AT&T U102AAUser Guide

Table of Contents1 Your phone .21.1 Keys and connectors .21.2 Getting started .51.2.1 Set-up .51.2.2 Power on your phone .81.2.3 Power off your phone .91.3 Home screen .101.3.1 Status bar .111.3.2 Change home screen wallpaper .122 Phone. .132.1 Making a call .132.2 Answer or decline a call .142.3 Calling your voicemail ⑴ .143 Contacts. .153.1 View your Contacts .153.2 Adding a contact .153.3 Editing your contacts .163.4 Deleting a contact .173.5 Sharing your contacts .183.6 Additional options .184 Messages. .204.1 Write message.204.2 Send a multimedia message .214.3 How to type a message .224.4 Settings.225 Email. .236 Camera. .246.1 Camera .246.2 Video .257 Gallery. .268 Video. .289 Music.2810 Browser. .2811 Calendar. .2911.1 Multimode view .2911.2 To create new event .3011.3 Event reminder.3012 Clock . .3012.1 Alarm .3112.2 Timer .3212.3 Stopwatch .32

13 FM Radio. .3314 Settings. .3414.1 Network & connectivity .3414.1.1 Airplane mode .3414.1.2 Mobile data .3414.1.3 Wi-Fi .3514.1.4 Bluetooth .3514.1.5 Geolocation .3614.1.6 Calling .3614.1.7 Wireless Emergency alerts .3714.2 Personalization .3814.2.1 Sound .3814.2.2 Display .3814.2.3 Search.3914.2.4 Notices .3914.2.5 Date & time .4014.2.6 Language .4014.2.7 Input methods .4014.3 Privacy & security .4114.3.1 Screen lock .4114.3.2 SIM security.4114.3.3 APP Permissions .4114.3.4 Do Not Track .4214.3.5 Browsing Privacy .4214.3.6 About KaiOS .4214.4 Storage .4214.4.1 Clean up Storage .4214.4.2 USB storage .4214.4.3 Default media location .4314.4.4 Media .4314.4.5 Application data .4314.4.6 System .4314.5 Device.4314.5.1 Device information .4314.5.2 Downloads .4414.5.3 Battery .4414.5.4 Accessibility .4514.6 Account .4614.6.1 KaiOS Account .4614.6.2 Anti-Theft .4715 File Manager . .4816 Store . .4817 Utilities Folder . . .4817.1 Calculator .48

17.2 Recorder .4917.3 Unit Convertor.5018 Google and other Apps. .5018.1 Google Assistant .5018.2 Google Maps .5018.3 Youtube .5018.4 myAT&T .5119 Making the most out of your phone. .5119.1 Upgrade.5120 Safety information. .5221 Specifications. .6622 Trouble shooting . .6723 Warranty. .72

This product meets applicable national SAR limits of 1.6 W/kg. Thespecific maximum SAR values can be found on Radio wavessection. When carrying the product or using it while worn on yourwww.sar-tick.combody, either use an approved accessory such as a holster orotherwise maintain a distance of 15 mm from the body to ensurecompliance with RF exposure requirements. Note that the productmay be transmitting even if you are not making a phone call.PROTECT YOUR HEARINGTo prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volumelevels for long periods. Exercise caution when holding your phonenear your ear while the loudspeaker is in use.1

1 Your phone 1.1 Keys and connectors2

OK·Confirm an option.·Press to access app list (from the Home screen).·Press and hold to launch the Google Assistant.Navigation·Press up to access Quick Settings, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more·Press down to access the E-Mail.·Press left to access the Apps on the home screen(Store,Assistant ,Maps, YouTube)· Press right to access the Internet.3

Messages·Press to access Messages app.Back/Clear·Let' s return to the previous screen, close a dialog box, or exit optionsmenu.·Delete character (in Edit mode)Call/Answer·Press to dial call or to answer incoming call.·Press to enter call log (from Idle screen)End/Power·Press to end a call or return to the Idle screen.·Long press to power on/off.Camera key·Press to access Camera app.·In camera screen, press to capture picture or shoot video,·Press and hold the Camera key and Volume down key to capturea screenshot.Volume key·In call mode, adjusts the earpiece or headset volume.·In Music/Video/Streaming mode, adjusts the media volume.·In general mode, adjusts the ringtone volume.·Mutes the ringtone of an incoming call.4

