellationRepco Bank Ltd reserves its right to cancel the order in the event of discrepancy in servicesprovided at any stage and failure in resolution of problem maximum within 3 days from thedate of problem reported.In addition to the cancellation of purchase order, Bank reserves the right to take appropriateaction and make good any or all losses incurred during the process from the Bidder.13.5 Indemnitya)Bidder shall indemnify, protect and save the Bank and hold the Bank harmlessfrom and against all claims, losses, costs, damages, expenses, action suits and otherproceedings, (including reasonable attorney fees), relating to or resulting directly orindirectly from (i) an act or omission of the Bidder , its employees, its agents, oremployees of the consortium in the performance of the services provided by thiscontract, (ii) breach of any of the terms of this RFP or breach of any representation orwarranty by the Bidder , (iii) use of the deliverables and or services provided by theBidder , (iv) infringement of any patent, trademarks, copyrights etc. or such otherstatutory infringements in respect of all components provided to fulfil the scope ofthis project.Bidder shall further indemnify the Bank against any loss or damage to the Bank’spremises or property, Bank’s data, loss of life, etc., due to the acts of the Bidder’semployees or representatives. The Bidder shall further indemnify the Bank against anyloss or damage arising out of loss of data, claims of infringement of third partycopyright, patents, or other intellectual property, and third-party claims on the Bankfor malfunctioning of the hardware, software or deliverables at all points of time. It isclarified that the bidder shall in no event enter into a settlement, compromise or makeany statement (including failure to take appropriate steps) that may be detrimental toRFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 8 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23the Bank’s (and/or its customers, users and service providers) rights, interest andreputation.b)Bidder shall be responsible for any loss of data or loss of life due to acts ofBidder’s representatives. Bidder should take full responsibility for all actions of itsrepresentatives.c)Since Bank’s data could be integrated/used under Bidder provided softwareand since the Bidder would be managing the services, the Bidder should be responsiblefor loss/compromise or damage to Bank’s data.d)The bidders should indemnify the Bank (including its employees, directors orrepresentatives) from and against claims, losses, and liabilities arising from: Non-compliance of the bidder with Laws / Governmental RequirementsIP infringement under any laws including Copyrights Act 1957 & IT Act 2000, ITAct 2008 or any amendments applicable at the time of incidence.Negligence and misconduct of the Bidder, its employees, and agents · Breach of anyterms of RFP, Representation or Warranty Act or omission in performance ofservice.Loss of data due to any of the reasons mentioned aboveIndemnity would be limited to the damages as awarded by arbitrator / court for direct claimand shall exclude indirect, consequential and incidental damages provided that the claimsagainst users and service providers of the Bank and also claim by and against customers wouldbe considered as “direct” claim.13.6 PublicityAny publicity by the Bidder in which the name of Repco Bank Ltd appears, should be done onlywith the explicit written permission of Repco Bank Ltd.,RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 9 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-2313.7 Breach of ContractIf the Bidder commit a breach of any terms and conditions of the contract then Repco BankLtd shall have option to terminate the contract by giving 15 days prior written notice to theBidder and in that event the Repco Bank Ltd will be entitled to complete the remaining workat the risks and cost of the contractor and the contractor will be liable to make good the lossesthat the Repco Bank Ltd may suffer / will be incurred on that account. And if during the noticeperiod the breach is remedied by the contractor to the satisfaction of Repco Bank Ltd orcondoned by the Repco Bank Ltd the contract shall remain in force.13.8 Assignment of ContractThe Contract or any part thereof shall not be assigned or sublet without permission of theRepco Bank Ltd.13.9 Disputes/Arbitration [applicable in case of successful bidder only]:All disputes or differences whatsoever arising between the parties out of or in connection withthis contract or in discharge of any obligation arising out of the Contract (whether during theprogress of work or after completion of such work and whether before or after thetermination of this contract, abandonment or breach of this contract), shall be settledamicably. If however, the parties are not able to solve them amicably, either party (the bankor Vendor), give written notice to other party clearly setting out there in specific dispute(s)and/or difference(s) and shall be referred to arbitrator mutually agreed or the arbitratorappointed by the bank. The arbitration shall be settled in accordance with the applicableIndian Laws. Any appeal will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Chennai. The Vendor shall continue to work under the Contract during the arbitration proceedingsunless otherwise directed by the bank or unless the matter is such that the work cannotpossibly be