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Asbury Ave. 6th-7th St.Left SideBest Tire Service600 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 399-3006Ocean City Fine Arts League608 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 814-0308Body Works Tanningand Fitness Center612 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226Primo's Hoagies of Ocean City656 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 399-7746Weichert Realtors - AsburyGroup660 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-4400Asbury Ave. 6th-7th St.Right SideGG’s Ceaners605 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226Asbury Ave. 7th-8th St.Left SideThe Bag Room700 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226Sea Oats Children's Shop710 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-8399Artisans Alcove714 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-2050Salon Del Mare616 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 391-1288GG's Dry Cleaners & Tailor609 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-1120Could Be Yours ConsignmentBoutique716 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 703-4457 Sea Wave Massage620 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 399-3990 Harbor Outfitters625 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-938-01757th Street Surf Shop720 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-7070Arlene's on Asbury624 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-3639Jon & Patty Coffee Bar & Bistro637 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-3377Wards Pastry730 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-1260The Gingham Whale636 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-391-0996Ocean City Self Storage641 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-5005Hoy’s 5&10740 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-4697Yes! Nails & Spa640-A Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-391-1818We R Wireless641 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226Pappagallo744 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-4009Toilet Water CD's & Apparel642 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-1001 7th Street Surf Shop654 AsburyOcean City, NJ 08226609-391-1700Sturdy Savings Bank101 E. 34th StreetOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-7722Wallace Hardware750 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-2227Ocean City Vision Center752 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226

Asbury Ave. 7th-8th St.Left Side Cont.Two Tin Crows754 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 391-1998Sun Rose Words & Music756 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-9190Asbury Ave. 7th-8th St.Right SideSpace for RentAnimal House705 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-3771Kathy’s709 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Ireland Imports711 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-1948Gabrielle & Co.715 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-1008August Heart717 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226Rauhauser's Candies721 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-1465Donna Gay Dillon Boutique725 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-0082Ruth's Hallmark733 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08P. Francis733 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-5570Kay Jay's Doll Shoppe737 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-5632Jay's Crabshack737B Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 399-4022Space for RentDiva Nail Salon & Spa743 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 525-9988 Flying Carp Clothing Gallery745 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-391-1546Sun Seekers751 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-1640Nonna’s Trattoria & Pizzeria755 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226Interiors By JoAnn757 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-4600Asbury Ave. 8th-9th St.Left SideFortress Financial800 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-7600Yuki’s Gift Shop810 Asbury Ave #3Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-3800Curlies Cutting Crew810 Asbury Ave Ste 9Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-4247Just for Kids810 Asbury Ave Ste 7Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-8789Seasons of Color810 Asbury Ae.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-8100Creative Window Design Center834 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 645-1060Making Waves836 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 525-0662League Shore838A Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 082268th StreetThe Sneaker Shop846 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-391-5223Ready’s Coffee Shop415 8th StreetOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-4418Old Salt Sting Ray854 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 399-0660

Asbury Ave. 8th-9th St.Left Side Cont.Glazed Over854 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-8880Spinning Wheel Florist858 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-1157Asbury Ave. 8th-9th St.Right SideCrown Bank801 Asbury Ave # 2Ocean City, NJ 08226(609) 398-1800Kidz Creations811 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-9922Ocean City Repertory Theater813 Asbury AvenueOcean, NJ 08226(609) 457-6686Pacific Soul817 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-6338Fashion Nails819 Asbury St.Ocean City, NJ 08226391-9339Quick Bite825 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-457-6100Asbury Attic Consignment825 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-545-8089B&B Department Store827 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-391-0046 Ja Tori's Gems920 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226(609) 391-6571 Yianni's Café841 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-391-1113Glass Frog Studio920 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226City Hall861 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226Asbury Ave. 9th-10th St.Left SideLaureen's Cafe900 Asburt StOcean City, NJ 08226Colette900 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-525-0911Local Gym and Fitness908 AsburyOcean City, NJ 08226609-545-8732Sack O' Subs926 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-525-0460Johnson's Appliances & Bedding930 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 399-1598Johnson’s Culinary Concept936 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Johnson’s Bedding Center940 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Brown's Awning Co.944 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 398-6262Potomac Bead Company910 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 399-4400TaDah952 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226Sandcastle Cupcakes910 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 391-1000Accent Gallery956 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-3577Blind Express Home DecoratingCenter916 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226Brother’s 14th Street Bakery960 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Trixie & Ruby918 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 398-1018Asbury Ave. 9th-10th St.Right SideManic Botanic917 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 391-0311

