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Table of Contents1.INTRODUCTION. 41.1Overview. 41.2Key Action Dates . 41.3Contact . 41.4Contract Amount . 51.5Contract Term. 51.6Contract Amendment . 51.7Bidders’ Questions . 51.8Submission of Final Proposal . 61.9Proposal Volumes . 71.10Format of Proposals . 71.11Covered California Rights . 91.12Rejection of Proposals . 101.13Errors in Final Proposals . 121.14Protest . 121.15Disposition of Bids . 141.16Contract Execution and Performance . 141.17Subsequent Solicitation . 141.18Addition or Subtraction of Services . 151.19News Releases and Social Media . 152.Minimum Qualifications . 152.1Vendor Qualifications . 152.2Project Team Minimum Qualifications . 162.3Reassignment of Personnel. 173.Scope Of Work . 173.1Background . 173.1.1CalHEERS . 183.2Purpose . 193.2.1Current Functionality . 193.2.2Proposed Functionality and Services . 213.3Scope of Work . 233.4Contract Completion Criteria . 23RFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 2

3.5Milestone Acceptance Criteria . 233.6Contractor’s Roles and Responsibilities . 243.7Covered California’s Roles and Responsibilities . 243.8Project Assumptions and Constraints . 253.9Payment and Invoicing . 254.PROPOSAL RESPONSE CONTENT . 264.1Proprietary Information and Confidential Status of Responses . 264.2Administrative Requirements . 264.3Technical Requirements . 275.AWARD AND SELECTION CRITERIA . 305.1Written Responses to This RFP Will Be Evaluated In Phases. 305.2Evaluation Criteria . 305.3Technical Requirements Scoring Criteria . 345.4Cost Score . 356.PREFERENCE PROGRAMS . 356.1Small Business (SB) Preference . 356.2Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE)–Declaration and ProgramIncentive . 376.3Commercially Useful Function . 396.4Target Area Contract Preference Act (TACPA) . 40Attachments. 41Model Contract with Exhibits . 41RFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 3

1.1.1INTRODUCTIONOverviewYou are invited to review and respond to this Request for Proposal (RFP). Bysubmitting a proposal, your organization agrees to the terms and conditionsstated in this RFP.Read this document and any attachments in their entirety and carefully,as they may contain binding provisions that affect your rights andobligations. You must comply with the instructions contained in this document.Responses to this RFP must be submitted to the Covered California contactnoted in Section 1.3 below.1.2Key Action DatesBidders are advised of the key dates and times shown below and are requiredto adhere to them. All times noted in this document are Pacific Time (PT).KEY ACTION DATESRequest for Proposal Release Date:Questions Due Date and Time:Responses Posted By:Proposals Due Date and Time:Notice of Intent to Award:Estimated Term Dates:1.3Tuesday Friday, May 4, 2018Monday, May 14, 2018 by 3:00 p.m.Thursday, May 17, 2018Tuesday, June 5, 2018 by 3:00 p.m.Week of June 18, 2018July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021ContactFor questions regarding this Request for Proposal (RFP), please:E-mail address: [email protected](For all communications, subject line must include: RFP 2017-22)Covered CaliforniaBusiness Services Branch/LaWanda Lewis1601 Exposition Blvd.Sacramento, CA 95815Phone calls will not be accepted.RFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 4

1.4Contract AmountResponses shall not exceed 3,000,000 in total costs. Responses that exceedthis amount will not be considered for selection.It is currently expected that the estimated funding for the contract will notexceed approximately 1,500,000.00 for State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2018-2019(running July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019), 1,000,000.00 SFY 2019-2020, and 500,000.00 for SFY 2020-2021 and future SFY’s for the remainder term of thecontract including extensions, if any.Funding is subject to annual budget approval by the Covered California Boardof Directors. If full funding does not become available, Covered California mayterminate or amend the contract to reflect reduced funding and reduceddeliverables.1.5Contract TermThe initial term of the contract shall be for three (3) years, from July 1, 2018through June 30, 2021. The contract term is subject to change.The resulting contract will be of no force or effect until signed by both parties.Performance shall not commence until a valid contract has been executedbetween the successful Bidder and Covered California. Covered California willnot pay for any services performed prior to the execution of a valid contract.1.6Contract AmendmentCovered California may, in its sole discretion, extend the term of the contractfor two (2) consecutive one (1) year terms for the same services.If mutually agreed upon by Covered California and the Contractor, the contractmay be amended to include additional funding at the same rate(s) provided inthe Bidder’s original proposal.1.7Bidders’ QuestionsBidders must submit any questions regarding this RFP by the due date andtime specified in the Key Action Dates table in Section 1.2. Only emailquestions addressed to the contact person listed in Section 1.3 will beaccepted. Bidders must provide sufficient specific information to enableCovered California to identify and respond to their questions. When submittingquestions, please reference the RFP number.Responses to questions received during the Bidder Question time period shallbe posted on the website at BiddersRFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 5