continued until the decision of the arbitrator is obtained. Arbitration proceeding shall be held at Chennai, India, and the language of the arbitrationproceedings and that of all documents and communications between the parties shall be inEnglish.13.10 Governing Law & JurisdictionAll disputes will be under the Jurisdiction of the Courts in Chennai onlyRFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 10 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23Annexure – ABID FORM (TECHNICAL BID)[On Company’s letter head](to be included in Technical bid Envelope)Date:ToThe Managing Director,Repco BankDear Sir/Madam,Ref: We have examined the above RFP, the receipt of which is hereby duly acknowledged andsubsequent pre-bid clarifications/ modifications / revisions, if any, furnished by the bank andwe offer to supply, Install, implement, test, commission and support as detailed in this RFP.We shall abide by the terms and conditions spelt out in the RFP. While submitting this bid, we certify that: The undersigned is authorized to sign on behalf of the VENDOR.We declare that we are not in contravention of conflict of interest obligationmentioned in this RFP.Prices submitted by us have been arrived at without agreement with any other bidderof this RFP for the purpose of restricting competition.The prices submitted by us have not been disclosed and will not be disclosed to anyother bidder responding to this RFP.We have not induced or attempted to induce any other bidder to submit or not tosubmit a bid for restricting competition.The rate quoted in the price bids are as per the RFP and subsequent pre-bidclarifications/ modifications/ revisions furnished by the bank, without any exception. If our offer is accepted, we undertake to complete the formalities for supply, installation,testing, commissioning and Structured Cabling of Network Racks within the periodspecified in this document i.e. within 8 weeks from the date of Purchase Order. Until a formal contract is prepared and executed, this bid, together with your writtenacceptance thereof and your notification of award shall constitute a binding Contractbetween us. We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid you may receiveand you may reject all or any bid without assigning any reason or giving any explanationwhatsoever. We hereby undertake that our name does not appear in any “Caution” list of RBI / SEBI orany other regulatory body for outsourcing activity.RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 11 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23 If our bid is accepted, we undertake to enter into and execute at our cost, when calledupon by the bank to do so, a contract in the prescribed form and we shall be jointly andseverally responsible for the due performance of the contract. We understand that the name(s) of successful bidder to whom the contract is finallyawarded after the completion of bidding process shall be communicated to the successfulbidder(s). We hereby undertake and agree to abide by all the terms and conditions stipulated by thebank in the RFP document. We confirm that we have quoted for all the items/services mentioned in the RFP.Dated of.2022(Signature)(Name)(In the capacity of)Notice to the Bidders:Authorization to sign the bid: If the sole proprietor is signing the bid document, there is no need for authorization.In case of other person signing the bid on behalf of proprietary concern/partnershipfirm/company-Authorization letter is required.RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 12 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23Annexure - BScope of WorkThe scope of work shall cover the following:1) Initial Examination of existing network infrastructure and gathering requirements ofmaterials involved for structured cabling.2) Supply, installation, testing and commissioning structured LAN cabling for ourbranches3) Vendors have to attend all types of data cabling requirements like I/O port complaintrectification, additional I/O port work, Cable manager and dressing, Router Clampfixation and mounting, Tray installation, Rack Installation and fixing of PDU, whereverapplicable.4) The Vendor shall verify end to end testing of all I/O Ports and proper labelling at bothends.5) Vendor shall ensure all network connected device is operational after completion ofthe work.6) Vendor should share Images of network Rack (Exterior and Interior) to Banks IT teamon same day of completion of work for verification.7) Banks reserves the right to indulge the vendor to redo the work, if the work carriedout by the vendor is not met the banks requirement/not satisfactory, without anyadditional cost.8) Along with invoice the vendor must attach the work completion report includingQuantity of materials actually used duly signed by respective branch head.9) One year comprehensive on-site replacement on all the items supplied.10) The work should be attended after business hours in order to avoid any hindrance tothe branches and customers.RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 13 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23Annexure – CBidder etary /Partnership.Name of the owner/partners.2In case of Limited company, date ofIncorporationand/orcommencement of business3Brief description of the bidderincluding details of its main line ofbusiness45Detailsa) Company Website URLb) E-MailParticulars of the Authorized Signatoryof the bidder Name