DeKalb CountyDepartment of Purchasing and ContractingNovember 18, 2019REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) NO. 19-500527FORSNACK AND VENDING MACHINE SERVICES(MULTIYEAR )Procurement Agent:Phone:Email:Jennifer vMandatory DeKalb First LSBEMeeting:(Bidders must attend 1 meeting on anyof the dates listed.)November 20, 2019 OR November 27, 2019 ORDecember 4, 20194572 Memorial Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30032Main Conference Room - A(Meetings are held at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.)Video Conference: Utilize the link supplied on ourwebpage labeled “DeKalb First LSBE VideoMeeting”December 5, 2019, 11:00 AMManuel Maloof Administration Building,1300 Commerce Drive, 2nd Floor, Decatur, GA30030.5:00 P.M. ET, December 6, 20193:00 P.M. ET, December 18, 2019Pre-Proposal Conference and Site Visit:Non-MandatoryDeadline for Submission of Questions:Deadline for Receipt of Proposals:THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUBMITTING A RESPONSE TO THIS RFP TO THEDEPARTMENT OF PURCHASING AND CONTRACTING OF DEKALB COUNTYGOVERNMENT ON OR BEFORE THE STATED DATE AND TIME WILL BE SOLELY ANDSTRICTLY THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RESPONDER.

TABLE OF ion .3Scope of Work .4Proposal Format .8A. Cost Proposal .8B. Technical Proposal .8C. Local Small Business Enterprise Ordinance .10D. Federal Work Authorization Program.10Criteria for Evaluation .10Contract Administration.11A. Standard County Contract .11B. Submittal Instructions .11C. Pre-Proposal Conference and Site Visit .12D. Questions.12E. Acknowledgement of Addenda .12F. Proposal Duration .12G. Project Director/Contract Manager .12H. Expenses of Preparing Responses to this RFP .13I. Georgia Open Records Act .13J. First Source Jobs Ordinance .13K. Business License .13L. Ethics Rules .13M. Right to Audit .14N. Cooperative Procurement .14Award of Contract.14Attachment A. Cost Proposal .16Attachment B. Proposal Cover Sheet.18Attachment C. Contractor Reference and Release Form .19Attachment D. Subcontractor Reference and Release Form .20Attachment E. LSBE Opportunity Tracking Form .21Attachment F. Sample County Contract .31Attachment G. Responder Affidavit .48Attachment H. First Source Jobs Ordinance Information & Exhibits .49Attachment I. Service Locations .54RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)2 of 56

DeKalb CountyDepartment of Purchasing and ContractingMaloof Administration Building, 1300 Commerce Drive, 2nd Floor, Decatur, Georgia 30030November 18, 2019REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) No. 19-500527FORSnack and Vending Machine Services(Multiyear)DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIADeKalb County Government (the County) requests qualified individuals and firms with experience inproviding Snack and Vending Machine Services to submit proposals for Snack and Vending MachineServices for DeKalb County, Georgia.I.INTRODUCTIONDeKalb County Government (the County) requests qualified individuals and firmswith professional experience in the setup and maintenance of vending machines tosubmit proposals to provide all things necessary for complete Snack and DrinkVending Services at various DeKalb County facilities.A.Snack and Drink Vending Services shall include, but are not limited to,providing various vending machines and support equipment such asmicrowave ovens and coin changers. The aforementioned items shall beprovided by the Successful Responder to approximately forty (40)County buildings, and shall offer a variety of snacks and drinks toemployees and visitors at competitive prices.B.Employees and visitors benefit from these services by having convenientaccess to vending machine items during the hours of operation for eachfacility.C.The services to be performed under the resulting contract shallcommence within ten (10) days of receipt of Notice to Proceed. TheRFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)3 of 56

initial term of the resulting contract shall be for a term of one (1) yearand automatically renew for four (4) successive one-year terms for atotal of five (5) years.A. The following Required Documents Checklist includes a list of attachments which must becompleted and returned with Responder’s technical proposal:Required DocumentsCost Proposal Form (1 copy, separate &sealed)Proposal Cover SheetContractor Reference and Release FormSubcontractor Reference and Release Form(make additional copies as needed)LSBE Documents – Exhibits A and BResponder AffidavitFirst Source Jobs Ordinance (with Exhibits 1– 4)New Employee Tracking FormExceptions to the Standard CountyContract, if anyBusiness LicenseII.AttachmentABCDEGHISCOPE OF WORKA. Description of Tasks1. The Successful Respondent shall provide equipment, products, service, support, maintenanceand all things necessary to offer a variety of snacks and drinks that may be quickly andconveniently purchased by building occupants and visitors, at competitive prices.2. The Successful Respondent shall establish operations and provide services in the locationslisted in Attachment J, DeKalb County Vending Machine Locations of this RFP.3. The County reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of locations and/or machinesand/or services at any time during the term of the contract.B. Results or Outcome of ProjectEmployee, visitors, and all others that will use the vending machines shall be able toconveniently select from a variety of snacks and drinks, and purchase any of theproducts at a competitive price, based on industry pricing.RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)4 of 56

