Does your ERP System do “data collection”the same way you didat the turn of the millennium?MobileManage a better way 2Manage 2018-2021 Progressive Edge, LLC. All Rights 262.250.0578

Step into the present with MobileManage for Made2Manage (v6.01 and higher)Mobility without CompromiseTraditional mobile devices are small, hard to read, hard to type, have limited information, and aredifficult to support. We have all watched users struggling to press the buttons on these tiny devices.MobileManage eliminates these problems by delivering a range of form factors, reasonable screensizes, and a design which eases data collection. The application works just as well on tablets as it doesa desktop, with barcodes or no barcodes, with your finger as a pointer, or a keyboard and mouse.A User Interface (UI) for the Shop FloorNot only does MobileManage collect information when and where it happens, it also is a portal intoyour ERP data to inform and empower your floor personnel.Collection methods (w\properly configured devices). 2D Scanning (Barcodes\QR Codes).NFC (Near field Communication).Touch\Stylus.Camera. Paper or Paperless.Bluetooth Scanners.Keyboard\Mouse. Real-time ERP Data.Tablet (Mobile).Local Content\Web Content.Images\Video. Desktop.Google Forms.Cloud Apps.PDF\Drawings.Delivery. 2018-2021 Progressive Edge, LLC. All Rights 262.250.0578

Inventory ManagementAre there large time gaps between the physical movement of product and the recording of thosemovements in Inventory? Does your ERP System make too many assumptions on where the product isto come from, and where it is going?The mobile aspects of MobileManage are critical to the success of effective Inventory Management.The software is designed to improve Inventory accuracy by updating the ERP when the movementhappens, not after. By following the user as they perform their tasks, and giving them a tool to maketheir tasks more efficient, Inventory in the ERP will be more accurate and reflect the physical locationon the floor. Mobile capabilities to allow transactionsto happen when they occur. Inventory in the ERP System matchesthe Physical locations. An efficient tool which promotesemployee adoption. On Hand, Locations and Lot\SN arealways accessible at the touch.Job StatusMobileManage allows complete Job Status information (for multiple jobs) at the Scan of a JobTraveler (you can lookup Jobs also).Material Status information includes: Availability, On Order, On Hand, Locations, Status and more foreach Component on the Job. Operation Status includes: Required and Completed, Hours posted,Operational Status and more.Material Issues and Labor can be directly transacted via the software. Online Pick Lists for multiple Jobs at onetime. Complete Material Status percomponent. Access Job Information, Files, Drawings,and Hyperlinks. Issue Material. 2018-2021 Progressive Edge, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Routings for multiple Jobs at one time. Complete Operational Status percomponent. Access Operational Information, Files,Videos, Forms, etc. by Operation. Post 262.250.0578

Lot and Serial number efficienciesLot and Serial number entry and visibility was top consideration in the design of MobileManage . Wehave greatly minimized the areas that you need to type Lot\SN numbers. Available Lot\SN inventory isalways presented to you, and it is a simple touch of the screen (or click of a mouse) to enter them. Easy visibility and entry. Single scan Part\Rev and Lot\SN QRCode. Lot\SN Generator. Lot and Serial Number allocations. Picked Lot\SN’s assigned directly toproper Job Lot\SN. Lot\SN Labels.The Old and the NewMost ERP systems lag behind the technology curve. They are big, they are extensive, and it takes timeto bring in new technologies. No worries. MobileManage can integrate with just about any type ofnew technology into your Shop Floor procedures.Have the inspection step of a Job automatically bring up a Google Form to record inspection results.Allow an operator to watch a YouTube video tied to a specific operation. Content like PDF’s, Images,web content and local documents are presented directly where they are needed.Did you receive damaged product? Snap a picture with the built-in camera and link it directly to a PO,which can then be accessed in the ERP system. Mobile Technology. Camera Capture. Google Forms, YouTube, PDF’s, etc.embedded in your work procedures. Incorporate the Cloud. Video Calls with Production. QR Barcodes.Label ManagementMobileManage comes with our LabelMaker software. LabelMaker utilizes Bartender, by SeagullScientific as our labeling engine. Bartender is the leader in label design and printing. Through thisdesign and integration with Bartender, you have complete control over your label design and editing. Design, Print and Manage Labels. Receiving, Shipping and Inventory Labels. 2018-2021 Progressive Edge, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Label Formats per Customer and Part. Fully 262.250.0578