1.2 Getting started1.2.1 Set-upRemoving or attaching back cover5

Removing or installing batteryInserting or removing the Nano SIM card and micro SD CardYou must insert your Nano SIM card to make phone calls using your network.6

To insert Nano SIM or microSD card, push the Nano SIM or microSD card into thecorresponding card slot with the gold-connectors facing down. To remove the SIM ormicroSD card, push down on the plastic clip and pull the SIM or microSD card out.Your phone only supports Nano SIM card. Do not attempt to insert Mini or MicroSIM card sizes or you may damage your phone.Charging battery7

Insert the smaller end of the charger into the device charging port, and plug the chargerinto an electrical outlet.To reduce power consumption and energy waste, disconnect your charger whenthe battery is fully charged, and switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wirelessconnections when they are not in use.1.2.2 Power on your phoneLong press the End/Power key until the phone powers on, Home screen will be displayed.If screen lock is set up, enter pass code to access Home screen.If you don't know your pass code or if you have forgotten it, contact your service provider.Do not store pass code within your phone, instead store pass code in a location that isaccessible without using phone.8

Set up your phone for the first time Use the Navigation keyto select a language and press the OK key Press the Right Menu Use the Navigation key Press the OK key to select network and enter password, if needed orkeyto select Next and continue to next select Wi-Fi network, if can skip by pressing the Right Menu key .to select Skip.Setup KaiOS Account to remotely lock the device or wipe all personal information inevent of loss or theft. Select Create Account and press the Accept right menu keyto continue, follow prompts to finish account set up. To skip KaiOS Account set up,press the Right Menu key to Skip.You will next be taken to the Home screen, your phone is then ready for use.Note: If SIM card is not installed, your phone will still power On and you will be able toconnect to a Wi-Fi network and use some of the phone's features.1.2.3 Power off your phoneLong press the End/Power key. and press the OK9key to select Power Off.

1.3 Home screen10

1.3.1 Status barFrom the status bar, you can view both the phone status (to the right side) and thenotification information (to the left side).Phone status iconsIconStatusBluetooth activeWi-Fi activeVibrateSilentNetwork (full signal)Network (roaming)No signal4G LTE data service3G data serviceAirplane modeAlarm setBattery (charging)Battery (full charge)Missed callNo-simHeadphone11

Notification iconsNew emailNew messageVoicemail1.3.2 Change home screen wallpaper·From the Home screen , press the OKthen press the Navigation key·key select Settings iconto the right to select Personalization.Press down on the Navigation keyand select Display Wallpaper. SelectWallpaper, Gallery or Camera and press·the OK key to enter option.When browsing Wallpaper or Gallery options, select an image and press the RightMenu·andkeyto select Done.When using Camera option, press the OK keyRight Menu keyto take photo, then press theto select Done. To Retake pictures press the Left Menukey··Press the Back/Clear keyto exit out, the new image will be displayed on theHome screen.12

2 Phone.2.1 Making a callDial the desired number, press the Call/Answerkey to place call.If you make a mistake, you can delete the incorrect digits by pressing the Back/Clear key. To hang up the call, press the End/Power keyTo make a call from Contacts app., press up or down on the Navigation key to selectthe desired contact and press the Call/Answer keyto place call.International callTo dial an international call, presskey twice to enter “ ” in dial screen, thenenter the international country prefix followed by the full phone number and finally press theCall/Answer key.Emergency callTo make an emergency call, dial the emergency number and press the Call/Answer key. This works even without a SIM card, but requires network coverage.13

2.2 Answer or decline a callWhen you receive a call:·Press the Left Menu key·Press the Right Menu keyor the Call/Answer keyor the End/Powerto answer.key to decline.To mute the ringtone volume of an incoming call, press the Volume key .2.3 Calling your voicemail ⑴··Press and hold thekey to set up voicemail or listen to your voicemail.(1) Contact your network operator to check service availability.14