Designation Address Phone Number (Landline) Mobile Number Email AddressSignature and Seal of Firm/CompanyRFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 14 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23Annexure – DBidder’s Eligibility CriteriaThe bidders meeting the following criteria are eligible to submit their bids along withsupporting documents. If the bid is not accompanied by all the required documentssupporting eligibility criteria, the same would be rejected:Name of the Bidder: S:NoEligibility Criteria1The bidder must be anIndianfirm/company/organizationregistered under applicableAct in India as any one ofthe category mentionedbelowandnecessaryattachment as applicable tobe enclosed.a) Firm-ProprietaryConcernb) Partnership concernc) Company2Compliance(Yes/NoDocuments to be submitteda) PAN of individual and GST/RCb) PAN of firm, GST/RC, Partnership deed.c) 1) Memorandum and article of association.2) Certification of incorporation/commencement of Business & GSTd) Society & others–d) Bye law & GSTThe Bidder should be doingNecessary proof to be for at least FourRC/GST/incorporation etc.years in the same field.3Audited Financial statements for the financialThe Bidder should have a years 2019 – 2020, 2020 – 2021 and 2021minimum annual turnover 2022. In case Audited balance sheets notof INR 10 Lacs for any 2 of available, Unaudited Balance sheet for thethe past 3 financial years.year and CA Certificate indicating theTurnover for the last three financial andline/mobile) of2.customers for whom thebidder has executed similar3.projects (Minimum 3).Signature with designation and SealRFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 15 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23Annexure – EBranch Location 2526272829303132333435Branch NameAdayarAriyalurAshok NagarAtturAvadiBanashankariBangaluru & BangaluruCorporateCBE RamanathapuramCBE Saibaba ColonyChennai CorporateChittorCoimbatore CorporateCoimbatore odeGeorge hagiri 041Branch NameKumbakonamMadurai MainMadurai NorthMadurai SouthMangaloreMayiladuthuraiS.No717273747576Branch -TownTirupathiTiruppurTiruppur PN chyTrichy heryVelloreVijayawadaVijayawada I TownVillupuramViruduhunagarVirugambakkamVizagVizag shanthi nagarVyasarpadiYelhankaOotyKoyembeduRFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 16 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23Annexure - FCOMMERCIAL PROPOSAL(To be submitted as per this format only)The unit price of components is mentioned to the mentioned requirement of each componentand its quantity may vary from branch to branchSCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENTS FOR STRUCTURED CABLING OF NETWORK RACKSS NoGeneral SpecificationsUnitCost inclusive ofTax1. Supply of Passive Components1Molex Cat6 UTP Cable23456789101112Molex Cat6 UTP Information Outlet (I/O)Molex Cat6 UTP I/O face plate with back boxMolex Cat6 UTP24 Port unloaded jack panelMolex Cat6 UTP 1Mtr Patch cordMolex Cat6 UTP 2Mtr Patch cord2 Pair 0.5mm Telephone CableNetwork Modem trayPDU 6 socket 5AMPs for network rack1U horizontal cable managerHardware packets for network rackRJ-45 Connector25MM PVC conduits with all accessories (bend,coupling, wooden plug, screws, GI clamp etc.)9U Wall Mount Rack with all accessoriesPower Distribution Unit (PDU) 6 * 5 Amps Sockets2. Labour Charges1314151Laying of Cat6 UTP cable through PVC conduits2Termination of Cat6 I/O with face plate & back box3Laying of CAT 6 UTP Cable with ferule & labelling45Laying of 2 pair Telephone Cable with ferule &labellingRack re-arrangement including patch panelfixing/re-fixing, cable routing and dressing, Trayand Router Mounting as required by the BankPerMeter1 No1 No1 No1 No1 No1 No1 No1 No1 No1 No1 NoPerMeter1 No1 NoPerMeter1 NoPerMeterPerMeterLumpsumTOTAL (A)Delivery to branches/offices identified in five southern states i.e. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka and Union Territory-Pondicherry.RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 17 of 20

RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23Travel Conveyance and other charges if 627282930313233343536373839(Refer our website for branch address details)Cost for Travelling and otherBranch nameCharges if any.AdayarAriyalurAshok NagarAtturAvadiBanashankariBangaluru & BangaluruCorporateCBE RamanathapuramCBE Saibaba ColonyChennai CorporateChittorCoimbatore CorporateCoimbatore odeGeorge hagiri urai MainMadurai NorthMadurai SouthRFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 18 of 20

RFP No: irunelveli-TownTirupathiTiruppurTiruppur PN RoadTiruvallurTiruvannamalaiTiruvarurTondairpetRFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 19 of 20

RFP No: 01102103104S.No.TrichyTrichy heryVelloreVijayawadaVijayawada I TownVillupuramViruduhunagarVirugambakkamVizagVizag shanthi nagarVyasarpadiYelhankaOotyKoyembeduTOTAL (B)Particulars1Total (A)2Total (B)Amount in INRGrand Total (A B)Grand Total in Words:All the price quoted above are inclusive of taxes as applicable.Seal & Signature of Bidder:Name:Business Address:*** End of Document ***RFP for Structured Cabling of Network RacksPage 20 of 20

Page RFP for Structured Cabling of Network Racks 1 of 20 Request for Proposal (RFP) For Structured Cabling of Network Racks For Branches of REPCO BANK LTD, Head Office, No, 33, Repco Towers, North Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai - 600017 Tender Reference No. : RFP No: RFP/11/PPD/2022-23 Date: 09.05.2022.