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ContentsProduct Disclosure Statement (PDS) – Important Information . 3Policy Wording Introduction . 10Section 1 – Property Damage. 25Section 2 – Business Interruption . 41Section 3 – Theft . 55Section 4 – Money. 61Section 5 – Glass . 65Section 6 – General Property. 67Section 7 – Electronic Equipment Breakdown .69Section 8 – Machinery Breakdown . 77Section 9 – Public and Products Liability .83Section 10 – Tax Audit .94Section 11 – Employee Fraud.96About Chubb in Australia .99Contact Us .99Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and PolicyWording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos,and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.2

Chubb Business PackSteadfast Client Trading PlatformProduct Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy WordingProduct Disclosure Statement (PDS) – Important InformationThis document contains important information and it is therefore important thatYou carefully read and understand the cover being provided before making adecision to purchase this product.About this Product Disclosure StatementThis Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) provides general information only, andshould be read in conjunction with the attached Chubb Business Pack Policywording.We are required to provide a PDS under Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) if theBuilding You are insuring under Property Damage Section, Theft Section orGlass Section is a home building and You individual; ora small business, having:a)in the case of a non-manufacturing, less than 20 employees;orb)in the case of a manufacturing business, less than 100 employees.The PDS and the Policy contain important information which You should readcarefully before deciding to take out any insurance cover.This PDS has been prepared to assist You in understanding the Policy andmaking an informed choice about Your insurance requirements. This PDSshould be read in conjunction with the Policy wording which forms part of thisPDS. Before You decide to purchase the insurance product, please read thesedocuments thoroughly.Certain words in this PDS and the Policy which appear are capitalised havespecial meanings that are set out in the ‘General Definitions applicable to thisPolicy’ section and (as may be applicable) in each Coverage Section of the Policy.This Product Disclosure Statement is dated 20 August 2021.PDS code is: 21PDSBIZSCTP02Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and PolicyWording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos,and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.3

Important Information If You are insuring a home buildingA home building means a building that is used or intended to be used primarily as a place of residence andincludes a home building that is a commercial premise in which You may also live or of which You rent a partof the building for residential use. Note that if You only use the building for residential purposes, it cannot beinsured under this Policy. In addition, You can only insure a home building under this Policy if You are theowner of the property.Note that since the purpose of this Policy is to cover certain business related exposures, in the event that Youare insuring a home building under the sections mentioned above, the cover provided under those sectionsdiffers from the prescribed policy for domestic house and contents contained in the Insurance ContractsRegulations 2017 (Cth).About Chubb in AustraliaThe insurer of this Policy is Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (ABN 23 001 642 020, AFSL 239687). In thisPDS, “Chubb”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, and “Company” means Chubb Insurance Australia Limited.Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. Chubb, via acquisitions by itspredecessor companies, has been present in Australia for almost 100 years. Its operation in Australia (ChubbInsurance Australia Limited) provides specialised and customised coverages include Marine, Property,Liability, Energy, Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers, Financial Lines, Utilities as well as Accident &Health, for a broad client base, including many of the country’s largest companies.You can contact Chubb at:Head Office:Grosvenor PlaceLevel 38, 225 George Street Sydney NSW 2000Postal address:GPO Box 4907Sydney NSW 2001Telephone: 1800 815 675Facsimile: 61 2 9335 3467E-mail: t SteadfastSteadfast Group Limited (Steadfast) is a public company. It includes a large network of insurance brokerageswho operate in Australia as Steadfast Brokers. This Policy is available exclusively to You through a Steadfastbroker. Steadfast Group Limited does not issue, guarantee or underwrite this Policy.Steadfast is not an agent of Chubb.Important information about Steadfast’s adviceAny advice Steadfast gives about this Policy does not take into account any of Your particular objectives,financial situation or needs. For this reason, before You act on Steadfast’s advice, You should consider theappropriateness of the advice taking into account Your own objectives, financial situation and needs.Before You make any decisions about whether to acquire this Policy it is recommend You should read thisInsurance Policy.General AdviceAny general advice that may be contained in this PDS or accompanying material does not take into accountYour individual objectives, financial situation or needs nor those for whom You are effecting the Policy. Suchmatters should be considered in determining the appropriateness of this product. Consideration also needs tobe given to whether the limits, type and level of cover are appropriate for You.Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.4

General Insurance Code of PracticeWe are a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice (Code). The objectives of the Code are to furtherraise standards of service and promote consumer confidence in the general insurance industry. Furtherinformation about the Code and Your rights under it is available at and on request. Asa signatory to the Code, We are bound to comply with its terms. As part of Our obligations under Parts 9 and10 of the Code, Chubb has a Customers Experiencing Vulnerability & Family Violence Policy (Part 9) and aFinancial Hardship Policy (Part 10). The Code is monitored and enforced by the Code Governance Committee.Insurance Contracts ActThe terms and conditions of this insurance shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws ofAustralia, and as such shall be subject to the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth). Nothing contained in thisinsurance is to be construed to reduce or waive the privileges, rights or remedies available under theInsurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) to Chubb or any party insured under this insurance.Cooling OffYou have twenty-one (21) days after entry into the Policy (including renewals) to decide whether to return it.If the request is made to Us in writing within those twenty-one (21) days, We will cancel the Policy, providedYou or any Insured have not exercised a right or power under the terms of the Policy in that period (e.g. aclaim has been made or benefit paid). We will provide a full refund of Premium, less charges or taxes whichWe are unable to recover. Even after the cooling off period ends You still have cancellation rights (see thesection "Cancellation" under "General Conditions applicable to all Sections of the Policy").Updating Our PDSWe may need to update the information contained in Our PDS from time to time (where allowed or requiredby law).We will issue You with a new PDS or a Supplementary PDS when this happens.Duty of DisclosureYour Duty of DisclosureBefore You enter into an insurance contract, You have a duty to tell Us anything that You know, or couldreasonably be expected to know, may affect Our decision to insure You and on what terms.You have this duty until We agree to insure You.You have the same duty before You renew, extend, vary or reinstate an insurance contract.What You do not need to tell UsYou do not need to tell Us anything that: reduces the risk We insure You for; oris common knowledge; orWe know or should know as an insurer; orWe waive Your duty to tell Us about.If You do not tell Us somethingIf You do not tell Us anything You are required to, We may cancel Your contract or reduce the amount We willpay You if You make a claim, or both.If Your failure to tell Us is fraudulent, We may refuse to pay a claim and treat the contract as if it neverexisted.Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.5

PremiumCost of this PolicyWe take a number of factors into account when calculating Your premium. The key factors that influence thepremium calculation are reflected in the questions asked and the information sought at the time of Yourenquiry or application for insurance. The factors vary depending on the type of insurance You have selected.For example, some things that may influence the premium are the type of property being insured, where theproperty is located, the type of construction, Your previous claims history as well as other information Youprovide to Us when applying for this insurance.Factors that increase the risk to Us generally increase the premium and those that lower the risk reduce thepremium payable. Your premium includes any amounts payable that take into account Our obligation to payany relevant compulsory government charges, taxes or levies (including stamp duty and GST) in relation tothe Policy.We will tell You in writing what premium is payable when it needs to be paid and how it can be paid.We may change Your premium from the renewal date but will notify You of the change prior to that date.If You change Your Policy You may be entitled to a partial refund of premium or be required to pay anadditional premium.Paying Your premiumYou must pay Your annual premium to Your financial services provider by the payment date (which will beconfirmed by your financial services provider). If Your premium is unpaid by the date required by yourfinancial services provider, or Your payment is dishonoured, this Policy will not operate and there will be nocover.Complaints and Dispute Resolution ProcessWe understand that You could be dissatisfied with Our organisation, Our products and services, or thecomplaints handling process itself. We take all Our customer's concerns seriously and have detailed below thecomplaints process that You can access.Complaints and Customer Resolution ServiceContact DetailsIf You are dissatisfied with any aspect of Your relationship with Chubb including Our products or services andwish to make a complaint, please contact Our Complaints and Customer Resolution Service (CCR Service)by post, phone, fax, or email, (as below):Complaints and Customer Resolution ServiceChubb Insurance Australia LimitedGPO Box 4065Sydney NSW 2001P 61 2 9335 3200F 61 2 9335 3411E [email protected] CCR Service is committed to reviewing complaints objectively, fairly and efficiently.ProcessPlease provide Us with Your claim or policy number (if applicable) and as much information as You can aboutthe reason for Your complaint.Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.6