3 Contacts.3.1 View your ContactsContacts app provides quick and easy access to your stored contacts.You can access this app by pressing the OKselecting thekey from the Home screen, thenContacts app and pressing the OK key.3.2 Adding a contactIn contacts list screen, press the Left Menu keyto access New Contact screenand enter contact details. In contacts settings, the memory setting will prompt you withoptions that phone and SIM, Phone or SIM .When you set to “Phone”, all new contacts15

should only add to phone memory. Press the Navigation keydown to access nextcontact information category.When finished, press the OK keyto save.3.3 Editing your contactsIn contacts list screen, select contact and press the Right Menu keyOptions, select Edit Contact, and press the OK key16to access

When finished editing, press the OK keyMenu keyto save. To cancel edit mode, press Leftto cancel and exit.3.4 Deleting a contactIn contacts list screen, press the Right MenuDelete contacts, and press the OK keythe OK keyRight Menu keykey to access Options, then select. A confirmation page will be displayed, pressto SELECT and press the Right Menu keyto confirm Delete.17to the Delete. Press the

3.5 Sharing your contactsYou can share a single contact with others by sending the contact's vCard via E-mail,Messages, or Bluetooth.Select a contact you want to share, press the Right Menu keythen select Share and press the OK keyto access Options,. Select E-mail, Messages, or Bluetooth toshare.3.6 Additional optionsFrom the contact list, you can access the following options:Edit contactEdit your contacts information.18

CallMake a call to the selected contact.RTT CallMake a RTT (Real Time Text) call to the selected contact.Send messageSend an SMS/MMS to the selected contact.ShareShare a single contact with others by sending the contact's vCard via E-mail, Messages, orBluetooth.Delete contactsTo delete contacts which you select.Settings·Memory :Press the OK keyto select contacts save in Phone and SIM orPhone, SIM card.·Sort contacts:Press the OK keyto sort contacts by first name orby last name.·Set speed dial contacts: Press the OK keyto set speed dial contacts. User isable to add duplicated contacts to speed dial.·Set ICE contacts: Add up to five contacts for "In Case of Emergency" calls.·Create group: Press the OK key·Block contacts: Any number was added to block contacts through Contacts, Messagesto create a group name.and Call log app should be shown on this screen. Press the Add to19

enter block number.·Import contacts: Import contacts from memory card, Gmail, or outlook.·Export contacts:·Add Account:Export contacts to memory card, or Bluetooth.Support Google and Active sync. When a new account has beenadded , it should sync with the cloud and show a toast message when the sync iscomplete.4 Messages.Use the Messages appto send and receive text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS)messages.4.1 Write message·From the .Home screen, press the OK keythe OK keyor press the Messages key, select Messages appand presson the device key pad to launchMessages app.·Press the Left Menu key·Enter the phone number of the recipient in the To bar at the top of the screen or pressthe Right Menu key·Press the Navigation keyto write a new add a contact from the Contacts app.down to access the Message bar and type in themessage .20

·Press the Left Menu keyto send message.An SMS of more than 145 characters will be counted as an additional SMS.Specific letters or characters will also increase the size of the SMS. This maycause multiple SMS to be sent to your recipient.4.2 Send a multimedia messageMMS enables you to send video clips, images, photos, contacts and sounds by pressingthe Right Menu keyto access Options. Next select Add Attachment, press the OKkey and select from Video, Music, Gallery, Contacts or Camera. Select file and followprompts on screen to attach to message. Press the Left Menu keyto sendmessage.An SMS will be converted to MMS automatically when media files (image, video, audio,etc.) are attached or email addresses are added as a recipient.21

4.3 How to type a messageWhen entering text, you can press the key to switch between Abc (sentence case),abc (lower case), ABC (caps lock), 123 (numbers), or Predictive (predictive text mode).·For normal text input, press a number key, 2-9, repeatedly until the desired character isdisplayed. If the next letter is located on the same key as the present one, wait until thecursor is displayed to input.·To insert a punctuation mark or special character, press the key,character and press OK key·Press thethen select a.key to use predictive mode. User enter the character, then pressthe Navigation key (left / right)to select candidate character. Press the OK keyto confirm.·To delete inputted letters or symbols press theonce to delete one character at atime or long press to delete all at once.4.4 SettingsIn the Messages app screen, press the Right Menu keySettings and press the OK key·Auto Retrieve Messages:to access Options selectto view the following options:Select this to automatically retrieve all your multimediamessages .When On ,multimedia message header, body and attachments willautomatically download. This is default option. Select Off to only download themessage header which will be displayed on Messaging screen.22