C. Completion Schedule and Transition Plan1. The Successful Responder shall provide vending machines that are operational and readyfor use in all locations no later than six (6) weeks following receipt of the Notice toProceed.2. A transition plan outlining the specific strategy of replacing the current machines mustbe submitted to the Deputy Director of Facilities Operations and Maintenance withintwo (2) weeks of the Notice to Proceed. The Successful Responder shall coordinate theinstallation of new machines with existing service provider for the removal of theexisting machines, and shall minimize disruption and downtime.D. Performance and Quality Standard1. Equipment shall meet or exceed the standards typically found in the VendingService industry and shall be "user friendly" to customers and properlymaintained by the Successful Responder.2. All machines shall present a neat and well cared for appearance.3. All vending machines shall have a variety of popular, top quality, nationallymarketed, brand-name products. All vending machine products shall beapproved by the County prior to stocking in the vending machines. Allproducts shall be:a.recognized "brand-name"b.freshc.restocked no less than once per week, but as often as needed to ensure: no shortage of product; freshness and quality of productd.Present in a neat, tasteful and aesthetically pleasing mannere.Price shall be clearly marked for each item offered4. Vending Machine Functionsa.Must accept any combination of nickels, dimes, quarters and one-dollar ( 1.00)and/or five-dollar ( 5.00) bills and make change appropriatelyMajority of vending machines will accept debit/credit cardsPreferred equipment should allow for remote monitoring capabilities that allow thecontractor to wirelessly track mechanical issues and detect need for machine refillb.c.5. Installation/Removal of EquipmentThe Vendor shall not install or remove any vending equipment without writtenauthorization.RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)5 of 56

6. The Successful Responder shall employ reliable, responsible, professionally attiredstaff, capable of promptly and correctly installing and maintaining machines.Employees of the Successful Responder and its subcontractors under the resultingcontract, shall be trained in safety, maintenance, and management of vending servicesand equipmentD. MetersThe Successful Responder shall provide meters for each machine that shall give a countof monies deposited. The Successful Responder shall read meters on a weekly basis.E.1.Commissions and Monthly Gross Sales ReportsCommissions. The Successful Responder shall submit to the County a monthlycommission equal to a fixed percentage of total Monthly Gross Sales (defined as grosssales less sales tax).a. Commission checks shall be due by the 15th day of each month following themonth in which the sales were made. Any commission check not received by the15th day of each month shall accrue prorated interest at the rate of 1% per month(12% annualized) until it is paid. The interest rate above is subject to adjustmentat the discretion of DeKalb County, based on market conditions, by amendmentto the contract.b.Commissions shall be paid to:DeKalb County Finance Department3rd Floor Treasury Department1300 Commerce DriveDecatur, GA 300302.Monthly Gross Sales Report. Monthly Gross Sales Reports shall beforwarded to the Deputy Director of Facilities Operations and Maintenanceno later than the 15th day of each month following the month in which thesales were made, via U.S. Mail to the following address:DeKalb County Facilities Operations and MaintenanceAttn: Deputy Director4380 Memorial DriveDecatur, GA 30032a.Monthly Gross Sales Reports may be submitted via e-mail inMicrosoft Excel or in an agreed upon format, to the DeputyDirector of Facilities Operations and Maintenance. An e-mailaddress for the Deputy Director of Facilities Operations andMaintenance shall be provided to the Successful Responder.RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)6 of 56

F.b.Monthly Gross Sales Reports for all machines at each facility shallaccompany each monthly commission check and shall contain thefollowing information:i.DeKalb County Contract Numberii.Product item numbersiii.Name of Facilityiv.Applicable Month of Salesv.Meter readingvi.Any other applicable informationc.DeKalb County reserves the right to perform audits upon thirty(30) days advance written notice.Maintenance1. Successful Respondent shall routinely service all equipment and maintainmachines in safe and working condition.2. Maintenance personnel shall promptly respond to "MechanicalProblem" calls within 24 hours. Mechanical Problems shall include,but are not limited to, machine not taking bills, dispensing change, ordispensing selected items.3. In the event the Successful Responder deems that any machine cannotbe readily repaired due to lack of parts or other reasons, it shall bepromptly replaced.G.Refunds1. The Successful Responder shall reimburse customers for monies lostthrough equipment malfunctions, including but not limited to, nondelivery of merchandise, spoiled product, or incorrect change.a.Refund procedures shall be clearly defined and displayed.b.Clearly display an address and (1-800) phonenumber where requests for refund shall be sent.2. The Successful Responder shall provide a uniform and consistentsystem that efficiently reimburses customers, which shall include a"lock box" at each location for refunds to be requested and deposited.The means by which reimbursements are to be made shall be mutuallyagreed between the Successful Responder and the County.RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)7 of 56

