ccl-foodinfo 10/5/18FOOD DEALER LICENSE INFORMATIONOffice of the City Clerk License Division200 E. Wells St. Room 105, Milwaukee, WI 53202(414) 286-2238licen[email protected] NEEDS A LICENSE?A Food Dealer License is required of any person or business selling,serving, and/or storing food in the City of Milwaukee.See page 2 for Exemptions.RESTAURANTA restaurant is an establishment in which the majority of food salesconsist of meals.Bed & BreakfastA small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodationsand inclusive breakfast, but usually does not offer other meals.Micro MarketAn indoor, unstaffed, self service area not accessible to the generalpublic where a customer may obtain food or beverage by automatedpayment without the necessity of replenishing the area between eachtransaction.MICRO MARKET does not include a vending machine.Meal means any ready-to-eat food served or sold to the generalpublic in individual or prepackaged single portions or servings forimmediate on-premises consumption, or transported off-premises inindividual prepackaged carryout servings for immediate consumption,or specifically preordered individual or multiple serving portions whichare transported to an off-premises location for immediateconsumption.MEALS include, but are not limited to, chicken, ribs, sandwiches,roasted corn, baked potatoes, hot dogs, brats, tacos, nachos w/ cheeseand meat, French fries, cooked or deep fried vegetables/fruit, cookedcheese curds, corn dogs, egg rolls, salads.MEALS DO NOT INCLUDE soft drinks, ice cream, milk, milk drinks,coffee, tea, ices, confections, pastry items, or food items sold by theweight, count, or piece in individual packages which require furtherpreparation for consumption at another location.RETAIL ESTABLISHMENTA retail establishment is a business in which the majority of food salesconsist of beverages or food items requiring further preparationprior to consumption.RETAIL ESTABLISHMENTS include, but are not limited to, bakeries,grocery stores, coffee shops, butcher shops.RETAIL items include, but are not limited to, ice cream/soft serve,lemonade, snow cones, coffee, espresso, cappuccino, tea, fruit juice,smoothies, candy, dispensed soda, fruit cups, bakery, cookies, kettlecorn, cotton candy, funnel cakes, fritters, tortilla chips w/ cheese.Convenience Food StoreA store licensed as a food dealer that is also either or both of thefollowing: A store that contains less than 5,000 square feet of retail spaceand has, as its primary business, the sale of basic food items andin addition, sells household products. Filling station that sells basic food items and household products.BASIC FOOD ITEMS include, but are not limited to, milk, dairyproducts, bread products, frozen entrees, refrigerated food, baby food.HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS include, but are not limited to, cleaningproducts, paper products, baby products, pet food.WHOLESALINGWholesalers sell food to businesses, who then sell to consumers.See table below to determine license(s) required:If And License(s) Needed25% or more ofsales is fromwholesalingRetail salesallowedWI DATCP ProcessingPlant or FoodWarehouse LicenseOnly25% or more ofsales is fromwholesalingMeals will beservedWI DATCP ProcessingPlant License ANDCity RestaurantLicenseLess than 25% ofsales is fromwholesalingRetail salesand/or mealswill be servedCity Retail orRestaurant LicenseOnlyTo obtain the Processing Plant or Food Warehouse License, contact theWisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection(DATCP) at (608) 224-4923.APPLY FOR THE LICENSEYou can file your new application between 8:15 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. or1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday at the License Division.Submit a complete application, which includes the following:ALL APPLICANTS: 300 (nonrefundable) application fee 300 fee does not apply to Bed & Breakfasts and Micro Markets.(The remaining license fee will be due after Health Departmentinspection. An invoice will be mailed/emailed to you. See fee liston page 3.) Business License Application (ccl-busapp) Business License Plan of Operation (ccl-busplan) Food Dealer License Plan of Operation (ccl-foodplan) Menu or list of food items that will be sold Detailed Floor Plan (See sample and list of requirements)APPLICANTS WITH MULTIPLE SITES AT THE SAME LOCATION: Food Dealer Additional Site Addendum (ccl-add)