Asbury Ave. 9th-10th St.Right Side Cont.City Hall Annex901 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Manic Botanic917 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-391-0311Again on Asbury921 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 398-0340 TaDah925 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226Asbury Kitchens & Baths929 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 399-6050Laura's Fudge (9th Street)Wildwood & Ocean Ave.Wildwood, NJ 08260609-729-1555Bernie's Barber Shop937 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ (609) 399-7032 The Flying Carp Gift Shop939 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226Lindsy James Salon and ColorStudio507 E 9th St, 1st FloorOcean City, NJ 08226609-525-9900Casa del Dolce947 Asbury AveOcean City NJ 08226609-398-9300Scully's Asbury Cafe955 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-391-1111Cameo Waterwear961 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 399-2260 Young's LTD965 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-9515Brothers' 14th Street Bakery407 E 14th StOcean City, NJ 08226Asbury Ave. 10th-11th St.Left SideCape Bank1000 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-7400Annarelli's Bicycles1014 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-2238Space for RentTaDah1026 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226South Jersey Home Care1028 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-4788Mew To You1034 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-4228TaDah1038 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226TaDah1040 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226A&A Computers1044 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-3000Cake Studio of Ocean City1046 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-231-1851Gleeson's Audio-Video1048 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-4910The Bookateria Two11th & Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-398-0121Art Work By Gary1054 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 391-9116Asbury Ave. 10th-11th St.Right SideOcean City Home Bank1001 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 082261-800-771-7990LaBottine Boutique1033 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-6400Lucky Find1035 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-814-9700Claudette Ballard - Martin InteriorDesign & Martin & Sons Plumbing& Heating1039 Asburg Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226

Asbury Ave. 10th-11th St.Right Side Cont.Grass Roots Music StoreApt 1, 1045 Asbury AvenueOcean City, NJ 08226(609) 398-6500OC Wireless/Variety Store1059 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 0822609-938-0135Asbury Ave. 11th-12th St.Left SideHarry Klause Cars and Trucks1120 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Joann’s Dressmaking &Alterations1112 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226All Natural Award Winning Pizza1136 Asbury AveOcean City, NJ 08226609-391-2212Avalon Carpet, Tile & Flooring1158-62 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-525-0400Asbury Ave. 11th-12th St.Right SideChristmas Shop1101 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Yenny’s Nails1119A Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Salads and More at the Shore1123A Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-0410Raffaeles1127 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 082261031 Specials1312 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Only Yesterday1137 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Pennant First Title Agency1324 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Magnolia Interiors1145 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Kiki’s Hair Design & Spa1326 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Martino’s Restaurant1151 Asburg Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Knitting Niche1330 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Mutual Title Agency1155 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Boyar’s Market1340 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-1343Bennie’s Bread1159 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-9450Modern Bujustu Center1163 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Asbury Ave. 12th-13th St.Left SideClub House Restaurant1200 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Dr. Filipponi1218 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Ehrlich Pest Control1228A Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-4765Edward Jones1230A Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Marathon Mortgage1304 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Perfect Picture Studio & Gallery1346 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Shellster Fine Furnishings &Design1348 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226No. 1 Chinese Restaurant1358 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Ocean City Carpet & Tile1360 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-7923Asbury Ave. 12th-13th St.Right SideJake’s Water Ice1213 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-814-0900Fractured Prune Donut Shop1225 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-0482

Asbury Ave. 12th-13th St.Right Side Cont.Fasy Real Estate1229 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-8000GettyIsland Beach Gear9th St. & Bay Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-788-3836ExxonKelly’s Creations Salon & Spa1245 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-330Congress12 E 9th. St.Ocean City, NJ 08226Flooring By Design1249 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Ocean City Welcome Center16 E 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226Water’s Edge Environmental1259A Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Century 21 Alliance18 E 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-5711Castlemar Construction1261 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226First Home Mortgage1301 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226St. Augustine’s RomanCatholic Church13th St. & Wesley Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-0648Saint Damien Thrift Shop1339 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226Johnny B Goode IceCream Parlor1363 Asbury Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-525-06469th St.MAB Paints9th and PleasureOcean City, NJ 08226TD Bank101 E 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-5200Monroe Real Estate110 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226Weisenthal’s Shell StationMcDonalds Ocean City9th & West St.Ocean City, NJ 08226Luigi’s Italian Restaurant300 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-4937Chatterbox Restaurant500 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-0113Katina’s Giro RestaurantCorner of 9th & CentralAvenuesOcean City, NJ 08226609-399-5525Szechwan Garden503 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-5456Oishii Sushi & Tea507 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-391-8900Ma France CreperieA Bella SalonTradewinds Motel9th St. & Wesley Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-2789Sifting Sands Motel9th & Ocean Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-1178US Post OfficeSerendipity Bed &Breakfast712 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-1554Augie’s Omelette, WaffleHouse & Grill709 E 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-391-0222Coral Sands Motel9th St. & Atlantic Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-399-4540Periwinkles Restaurant822 E 9th St.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-814-9500Spadafora’s DowneastClam Bar843 Atlantic Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-6154

Simpson Ave.BlockbusterHaven Ave.Spadafora’s SeafoodMarket932 Haven Ave.Ocean City, NJ 08226609-398-6703

Ocean City, NJ 08226 Dr. Filipponi 1218 Asbury Ave. Ocean City, NJ 08226 Ehrlich Pest Control 1228A Asbury Ave. Ocean City, NJ 08226 609-399-4765 Edward Jones 1230A Asbury Ave. Ocean City, NJ 08226 Marathon Mortgage 1304 Asbury Ave. Ocean City, NJ 08226 1031 Specials 1312 Asbury Ave.