PURCHASING DEPARTMENT6600 34TH AVENUEMOLINE, IL 61265DATE: February 9, 2012TO BE OPENED ONMarch 15, 2012RFP 12-12***IMPORTANT***SHOW “RFP 12-12ADDENDUM 1”ON OUTSIDE OFMAILING ENVELOPEAddendum 1REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP)VENDING SERVICES, DISTRICT WIDERFP 12-12 Addendum 1Pursuant to the provisions of Section 3-27.1 of the Illinois Public Community College Act and rules andregulations adopted thereunder, sealed proposals subject to the conditions and requirements made apart hereof will be received until 2:00 p.m. local time, on Thursday, March 15, 2012, in thePurchasing Office at Black Hawk College, Quad Cities Campus, located at 6600 34th Avenue inBuilding One, Second Floor, Room 282, then opened publicly, read aloud and recordedimmediately thereafter when possible, in the Black Hawk Room located in Building One, SecondFloor, Room 255 for furnishing the goods or services described below, to be delivered or performed atthe location(s) stated. Whether or not a proposal is timely shall be determined by reference to the clocklocated in the Purchasing Office of the College, and the determination of whether or not a proposal istimely in accordance with that clock shall be at the sole discretion of the Black Hawk College PurchasingOffice and Board of Trustees, whose decision on that issue shall be final.REFER INQUIRIES TO:MIKE MELEGBLACK HAWK COLLEGE6600 34th AVENUEMOLINE IL 61265TELEPHONE:(309) 796-5002EMAIL ADDRESS:[email protected] :Telephone:Fax Number:Email Address:GENERALProposals are subject to the attached Standard Terms and Conditions.USING DEPARTMENTDistrict widePage 1 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

ADDENDUM 1Please note the following changes:1. Scope of Services: The College desires an initial contract of 3 years, with two (2) one-yearrenewals at the College’s option. Also, the annual sales for 2011 changed to 172,500 from 152,000.2. Attachment A-1: Microwave ovens are added to BHC QC Campus Building 4, and to theOutreach Center. The note reference is changed from Page 8 to Page 9.3. Attachment A-2, Jan-11 sales for QC Campus Building 1, 7-Up Glass Front is changed to 586.60 from 5,863.60. Subtotal for QC Campus is being removed.4. References to “RFP 12-12” are changed to “RFP 12-12 Addendum 1”.5. As a reminder from the “Instructions to Vendors”:9. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS OF ADDENDASignature of company official on original document shall be construed as acknowledgmentof receipt of any and all addenda pertaining to this specific proposal. Identification bynumber of addenda and date issued should be noted on all proposals submitted.Page 2 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

PURPOSE OF THIS REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP)Black Hawk College (BHC) is soliciting formal proposals from companies with an interest in providingVending Services at ALL College locations in the Quad Cities, Galva and Kewanee.TIME TABLEDATEFebruary 6, 2012February 23, 2012March 1, 2012March 15, 2012April 19, 2012April 20, 2012EVENTMailing of Request for Proposal RFP 12-12Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting, 11:00 a.m., Black HawkRoom # 255Notice of Intent to Bid (Attachment E) form dueProposals due at 2:00 p.m. in the Purchasing OfficeAnticipated Board of Trustees ApprovalAnticipated Award of ContractMANDATORY PRE-PROPOSAL MEETINGA mandatory Pre-Proposal meeting will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 23, 2012, in theBlack Hawk Room, Building 1, Room 255, second floor, at Black Hawk College, 6600 34th Avenue,Moline, Illinois, 61265. The Pre-Proposal meeting will be an opportunity for Vendors to raise anyquestions, exceptions, or additions they have concerning this Request for Proposal. If a Vendordiscovers any significant ambiguity, error, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other deficiency in thisRFP, the Vendor should raise these issues at the meeting.It is mandatory that all interested Vendors attend the Pre-Proposal meeting; proposals fromVendors not attending the meeting will not be accepted.NOTICE OF INTENT TO BIDVendors are requested to submit the “Notice of Intent to Bid” form, Attachment E, via e-mail to MikeMeleg at [email protected] by March 1, 2012.SELECTION CRITERIAProposals will be evaluated on the basis of the most competitive offer considering quality of productsand services offered, revenue earned by the College, and responsiveness to the RFP requirements.The major criteria that will be used to evaluate proposals will include, but not be limited to, thefollowing: Annual commission offered.Financial stability of company.Ability to furnish required services and to meet the requirements of the RFP.Experience in similar campus vending services, references, and customer satisfaction.Proposals for providing security controls and adequate sanitation cleaning.Quality of vending services offered and brands of products vended.Additional services not specified in the RFP and/or incentives which provide a significant benefit tothe College.Page 3 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

