Request for Proposal (RFP)RFP Title: Search ApplianceRFP Number: 40-2018Date of Issue: October 17, 2017Due Date: 2:00pm CDT, November 7, 2017Purpose of RFP: The purpose of this solicitation is to find a new search appliance for UND’spublic facing website.Prepared by the University of North Dakota Procurement Services Department

TABLE OF CONTENTSSECTION ONEIntroduction and Instructions1.01Purpose of the RFP1.02Contact Person, Telephone, Fax Numbers and E-mail1.03RFP Schedule1.04Return Mailing Address and Deadline for Receipt of Proposals1.05Assistance to Offerors with a Disability1.06Deadline for Receipt of Questions and Objections1.07Approved Vendor Registration Requirements1.08Pre-proposal Conference1.09Amendments to the RFP1.10Letter of InterestSECTION TWOBackground Information2.01Background Information2.02BudgetSECTION THREEScope and Schedule3.01Scope of Work3.02Location of Work3.03Required Licenses3.04Federal RequirementsSECTION FOURGeneral Contract Information4.01Contract Type4.02Payment Terms4.03Term of Contract4.04Time is of the Essence4.05Proposal as a Part of the Contract4.06Termination of Contract4.07Force Majeure4.08Indemnification and Insurance Requirements4.09Works for Hire4.10Work Product, Equipment and Material4.11Confidentiality4.12Inspection and Investigations4.13Compliance with Public Records Law4.14Independent Entity4.15Assignments and Subcontracts4.16Spoliation – Preservation of Evidence4.17Severability4.18Applicable Law and Venue4.19Nondiscrimination and Compliance with Laws.4.20Audit4.21On-Campus Parking4.22Standard Contract Provisions4.23Additional Terms and Conditions4.24Supplemental Terms and Conditions4.25Contract Approval Changes – Unanticipated AmendmentsTaxes and Taxpayer IdentificationF.O.B. Point and FreightInspection & Modification - Reimbursement for Unacceptable DeliverablesInformal DebriefingSECTION FIVEEvaluation Criteria and Contractor Selection5.01Evaluation Criteria and Award5.02Supplemental Informatin5.03Contract Cost5.04Verbal PresentationsSECTION SIXProposal Format and Content6.01Proposal Format and Content6.02Format & Proposal Submission Instructions6.03Technical Proposal6.04Cost Proposal6.05Required EnclosuresSECTION SEVENStandard Proposal Information7.01Authorized Signature7.02UND Not Responsible for Preparation Costs7.03Conflict of Interest7.04Offeror’s Certification7.05Offer Held Firm7.06Amendments to Proposals and Withdrawal of Proposals7.07Alternate Proposals7.08Subcontractors7.09Joint Ventures7.10Disclosure of Proposal Contents and Compliance with North Dakota Open Records Laws7.11Evaluation of Proposal7.12Right of Rejection7.13Clarification of Offers7.14Discussion and Best and Final Offers7.15Preference Laws7.16Contract Negotiation7.17Failure to Negotiate7.18Notice of Intent to Award – Offeror Notification of Selection

SECTION ONEINTRODUCTION AND INSTRUCTIONS1.01Purpose of the RFPThe University of North Dakota (UND) is soliciting proposals for search appliance for UND’s public facingwebsite for the Marketing and Creative Services department.1.02Contact Person, Telephone, Fax, E-mailThe procurement officer is the point of contact for this RFP. All vendor communications regarding thisRFP must be directed to the procurement officer. Unauthorized contact regarding the RFP with otheremployees of UND may result in the vendor being disqualified, and the vendor may also be suspended ordisbarred from the state bidders list.PROCUREMENT OFFICER: Jana ThompsonPHONE: 701-777-2126FAX: 701-777-3948E-MAIL: [email protected] ScheduleThis schedule of events represents the UND’s best estimate of the schedule that will be followed for thisRFP. If a component of this schedule, such as the deadline for receipt of proposals, is delayed, the restof the schedule will be shifted by the same number of days.The approximate RFP schedule is as follows: RFP Issued: October 17, 2017 Deadline for receipt of questions and objections related to the RFP: October 26, 2017 Responses to questions / RFP amendments (if required) October 30, 2017 Proposals due by: 2:00pm CDT, November 7, 2017 UND issues Notice of Intent to Award a Contract approximately: November 30, 2017 UND issues contract approximately: December 10, 20171.04Return Mailing Address and Deadline for Receipt of ProposalsOfferors must submit four (4) copies of its proposal in a sealed envelope or package.Offerors must submit an electronic copy of their proposal on a disk, USB memory device, or CD.Cost proposals are to be submitted in a separate sealed envelope or package, clearly labeled“cost proposal.”

Envelopes or packages containing proposals must be clearly addressed as described below to ensureproper delivery and to avoid being opened by UND before the deadline for receipt. Envelopes orpackages must be addressed as follows:University of North DakotaProcurement Services OfficeRequest for Proposal (RFP): Search ApplianceRFP Number: 40-2018264 Centennial Dr. Stop 8381Grand Forks, ND 58202Proposals must be received by UND at the location specified no later than 2:00pm CT, November 7,2017. Proposals will not be publicly read at the opening.Proposals may not be delivered verbally, by facsimile transmission, or by other telecommunication orelectronic means. Offerors may fax or electronically transmit signed proposals to a third party who mustdeliver the proposal to the location indicated above by the date and time designated as the deadline forreceipt of proposals.Offerors assume the risk of the method of dispatch chosen. UND assumes no responsibility for delayscaused by any delivery service. Postmarking by the due date will not substitute for actual proposalreceipt by UND. An offeror’s failure to submit its proposal prior to the deadline will cause the proposal tobe rejected. Late proposals or amendments will not be opened or accepted for evaluation.1.05Assistance to Offerors with a DisabilityOfferors with a disability that need an accommodation should contact the procurement officer prior to thedeadline for receipt of proposals so that reasonable accommodation can be made.1.06Deadline for Receipt of Questions and ObjectionsOfferors must carefully review this solicitation, the contract, risk management provisions, and allattachments for defects, questionable, or objectionable material. All questions must be in writing anddirected to UND, addressed to the procurement officer, and cite the subject RFP number. Theprocurement officer must receive these written requests by the deadline specified in the RFP Schedule ofEvents to allow issuance of any necessary amendments. If no deadline is specified, questions orobjections must be received at least 7 days prior to solicitation closing.This will also help prevent the opening of a defective solicitation and exposure of offeror's proposals uponwhich an award could not be made. Protests based on the content of the solicitation will be disallowed ifthese faults have not been brought to the attention of the procurement officer, in writing, before the timeindicated in the Schedule of Events.If the question may be answered by directing the questioner to a specific section of the RFP, then theprocurement officer may answer the question over the telephone. Other questions may be more complexand may require a written amendment to the RFP. The procurement officer will make thisdetermination. Verbal communications are considered unofficial and non-binding on UND. The offerormust confirm telephone conversations in writing.1.07Approved Vendor Registration RequirementsThe successful Offeror must register and become approved within 60 calendar days from the date of theNotice of Intent to Award – or order is placed, as may be extended by the Procurement Officer. If an Offerorfails to become registered, its proposal/bid will be considered non-responsive and rejected.To register with the North Dakota Secretary of State (fees apply) - registration instructions and forms areavailable on-line at: The successful bidder must register and become approved

within sixty calendar days or shorter time specified in writing by the purchasing agency from the date of theNotice of Intent to Award. The bid may be rejected if the bidder fails to register within the specified timeperiod.1.08Pre-proposal ConferenceNo pre-proposal conference will be held for this RFP. Offerors are advised to carefully review the RFPand all attachments and submit all questions to the procurement officer by the deadline indicated forsubmission of questions in the schedule of events.1.09Amendments to the RFPIf an amendment to this RFP is issued, it will be provided to all offerors who were notified of the RFP andto those that have requested a copy of the RFP from the procurement officer.1.10Letter of InterestVendors interested in receiving any notices related to this RFP are invited to contact the procurementofficer with the name of their firm, contact person, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and email address. The sole purpose of the letter of interest is to provide UND with a contact person toreceive any notices related to the RFP. Submission of a letter of interest is not a requirement forsubmitting a proposal.

SECTION TWOBACKGROUND INFORMATION2.01Background InformationUND is the state’s flagship research university, with nearly 15,000 students, 225 fields of study, andaccredited professional schools of law and medicine. In addition to its extensive undergraduate programs,UND offers 40 online degree programs and 84 graduate programs.The University is in the midst of a major website redevelopment project. Part of the project includesreplacing the current Google search appliance with a new appliance. Up-to-date status information aboutthe project is located on the Website Redevelopment blog at estimated budget for completion of this project is between 12,000 and 30,000 annually. Proposalpriced at more than 30,000 annually will be considered non-responsive.

SECTION THREESCOPE OF WORK3.01Scope of WorkThe following is a list of specifications required for the Search Appliance mandatory requirements sectionof the RFP.The University of North Dakota is seeking a new search appliance to be implemented prior to the launchof its new website in April 2018.The technology solution can be an on premise or cloud based solution. UND does not require opensource technology or a full-managed service.Technology Requirements Language detection capabilities (English) Spelling check/assistance through spelling suggestions, auto-complete (typehead search),wildcards and synonym lists Full text search Parse rich documents including PDF, Microsoft Office, CSV, HTML, rich text, XML and plain text Connect, index and query relational database including MySQL (whatever we need to search theDirectory/Faculty Finder as a separate people search) Ability to style end user interface to match website design Curate and promote pages to the top of search results for certain keywords Back-end visual statistic reporting and analytics Intuitive back-end interface Ability to search and create collectionsPreferred Technology Requirements Near real-time indexing with a manual option SSL security authentication Location-based geospatial search Search as you type Filtered search by attributes such as date and content type Parametric search/filters3.02Location of WorkThe University will not provide workspace for the contractor.3.03Required LicensesAt the time specified by the deadline for submission of proposals, the offeror must have and keep currentany professional licenses and permits required by federal, state, and local laws for performance of thiscontract. Offerors that do not possess required licenses at the time proposals are due will be determinednon-responsive.3.04Federal RequirementsThe offeror must identify all known federal requirements that apply to the proposal, the evaluation, or thecontract.

SECTION FOURGENERAL CONTRACT INFORMATION4.01Contract TypeFixed Price with AdjustmentThe contract will be a fixed price contract with adjustment. A fixed price will be established for the scopeof work. Any changes to the fixed price will be agreed upon between the parties, and the contract will beamended.4.02Payment TermsPayment will be made within thirty days after receipt of a correct invoice. All invoices and paymentinquiries must be directed via email to:Procurement & Payment Services at:[email protected] mailed to:Procurement & Payment Services,Twamley Hall, Room 115264 Centennial Drive Stop 8356Grand Forks, ND 58202-8356Prepayment - UND will not make any advance payments before performance by contractor under thisContract.Prompt Payment Discount Terms offered by the Contractor may be taken by UND if payment is madewithin the specified terms.4.03Term of ContractThis Contract begins on November 15, 2017 or its effective date and ends on November 14, 2018.a. Renewal OptionUND may renew this Contract upon satisfactory completion of the initial Contract term. UNDreserves the right to execute up to nine (9) options to renew this Contract under the same termsand conditions for a period of twelve (12) months each.4.04Time is of the EssenceContractor hereby acknowledges that time is of the essence for performance under this contract unlessotherwise agreed to in writing by the parties.4.05Proposal as a Part of the ContractPart or all of this RFP and the successful proposal may be incorporated into the contract.

4.06Termination of Contracta. Termination without cause. This contract may be terminated by mutual consent of both parties,or by either party upon 30 days’ written notice.b. Termination by Mutual Agreement. This contract may be terminated by mutual consent of bothparties executed in writing.c. Early Termination in the Public Interest. UND is entering into this contract for the purpose ofcarrying out the public policy of the University of North Dakota, as determined by its governor,legislative assembly, the State Board of Higher Education, and courts. If this contract ceases tofurther the public policy of UND, in its sole discretion, UND may terminate this Contract in wholeor in part by written notice to contractor.d. Termination for Lack of Funding or Authority. UND by written notice to contractor, mayterminate the whole or any part of this Contract under any of the following conditions:1) If funding from federal, state, or other sources is not obtained and continued at levelssufficient to allow for purchase of the services or supplies in the indicated quantities or term.Continuation of this contract beyond June 30 of any odd-numbered year is contingent oncontinued legislative appropriation of funds for the purposes of this Agreement. If thoseappropriations are not forthcoming, UND will notify contractor as soon as possible and thecontract will terminate on June 30 of that year.2) If federal or state laws or rules are modified or interpreted in a way that the services are nolonger allowable or appropriate for purchase under this Contract or are no longer eligible forthe funding proposed for payments authorized by this Contract.3) If any license, permit, or certificate required by law or rule, or by the terms of this Contract, isfor any reason denied, revoked, suspended, or not renewed.UND will not be penalized or incur any liability because of termination of this Contract as providedin this subsection.Termination of this Contract under this subsection is without prejudice to any obligations orliabilities of either party already accrued prior to termination.e. Termination for Cause. UND may terminate this contract effective upon delivery of written noticeto contractor, or any later date stated in the notice:1) If contractor fails to provide services required by this contract within the time specified or anyextension agreed to by the University; or2) If contractor fails to perform any of the other provisions of this contract, or so fails to pursuethe work as to endanger performance of this contract in accordance with its terms.The rights and remedies of the UND provided in this subsection are not exclusive and are inaddition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under this contract.f.Termination, Deliveries. If the contract is terminated for any reason, the contractor isresponsible for delivery of all commodities and services ordered prior to the termination, unlessthose orders had been canceled by UND.4.07Force MajeureNeither party will be held responsible for delay or default caused by fire, riot, terrorism, acts of God or warif the event is beyond the party’s reasonable control and the affected party gives notice to the other partypromptly upon occurrence of the event causing the delay or default or that is reasonably expected tocause a delay or default.

4.08Indemnification and Insurance RequirementsIndemnificationCONTRACTOR agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless UND, its officers and employees fromand against claims based on the vicarious liability of UND, but not against claims based on the UND’scontributory negligence, comparative and/or contributory negligence or fault, sole negligence, orintentional misconduct. This obligation to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless does not extend toprofessional liability claims arising from professional errors and omissions. The legal defense provided byCONTRACTOR to UND under this provision must be free of any conflicts of interest, even if retention ofseparate legal counsel for UND is necessary. Any attorney appointed to represent UND must first qualifyas and be appointed by the North Dakota Attorney General as a Special Assistant Attorney General asrequired under N.D.C.C. § 54-12-08. CONTRACTOR also agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold UNDharmless for all costs, expenses and attorneys' fees incurred if UND prevails in an action againstCONTRACTOR in establishing and litigating the indemnification coverage provided herein. This obligationshall continue after the termination of this agreement.Insurance RequirementsContractor shall secure and keep in force during the term of this agreement, from insurance companies,government self-insurance pools or government self-retention funds, authorized to do business in NorthDakota, the following insurance coverages:1) Commercial general liability, including premises or operations, contractual, and products or completedoperations coverages (if applicable), with minimum liability limits of 1,000,000 per occurrence.2) Workers compensation coverage meeting all statutory requirements.The insurance coverages listed above must meet the following additional requirements:1) This insurance may be in policy or policies of insurance, primary and excess, including the so-calledumbrella or catastrophe form and must be placed with insurers rated “A-” or better by A.M. BestCompany, Inc., provided any excess policy follows form for coverage. Less than an “A-” rating must beapproved by the State. The policies shall be in form and terms approved by the State.2) The Contractor shall furnish a certificate of insurance to the undersigned State representative prior tocommencement of this agreement.3) Failure to provide insurance as required in this agreement is a material breach of contract entitlingState to terminate this agreement immediately.4) Contractor shall provide at least 30 day notice of any cancellation or material change to the policies orendorsements. An updated, current certificate of insurance shall be provided in the event of any changeto a policy.Objections to any of the provisions of the Indemnification and Insurance Requirements must be made inwriting to the attention of the procurement officer by the time and date set for receipt of questions. Noalteration of these provisions will be permitted without prior written approval from UND.UPON RECEIPT OF THE NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD, THE SUCCESSFUL OFFEROR MUSTOBTAIN THE REQUIRED INSURANCE COVERAGE AND PROVIDE PROCUREMENT WITH PROOFOF COVERAGE PRIOR TO CONTRACT APPROVAL. THE COVERAGE MUST BE SATISFACTORYTO UND. AN OFFEROR’S FAILURE TO PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF INSURANCE COVERAGE IS AMATERIAL BREACH AND GROUNDS FOR WITHDRAWAL OF THE AWARD OR TERMINATION OFTHE CONTRACT.4.09Works for HireContractor acknowledges that all work(s) under this Contract is "work(s) for hire" within the meaning of theUnited States Copyright Act (Title 17 United States Code) and hereby assigns to UND all rights and interestsContractor may have in the work(s) it prepares under this Contract, including any right to derivative use ofthe work(s). All software and related materials developed by Contractor in performance of this Contract forUND will be the sole property of UND, and Contractor hereby assigns and transfers all its right, title, andinterest therein to UND. CONTRACTOR will execute all necessary documents to enable UND to protectUND’s intellectual property rights under this section.

4.10Work Product, Equipment and MaterialsAll work product, equipment, or materials created for UND or purchased by UND under this Contract belongto UND and must be immediately delivered to UND at UND’s request upon termination of this Contract.4.11ConfidentialityContractor will not use or disclose any information it receives from UND under this Contract that UND haspreviously identified as confidential or exempt from mandatory public disclosure except as necessary tocarry out the purposes of this Contract or as authorized in advance by UND. UND will not disclose anyinformation it receives from Contractor that Contractor has previously identified as confidential and thatUND determines in its sole discretion is protected from mandatory public disclosure under a specificexception to the North Dakota public records law, N.D.C.C. ch. 44-04. The duty of UND and Contractor tomaintain confidentiality of information under this section continues beyond the term of this Contract.4.12Inspection and InvestigationsUND reserves the right to conduct inspections and investigations related to the bidder and offeredcommodities or services, including but not limited to the firm, its facility, personnel, qualifications, and thecommodities and/or services offered to make determinations regarding compliance with the contractorrequirements and responsibility of the contractor. All material and workmanship will be subject toinspection and testing by UND either at the point of manufacturer, place of storage, or upon receipt.4.13Compliance with Public Records LawThe contract is subject to North Dakota’s public records law.4.14Independent EntityContractor, its employees, agents, and representatives under this Contract are not UND employees forany purpose, including the application of the Social Security Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, theFederal Insurance Contribution Act, the North Dakota Unemployment Compensation Law, and the NorthDakota Workforce Safety and Insurance Act. Contractor retains sole and absolute discretion in themanner and means of carrying out Contractor’s activities and responsibilities under this Contract, exceptto the extent specified in this Contract. No part of this contract shall be construed to represent thecreation of an employer/employee relationship.4.15Assignments and SubcontractsThe contractor may not assign or otherwise transfer or delegate any right or duty without UND’s expresswritten consent. However, the contractor may enter into subcontracts provided that any suchsubcontractor acknowledges the binding nature of this contract and incorporates this contract, includingany attachments. The contractor is solely responsible for the performance of any subcontractor. Thecontractor will not have the authority to contract for or incur obligations on behalf of UND.4.16Spoliation – Preservation of EvidenceContractor agrees to promptly notify UND of all potential claims which arise from or result from thiscontract. Contractor further agrees to take all reasonable steps to preserve all physical evidence andinformation which may be relevant to the circumstances surrounding a potential claim, while maintainingpublic safety, and to grant UND the opportunity to review and inspect such evidence, including the sceneof the accident.

4.17SeverabilityIf any term of this Contract is declared by a court having jurisdiction to be illegal or unenforceable, thevalidity of the remaining terms is unaffected and, if possible, the rights and obligations of the parties are tobe construed and enforced as if the Contract did not contain that term.4.18Applicable Law and VenueThis contract is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Dakota.Any action to enforce this contract must be brought in the Northeast Central Judicial District Court ofGrand Forks County, North Dakota. UND does not agree to any form of binding arbitration, mediation, orother forms of mandatory alternative dispute resolution. UND does not waive any right to a jury trial.4.19Nondiscrimination and Compliance with Laws. The contractor must, in performance of work underthis contract, fully comply with all applicable federal, state, or local laws, rules and regulations, includingTitle VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other laws concerning fair employment and employment of thehandicapped, and concerning the treatment of all employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex,national origin, or physical handicap. Any subletting or subcontracting by the contractor subjects thesubcontractors to this provision. Contractor will have and keep current at all times during the term of thisContract all licenses and permits required by law.4.20AuditUND will have full access at all times to all of the contractor's records, regardless of physical form, thatrelate to this Contract. Contractor will maintain all such records for at least three years followingcompletion of this contract.4.21On-Campus ParkingAll contractors, delivery persons, and vendors parking on campus are required to either: obtain a UNDparking permit; park in the visitor pay lot; utilize the pay-as-you-go option at the parking ramp; or park at ameter while conducting business at UND. Those who purchase a delivery/vendor permit are entitled topark in service vehicle zones. It is the responsibility of the vehicle driver to park legally and obey allparking restrictions on campus. Further parking information will be provided upon request. Applicationsfor construction, delivery, and vendor permits can be printed off the UND Parking Services website or picked up in UND Parking Services located in the TransportationBuilding3925 Campus Rd.4.22Standard Contract ProvisionsOfferors are instructed to contact the procurement officer in writing by the deadline set for questions withany concerns regarding the contract provisions.4.23Additional Terms and ConditionsUND reserves the right to add, delete, or modify terms and conditions during contract negotiations.These terms and conditions will be within the scope of the RFP and will not affect the proposalevaluations.

4.24Supplemental Terms and ConditionsProposals including supplemental terms and conditions will be accepted, but supplemental conditions thatconflict with those contained in this RFP or that diminish UNDs right's under any contract resulting fromthe RFP will be considered null and void. UND is not responsible for identifying conflicting supplementalterms and conditions before issuing a contract award. After award of contract:(a) if conflict arises between a supplemental term or condition included in the proposal and aterm or condition of the RFP, the term or condition of the RFP will prevail; and(b) if UND’s rights would be diminished as a result of application of a supplemental term orcondition included in the proposal, the supplemental term or condition will be considered nulland void.4.25Contract ApprovalThis RFP does not, by itself, obligate UND. UND’s obligation will commence when the contract isexecuted. Upon written notice to the Contractor, UND may set a different starting date for the contract.UND will not be responsible for any work done by the Contractor, even work done in good faith, if itoccurs prior to the contract start date set by UND.4.26Contract Changes - Unanticipated AmendmentsDuring the course of this contract, the contractor may be required to perform additional work. That workwill be within the general scope of the initial contract. When additional work is required, UND will providethe contractor a written description of the additional work and request the contractor to submit a firm timeschedule for accomplishing the additional work and a firm price for the additional work. Cost and pricingdata must be provided to justify the cost of amendments.The contractor will not commence additionalwork until UND has secured any required University approvals necessary for the amendment and issueda written contract amendment, approved by UND.4.27Taxes and Taxpayer IdentificationUND is not responsible for and will not pay local, state, or federal taxes. UND’s sales tax exemptionnumber is E-2001. UND will furnish certificates of exemption upon request by the contractor.A contractor performing any contract, including service contracts, for the United States Government, Stateof North Dakota, counties, cities, school districts, park board or any other political subdivisions withinNorth Dakota is not exempt from payment of sales or use tax on material and supplies used or consumedin carrying out contracts. In these cases, the contractor is required to file returns and pay sales and usetax just as required for contracts with private parties.A contractor performing any contract, including a service contract, within North Dakota is also subject tothe corporation income tax, individual income tax, and withholding tax reporting requirements, whether theco

RFP Title: Search Appliance RFP Number: 40-2018 Date of Issue: October 17, 2017 Due Date: 2:00pm CDT, November 7, 2017 Purpose of RFP: The purpose of this solicitation is to find a new search appliance for UND's public facing website. Prepared by the University of North Dakota Procurement Services Department