BUSINESS PLANJettlynn Winery, LLCDestination WineryThis document contains confidential and proprietary information belonging exclusively to:Jettlynn Winery, LLC355 Lantana Street #582 Camarillo, CA.

Jettlynn WineryTable of ContentsExecutive Summary1Market & Industry2Location3Company Description4Marketing Strategy5Vintner Nikki Torres6Jettlynn Staffing7Funding9Financial Assumptions10Production, Sales and COGS11Financials - Cash Flow12Financials - Income Statement13Financials - Balance Sheet14Exhibit (a) Press Release: Crystal Cruises now carrying Mon Couer and OpulentExhibit (b) Press Release: Jettlynn Winery and The Yachts of SeabournExhibit (c) Information: CostcoExhibit (d) List: Paso Robles WineriesExhibit (e) Jettlynn Ratings & Awards

Jettlynn WineryExecutive SummaryFounded in 2007 Jettlynn Winery is located in the Paso Robles AVA of central coast California.Jettlynn has quickly established itself as a producer of distinctive award winning wines andhistorically bottles approximately 1500 cases per year. These wines are marketed and solddomestically to Hotels, high-end Restaurants, and Jettlynn’s own private wine club as well asdistributed nationally and internationally via established relationships with Costco, The Yachts ofSeabourn, Crystal Cruise Lines, and Hong Kong via Keida Distributors.The U.S. has been the largest wine-consuming nation in the world since 2010. In 2014, domesticsales exceeded 375 million cases, valued at 37.6 billion. California wines accounted for 225million cases or 24.6 billion representing 65% of the U.S. wine market by value. Lower-priced“Value” wines made up 75% of California volume while “Premium” wines accounted for only25%.Jettlynn’s established relationship with Costco will allow it to increase production of its “Premium”wines and create a new category of “Value” wines in a pre-sold condition eliminating thetraditional inherent risk for new products. Jettlynn’s expansion is dictated by the need to create andproduce these new “Value” wines exclusively for Costco. In 2014, Costco’s 680 stores with amembership of 81 million recorded wine sales in excess of 1 billion representing approximately3% of the total U.S. market. In order to meet this demand, Jettlynn will produce two “Value”wines, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon beginning with 10,000 cases in FY(1) and thereafterincreasing production each year to achieve the goal of 100,000 cases by FY(10). This new categoryof Jettlynn wines will retail at under 13 which will be well received by the cost conscience Costcomember.Jettlynn Winery seeks financing in the amount of 5 million dollars to acquire property and fundoperational cost to meet these conditions. Jettlynn has identified 20 acres to purchase whichincludes existing buildings and infrastructure that can be modified to accommodate Jettlynn’sstorage, wine cave, and winery needs. The existing structures will require minimal modifications tohouse the Winery and the land which is deeded as two 10 acre parcels in an excellent location foran estate Vineyard and Winery. The property is also strategically situated for the future plannedJettlynn Tasting-room and Events center.In order to meet the production goals and market demands on their product Jettlynn requiresfunding to be in place by early 2018.Milestones1. Secure Fundingtimeline estimate 20182. Purchase land and buildings for operationstimeline estimate Funding 2 months3. Remodel existing buildings to accommodate winery requirementstimeline estimate Funding 6 months4. Purchase and install equipmenttimeline estimate Funding 6 months5. Begin production of value winestimeline estimate Funding 7 months

Jettlynn WineryMarket and IndustryThe U.S. wine market has enjoyed 22 consecutive years of volume growth and has been the largestwine-consuming nation in the world since 2010. In 2014, sales of table wine, dessert wine andsparkling wine/champagne grew 1% to 375 million cases with an estimated retail value of 37.6billion. In 2014: California’s 225 million cases shipped within the US represent a 60% share of the market, including and 65% of the retail sales dollars ( 24.6 billion). Value-priced wines made up 75% of California table wine volume while Premium winesaccounted for 25% of wine volume. Value-priced wines accounted for almost half (47%) of2014 US. winery revenues.YearWINE SALES IN THE U.S. 1998 to 2014 in millions of cases(Wine shipments from California, other states and foreign producers entering U.S. distribution)Sparkling Wine/Table WineDessert WineTotal WineTotal Retail ValueChampagne2014323.432.219.7375.4 37.6 billion2013323.530.918.4372.8 36.3 billion2012319.429.917.6366.9 34.6 billion2011306.231.517.2354.9 32.9 billion2010292.128.815.4336.3 30.0 billion2009295.326.613.9335.8 28.7 billion2008279.727.413.5320.6 30.0 billion2007276.926.313.9317.1 30.4 billion200626627.413.6304.3 27.8 billion2005255.422.513.1290.9 25.8 billionYearCALIFORNIA WINE SHIPMENTS in millions of casesCalifornia Wine ShipmentsCalifornia Wine ShipmentsCalifornia Winesto All Marketsto U.S. MarketEstimated Retail Value2014268.6224.9 24.6 billion2013259.1215.4 23.1 billion2012249.5207.2 22.0 billion2011260215.3 20.3 billion2010243.5201.2 18.7 billion2009246.3205.9 17.9 billion2008245.2201.6 18.5 billion2007236.4195.3 18.9 billion2006228.7190 17.8 billion2005224185.5 16.5 billionAccording to Nielsen, in measured U.S. off-premise channels, the most popular wine types byvolume were Chardonnay (19% share), Cabernet Sauvignon (13%), Red Blends/Sweet Reds (10%),Pinot Grigio (9%) Merlot (8%), followed by Moscato (6%), Pinot Noir (5%), White Zinfandel(5%), and Sauvignon Blanc (4%). Red blends accounted for the strongest volume gains, along withMoscato, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Jettlynn WineryLocationPaso RoblesPaso Robles Wine Country is centrally located between San Francisco and Los Angeles alongCalifornia’s Central Coast. As California’s fastest growing wine region and largest geographicappellation, the Paso Robles American Viticultural Appellation (AVA) is a diverse appellationcomprised of a number of distinctive grape growing regions generally characterized by rolling hillseast of the Salinas River and steeper hillsides, cut by small canyons, west of the Salinas River. Thewestern boundary is just six miles from the Pacific Ocean. The AVA extends from the MontereyCounty border to the north, to the Cuesta Grade below Santa Margarita to the south, and from theSanta Lucia Mountains to the west, to the Cholame Hills to the east and encompasses more than32,000 vineyard acres with more than 180 wineries.J. Lohr is the leading producer of Paso Robles AVA wines with an annual production of over500,000 cases. EOS Estate Winery, records production at 160,000 cases, Wild Horse Winery andVineyards established by Kenneth Volk produces 150,000 cases. Treana Winery, owned by theHope family, was established in 1996 and now produces 300,000 cases between the Treana andLiberty School brands. (see Exhibit d)With a greater day-to-night temperature swing than any other appellation in California, distinctmicroclimates, diverse soils and a long growing season, Paso Robles is a unique wine regionblessed with optimal growing conditions for producing premium and ultra-premium wines. Morethan 40 wine grape varieties are grown in Paso Robles, ranging from Cabernet Sauvignon andMerlot to Syrah, Viognier, and Roussanne, to Zinfandel, the area’s heritage wine varietal.Note: Paso Robles is currently restricted from adding new vines due to drought conditions.Paso Robles name was recorded in 1828, named for its local oak trees, El Paso de Robles, “ThePass of the Oaks.” The greater Paso Robles region has a rich history of winemaking and wine grapegrowing that was introduced by the Franciscan Friars beginning circa 1790 at the Asistencialocated on the Santa Margarita Ranch, an assistant chapel to Mission San Luis Obispo that stillstands preserved today.The most widely planted varieties in the Paso Robles appellation are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,Zinfandel, Syrah, Chardonnay, Petite Sirah and Sauvignon Blanc. With Italian and Rhone varietieson the upswing, more than 30 other varieties are planted in the region including Pinot Grigio,Tempranillo, Roussanne, Barbera, Semillon, Sangiovese, Viognier, and Mourvedre.Cabernet Sauvignon remains the leading variety for the Paso Robles appellation, accounting for 38percent of the region’s planted wine grape acreage.Since the early 1990s, Paso Robles wines have proven consistent gold medal winners and havebeen featured regularly in the top rankings of national and international wine reviews. Jettlynn’sMon Couer earned such an honor receiving a Gold award in 2010. A milestone in the worldwiderecognition of Paso Robles Wine Country as a premier wine region came in 2000 when JUSTINVineyards & Winery’s Bordeaux-style ISOSCELES was named one of the top 10 wines in theworld by the Wine Spectator.

Jettlynn WineryDescriptionJettlynn WineryEstablished in 2007 Jettlynn is a recognized and respected Paso Robles AVA boutique winery.Jettlynn is committed to making distinctive wines with quality, consistency, and longevity.Jettlynn’s annual production of approximately 2,000 cases of award-winning Central Coast winesis produced using classical methods, attention to detail, and respect for the land and the people itserves.Jettlynn Winery MissionTo affect positive change in the lives of all who enjoy a great bottle of wine. Tocreate with absolute certitude high-quality products for siping, aging, and foodpairing. To eschew half-hearted, mass produced plonk and to adhere to rigorousgoals of viniferous pleasure for all seekers of the highest good.Jettlynn Winery VisionTo maximize palate satisfaction and achieve optimal glass-holder value throughworld-class fruit sourcing, vinification, and blending. To lead by example through acommitment to gathering the best Paso Robles grapes every vintage, withoutexception. To enrich, nurture and captivate every oenophile by placing a bottle ofJettlynn in each wine lover’s home. To affect positive change in the lives of all whoenjoy a great bottle of wine.Jettlynn Wine OfferingsPremium WinesCabernet SauvignonZinfandelMerlotOpulentMon CouerGout de MielValue WinesCabernet SauvignonPinot NoirChardonnayHand Crafted wines by Vintner Nikki Torres created exclusively from select California grapesA little Art,A little Science,A little Magic.

Jettlynn WineryMarketingStarting in 2018 Jettlynn Winery will produce two tiers of wines.Premium wines for the retail market and Value wines exclusively for Costco.Premium Wines Continue current marketing programs for premium wines with all corporate clients includingCostco as well as through its established relationships with The Yachts of Seabourn, CrystalCruise Lines, domestic and international wine distributors. Expand Costco stores Vintner visits within the U.S. three tier system and Mexico. Expand Cruise line distribution by adding new offerings and new Cruise Lines. Expand high-end Restaurant and Hotel placement of Jettlynn wines via Traveling Sales Agents. Promote Jettlynn Winery by participating in regional and national Wine festivals. Expand offerings and create bonus program for Distributors to increase Premium Wine Sales. Use the print media portion of the advertising budget on high-end magazine promotions. Develop custom branded Premium Wines for Corporate clients (50 case minimum). Establish temporary Tasting Room to promote Jettlynn Premium wines.Premium Wines – Online Promote and market Jettlynn Wines in collaboration with online flash companies like WTSO,Tastingroom, Plonk Wine Merchants, and Half Wit Wines as well as direct online wine salesvia Amazon and Ebay. Offer online daily specials via Company Website, Facebook page and Twitter. Update Corporate Facebook and Google focused on news, Jettlynn events and wine trivia. Publish monthly photos and videos via Instagram, You Tube and Pinterest. Create direct cell phone Text marketing program for specials and events. Create and market special 4 bottle sample sets and Magnum gift sets exclusively for online. Market branded Jettlynn merchandise and accessories.Premium Wines – Wine Club Promote Wine Club membership via online promotions, Wine Festivals, Charity auctions, andAuto, Movie and Technology Corporate Events. Establish Newsletter for Wine Club Members. Create Loyalty program and referral bonus program for Wine Club Members. Offer Wine Club private parties at members’ homes with Traveling Sales Agents (CA). Host annual after Harvest Vintners dinner and Wine auction benefiting Breast Cancer.Value Wines Seventy-Five percent of U.S. wine sales volume falls in the value wine category. Jettlynn’sexpansion is dedicated to producing value wines exclusively for Costco at their request. Costco will purchase up to100,000 cases of value wines to be marketed at a target price below 13 to appeal to their value focused consumer. For 2018, Jettlynn’s value wine offerings will begin with an equal mix of Chardonnay andCabernet Sauvignon; the two most popular domestic selling wines and thereafter increaseproduction and variety in the ensuing years until reaching the annual goal of 100,000 cases.

Jettlynn WineryStaffingVintnerNikki TorresJettlynn is the result of a dream that lay dormant for many years. It started back in 1976 in a youngman’s heart when Nikki Torres first tasted a 1963 Chateau Lafite Rothschild. Sitting one on oneand listening to the Sommelier describe the history, structure and complexity while sipping themagnificent wine left a lasting impression on the young man and for Nikki, nothing has been thesame ever since. For the next nine years on what became a personal quest he searched and sampledmany wines, trying to duplicate that magical 1963 wine experience to no avail.Then, in 1985, he discovered the magic once again in Opus One; a Phillipe de Rothschild andRobert Mondavi venture. It was then he realized what he needed to do, what his calling was. Tocreate superb California wines, that would be crafted in the manner of Chateau Lafite Rothschild.Jettlynn Winery was established to create these rare wines with wonderfully complex layers ofhidden beauty that would enchant us as the Rothschild wines had him and thus, his dream became areality with his award winning wines Opulent and Mon Couer.***The love, passion and artistry are evident in every Jettlynn bottle of exquisite wine. As with mostlegendary vintners, Nikki is a compulsive, driven, hands-on overseer of every facet in theproduction process and rarely rest until he is satisfied with the outcome.The heart of wine, it’s very soul, are the grapes. Rootstock, soil, and weather all contribute to theprocess, but timing is the most important factor. A great grape picked too early or too late becomesordinary. The vineyards are constantly visited during the growing season pinpointing the right timeto harvest, based on the grapes' relative levels of moisture, sweetness, PH, and acidity.During harvest, the winemaker trains and supervises the pickers. Damaged fruit is dropped andimmature grapes are left on the vine. Only the perfect grapes, hand-picked and selected with suchcare are transported to begin the process of making wine.Then on to the winery where the crushing process turns the grapes into must. Using skills, science,and a bit of magic the vintner begins using a cool fermentation process to produce Jettlynn’s finewines followed by 3 to 5 years of aging in oak barrels, along with countless nurturing steps.The wine making process is labor and time sensitive, an art as well as a science. Done well theresults are magnificent . . . A Jettlynn perfect wine created by Vintner Nikki Torres.

Jettlynn WineryStaffingVintner (Enologist) Develop new wines suitable for Value and Premium categories to be offered. Establish contracts with Paso Robles vineyards for future harvest relative to projected sales. Establish contracts with California vineyards outside the Paso Robles AVA for future harvest. Supervise the work of viticulturists; the grape growers who contract for the winery. Oversee Operations Director and set protocol for current and future development. Establish inventory, sales and production goals for Wine Maker and Operations Director. Develop operational production processes and direct Wine Maker and Warehouse staff accordingly. Oversee the entire production process of creating wine, including grape harvesting (pinpointing the right timeto harvest, based on the grapes' relative levels of moisture, sweetness, PH, and acidity), crushing,fermentation, aging, and ultimately bottling. Coordinate with the winemaker to analyze the wine gauging the chemical composition and quality. Use scientific concepts and experience to alter the wine's chemical composition and make key decisions basedon the levels of acid, sulfur and sulfite apparent in stored wine. Inspect and oversee stored wine with the winemaker and authorize when to bottle the finished product. Maintain and expand current Costco distribution processes including domestic and overseas locations. Represent Jettlynn Winery on promotional tours and host annual Vintners events. Establish specifications for future Tasting Room and Events Center with Operations Director. Report to the President on Winery progress and long term product goals.Winemaker Supervise the crushing process that turns grapes into must. Add the yeast to the must per the Vintnersinstructions before fermentation. Manage the process and use of machinery, such as vats and pumps, to ferment the wine before it's transferredinto barrels or steel tanks for aging. Duties include general maintenance of the pumps, barrels, andtemperature control equipment, coordinating daily operations and bottling.Assistant Winemaker Assist winemaker with all duties; fermenting, wine production, and quality control.Temporary harvest/bottling staff Assist vintner and winemaker with harvest, transportation, and wine production.Warehouse Manager Assist winemaker with wine storage, inventory control, barrel maintenance and shipping product.Assistant Warehouse Manager Assist warehouse manager with all storage, maintenance and shipping duties.Director of Operations Responsible for all day to day functions of the company not involving the production of wine. Develop a timeline and report to the Vintner and President on short and long term goals. Oversee implementation of the Business plan for the acquisition and development of new Winery property. Oversee bid and contract process for sub-contractors and suppliers for Winery development. Establish on-site temporary offices during the development phase. Write job descriptions; hire and train staff according to the business plan. Develop marketing and sales goals and oversee Premium, Wine Club, and Online Sales staff. Develop and implement POS and on-site IT systems for management of Winery. Develop and oversee Financial processes and coordinate activities with Accounting firms. Coordinate new product and marketing plans with Vintner and President. Oversees day to day operations with adherence to legal and fiduciary responsibilities. Develop and oversee plans for future expansion; Winery Tasting Room and Events Center.

Jettlynn WineryStaffingPremium Sales Director The Sales Director is expected to be the top-selling salesperson within the company for Premium wines andthe only sales person with a salary, commission, and bonus compensation plan. Actively engage is sales activities for Premium wines. Direct personal effort in retail sales of Premium Winesin the San Francisco – LA corridor of central California. (Restaurants, Hotels, and Event Centers) Attend regional trade shows and festivals on behalf of the company. Assist Operations Director to develop marketing and sales goals for Premium Wines. Including direct sales instates outside the three-tier system as well as sales to national and international distributors. Develop training guidelines and establish an internship for all sales staff. Responsible for coordinating and supervising Traveling Sales Agents during site-specific events. Assigns territories and placement for all local Sales agents. Sets their quotas and monitors their activities. Develop and maintain Sales reports on all Premium Wine sales for Operations Director. Expand Restaurant and Hotel placement of Jettlynn Premium wines. Expand Cruise line placement of Jettlynn Premium wines. Host on board greeting events at the port of LA. Developing sales materials for Premium Wines specific to Restaurants, Hotels and Event Planners such assell sheets, brochures, and catalogs.Sales Agents (Traveling) Support Value Wine sales at Costco. Attend Events with the focus on direct sales and increasing Wine Club membership. Make direct sales to Restaurants, Hotels & California Wine Stores.Sales Agents (Local) Make direct sales to Restaurants, Hotels & California Wine Stores. Make direct sales at Winery local events.Sales Agents (Online) Promote, expand and maintain Wine Club membership and sales. Book sales in collaboration with online flash companies like WTSO, Tastingroom, Plonk Wine Merchants, andHalf Wit Wines as well as organize and manage online wine sales via Amazon and Ebay. Offer online daily specials and news blog via Company Website, Facebook page, and Twitter. Create Corporate Facebook and Google pages focused on news, Jettlynn events and wine trivia. Publish monthly photos and videos via Instagram, You Tube and Pinterest. Create direct cell phone Text marketing program for specials and events. Maintain Newsletter for Wine Club Members.Administrative Assistant Assist President, Vintner, and Director of Operations. Answer phone calls, make appointments and maintain executive and corporate calendars. Maintain paper records as required and manage general office supplies. Maintain Human Resource records.Compliance Director. Act as compliance officer for all financial and regulatory issues. Direct Jettlynn on all compliance filings and requirements. Establish annual calendar for compliance measures and internal processes.Finance & Bookkeeping Assist Finance Director. Establish and maintain QuickBooks accounting program in coordination with CPA firm. Oversee all financial transactions. AP / AR / Invoicing / Payroll, etc. Prepare weekly, monthly and quarterly financial reports for Director of operations. Make authorized payments for approved AP invoices. Oversee all banking and credit card transaction associated with the Jettlynn Winery. Maintain onsite financial records in coordination with CPA firm.

Jettlynn WineryFundingJettlynn Winery seeks financing in the amount of 5,000,000 to purchase 20 acres suitable for thewinery, and to fund the operational cost to develop production capacity of 100,000 cases of“Value” wine earmarked to be sold exclusively to Costco. “Value” wine projections begin in FY(1)at 10,000 cases with production increasing annually to 100,000 cases by FY(10).This plan assumes a 20-year amortization with an 8-year balloon for debt servicing.Jettlynn has identified and upon funding is prepared to purchase 20 acres for the negotiated price of 2 million. An acquisition cost which is below market value for the region and represents a soundinvestment in and of itself.The selected property has an excellent location; good soil and existing structures and infrastructurethat can be modified to accommodate Jettlynn’s storage, wine cave, and winery needs. Theproperty which is deeded as two 10 acre parcels is in an excellent site for the company’s estateVineyard and Winery as well as strategically situated for the future planned Jettlynn Tasting Roomand Events center.Remodeling, Equipment & Materials estimates account for a sum of approximately 2.2 million.Sewer plant (budgeted at 1 million), light modification to the existing buildings, updating powerand water systems, adding winery equipment, and purchasing raw materials. The remaining fundsof approximately 800,000 will be held as utility deposits and working capital.FUNDING REQUIREMENTAssetReal Estate PurchaseLandBuildingsSewer PlantBuilding RemodelingHVACTanks & InsulationSignage/EntranceCooperage (150 Barrels)Warehouse EquipmentFurniture & FixturesComputers & TechnologyInventory Management SystemVehicles 2,000,000Working CapitalCashMarketing & PromotionsRaw MaterialLicenses & PermitsPrepaid Insurance PremiumsUtility Deposits 1,440,000Totals 5,000,000 DepreciableAssetsCapital700,000 1,300,000 1,000,000 90,000 40,000 140,000 30,000 105,000 65,000 5,000 25,000 15,000 35,000 1,000,000 90,000 40,000 140,000 30,000 105,000 65,000 5,000 25,000 15,000 35,000 Deposits10,000 700,000815,55250,000541,4483,00030,000- 2,850,000 1,440,000 10,000 10,000

Jettlynn WineryFinancial 10%10%7%0%Start dateStartup Year - End of PeriodStartup Year - Days in PeriodLoan Amortization in YearsLoan Balloon in YearsFederal Income Tax RateCalifornia Income Tax RateRecommended Production ReservesInterest Rate (L/T debt)Interest Rate (S/T debt)Distributions to ShareholdersExpensesAssumptionsBank & Merchant Fees (Premium & WC)Freight & Shipping, purchases (inbound)Freight & Shipping, Premium (outbound)Freight & Shipping, Value (outbound)Marketing & Promotions (Value)Marketing & Promotions (Premium)Value Sales Commission RatePremium Sales Commission RatePortion of Sales Attributable to RepsOffice Expenses & SuppliesWrite-offs / bad debt (Wine Club)Tech Infrastructure/Barrel Room/WineryUtilities Annual (Water, Electric)Property Tax (Comparable Estimate)Paso Robles Sales Tax (.5%)State of California Sales Tax (7.5%)State of CA Alcohol Tax (gallon) (.20)Federal Alcohol Tax (gallon) (.17 - 1.07)Purchase & Sales AssumptionsInflation Rate (inflation index)Unit cost price "Premium" (case)Unit cost price "Value" (case)Unit cost price "Wine Club" (case)Unit Sales Price "Premium (case)Unit Sales Price "Value" (case)Unit Sales Price "Wine Club" (case)Collection Period (days)Payables Period (days)WINE CLUB Assumptions Production ionsMembership 2016Membership 2025Average WC price per bottleAverage cost per bottleValue Wine Capacity (cases) 2016Premium Wine Capacity (cases) 2016Value Wine Capacity (cases) 2025Premium Wine Capacity (cases) .0%0.5%48,00024,0000.5%7.5%0.200.17 5045017.003.18Assumptions10,0002,000100,00010,000

Jettlynn WineryProduction, Sales & Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Premium wine sales are projected at a modest growth rate for the purposes of thispresentation and do not exceed current capacity at any point during the 10-year period. Value wine sales progress in a linear fashion adding 10,000 cases per year to production andsales. It should be noted that this in no way reflects the production capacity of the Winery andthat the slow sales/production progression for Value wines is only a conservative projection tomeet Costco’s demand for 100,000 cases by FY(10). The winery would be able to deliver100,000 cases by FY(4) of the plan if requested. Wine Club sales follow the increase in membership during the same 10-year period to 450members at various levels. (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze)Wine ProductionFY1FY2FY3FY5FY6FY7FY9FY10Total Produced in 0,000100,000Wine Club (WC)6293124247309371495557Product Mix(Premium & WC)16%9%6%4%4%4%3%3%Product Mix (Value)84%91%94%96%96%96%97%97%Sales (US 1%Sales RevenuesPremiumSales RevenuesValueSales RevenuesWine ClubTotal SalesSales Revenue Growth(YOY)COGS (US )COGSPremiumCOGSValueCOGSWine ClubTotal COGSGross Profit (US )Gross Margin e FY4 and FY8 are omitted to facilitate placement only and follow the same progression stated.64%66%65%

Jettlynn WineryFinancialsCASH FLOW ANALYSISOperating activitiesFY1FY2FY3FY5FY6FY7FY9FY10Sales 89010,510,04014,884,65616,489,038Cash from 9,038Purchases - Cost of 820,8635,094,2305,765,667Operating 9356,353394,490InflowsTotal InflowsOutflowsFed Income TaxesCA Income TaxTotal OutflowsNet Cash after OperatingActivitiesInvesting 72FY1FY2FY3FY5FY6FY7FY9FY10---------------Purchase of fixed assetsSale of fixed assetsNet Inflow/Outflow fromInvestingNet Cash after cing ActivitiesFY1FY2FY3FY5F

BUSINESS PLAN Jettlynn Winery, LLC Destination Winery This document contains confidential and proprietary information belonging exclusively to: Jettlynn Winery, LLC 355 Lantana Street #582 Camarillo, CA. 93010 805-491-2500 [email protected]