WHAT TO DO NEXT? Obtain an occupancy permit*Obtain a Wisconsin Seller’s Permit**See the “Business License Information” sheet for detailedinstructions.Contact the District Alderperson:You may wish to contact the district alderperson where yourbusiness will be located at (414) 286-2221 to discuss your plans.Schedule a Health Inspection:o At least 24 hours after filing your application, schedule aninspection by calling (414) 286-8327 or send an emailto [email protected] LICENSESSidewalk Dining Facility PermitIf you will be allowing customers to consume food or beverages on asidewalk café (in/on the public right of way) you must also submit aSidewalk Dining Facility Permit application.Extended Hours Establishment LicenseIf you wish to be open between the hours of midnight and 5 am, youwill also need to apply for an Extended Hours Establishment License.EXEMPTIONS (LICENSE NOT NEEDED)EXEMPT FROM FINGERPRINTINGFingerprinting is not required for this license. However, a backgroundcheck will be done by the Milwaukee Police Department.NOTE: If you are applying for other licenses at this time, they mayrequire fingerprinting.VARIANCESFor any of the following activities, you also need to apply for a variancewith the Health Department. Peddler base waiver Dogs in outside dining areas No person in charge Bare hand contact to ready to eat foods Bathrooms not accessible to the public Convenience store safety requirements Curing, Sprouting, Fermenting, Reduced oxygen packaging Acidification of food such as rice Non-continuous cooking Sale without consumer advisory Shellfish comingling, shellfish display tanks Smoking for preservation, wild gameLICENSE APPROVAL & ISSUANCEIf there are items on your police report or objections on file, you mayreceive a notice requiring you to appear before the License Committee.Typically, from the date of application, issuance of the license will be aminimum of 15 days. Before a license can be issued, the LicenseDivision must have all of the following: A complete application and payment of all license feesPolice background reportSupport from district alderpersonHealth Department approvalNeighborhood Services approvalCopy of your Wisconsin Seller’s PermitProof of registration with the Department of Financial Institutionsfor Corporations and Limited Liability CompaniesA Food Dealer License is not needed for the following: Retail peddlers using a processing plant or food warehouselicensed by DATCP as their base. A person/business selling only:o Canned or bottled non-alcohol drinks that do not needrefrigeration.o Raw agriculture (includes fresh uncut produce, cottage foodproducts, honey, cider, sorghum, maple syrup).o Pickle Bill items (pickles or other processed vegetables orfruits with an equilibrium pH value of 4.6 or lower).o Prepackaged food that does not require temperature control(includes chips, candy, nuts, cookies).o Sample size (2 oz. or less) food portionso Flour-based baked goods that do not require temperaturecontrol that are made in a residence and sold directly toconsumers. A school serving meals only to enrolled students and where thefood is directly provided by the school. (If food is providedthrough a private contractor, the contractor must be licensed). A concession stand at a locally sponsored sporting event, such asa little league game. “Concession stand” means a food stand thatserves meals and is operated only for the benefit of aparticipating youth sports team or program or the governing ofyouth sports organization, and “locally sponsored sporting event”means a competitive game, taking place inside or outside,specifically for youth, that is organized or sponsored by one ormore local business, governmental or other civic organization, orby parents of the youth, including a school-sponsoredinterscholastic sports competition. A restaurant, vending machine, vending machine commissary orother establishment for which a permit is issued under s. 254.64.,Wis. Stats., to the extent their activities are covered by thepermit. An establishment selling only vitamins or vitamin supplementsregulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This doesnot include herbs or herbal teas.RULES & REGULATIONSReview Chapter 68, Milwaukee Code ofat onlineThe license will expire 1 year from date of issuance.Page 2 of 3