·WAP Push: Press to turn the WAP push messages On/Off.·Group Messages: Press to turn the Group Messages On/Off.·My phone number: If the phone number cannot be fetched from the SIM card, the userneeds to enter my phone number manually. The SECLECT should be shown on CSK.If the phone number can be fetched from the SIM card, the CSK should be hidden.·Wireless Emergency Alerts: Press to view the alert inbox or to access messagingemergency alert settings.5 Email.To access the Email app, press the OK keyand press the OK keyfrom the Home screen, select Email app.An email wizard will guide you through the steps to set up an email account.·Welcome screen will display, press the Right Menu keyto select Next. Thenenter the name, email address and password of the account you would like to set up.·Press the Right Menu keyto access Next and set up account. If your emailservice provider does not allow your phone to have quick email set up, you will beprompted to enter settings manually. Press the Left Menu keyto accessManual setup and input required information for email account set up.·To add another email account, you can press the Right Menu keyOptions/Settings. And then select Add account.To create and send emails23to access

·Press the Left Menu keyto Compose a new email from the Inbox screen.·Enter recipient(s) email address(es) in the To field.·Use the Right Menu keyto access Options and add Cc/Bcc or attachment tothe message.·Enter the subject and the content of the message.·Press the Left Menu key·If you do not want to send the email right away, you can press the Right Menu keyto send.and select Save as draft or touch the Back to save a copy.6 Camera.Your phone features a Camera app to take photos and record videos.6.1 CameraTo access the Camera appthe Camera app, press the OK keyand press the OK keyfrom the Home screen, select.App PermissionUpon first use of the Camera, the App Permission screen will display, asking for permissionto know your location(1). Press the Right Menu keyto Deny.To take a picture24to Allow or the Left Menu key

Position the object or landscape in the screen, and press the OK keyKeyor the Cameraon the right side of the phone to take the photo. Photos will automatically be savedto Gallery app. After taking a photo, press the Left Menu keyto preview.Zoom in/outPress the Navigation keyup or down to zoom lens in and out.(1)This setting can be changed anytime. Go to Settings Privacy & Security App Permissions Camera Geolocation.OptionsPress the Right Menu key·to access:Self Timer: Sets the time a photo is taken after pressing the OK keyor theCamera Key .·Grid: Adds grid lines to photo screen to help take better photos by using gridlines toalign photo image.·Gallery: Select Go to Gallery Application to view photos previously taken.·Modes : Select to switch between Photo and Video Mode.6.2 VideoTo shoot a video·Press the right side of Navigation keyto switch to Video mode from Cameramode.·Zoom in/out: Press the Navigation keyup or down to zoom lens in and out.25

·Press the OK keyor the Camera keyto record a video, press either key againto stop recording.·Videos will be automatically saved to Video app.7 Gallery.The Gallery appprovides you with one location to view and organize all your savedphotos. The Gallery appalso offers additional photo options.To access the Gallery app, press the OK keyGallery app and press the OK key.Gallery app photo options26from the Home screen, select the

When viewing photos in the Gallery appkey, select an image and press the Right Menuto access options below:·Delete: Delete the selected photo.·Edit : Select this option to adjust exposure value, rotate the photo, crop,add filters and auto-correction.·Add to favorites: Add the selected photo to favorites.·Share: Share the photo via E-mail, Messages and Bluetooth.·Select Multiple: Allows you to select more than one photo in the Gallery.·File Info: Displays file name, size, image type, date taken and resolution.·Sort and group: Sorts photo by date and time or groups by date.Individual photo view optionsWhen previewing an individual image in the Gallery appavailable by pressing the Right Menu key, the options above are also, with the option below:27

·Set AsSets selected image as wallpaper or existing contact image8 Video.To access the Video app, press the OK keyappand press the OK keyfrom the Home screen, select the Video.To view video options, select a video, press the Right Menu keyand select fromShare, File Info, Delete and Select Multiple videos.9 Music.

·In Music/Video/Streaming mode, adjusts the media volume. ·In general mode, adjusts the ringtone volume. ·Mutes the ringtone of an incoming call. 5 1.2 Getting started . To insert Nano SIM or microSD card, push the Nano SIM or microSD card into the .