H.DeKalb County Furnished Property/Services/ItemsThe County shall furnish adequate space, general lighting, electricity, climatecontrol and ventilation.I.Successful Responder Furnished ItemsResponders shall provide a list of machines and equipment necessary for alllocations.III.PROPOSAL FORMATResponders are required to submit their proposals in the following format:A. Cost Proposal1. The cost proposal must be submitted in a separate, sealed envelope with the responder’sname and “Cost Proposal for Request for Proposals No. 19-500527 for Snack and VendingMachine Services (Multiyear)" on the outside of the envelope.2. The sealed envelope containing the cost proposal is requested to be included in the sealedpackage containing the technical proposal.3. DO NOT INCLUDE FEES OR COSTS IN ANY AREA OUTSIDE OF THIS COSTPROPOSAL. Including fees in any area outside of the Cost Proposal in its separate, sealedenvelope shall result in Responder’s proposal being deemed non-responsive.4. Responders are required to submit their costs on Attachment A, Cost Proposal Form.Responder shall not alter the cost proposal form.B. Technical ProposalDO NOT INCLUDE ANY COSTS OF ANY KIND IN THE TECHNICAL PROPOSALOR ON THE DISCS CONTAINING THE TECHNICAL PROPOSAL.1. Technical Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope(s) or box(es) with theresponder’s name and “Request for Proposals No. 19-500527 for Snack and VendingMachine Services ultiyear Agreement on the outside of each envelope or box.2. Responder shall complete Attachment B, Proposal Cover Sheet, and include this as thefirst page of the technical proposal.RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)8 of 56

3. Technical Approach:a. Responders are required to describe your system to efficiently and consistently servicecustomers through the County; andb. Responders are required to describe your system to efficiently and consistentlyreimburse customers through the County4. Project Management and Operational Support:a. Describe how the project will be organized and managed, include the anticipated useof subcontractors or vendors;b. Describe the resources necessary, including all machines and equipment to successfullydeliver the service; andc. Describe how service calls will be handled and provide response times for servicescalls;d. Provide a schedule of routine service and replenishment.5. Personnel:a. Identify the individuals who will be part of the project team;b. Include any outside personnel, such as subcontractors; andc. Provide detailed resumes of team members and subcontractors who will be directlyworking on the project.6. Organizational Qualifications:a. Describe Responder’s experience, capabilities and other qualifications for this service;b. Provide a history of service the demonstrates at least five (5) years’ experience inproviding vending machine services?c. Has Responder ever been debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declaredineligible, or voluntarily excluded by any Federal department or agency from doingbusiness with the Federal Government?7. Responder must provide financial statements for the last three (3) years that evidences theresponder’s financial capabilities to perform the scope of work. (Audited statements arepreferable but a minimum of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement maybe accepted.) Provide year of incorporation (if applicable).8. References:a. Responder shall provide five (5) references for projects similar in size and scope to theproject specified herein using the Reference and Release Form attached hereto asAttachment C.b. Provide three (3) references for each subcontractor proposed as a part of the projectteam. The references shall be for the same or similar types of services to be performedby the subcontractor (including LSBE-DeKalb and LSBE-MSA firms) on projectssimilar in size and scope to the project outlined in this RFP. Use Attachment D,Subcontractor Reference and Release Form. Make additional copies as needed.RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)9 of 56