ABOUT YOUR COMPANYProvide information regarding the organizational and ownership structure of your company, listingseparate legal entities and their relationship to each other. Also include a copy of your most recentfinancial statements including your annual sales.Provide contact information for at least (3) current clients similar in size and/or structure to BlackHawk College, including the name of the company, address, contact person name and theirtelephone number and email address.Provide the names and contact information for all individuals responsible for service andmanagement of vending machines located at the College.SCOPE OF SERVICESThe successful Vendor shall be granted exclusive vending machine rights to sell food, beverages,and other allied items listed in the Proposal upon the College locations in the Quad Cities, Galva, andKewanee. The use in this paragraph of the word “exclusive” implies that the College shall not allowany other outside food vending Vendor to operate vending machines on the premises, during the lifeof this agreement.The Vendor shall, without cost to the College, install, operate, and maintain upon the premises for aperiod of three (3) years, with an option for the College to renew for two (2) additional one-year terms,factory new vending machines of the latest design and model, equipped with VendingMiser , andready to accept credit cards which do not utilize the College’s internet system. The locations, typesand quantities of machines currently at the College are shown on Attachment A-1. The estimatedannual gross sales for calendar year 2011 were approximately 172,500. See Attachment A-2 foradditional sales information. The College does not guarantee this volume.The Vendor shall be an independent Contractor and in providing services hereunder shall not bedeemed to be the agent of the College. All persons performing work hereunder for the Vendor shallbe employees or subcontractors of the Vendor, and not the College. Installation, operations,maintenance, removal and replacement of vending machines provided hereunder shall be the soleresponsibility of the Vendor and shall be performed by the Vendor or subcontractor or its employeesunder the exclusive direction, supervision, and control of the Vendor. The Vendor shall be fullyresponsible to the College for the acts and omissions of persons directly and/or indirectly employedby the Vendor.VENDING OPTIONSVendors are asked to include pricing for each scenario under which they are proposing to provideservices. Vendors should utilize the Proposal Revenue Recap form (Attachment A-3) to record theirannual figures. Each vendor agrees to provide services at ALL Quad Cities, Galva, and Kewaneelocations.In order to maximize revenue, the College will consider exclusive brands in return for lump sumpayments, annual institutional support and or other incentives, financial or otherwise, in addition tovending commissions. All exclusivity requirements should be clearly defined and notated in theresponse as well as on the Proposal Revenue Recap form (Attachment A-3).Page 4 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