who fail to report a known or suspected problem with the RFP or who fail toseek clarification or correction of the RFP do so at their own risk.In its sole discretion, Covered California may contact a Bidder to seekclarification or additional information regarding any question received.1.8Submission of Final Proposal1. Bidders’ Cost: Costs for developing proposals and attending BidderConferences are entirely and solely the responsibility of the Bidder and arenot chargeable to Covered California.2. Completion of Proposals: Bidders are required to be both responsive (fullycompliant) and responsible (capable and qualified to perform work) relative tosolicitation requirements. Proposals must be complete in all respects andcontain all required items as described in the requirements established withinthis RFP, its attachments, and any written responses to questions oramendments posted by Covered California on its website. A Final Proposalmay be rejected by Covered California, in its sole discretion, if it is conditionalor incomplete, or if it contains any alterations of form or other irregularities ofany kind. A Final Proposal must be rejected by Covered California if anydefect or irregularity constitutes a material deviation from the RFPrequirements as determined by Covered California, in its sole discretion.3. False or Misleading Statements: Proposals which contain false ormisleading statements, or which provide references which do not support anattribute or condition claimed by the Bidder, may be rejected. If, in theopinion of Covered California, such information was intended to misleadCovered California in its evaluation of the proposal, or was included inCovered California’s sole opinion as a result of gross negligence attributableto the bidder, and the attribute, condition or capability is a requirement ofthis RFP, it shall be grounds for rejection of the proposal.4. Errors: If a Bidder discovers any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy, omissionor other error in this RFP, the Bidder shall immediately notify CoveredCalifornia of such error by email to the contact in Section 1.3 and requestmodification or clarification of the RFP. Modifications or clarifications will begiven by written notice posted on the websiteat without divulging the source ofthe request for modification or clarification. Covered California shall not beresponsible for failure to correct errors or any Bidder’s failure to regularlyand timely check the website for changes.5. Importance of Meeting Deadlines: Bidders are responsible and assume allrisks for the delivery and receipt by Covered California of all submissionsprior to the submission deadline. If a Bidder mails or otherwise ships thesubmission via a generally recognized approved transportation entity suchRFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 6

as the U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, etc.and provides Covered California with the entity’s package trackinginformation and the tracking information indicates its delivery at CoveredCalifornia by the submission deadline, the package will be considered tohave arrived on time. U.S. Postal Service postmarks or other indicia ofmailing of shipment, however, will not be accepted as proof of timelydelivery. Faxed or electronic submissions will not be accepted. The stateddeadlines for submitting and receipt of all materials to Covered Californiawill be strictly enforced. Submissions that are incomplete or received afterthe stated deadline may not be accepted.6. Assessment of Proposals: All proposals will be assessed based ondetermining the “Best Value” in the sole opinion of Covered California andthe selection, if made, will be made to a single Bidder. The Scope of Work(SOW), bidder’s proposal, and bid may, in Covered California’s solediscretion, be made a part of the resulting Contract.1.9Proposal VolumesBidders shall provide two separate binders/envelopes of their proposal:1. Administrative and Technical Proposal2. Cost Proposala. Cost Proposal must be sealed in a separate coverb. The bidder shall document any assumptions it is making as itrelates to the bidder’s cost proposal.1.10Format of ProposalsThis RFP requires Bidders to submit a Final Proposal that contains all requiredAdministrative and Technical Attachments and Exhibits, and that is submitted ina sealed envelope or container when delivered to Covered California. Thesealed package must be plainly and clearly marked on its face with: (1) theRFP number and title; (2) the Bidder’s name and address; and (3) the words“DO NOT OPEN”, as shown in the following example:RFP 2017-22: Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation ServicesAttention: LaWanda LewisCovered CaliforniaBusiness Services Branch1601 Exposition Blvd.Sacramento, CA 95815DO NOT OPENRFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 7

Bids not submitted under sealed cover may be rejected in the sole discretion ofCovered California.1. Copies RequiredProvide one hardcopy marked “MASTER,” 13 (thirteen) additional hardcopies marked “COPIES” and one CD-ROM. All copies requested must beidentical to the MASTER including the CD-ROM. Each copy of the proposalmust be complete, including all required attachments and documentations.The digital copy, including all attachments and exhibits, must be provided insearchable text format (e.g., Microsoft Word , searchable Adobe PDF)and free of any password or encryption protection.2. Narrative Formata. Narrative portions of proposal responses should be prepared so as toprovide a straightforward, concise delineation of the Bidder’s capabilitiesto satisfy the requirements of this RFP. Emphasis should be onconformance with the RFP instructions, responsiveness to the RFPrequirements and completeness and clarity of content. Expensivebindings, colored displays, promotional materials, etc., are not necessaryor desired.b. Bidders must follow the format requirements listed below for all narrativeportions of the RFP. Failure to do so may result in an entire proposal oraffected section not being read or evaluated, at Covered California’s solediscretion.1) Use a Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri font of at least 12-pointsize throughout. Exception: if a form is required by CoveredCalifornia that contains a smaller font.2) Print all pages single-sided on letter size (8.5 by 11 inches) whitepaper with single line spacing, unless otherwise noted.3) Use one-inch margins at the top, bottom and sides.4) Sequentially number the pages in each section and clearly identifyeach section in the order requested. When a page limit is noted,pages exceeding the limit will not be reviewed or scored. It is notnecessary to paginate the required forms.5) Place the Bidder’s name in a header or footer on every page. If theBidder's name is not already entered elsewhere on a completedcertification or form, add it to a header, footer or signature block.RFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 8

6) Have a person who is authorized to bind the proposing entity signeach RFP attachment that requires a signature in blue ink. Signaturestamps are not acceptable.7) Place the original signed attachments in the set marked “MASTER.”Additional copies may have photocopied signatures on attachmentsand throughout the document.3. All proposals must be based on and conform to the Model Contractprovided with this solicitation as described in Exhibit A – Scope of Work,and the contract General Terms and Conditions provided in Exhibit C.Bidders should review the Model Contract in its entirety prior to submitting aproposal. Bidders must submit as part of their response any changes orexceptions to the Model Contract that they wish to negotiate. However,extensive or significant exceptions to the Model Contract may make theproposal non-responsive to the RFP if Covered California, in its solediscretion, determines that the proposed exceptions materially change thecontractual relationship between the parties. Bidder proposed changes orexceptions must be documented via tracked changes to the documentscontained in the Model Contract. All Model Contract changes or exceptionsmust be included in the Bidder Proposal at the time of submission. Noadditional exceptions may be presented during contract negotiations.Covered California reserves the right to reject all exceptions in the BidderProposal.1.11Covered California Rights1. Verification of Bidder InformationBy submitting a proposal, Bidders authorize Covered California to:a. Verify any and all claims made by the Bidder including, but not limited to,verification of prior experience and possession of all other requiredqualifications.b. Check any and all references identified by Bidder, or any other resourceknown or identified by Covered California, to confirm the Bidder’sbusiness integrity and history of providing effective, efficient, competentand timely services.2. Covered California may, in its sole discretion, modify the RFP prior to thebid submission deadline by the issuance of an addendum on the websitelisted at 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 9