Responsive DesignResponsive Design means that the software adapts to the form factor you are using. MobileManage has been built to take advantage of different form factors (tablet vs desktop) as well a differentresolutions. Why does this matter? It is to provide a consistent interface and user experience whetherthe software is being run on a tablet or a desktop. Different form factors (Tablet\Desktop). Same experience. Different resolutions. Same functionality.Break free from your ERPLet’s face it, “feeding the ERP System” can create many productivity obstacles on the Shop Floor.Because MobileManage is not dependent on your ERP UI, we can improve the user experience andproductivity of your workforce, while still honoring the ERP Rules and Relationships.Shuffling paper, Excel Worksheets, calling the front office, and User License restrictions are a thing ofthe past. Capture and deliver information, in real-time, when it’s done and where it’s needed.Enhanced functionality brings new capabilities to your ERP, without having to wait on your ERP Vendor. Enhance Functionality.Free ERP Licenses for other uses. Ability to customize.No ERP Support Contract required.Progressive EdgeSince 1999, Progressive Edge has been supporting Made2Manage ERP users. We know a thing or twoabout your ERP System. We have over two decades of experience in Extending and EnhancingMade2Manage . MobileManage is the result of working with our clients over the years to developproductivity enhancements, reduce costs, improve quality and data accuracy. We think others mightbenefit from this experience. 2 Decades of Excellence.Responsive to our clients’ needs. 2018-2021 Progressive Edge, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 5Experts in your ERP System.US based R&D and 262.250.0578

Powerful ERP FunctionalityItem LookupThe Item Lookup function is designed to quickly bring up all key information for one or more PartNumbers, by a simple scan of the barcoded label, or a quick browse (if you don’t have barcodes). Customizable Part Information. Locations and Lot\SN Availability. On Order (open PO’s with expecteddates. Commitments.ReceivingPaperless Receiving and Label Printing. Open Purchase Orders by Vendor, Part,and Job. Receive Buy Items to "Inventory" andtrack. does not affect costing. Generate Lot and Serial numbers orQuick Entry mode. Touch\click to Receive. Generate Product Labels (Labeltemplates by Part). Receive to Staging option with the PutAway function.Job IssuesOnline Pick list to show the complete material availability. Pick for one or multiple Jobs. Advanced component filtering (Availableonly, Location, etc.). Immediate "allocation" of material andlots\serial numbers. Component "status" (available, on hand,on order). Item Master Access via Item FlexView Requires BOMM. 2018-2021 Progressive Edge, LLC. All Rights Reserved. View Backflushed components and BuyItems (optional). Component available by location and lotto direct the "picks". Shows Buy Item “Inventory” if receivedinto Inventory. Component Lot\SN automaticallyassigned to Job Lot\SN. No additional steps to 262.250.0578

Job OperationOperational Dashboard showing Key Progress Indicators. One or multiple Jobs. Instructions and Media links by Job andOperation. Complete Pieces Only (no labor). Operational status, % Complete, Hours, etc. Labor Entry. Complete Operation.Move To InventoryJob Production Reporting. Move completed Job Quantities intoInventory. Supports Staging and Put-Awayfunctions. Print Labels for Moved Products. View Job Quantities, Completed Quantities,and Moved Quantities. Job Lot\SN to Inventory Lot\SN, no newentry required.TransferMove Inventory from Location to Location. Quickly Transfer Inventory locationswith or without Barcodes. Scan form with Barcodes (or Entry). Mobile App allows transfer into theexact physical location by scanning the“To Bin”. Easily build "Transfer List" (one or moreParts to be transferred). Select all or some from specific location.Shipment PickingPick and populate Shippers in ERP. Easily build "Picking List" from one ormultiple Shippers. Picks are immediately transferred toStaging location (if Staging option used). Shipper is updated with Location andLot\SN information. 2018-2021 Progressive Edge, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Scan Bin and Optionally Part and Lot\SN to"pick" quantities. If not scanning, select location fromavailable locations\bin and Lot\SN's. Picked quantities, and Lot\SN's, areallocated and removed from "availability" 262.250.0578

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movements in Inventory? Does your ERP System make too many assumptions on where the product is to come from, and where it is going? The mobile aspect s of . MobileManage are critical to the success of effective Inventory Management. The software is designed to improve Inventory accuracy by updating the ERP when the movement happens, not after.