9. Product Lista. Provide a complete list of snacks and drinks that you propose offering to includeproduct name, descriptions and weight. No pricing information is to be provided.10. Provide the following information: Are you a DeKalb County Firm? Yes/No.C. DeKalb First Ordinance1. It is the objective of the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Commissioners ofDeKalb County to provide maximum practicable opportunity for all businesses toparticipate in the performance of government contracts. The current DeKalb CountyList of Certified Vendors may be found on the County website plierList.pdf.2. It is required that all responding Responders attend the mandatory LSBE meetingwithin two-weeks of the solicitation’s advertisement, and comply, complete andsubmit all LSBE forms with the Responder’s response to remainresponsive. Attendance can be in person, via video conference andteleconference. Video conferencing is available through Skype/Lync. Instructions forattendance via video conference can be found on the County’s website cting/dekalb-first-lsbe-program.3. For further details regarding the DeKalb First Local Small Business EnterpriseOrdinance, contact the LSBE Program representative, Felton Williams [email protected] or (404) 371-6312.D. Federal Work Authorization Program Contractor and Subcontractor Evidence ofComplianceAll qualifying contractors and subcontractors performing work with DeKalb County, Georgiamust register and participate in the federal work authorization program to verify the workeligibility information of new employees. Successful responder(s) shall be required to registerand participate in the federal work authorization program which is a part of Attachment F,Sample County Contract. In order for a Proposal to be considered, it is mandatory that theResponder Affidavit, Attachment G, be completed and submitted with responder’s proposal.IV.CRITERIA FOR EVALUATIONThe following evaluation criteria and the maximum points stated below will be used as the basisfor the evaluation of proposals.A. Cost (5 points)B. Technical Approach to the Project (25 points)C. Project Management and Operational Support (25 points)RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)10 of 56

D.E.F.G.H.I.J.V.Personnel (5 points)Organizational Qualifications (10 points)Product List (10 points)Financial Responsibility (5 points)References (5 points)Local Small Business Enterprise Participation (10 points)Optional Interview (10 points) - bonusCONTRACT ADMINISTRATIONA. Standard County ContractThe attached sample contract is the County’s standard contract document (see Attachment F),which specifically outlines the contractual responsibilities. All responders should thoroughlyreview the document prior to submitting a proposal. Any proposed revisions to the terms orlanguage of this document must be submitted in writing with the responder’s response to therequest for proposals. Since proposed revisions may result in a proposal being rejected if therevisions are unacceptable to the County, responders should review any proposed revisionswith an officer of the firm having authority to execute the contract. No alterations can be madein the contract after award by the Board of Commissioners.B. Submittal InstructionsOne (1) original Technical Proposal stamped “Original” and five (5) compact discs orflash drives with each containing an identical copy of the Technical Proposal (do notinclude the Cost Proposal on the discs); and one (1) original Cost Proposal (see SectionIII.A. for additional instructions regarding submittal of Cost Proposal) must be submittedto the following address no later than 3:00 p.m. on December 18, 2019.DeKalb County Department of Purchasing and ContractingThe Maloof Center, 2nd Floor1300 Commerce DriveDecatur, Georgia 30030Proposals must be clearly identified on the outside of the packaging with the responder’sname and “Request for Proposals No. 19-500527 for Snack and Vending MachineServices (Multiyear)" on the outside of the envelope(s) or box(es).It is the responsibility of each Responder to ensure that its submission is received by 3:00 p.m.on the bid due date. The time/date stamp clock located in the Department of Purchasing &Contracting shall serve as the official authority to determine lateness of any response. The RFPopening time shall be strictly observed. Be aware that visitors to our offices will go througha security screening process upon entering the building. Responders should plan enough timeto ensure that they will be able to deliver their submission prior to our deadline. Latesubmissions, for whatever reason, will not be evaluated. Responders should plan theirdeliveries accordingly. Telephone or fax bids will not be accepted.RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)11 of 56

C. Pre-Proposal ConferenceA pre-proposal conference will be held at 11:00 AM on December 5, 2019 at Manuel MaloofAdministration Building. Interested responders are strongly encouraged to attend andparticipate in the pre-proposal conference and site visit. For information regarding the preproposal conference and site visit, please contact Jennifer Schofield at 404.687.4042 [email protected] QuestionsAll questions concerning the Project and requests for interpretation of the Contract may beasked and answered at the pre-bid conference; however, oral answers are not hofield,[email protected] no later than close of business on December 6,2019. Questions and requests for interpretation received by the Department of Purchasing andContracting after this date will not receive a response or be the subject of addenda.E. Acknowledgment of AddendaAddenda may be issued in response to changes in the RFP. It is the responsibility of theresponder to ensure awareness of all addenda issued for this solicitation. Please acknowledgethe addenda and submit to the Department of Purchasing and Contracting as requested.Responder may call Jennifer Schofield at 404.687.4042 or send an email [email protected] address to verify the number of addenda prior tosubmission. Addenda issued for this project may be found on DeKalb County’s website, Proposal DurationProposals submitted in response to this RFP must be valid for a period of One Hundred Twenty(120) days from proposal submission deadline and must be so marked.G. Project Director/Contract ManagerThe County will designate a Project Director/Contract Manager to coordinate this project forthe County. The successful responder will perform all work required pursuant to the contractunder the direction of and subject to the approval of the designated Project Director/ContractManager. All issues including, payment issues, shall be submitted to the ProjectDirector/Contract Manager for resolution.H. Expenses of Preparing Responses to this RFPThe County accepts no responsibility for any expenses incurred by the responders to this RFP.Such expenses are to be borne exclusively by the responders.RFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)12 of 56