3. Covered California reserves the right to reject any bid that does not satisfythe requirements set forth in the RFP. Before submitting a response to thisRFP, Bidders should review, correct all errors, and confirm compliance withall of the RFP’s requirements.1.12Rejection of ProposalsDeviations may cause a proposal to be deemed non-responsive and not to beconsidered for award. Covered California may reject any or all proposals and/ormay waive any immaterial deviation or defect in a proposal. CoveredCalifornia's waiver of any immaterial deviation or defect shall in no way modifythe RFP documents or requirements and shall not excuse the Bidder from fullcompliance with the RFP specifications if awarded a contract.FINAL PROPOSALS NOT RECEIVED BY THE DATE AND TIME SPECIFIEDIN SECTION 1.2 KEY ACTION DATES OR THAT ARE NOT SEALED, willremain unopened and, if delivery is accepted, will be maintained separatelyfrom proposals that have been timely received. Proposals received afterexpiration of the deadline may only be opened and considered upon writtenapproval of Covered California’s Executive Director or his/her designeespecifying the reason(s) for acceptance and consideration of the untimelyproposal.Issuance of this RFP in no way constitutes a commitment by CoveredCalifornia to award a contract. Covered California reserves the right to rejectany or all proposals, or portions of proposals, received in response to this RFP,or to amend or cancel this RFP at any time. In the event of such cancellation,Covered California may reissue the RFP at a later date.Covered California reserves the right to consider contractor’s past performancewith Covered California in its selection of a Bidder pursuant to this RFP.1. Non-Responsive ProposalsA proposal may be deemed non-responsive and subsequently rejected ifany of the following occur:a. A submission is received after the exact time and date set forth inSection 1.2 Key Action Dates for receipt of each submission.b. The Bidder fails to meet any of the eligibility requirements specified inSection 2, Project Team Minimum Qualifications.c. The Bidder fails to submit or fails to complete and sign any requiredAttachments as instructed in this RFP.RFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 10

d. The submission contains false, inaccurate or misleading statements orreferences.e. The Bidder is unwilling or unable to fully comply with the proposedcontract provisions.f. The Bidder supplies conditional cost information, incomplete costinformation, or cost information containing unsigned/uninitiatedalterations or irregularities.2. Business In Good StandingBidder acknowledges that when agreements are to be performed in the State ofCalifornia by corporations or vendors, Covered California will verify, prior toawarding any State contract, the following information in order to ensure that allobligations due to the State are fulfilled:Corporation in Good StandingCovered California will verify with the California Secretary of State (SOS) thatthe Bidder is a corporation currently qualified to do business in California. Thebid will be considered non-responsive if the Bidder is not listed with SOS.“Doing business” is defined in California Revenue and Taxation Code section23101 as actively engaging in any transaction for the purpose of financial orpecuniary gain or profit. Although there are some statutory exceptions totaxation, rarely will a corporate contractor performing within the State not besubject to the franchise tax.Both domestic and foreign (those incorporated outside of California)corporations must be in good standing in order to be qualified to do business inCalifornia.State Tax DelinquencyCovered California will verify with the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) andBoard of Equalization (BOE) that the Bidder is not on a prohibited list due to taxdelinquencies. The bid will be considered non-responsive if the Bidder is onany of these lists.The list established by FTB can be foundat: Taxpayers.shtmlThe list established by BOE can be found at: 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 11

1.13Errors in Final ProposalsAn error in the Final Proposal may cause the rejection of that proposal;however, Covered California may, in its sole discretion, retain the proposal andmake certain corrections. In determining if a correction will be made, CoveredCalifornia will consider the conformance of the proposal to the format andcontent required by the RFP, and any unusual complexity of the format andcontent required by the RFP.1. If the Bidder's intent, as determined by Covered California, is clearlyestablished based on its review of the complete Final Proposal submittal,Covered California may in its sole discretion, correct an error based on thatestablished intent.2. Covered California may, in its sole discretion, correct obvious clerical errors.3. A Bidder may modify a bid after submission by withdrawing its original bidand resubmitting a new bid if it is received prior to the bid submissiondeadline. Bidder modifications offered in any other manner, oral or written,will not be considered.4. A Bidder may withdraw its bid by submitting a written withdrawal request toCovered California, signed by the Bidder or an authorized agent. Bids maynot be withdrawn subsequent to the bid submission deadline without cause.5. No oral understanding or contract shall be binding on either party.Covered California reserves the right to contact any Bidder at any stage of theproposal process to collect additional clarifying information, if deemednecessary and appropriate by Covered California.1.14ProtestFor formal competitive solicitations, any protest properly submitted within five(five) working days of the posting of the Notice of Intent to Award will beconsidered. All protests will be reviewed and decided by the Executive Directoror his/her designee.The following protest procedures shall be followed and apply to all formalcompetitive solicitations:GeneralAn unsuccessful bidder may protest the proposed award to another bidder byfollowing the terms and conditions outlined below. The protestant challengingCovered California’s proposed award bears the burden of proof.RFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 12

GroundsProtestant must cite the specific grounds for the protest and provide all factsand citations of law sufficient to support the protest and enable the ExecutiveDirector or his/her designee to make an informed, proper decision. CoveredCalifornia will determine, in its sole discretion, if the protestant hasdemonstrated sufficient grounds to allow the protest to be heard. Abuse of theprotest process by unsuccessful bidders for the purpose of securingconfidential information about other bidders will be rejected by CoveredCalifornia. The sole grounds for a protest are:1. Protestant reasonably believes that Covered California has acted in anarbitrary and capricious manner; and/or2. Protestant reasonably believes that Covered California committed an errorin the bid process as stated in the solicitation that is sufficiently material tojustify invalidation of the proposed award.There shall be no basis for protest if Covered California rejects all bids orproposals.Requirements for ProtestProtests must be submitted in writing, signed by an individual who is authorizedto contractually bind the Bidder, and include all grounds and supporting factsand evidence upon which the protest is based, as well as all citations of law,rule, regulation or procedure upon which the protestant relies. Protests must bedelivered to Covered California at the address indicated below by certified orregistered mail or in person, in which case the protestant should obtain adelivery receipt. Protests must be received by Covered California no later thanthe close of business five days after the Notice of Intent to Award has beenposted.Protests must be mailed or delivered to:Mailing Address:Covered CaliforniaAttn: Peter Lee, Executive Director1601 Exposition Blvd.Sacramento, CA 95815The Executive Director’s or his/her designee’s decision shall be final.RFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 13

Terms of ProtestScoring documents, evaluation and selection documents, other bidders’submissions or any other record created during the review of bids submitted inresponse to the RFP are not public records and are exempt from disclosure aspublic records pursuant to Government Code section 100508(a).A protestant who has demonstrated a legitimate ground for protest asdescribed above may be provided limited access to certain relevant, non-publicinformation regarding the RFP and Covered California’s consideration ofsubmissions in response to the RFP upon the protestant’s execution of a NonDisclosure Agreement provided by Covered California and the approval ofCovered California’s General Counsel or his/her designee. Trade secret,proprietary and confidential information will be redacted from any documentsdisclosed to protestant as part of the protest process.1.15Disposition of BidsUpon bid opening, all documents submitted in response to the RFP become theproperty of the State of California.1.16Contract Execution and PerformancePerformance shall begin no later than the date set forth in the RFP by CoveredCalifornia and after the contract is fully executed, unless a later date is mutuallyagreed upon by Covered California and the Contractor. Notwithstanding anyother provision, should the Contractor fail to commence work on the agreeddate and time, Covered California, upon five (5) days written notice to theContractor, reserves the right to terminate the contract. In such an event, theContractor shall be liable to Covered California for the difference between theContractor’s bid price and, if greater, the actual cost of performing the work bya replacement contractor.All performance under the contract shall be completed before the terminationdate of the contract, unless an earlier date is specified in the contract.1.17Subsequent SolicitationIf at any time during negotiation of an agreement with the successful Bidder,Covered California determines it is not able to reach an agreement with thesuccessful Bidder, Covered California may, in its sole discretion, terminate thenegotiations and engage the next-highest-ranked bid without performing asubsequent solicitation.RFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017Page 14

1.18Addition or Subtraction of ServicesNotwithstanding that bids have been submitted, at Covered California’s solediscretion, the SOW may be modified prior to contract award to add or removeservices through an addendum. If the date and time for submission of FinalProposals has passed as of the time the addendum is posted, and bids havebeen received, Covered C

RFP 2017-22 Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services SV.1017 Page 1 . Request for Proposal . RFP 2017-22: Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services . Addendum #2 - May 24, 2018 . Addendum #2 revises: Document Section Changes RFP 1.2 Corrected RFP Release Date from Tuesday, May 4 to : Friday