Our responseWe will acknowledge receipt of Your complaint within one (1) business day of receiving it from You, or as soonas practicable. Following acknowledgement, within two (2) business days We will provide You with the nameand relevant contact details of the CCR Service team member who will be assigned to liaise with You regardingYour complaint.We will investigate Your complaint and keep You informed of the progress of Our investigation at least everyten (10) business days and will make a decision in relation to Your complaint in writing within thirty (30)calendar days. If We are unable to make this decision within this timeframe, We will provide You with areason for the delay and advise of Your right to take Your complaint to the Australian Financial ComplaintsAuthority (AFCA) as detailed below, subject to its Rules. If Your complaint falls outside the AFCA Rules, Youcan seek independent legal advice or access any other external dispute resolution options that may beavailable to You.To the extent allowable at law, if You request copies of the information We relied on to make a decision aboutYour complaint, We must provide it within ten (10) business days of Your request. Please see the GeneralInsurance Code of Practice 2020 ( or contact Us for further details.Please note that if We have resolved Your complaint to Your satisfaction by the end of the fifth (5th) businessday after We have received it, and You have not requested that We provide You a response in writing, We arenot required to provide a written response. However, this exemption does not apply to complaints regarding adeclined claim, the value of a claim, or about financial hardship.External Dispute ResolutionIf You are dissatisfied with Our complaint determination, or We are unable to resolve Your complaint to Yoursatisfaction within thirty (30) days, You may refer Your complaint to AFCA, subject to its Rules.AFCA is an independent external dispute resolution scheme approved by the Australian Securities andInvestments Commission (ASIC). We are a member of this scheme and We agree to be bound by itsdeterminations about a dispute. AFCA provides fair and independent financial services complaint resolutionthat is free to consumers.You may contact AFCA at any time at:Australian Financial Complaints AuthorityGPO Box 3Melbourne VIC 3001P 1800 931 678 (free call)F 61 3 9613 6399E [email protected] limits may apply to complain to AFCA and so You should act promptly or otherwise consult the AFCAwebsite to find out if or when the time limit relevant to Your circumstances expires.Privacy StatementIn this Statement “We”, “Our” and “Us” means Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (Chubb).“You” and “Your” refers to Our customers and prospective customers as well as those who use Our website.This Statement is a summary of Our Privacy Policy and provides an overview of how We collect, disclose andhandle Your Personal Information. Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and where this occurs,the updated Privacy Policy will be posted to Our website.Chubb is committed to protecting Your privacy. Chubb collects, uses and retains Your Personal Information inaccordance with the requirement of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs),as amended or replaced from time-to-time.Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.7

Why We collect Your Personal InformationThe primary purpose for Our collection and use of Your Personal Information is to enable Us to provideinsurance services to You.Sometimes, We may use Your Personal Information for Our marketing campaigns and research, in relation tonew products, services or information that may be of interest to You.How We obtain Your Personal InformationWe collect Your Personal Information (which may include sensitive information) at various points including,but not limited to, when You are applying for, changing or renewing an insurance policy with Us or when Weare processing a claim. Personal Information is usually obtained directly from You, but sometimes via a thirdparty such an insurance intermediary or Your employer (e.g. in the case of a group insurance policy). Pleaserefer to Our Privacy Policy for further details.When information is provided to Us via a third party We use that information on the basis that You haveconsented or would reasonably expect Us to collect Your Personal Information in this way. We takereasonable steps to ensure that You have been made aware of how We handle Your Personal Information.When do We disclose Your Personal Information?We may disclose the information We collect to third parties, including: the policyholder (where the insured person is not the policyholder, i.e., group policies);service providers engaged by Us to carry out certain business activities on Our behalf (such as claimsassessors, call centres in Australia, online marketing agency, etc);intermediaries and service providers engaged by You (such as current or previous brokers, travelagencies and airlines);government agencies (where We are required to by law);other entities within the Chubb group of companies such as the regional head offices of Chubb locatedin Singapore, UK or USA (Chubb Group of Companies); andthird parties with whom We (or the Chubb Group of Companies) have sub-contracted to provide aspecific service for Us, which may be located outside of Australia (such as in the Philippines or USA).These entities and their locations may change from time-to-time. Please contact Us, if You would like afull list of the countries in which these third parties are located.In the circumstances where We disclose Personal Information to the Chubb Group of Companies, third partiesor third parties outside Australia We take steps to protect Personal Information against unauthoriseddisclosure, misuse or loss.Your decision to provide Your Personal InformationIn dealing with Us, You agree to Us using and disclosing Your Personal Information, which will be stored,used and disclosed by Us as set out in this Privacy Statement and Our Privacy Policy.Access to and correction of Your Personal InformationPlease contact Our customer relations team on 1800 815 675 or email [email protected] ifYou would like: a copy of Our Privacy Policy, orto cease to receive marketing offers from Us or persons with whom We have an association.To request access to, update or correct Your Personal Information held by Chubb, please complete thisPersonal Information request form and return to:Email:[email protected]: 61 2 9335 3467Address: GPO Box 4907 Sydney NSW 2001Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.8

How to Make a ComplaintIf You have a complaint or would like more information about how We manage Your Personal Information,please review Our Privacy Policy for more details, or contact:Privacy OfficerChubb Insurance Australia LimitedGPO Box 4907 Sydney NSW 2001 61 2 9335 [email protected] Claims SchemeWe are an insurance company authorised under the Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) (Insurance Act) to carry ongeneral insurance business in Australia by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and aresubject to the prudential requirements of the Insurance Act.The Insurance Act is designed to ensure that, under all reasonable circumstances, financial promises made byUs are met within a stable, efficient and competitive financial system.Because of this We are exempted from the requirement to meet the compensation arrangements Australianfinancial services licensees must have in place to compensate retail clients for loss or damage suffered becauseof breaches by the licensee or its representatives of Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). We havecompensation arrangements in place that are in accordance with the Insurance Act.In the unlikely event that We were to become insolvent and were unable to meet Our obligations under thePolicy, a person entitled to claim may be entitled to payment under the Financial Claims Scheme. Access tothe Scheme is subject to eligibility criteria. Please refer to for more information.Documents that Together Forms the Insurance PolicyYour Policy will consist of: this document;Your Schedule;Your insurance application; andany other documents that We tell You form part of Your Policy.You should keep these documents in a safe place in case You need to refer to them in the future. For certaintypes of cover under the Policy, We will require You to provide receipts and other documentary evidence to Usbefore We pay a claim. You should keep those documents in a safe place as well.Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.9

Policy Wording IntroductionThis is a Chubb Steadfast Client Trading Platform (SCTP) Business Pack Insurance Policy. Please read theentire Policy carefully.The operative Sections of this Policy are as indicated in the Schedule. Unless a particular Section is identifiedin the Schedule as being ‘Insured’, it is of no effect and no cover is granted under it. The operative Sections ofthis Policy, along with the Schedule and any endorsements, should be read together and considered as onecontract.General ProvisionsGeneral Insuring AgreementIn consideration of the premium being paid by You to Us, reliance upon the written statements and declarations provided by You or on Your behalf; andsubject to the terms, exclusions, definitions, conditions and limitations of this Policy,We agree to provide insurance cover as set out in those Sections identified as insured in the Schedule. We willnot pay any more than the applicable limits or Sums Insured stated in the Schedule or as provided in thisPolicy wording.UnderinsuranceThe Property Damage and Business Interruption Sections contain Underinsurance clauses that may limit theamount that We pay when You have a claim. This will only happen if You understate a Sum Insured or Limitof Liability.Example:Under the Property Damage Section You insure Property Insured for a Sum Insured of 1,800,000, resultingin a Limit of Liability of 2,160,000 (i.e. 1,800,000 x 120%).Damage amounting to 1,000,000 occurs from an event covered under the Property Damage Section.The value of such Property Insured at the commencement of the Policy Period, calculated in accordance withthe ‘How We will pay’ provisions of the Property Damage Section, was actually 2,880,000.Underinsurance applies because the Sum Insured of the Property Insured is less than 80% of the actual valueof the Property Insured.Claim settlement ( 2,160,000 x 1,000,000)/( 2,880,000 x 80%) 937,500.In this example, We would pay 937,500 for the cost of reinstating Your Property Insured, subject to theapplication of any Excess.General Conditions applicable to all Sections of the PolicyAccountancy recordsYou must provide to Us all books of account, business books and other documents as may be required toinvestigate and verify any claims. If You do not, We may refuse to pay or may reduce the amount of a claim.Alteration of riskOur decision to insure You, and the premium that We charge You, is based on information provided by Youabout Your business, and the risks to be insured under this policy. Your insurance, including the amount ofpremium, may be affected if any of the facts or circumstances that existed at the start of the policy changeduring the Policy Period, including, for example:Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.10 nature of or type of Business carried on by You or Your tenants, or any change in the type or natureof the Property Insured;other circumstances that affect the Insured Location or the Property Insured in such a way as tomaterially increase the risk of damage or losses;Your interest in the policy ceases, including by operation of law;the Business is wound up, enters a form of external administration or carried on by an insolvencypractitioner or permanently discontinued;You or Your Business is acquired, purchased by or merged with a different legal entity.You must notify Us of the above or any other changes that materially increase the risk insured under Yourpolicy (Changes) within 28 days after such change comes to Your notice. Minor or insignificant changes arenot Changes for the purpose of this clause.If You are a property owner insuring Buildings that You lease, Our decision to insure You and the premiumWe charge You will take into account information about Your tenants and how the Building is used that Youtell Us when You apply for a policy with Us, during the Policy Period and at each renewal. For this reason it isimportant that You tell Us as soon as these things change.For example, if Your building has three (3) tenants (an accountant’s office, a jeans retailer and a sandwichbar) We will calculate your fire premium on the sandwich bar, as it is more hazardous than either of the othertwo (2) occupations. If during the Policy Period the sandwich bar closes down and a menswear shop opens,then You must notify Us of the change and We will calculate Your fire premium either using the jeans retaileror menswear occupation.Some material Changes may impact Our ability to continue to insure You. After You have told Us of theChanges, We will confirm Our acceptance of the Changes in writing. In some cases, We may only agree tocontinue to insure You under this Policy if You agree to pay Us any reasonable additional premium Werequire.If You do not notify Us of a Change, We may decline a claim and/or cancel or avoid the Policy.Applicable LawShould any dispute arise concerning this Policy, the dispute will be determined in accordance with the law ofAustralia and the States and Territories thereof. In relation to any such dispute the parties agree to submit tothe jurisdiction of any competent court in a State or Territory of Australia.AssignmentAssignment of an interest under this Policy does not bind Us until its consent is endorsed on the Policy (whichendorsement is not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned). If You die or are adjudged bankruptor insolvent, this insurance will cover:1.2.Your legal representative acting on behalf of either You or Your estate;any person or corporation having lawful temporary custody of property which is or was before Yourdeath owned or possessed by You until the appointment of a legal representative.Authority to act on behalf of multiple insuredsIt is agreed that the Insured is authorised to act on behalf of all other persons who may be an insured underthe Policy with respect to the exercise of all their rights and the discharge of all their duties in respect of thisPolicy.Bankruptcy or insolvencyIn the event that You should become bankrupt or insolvent, We shall not be relieved thereby of the payment ofany claims hereunder because of such bankruptcy or insolvency.In case of execution against You of any final judgment covered by this Policy being returned ‘unsatisfied’ byreason of such bankruptcy or insolvency, then an action may be maintained by the injured party or theirrepresentative against Us in the same manner, and to the same extent as You but not in excess of the Limit ofLiability.Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. Chubb , its logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.11

Cancellation1.2.3.You may cancel this Policy by telling Us in writing that You want to cancel it. You can do this by givingthe notice to Your Steadfast broker. If such notice is given, the cancellation will take effect on the daythe notice is received by Us. Where You involves more than one person or party, We will only cancel thePolicy when written agreement to cancel is received from all such named persons or parties.We may cancel this Pol

Chubb Business Pack Steadfast Client Trading Platform Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Policy Wording, Australia. Published 08/2021. 2021 Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. . Level 38, 225 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 . Postal address: GPO Box 4907 . Sydney NSW 2001 . Telephone: 1800 815 675 . Facsimile: 61 2 9335 3467 .