MISCELLANEOUSThe College will not be liable for any damage, pilferage, act of violence, fire or theft of the suppliesand equipment. All supplies and specified equipment will belong to, and continue to be owned by, theVendor. The College shall be notified in writing of any damage or thefts connected with the vendingprogram with the exception of the very minor problems. The College will assist in identifyingoffender(s) if damage, violence or thefts occur.EQUIPMENT AND MAINTENANCEVendor will provide all necessary automatic vending equipment including bill changers, microwaveoven, plastic silverware, wax paper, napkins and condiment supplies necessary. Vendor will service,maintain, and keep installed vending machines in good working order at all times. Vendor will keepmachines sanitary throughout, and assume all responsibility for the mechanical operation of allequipment, including microwaves, vending machines, and change machines. Furthermore, Vendoragrees to provide janitorial services and to keep vending areas clean.REFUNDSVendor shall supply a refund bank at locations designated by the College. Each refund bank shall bemaintained with sufficient monies at all times to meet the needs of each location. Vendor may requiresigned receipts for each refund as made, but may not hold any College employee or office of theCollege responsible for any refund made.REPAIR SERVICE REQUIREMENTSVendor shall maintain local repair and maintenance facilities which will provide 24 hour 7 day a weekservice with radio dispatch within the College district. In addition, service for microwave shall bewithin two (2) hours of service call.LICENSES AND TAXESVendor will be responsible for all Federal, State and Local licenses and taxes in connection with thevending services provided.PERSONNELVendor agrees to furnish necessary identification passes required for entrance to or exit fromdescribed premises at any time for any day, night or weekend service calls. Vendor will observe allregulations in effect upon the described premises.The Vendor’s service personnel will at all times be dressed in clean uniforms (clearly identifying theiremployer) and will observe all regulations in affect upon the College premises. The duties andresponsibilities of the service personnel consist of, but are not limited to, the following:a) Fill, clean and collect monies from all vending machines, clean and restock condiment areasand microwave ovens, and pick up trash from the floor.b) Keep all vending machines and equipment, service and storage areas in a clean and sanitarycondition and neat in appearance.c) Make refunds as necessary.Page 5 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

RECORDSVendor will at all times maintain an accurate record of all merchandise, collections, sales andinventories necessary in connection with the proper operation of the machines installed under thisagreement. Furthermore, Vendor agrees to allow the College full access to before mentioned recordsfor audit purposes.ATHLETIC EVENTS / BOOKSTORE / FOOD SERVICE / FUNDRAISERSBlack Hawk College reserves the right to sell items similar to those to be included in the contract inconjunction with athletic, bookstore, food service, fundraisers, or other special events. The sale ofsuch items will be independent of the contract.PRICING AND PRICE CHANGESPrior to signing a final agreement, the selected Vendor will provide the College with a price and itemlist for the items proposed. The College recognizes the possibility that the Vendor may have to adjustprices during the term of the contract. Any price changes will become effective only after writtenconsent is given by the Vice President of Administration.Current pricing on key items is as follows:Candy Bars 1.00 to 1.3520 oz. bottled water 1.25Other specialty drinks 1.50 and upSnacks20 oz. bottled popGum and Mints .75 to 1.25 1.50 .60The College believes this pricing to be fairly aggressive and the commission plan should be reflectiveof these prices. Vendors should clearly state the proposed prices in the response.COMMISSION PLANVendor shall submit a financial plan based on annual projected sales for term of contract. This planwill include a list of all products offered with unit prices, estimated net sales, commission percent foreach product and estimated dollar amount of commissions for each product.The College prefers a guaranteed flat dollar minimum amount of annual commission for the contractperiod. At the end of each contract year, a commission above the minimum guaranteed amount willthen be paid at the agreed upon commission rates, if applicable. Alternatively, the College is open toa variable rate commission rate with no guaranteed minimum amount.Commissions are to be paid monthly in twelve (12) installments on or before the 15th of each month.If payments are not made in a timely manner, after a fifteen (15) day grace period, the Collegereserves the right to terminate the contract.TERMINATION OF CONTRACTThis contract may not be terminated without cause unless both parties agree to such termination inwriting. In the event of default or non-compliance with the terms of the proposal, it may be terminatedimmediately subject to the provisions set forth in the proposal. In the event of termination, the vendorshall be obligated to remove, at its own expense, any and all of its equipment and inventory from theCollege’s facilities. The vendor shall complete all of its obligations and responsibilities under theterms of this proposal including, but not limited to, payment of all amounts owing for commissionsthrough the end of the term.Page 6 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

RFP RESPONSE REQUIRED COMPONENTS Intent to Respond form (Attachment E) completed and returned by March 1st, 2012.Submit one original and four copies of each proposal and one copy on CD or flash drive includingthe completed Proposal Revenue Recap (Attachment A-3).Original signed Execution of Proposal (Attachment C).Original signed Vendor Certification (Attachment D), typewritten or printed in ink, must besubmitted.Information about your Company as described at the top of Page 3.Page 7 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

ATTACHMENT A - 1CURRENT LOCATIONANTICIPATED LOCATIONAND EQUIPMENT LISTINGAND EQUIPMENT LISTINGBLACK HAWK COLLEGE VENDING MACHINES & EQUIPMENTLOCATIONTYPEQTYTYPEQTYBHC QC Campus 6600 34th Avenue, Moline, ILBldg 1 (See Note, Page 9)Bldg. 2 - 1st FloorBldg. 2 - 2nd FloorBldg. 3Bldg. er1Dr. Pepper2Glass Pepsi1Pepsi1Dr. Pepper1Dr. Pepper1Glass Front2Glass Front2Snack1Snack1Pepsi1Pepsi1Dr. Pepper1Dr. Pepper1Snack1Snack2Coffee1Coffee1Pepsi2Pepsi3Dr. Pepper1Dr. Pepper1Glass Front1Glass Front1Changer1Changer1Snack1Snack1Glass Front1Glass Front1Microwave1Microwave1Snack1Outreach Center 301 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline, ILSnack1Pepsi1Pepsi1Glass Front1Glass ack1Dr. Pepper1Dr. Pepper11Pepsi1Industrial Training Lab 3901 25th Street Moline, ILIL workNet Center 4703 16th Street Moline, ILPepsiPage 8 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

ATTACHMENT A - 1 (Continued)CURRENT LOCATIONANTICIPATED LOCATIONAND EQUIPMENT LISTINGAdult Learning Center 3930 11th Street, RockIsland, ILAND EQUIPMENT LISTINGPepsi1Glass Front1Glass Front1CURRENT LOCATIONANTICIPATED LOCATIONAND EQUIPMENT LISTINGAND EQUIPMENT LISTINGBLACK HAWK COLLEGE VENDING MACHINES & EQUIPMENTLOCATIONTYPEQTYTYPEQTYBHC East Campus 26230 Black Hawk Road Galva, ILMain Cafeteria AreaBldg. 3Horse ArenaSnack1Snack1Coffee1Coffee1Pepsi2Pepsi2Dr. Pepper1Dr. Pepper1Glass Front2Glass ack1Pepsi1Pepsi1Snack1Snack1Pepsi1Dr. Pepper1Pepsi1Community Education Center 404 E. Third Street Kewanee,ILDr. Pepper1Note:All beverages will be in plastic bottles. All vending machines must accept credit cards, 1 billsand 1 coins. All change machines will be dollar coin machines which will accept 5, 10 or 20bills and dispense 1 coins.The types, numbers, and locations of machines can changed with mutual agreement between theCollege and the Vendor, however the College anticipates the number of machines in Building 1will change to 2 or 3, and this change shall become a part of any agreement between the Vendorand the College.Page 9 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

BHC Quad CitiesTotalsAdult Learning Center3930 11th StreetRock Island, IL 61201Total SnackTotal PopTotal CoffeeTotal FoodTotal Sales73.4568.80142.2563.3563.35 2,778.00 11,210.00 548.30 244.45 14,780.75Dr. Pepper Glassfront Pepsi Total Sales Pepsi Total Sales IL workNet Center4703 16th StreetMoline, IL 8.90830.50 3,817.62 9,152.50 891.50 362.40 14,224.02 739.25 353.60 1,092.85 771.70 524.75 277.70 560.95 372.35 586.70 3,094.15 493.75 374.55 161.65 670.25 241.65 409.90 2,351.75Pop Candy Total Sales PepsiCandyDr. Pepper GlassfrontTotal SalesOutreach Center301 Avenue of the CitiesEast Moline, IL 61264 331.90 468.00 304.80 1,104.70122.00214.00220.55556.55 174.00100.50274.50 277.85 388.05 356.25 277.30 438.36 160.00 1,897.81144.50190.70188.25108.15232.8083.50947.90 Feb-11 971.40 453.80 705.75 362.40 661.10 952.45 889.50 833.35 43.25 5,873.00Jan-11 802.95 303.15 598.90 244.45 518.30 748.10 631.40 5,863.60 47.00 9,757.85Industrial Training Lab3901 25th StreetMoline, IL 61265Building 1PepsiCoffeeDr. PepperFresh FoodsCandyCandyPepsi Glassfront7-Up GlassfrontDr. Pepper - Admin.Total SalesBuilding 2 - 1st FloorDr. PepperPepsiPepsi GlassfrontSnapple GlassfrontCandyCoffeeTotal SalesBuilding 2 - 2nd FloorDr. PepperCandyPepsiTotal SalesBuilding 3Pepsi GlassfrontPepsiCoffeeCandyDr. PepperDr. Pepper GlassfrontTotal SalesBuilding 4Pepsi GlassfrontCandyTotal SalesQC Campus6600 34th AvenueMoline, IL 61265 960.05400.00307.35707.35 602.50 328.30 417.70 687.80 455.15 2,491.45 367.85 563.15 464.90 1,395.90 247.25 379.10 537.70 347.00 502.98 252.50 2,266.53 675.60 403.75 903.80 586.80 876.20 1,123.60 1,016.75 871.70 87.95 40198.90364.95254.85199.10818.90559.25288.95848.20 4,051.05 8,166.10 689.45 303.35 13,209.95 787.20 437.50 258.40 958.50 359.60 530.35 3,331.55 262.55 537.10 431.40 1,231.05 176.95 351.90 349.45 254.80 495.45 143.00 1,771.55 580.75 288.05 516.95 303.35 638.55 830.25 872.05 625.50 48.45 35196.60553.95 2,896.05 5,725.85 400.70 110.75 9,133.35 456.85 424.45 93.05 512.60 203.40 317.75 2,008.10 134.95 203.75 246.90 124.15 253.30 134.10 1,097.15 547.95 173.55 486.90 110.75 543.15 703.25 719.65 523.10 42.10 3,850.40Attachment A-22011 Total 232.71450.15274.50957.36154.7590.15244.90 2,792.45 5,117.06 440.25 228.45 8,578.21 461.15 272.10 132.95 413.65 100.15 323.15 1,703.15 690.20 217.45 432.30 228.45 546.25 825.35 584.10 461.30 44.20 23.0071.30259.3587.2086.35173.55 2,079.47 3,973.90 292.90 162.50 6,508.77 455.50 226.60 70.55 496.42 177.85 317.55 1,744.47 489.25 137.90 337.40 162.50 395.10 594.70 504.55 371.90 25.75 2.25-232.20250.90204.80687.90311.40212.30523.70 3,281.06 6,369.10 270.60 280.25 10,201.01 331.60 233.05 62.50 354.06 176.25 204.90 1,362.36 918.60 144.20 645.50 280.25 868.30 962.45 1,050.00 698.80 54.30 .40113.85113.85- 6,500.22 13,733.20 989.10 441.50 21,664.02 357.35 602.70 427.30 1,387.35 794.75 445.60 1,240.35 1,129.15 828.95 258.20 1,213.52 460.80 474.70 4,365.32 441.50 730.20 643.00 1,814.70 263.35 659.30 781.00 476.30 700.75 204.25 3,084.95 45.45295.95295.20736.60547.80274.90822.70 4,612.49 9,428.50 856.70 340.40 15,238.09 818.00 552.20 275.20 891.49 413.80 396.10 3,346.79 311.95 581.55 494.15 1,387.65 182.10 482.85 528.00 355.65 464.20 166.85 2,179.65 6.35703.4541.806,712.85554.45299.80854.25 133.4571.2571.25318.85167.40486.25 214.75 506.95 356.25 1,077.95 784.15 543.15 329.75 1,020.03 381.95 456.65 3,515.68 285.80 529.20 519.40 1,334.40 588.50 534.65 553.25 303.75 595.60 248.60 2,824.35 .2056.95153.75225.80113.45493.00222.9093.20316.10 2,057.21 4,175.35 431.85 194.25 6,858.66 399.80 250.35 154.95 444.21 213.20 204.10 1,666.61 498.70 194.00 347.80 194.25 334.25 555.90 517.90 308.35 53.45 3,004.60Dec-11 152,236.34

Total SnackTotal PopTotal CoffeeTotal FoodTotal SalesBlack Hawk CollegeGrand Totals 3,313.75 12,633.10 578.55 244.45 16,769.85167.75 167.75 150.00 88.00 238.00 150.00 186.75 336.75 4,895.4311,672.851,184.25586.8018,339.3396.30 96.30 60.00 32.00 92.00 328.15634.41962.56 95.75 95.75 195.83 12.00 207.83 112.00 112.00 139.88204.1525.30109.8011.9055.95546.98Jun-11 165.70267.58433.28 40.75 40.75 83.93 11.00 94.93 64.65 64.65 55.9590.0515.7571.20232.95Jul-11109.50 109.50 108.25 108.25 279.75 169.35 449.10 0 91.80 251.78 75.50 327.28 70.2570.2543.0044.7087.7040.9372.90113.83 5,611.09 11,223.68 976.65 340.40 18,151.82 6,276.5412,307.771,233.80410.6020,228.71 2,415.46 5,038.22 550.60 194.25 8,198.53 1,082.66 358.25 1,961.12 862.87 174.50 118.75 3,218.28 1,339.8766.85 66.85 167.85 86.50 254.35 Dec-11 190.83 240.65 118.75 120.35 173.70 139.88 83.93 1,068.09156.66 153.45 310.11 430.82 853.71 174.50 306.75 443.55 61.55 218.21 2,489.0955.95 156.10 212.05 475.58 756.00 119.95 360.30 439.25 27.98 201.42 2,380.48Oct-11 1,208.50 998.60 1,923.61 1,795.18 145.65 119.95 3,277.76 2,913.7337.00 37.00 2.10 2.10 239.70480.078.00727.77Sep-11 167.85 930.90 145.65 428.85 546.00 139.88 251.78 2,610.9127.98 53.45 81.43 27.98184.158.0071.25148.0083.9383.93607.24Aug-11 4,877.55 3,536.15 3,120.60 2,245.17 3,520.76 9,739.15 7,191.35 5,751.47 4,241.48 6,849.17 709.00 400.70 440.25 292.90 278.60 303.35 110.75 228.45 162.50 280.25 15,629.05 11,238.95 9,540.77 6,942.05 10,928.78 640.10 1,465.50 2,105.60 209.20 209.20 210.00 33.00 243.00 142.55 142.55 910.00 465.55 102.95 176.25 120.00 1,774.75150.00 166.10 316.10 210.00 627.40 19.55 165.85 328.00 90.00 210.00 1,650.80 970.45 826.50 2,429.50 1,573.05 110.30 19.55 3,510.25 2,419.1081.50 81.50 90.00 114.45 204.45 4,869.87 10,630.60 958.00 362.40 16,820.87Mar-11 402.00 695.70 110.30 585.75 458.00 150.00 366.00 2,767.7530.00 117.05 147.05 535.75 1,052.25 1,423.10 1,478.10 30.25 66.50 1,989.10 2,596.85Total SnackTotal PopTotal CoffeeTotal Sales179.04 63.75 242.79 105.00 105.00 89.52 22.25 111.77 BHC EastTotalsFeb-11 270.00 820.75 66.50 343.90 452.70 90.00 120.00 2,163.85 218.21 449.75 30.25 162.60 305.05 151.07 212.61 1,529.54Pop Total Sales Building APepsiCandyCoffeeDr. PepperDr. Pepper GlassfrontPepsiPepsi GlassfrontTotal SalesBuilding 3PepsiCandyTotal SalesHorse BarnPepsiCandyTotal SalesCommunity Education Center404 East 3rd StreetKewanee, IL 61443East Campus26230 Black Hawk RoadGalva, IL 61434(Henry County)Jan-11Attachment A-22011 Total SalesApr-11May-11

ATTACHMENT A-3PROPOSAL REVENUE RECAPPlease select the appropriate arrangement:Beverage Vending OnlySnack Vending OnlyBeverage and Snack VendingPlease select the applicable exclusivity requirements:Exclusive Beverage VendingExclusive Snack VendingExclusive Beverage and Snack VendingNonePlease record applicable revenue components:Annual PaymentAnnual Beverage CommissionAnnual Snack CommissionTotal Annual Revenue* * * This Proposal Revenue sheet must be returned with your Proposal * * *Company:(Print Company Name)Name: Title:(Print)(Print)Signature:(Signed in ink)Page 10 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

INSTRUCTIONS TO VENDORS1. GENERALSealed proposals addressed to Mike Meleg, Purchasing, 6600-34th Avenue, Moline, Illinois,61265 and marked with proposal RFP 12-12 Addendum 1 are due no later than 2:00 p.m. localtime on Thursday, March 15, 2012. Unsigned or late bids will not be considered.2. POSTPONEMENT OF OPENINGSA bid opening may be postponed by the College, even after the time scheduled for bidopening, if the College has reason to believe that the bids of an important segment of biddershave been delayed in the mails, or in the communication system specified for transmission ofbids, for causes beyond their control and without their fault or negligence (e.g., flood, fire,accident, weather conditions, strikes, or College equipment blackout or malfunction when bidsare due); or emergency or unanticipated events interrupt normal College processes so that theconducting of bid openings as scheduled is impractical. At the time of a determination topostpone a bid opening, the new time and date shall be communicated by issuance of anaddendum to the prospective bidders who are likely to attend the bid opening. In the case ofurgent College requirements precluding the communication of an addendum, the timespecified for opening of bids shall be deemed to be extended to the same time of day specifiedin the bid on the first work day on which normal College processes resume. In such cases, thetime of actual bid opening shall be deemed to be the time set for bid opening for the purpose ofdetermining “late bids”. The College shall maintain records in the bid file explaining thecircumstances of the postponement.3. ERRORS AND OMISSIONSAll documents shall be completed and submitted as requested by the College. No claim forerrors or omissions in the proposal will be considered. Vendors will be held strictly to theproposal as submitted. Proposals may be withdrawn in writing, facsimile, or in person prior tothe closing date and time. No proposal may be withdrawn for a period of ninety (90) daysfollowing the opening of the proposals.It is the responsibility of the vendor to examine the site and all conditions thereon. Theproposal shall take into consideration all such conditions as may affect contract Work. Noadditional expense will be allowed for failure to be so informed.4. COMPLETENESS AND COMPLIANCEProposals will be reviewed for completeness and compliance with all requests andrequirements, including proposal instructions, specifications, and terms and conditions of theProposal. Proposals that fail to comply with the essential requests and requirements of theRFP may be rejected as non-responsive and eliminated from further consideration.5. COMPLIANCE WITH LEGISLATIONVendor's signature shall be construed as acceptance of, and willingness to comply with, allprovisions of the acts of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois relating to wages oflaborers, preference to citizens of the United States and residents of the State of Illinois,discrimination and intimidation of employees, including Executive Order #11246. Provision ofsaid acts are hereby incorporated by reference and become a part of this proposal andPage 11 of 20Our Core Values: Appreciation of Diversity, Caring and Compassion, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

specifications. The Vendor shall also comply with applicable state and local laws, ordinancesand regulation, and OSHA standards.6. PREVAILING WAGEVendor’s signature shall be construed as acceptance of; and willingness to comply with, allprovisions of the Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 820, 130/1-130/12, Employment Wagesand Hours Prevailing Wage Act. All laborers, workmen and mechanics engaged inconstruction will be paid not less than the "Prevailing Wage."7. FIRM PRICESAll prices are to be F.O.B. Black Hawk College, Moline, Illinois, freight prepaid. Pricessubmitted on this document should be considered firm for a period of ninety (90) days from thedue date as state

VENDING SERVICES, DISTRICT WIDE RFP 12-12 Addendum 1 . The successful Vendor shall be granted exclusive vending machine rights to sell food, beverages, and other allied items listed in the Proposal upon the College locations in the Quad Cities, Galva, and Kewanee. The use in this paragraph of the word "exclusive" implies that the College .