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTSRobbery Prevention/Deterrence TrainingLIST OF FEESSection 68-4.3 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances states “Ownersand employees of convenience food stores shall be required tocomplete a training course in robbery prevention approved of orprovided by the police department within 120 days of ownership oremployment.”APPLICATION FEEThe Community Services Section offers several training courses onConvenience Store Robbery Prevention/Deterrence at the SafetyAcademy each year.Information can be found at: FoodFood Manager CertificationPer City Ordinances and the Wisconsin Food Code, each licensedrestaurant and food establishment that processes potentiallyhazardous food must have at least one manager or operator certifiedin food protection practices within 90 days after a business opens. 300 (nonrefundable)Does not apply to Bed & Breakfasts and Micro Markets.RESTAURANT 250 20,000 or less gross salesFood Processing 20,001- 200,000 gross sales 525 800 200,001- 2,000,000 gross sales 1250 2,000,001 or more gross sales 1725Additional Site 100Bed and Breakfast (Application fee does not apply) 200RETAIL 20,000 or less gross salesInformation can be found at: processingNo Processing 20,001- 200,000 gross sales 350 575 200,001- 2,000,000 gross sales 1325 2,000,001 or more gross sales 2050 20,000 or less gross sales 200 20,001- 200,000 gross sales 300 200,001- 2,000,000 gross sales 575 2,000,001 or more gross sales 875Micro Market 40Micro Market (2 or more at the same address) 60Page 3 of 3

FOOD DEALER LICENSE PLAN OF OPERATIONccl-foodplan 2/28/19OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK, LICENSE DIVISIONCITY HALL, 200 E. WELLS ST, ROOM 105, MILWAUKEE, WI 53202(414) 286-2238 [email protected] Entity Name:Premises Address:SECTION 1TYPE OF BUSINESSWhat will be the majority of your food sales? (check one)Restaurant Items (meals):MEALS include, but are not limited to, chicken, ribs, sandwiches, roasted corn, baked potatoes, hot dogs, brats, tacos,nachos w/ cheese and meat, French fries, cooked or deep fried vegetables/fruit, cooked cheese curds, corn dogs,egg rolls, salads.Retail Items (snacks and beverages):RETAIL items include, but are not limited to, ice cream/soft serve, lemonade, snow cones, coffee, espresso, cappuccino,tea, fruit juice, smoothies, candy, dispensed soda, fruit cups, bakery, cookies, kettle corn, cotton candy, funnel cakes,fritters, tortilla chips w/ cheese.Will it be a convenience store?YesNoA convenience store contains less than 5,000 square feet of retail space and has, as its primary business, the saleof basic food items and in addition, sells household products or is a filling station that sells basic food items andhousehold products.Bed & BreakfastMicro MarketAll Applicants: Submit a menu or a list of food items that will be sold.Will any wholesale business be done?NoYesIf yes, what percentage of food sales will be wholesale?Less than 25%25% or More AND:Restaurant items (meals) will be sold – Complete this application and also contact DATCP.NO restaurant items (meals) will be sold - Do NOT complete this application. Contact DATCP only.SECTION 2FOOD PROCESSINGWill any food processing be done?NoYesProcessing is defined as assembling, grinding, cutting, mixing, baking, coating, stuffing, packing, bottling, grilling, canning,extracting, fermenting, distilling, pickling, freezing, drying, smoking, or packaging.SECTION 3FOOD REQUIRING TEMPERATURE CONTROLWill any food that requires temperature control be sold?NoYes(includes dairy products such as milk, cheese, and ice cream, fish, shellfish, meat, poultry)If yes, list the types of food items:

ccl-foodplan 2/28/19SECTION 4DETAILS OF OPERATIONWill you have seating on site for dining?NoYesWill you be doing any catering?NoYesWill you be doing any delivery?NoYesWill you have outdoor activities?NoYes - Check all that apply:Will you have a drive thru window?NoYes - Are hours different from inside?BarCooking/GrillingNoDiningYesIf Yes, provide drive thru hours:Will scales or barcode scanners be used?SECTION 5NoYes - You must also apply for a Weights & Measures License.ADDITIONAL SITESWhere will food be prepared and/or sold?At a single siteAt multiple sites: How many? (for example, a hotel with several dining rooms or bars)If multiple sites, attach a Food Dealer Additional Site Addendum (ccl-foodadd) for each additional site.SECTION 6CONSTRUCTION OR CHANGESAre you planning any construction, remodeling or equipment changes?NoIf No, SKIP to Section 8YesIf Yes, check all that apply:New construction of a buildingRenovation or remodelingConstruction changes to existing buildingEquipment changes onlyProvide a brief description of the changes:Start date:Name, Address & Phone Number of Architect:Name, Address & Phone Number of Contractor:SECTION 7ALCOHOL BEVERAGESAre you applying for an alcohol beverage license?NoIf No, SKIP to Section 8YesIf YES, if your food license is approved prior to the alcohol license, when do you want the food license issued?ImmediatelySECTION 8At the same time as the alcohol licenseACKNOWLEDGEMENTS & SIGNATUREYou must initial each item confirming your understanding:I understand the Health Department must conduct an inspection and advise the License Division of their approvalbefore the license may be issued.I understand I must obtain an occupancy permit from the Department of Neighborhood Services and an inspectionmay be required. Neighborhood Services must advise the License Division of their approval before the license maybe issued.I understand the district alderperson will review and either support or object to my application. If he/she objects, Imay appeal and be scheduled to appear before the Licenses Committee. The Licenses Committee will then make arecommendation to the Common Council. The Common Council must grant the license before it may be issued.I understand proof of payment for all license fees must be on file in the License Division before the license may beissued and the license must be issued and posted in my establishment prior to opening for business.I will not operate my food business until the license has been issued and posted in the establishment.Signature of Sole Proprietor, Partner, or 20% Shareholder:Signature of Additional Partner:

Alcohol Beverage Establishment & Food Dealer Floor Plan SampleSee the Alcohol Beverage Establishment & Food Dealer Detailed Floor Plan Requirements for a list of all itemsthat must be included. Reminder: The areas for Alcohol Storage and Display must be included and thedimensions must be given. This includes basement storage.Sidewalk lStorage5x5DumpsterTrash60’West 1st StDisplayArea 25 X 2Trash canunder barFront EntranceBarSeating AreaDisplay Area25 X 2EmergencyExitNParking Area30’100’North Main StJohn A. Doe Agent for “ABC Corporation”“My Bar”122 Any StreetDate: June 1, 2015TotalSquareFootage 6600’ccl-alcfoodflr 11/2/15

ccl-alcfoodfill 10/19/16Detailed Floor Plan Requirements forAlcohol Beverage Establishments, Food Dealers and Filling StationsPlease read all instructions before preparing the floor plan. A detailed floor plan must be submitted with this application. Any application submitted without the floor plan (including all required items as listed below) will be returned. Even if the premise has been previously licensed and a floor plan submitted a new floor plan must be submittedwith this application. The floor plan must be filed on 8 ½ x 11 inch size paper. A separate sheet of paper must be filed for each floor where business will be conducted. This includes thebasement even if it used only for storage. Handwritten plans are acceptable. Plans do not need to be architectural drawings and need not be to scale.ALL FLOOR PLANS MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:1.Dimensions of the premises (length x width) andTotal square feet of the premises2.Label all entrances and exits3.Show building/licensed premises in relation to surrounding streets andProvide the street names4.Label all parking areas on the premises (do not include street parking) This is required even if the parking isshared, for example, a strip mall andProvide the dimensions (length x width) of all parking areas on the premises. The parking area(s) should bemarked on the floor plan for the first floor showing the relation to the building.5.Label all trash cans inside and outside of the premises6.Mark the North point (N ) on each page7.Write the date on each page8.Write the legal entity name (and agent’s name if a corporation or LLC) on each page9.Write the trade (business) name on each page10.Write the premise address on each pageIF APPLICABLE:1.Label all areas where food and cigarettes are displayed or stored2.Label all seating areas, food preparation areas and bars3.Label all outdoor areas used for the sale or service of alcohol beverages and/or food (for example, patios, beergardens, sidewalk cafes and decks) andProvide the dimensions (length x width) of all outdoor areas used for the sale and service of alcohol beveragesand/or food.ALCOHOL APPLICANTS ONLY:1.Label all alcohol storage areas (coolers, etc.) andProvide dimensions (length x width) of the alcohol storage areas2.Label all alcohol display areas (behind the bar, shelves, etc.) andProvide dimensions (length x width) of the alcohol display areasFILLING STATION APPLICANTS ONLY:1.Label all gas pumps

FOOD DEALER LICENSE INFORMATION . Office of the City Clerk License Division . 200 E. Wells St. Room 105, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (414) 286-2238 . [email protected] WHO NEEDS A LICENSE? A Food Dealer License is required any person or business sellof ing, serving, and/or storing food in the City of Milwaukee. See page 2 for Exemptions. RESTAURANT