I. Georgia Open Records ActWithout regard to any designation made by the person or entity making a submission, DeKalbCounty considers all information submitted in response to this invitation or request to be apublic record that will be disclosed upon request pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act,O.C.G.A. §50-18-70 et seq., without consulting or contacting the person or entity making thesubmission, unless a court order is presented with the submission. You may wish to consultan attorney or obtain legal advice prior to making a submission.J. First Source Jobs OrdinanceThe DeKalb County First Source Jobs Ordinance requires contractors or beneficiaries entering intoany type of agreement with the County, including purchase orders, regardless of what they may becalled, for the procurement or disposal of supplies, services, construction projects, professional orconsultant services, which is funded in whole or part with County funds or County administeredfunds in which the contractor is to receive 50,000 or more in County expenditures or committedexpenditures and recipient of urban redevelopment action grants or community development blockfunds administered in the amount of 50,000 or more make a good faith effort to hire DeKalbCounty residents for at least 50% of jobs using the First Source Registry (candidate database). Thework to be performed under this contract is subject to the provisions of the DeKalb County FirstSource Jobs Ordinance. Please complete the First Source Jobs Ordinance Acknowledgement andNew Employee Tracking Form included in Attachment H, First Source Jobs Ordinance (withExhibits 1 – 4) and submit with the responder’s proposal.For more information on the First Source Jobs Ordinance requirement, please contact WorkSourceDeKalb at or 404-687-3400.K. Business LicenseResponder shall submit a copy of its current, valid business license with its proposal. If theresponder is a Georgia corporation, responder shall submit a valid county or city businesslicense. If the responder is not a Georgia corporation, responder shall submit a certificate ofauthority to transact business in the state of Georgia and a copy of its valid business licenseissued by its home jurisdiction. If responder holds a professional certification which is licensedby the state of Georgia, then responder shall submit a copy of its valid professionallicense. Any license submitted in response to this requirement shall be maintained by theresponder for the duration of the contract.L. Ethics RulesBidders are subject to the Ethics provision within the DeKalb County Purchasing Policy; theOrganizational Act, Section 22A, the Code of DeKalb County; and the rules of ExecutiveOrder 2014-4. Any violations will be addressed, pursuant to these policies and rules.To the extent that the Organizational Act, Section 22A, the Code of DeKalb County, and therules of Executive Order 2014-4 allow a gift, meal, travel expense, ticket, or anything elseRFP 19-500527,Snack and Vending Machine Serivces(Multiyear)13 of 56

of value to be purchased for a CEO employee by a contractor doing business with the County,the contractor must provide written disclosure, quarterly, of the exact nature and value ofthe purchase to the Chief Integrity Officer, if created, or the Finance Director or his/herdesignee. Every contractor conducting business with the County will receive a copy ofthese ethical rules at the time of execution of the contract.M. Right to AuditThe County shall have the right to audit all books and records, including electronic records,relating or pertaining to this contract or agreement, including but not limited to all financialand performance related records, property, and equipment purchased in whole or in partwith County funds and any documents or materials which support those records, kept underthe control of the Contractor, including but not limited to those kept by the Contractor'semployees, agents, assigns, successors and subcontractors. The County also has the right tocommunicate with Contractor's employees related to the audited records.The Contractor shall maintain such books and records, together with such supporting orunderlying documents and materials, for the duration of this contract and for seven (7) yearsafter termination or expiration, including any and all renewals thereof. The books and records,together with supporting documents and materials shall be made available, upon request to theCounty or its designee, during normal business hours at the Contractor's office or place ofbusiness. In the event that no such location is available, then the books, records, and supportingdocuments shall be made available for audit at a time and location which is convenient for theCounty.N. Cooperative ProcurementThe County through the Department of Purchasing and Contracting may permit piggybacks tothis contract from other city, county, local authority, agency, or board of education if thevendor will extend the same prices, terms, and conditions to the city. Piggybacking shall onlybe available where competition was used to secure the contract and o

All vending machines shall have a variety of popular, top quality, nationally marketed, brand-name products. All vending machine products shall be approved by the County prior to stocking in the vending machines. All products shall be: a. recognized "brand-name" b. fresh c. restocked no less than once per week, but as often as needed to ensure: