PSE&G’s Solar 4 All Program:Pole-Attached Solar Installationsin Your AreaDecember 22, 2009January 12, 20101

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Today’sy Agendag PSEG VisionNJ Energy Master PlanPSEG’s Environmental InitiativesSolar BasicsPSE&G’s Solar 4 All Programgand BenefitsWhat the Solar Units Look LikeLocation of Solar Unit InstallationsSelection of Pole SitesSafety InformationWho Is Assembling and Installing the Solar Units?Notification of Installation WorkContact InformationQuestions?3

PSEG Vision:Being a recognized leader for:People providingSafe,, reliableEconomic andGreenEnergyPSE&G encourages the development andinstallation of clean, renewable energytechnologies throughout NJ4

NJ Energy Master Plan Goal: Meet 30% of State’selectricity needs with renewable energy sources by 2020(2.12% must be solar)Energy Efficiency80,000MWHs of EnergMgy DemandRRenewablesbl2006Conventional Generation20205

PSEG’s Environmental InitiativesThe Solar 4 All program is one of several PSEGenvironmental initiatives: PSE&G Solar Loan Program -- PSE&G is offering 248 million inloans to help expedite and finance the installation of 81 megawatts ofsolar power on homes, businesses and municipal buildings throughoutits electric service areaPSE&G Energy Efficiency programs -- PSE&G is investing morethan 240 million to provide energy audits for homes, smallbusinesses and hospitals, and install insulation, programmablethermostats and efficient lightinggg– Direct Install Program for Small Business, Government, and Non-Profitfacilities– Hospital Efficiency Program PSE&G installation of high-efficiency street lighting -- PSE&G isinvesting 50 million to replace mercury vapor municipal street lightingwith more efficient induction fluorescent lighting that will provideimmediate cost savings to municipalities and reduce energyconsumption6

Solar Basics OOne off theth cleanest,ltgreenest, and quietestelectric technologiesavailableil bl ttodayd A proven technology Solar systems convertlight directly intoelectricity using semiconductor technology7

PSE&G’s Solar 4 All Programg Approved July 29, 2009 by the NJ BPU tobring the benefits of clean, renewable energyto all customers in our statePSE&G to install, own, and operate 80 MW ofsolar generating systems in the next four tofive yearsProject includes largest pole-attached solarinstallation in the world (40 MW)8

Solar 4 AllAll Program80 MW solar generation capacityPole-attached Solar(40 MW) 200200,000000 utilitytilit polesl About 200 watts/panel Connected directly intoPSE&G’ss distribution systemPSE&G Power sold into PJMwholesale gridp awarded this Solar developercontract is Petra Solar, a NJbased company Installed by PSE&G crewsand contractorsCentralized Solar (40 MW) 25 MW at PSE&G-ownedsites 15 MW of solar systemsat third-party sites 10 MW any third-partythird party 5 MW UEZ site Solar developers havealready submittedproposals for these sitesand some projects areunderwayy9

PSE&G’s Solar 4 All Program Benefits 515 million Solar 4 All investment will: Nearly double the size of New Jersey’s solar capacity Create green jobs for people who are needed toassemble and install the units Result in New Jersey having more installed solarcapacity than any state except California10

What the Solar Units Look Like Solar unitsnits are 5 feetwide by 2.5 feet highand weigh about 60pounds Units are safelyattached to the poleabout 15 – 18 feetfrom the ground11

Location of Solar Unit Installations Solar units will be installedon 200,000 utility poles inPSE&G’s service territory. Includes state’sstate s six largestcities and roughly 300 ruraland suburban communities In residential neighborhoods,as well as on poles andaluminum street lights alongmain streets near areabusinesses.businesses12

Selection of Pole Sites PSE&G selects ppoles that: Can support the solar units Have an unobstructed view of southern skyy Have no more than one transformer alreadyon the polep Poles can have cable, but no junction boxes13

Safety Information Solar panels are safe: Same panels that are mounted on homes, schools and otherbuildings Mounted at or above 15 feet to avoid damage from traffic Tested to withstand 90 mph wind load Durable/shatterproof Low voltage (120 volts) and designed not to provide back feed Additional safety information is available upon requestFor emergencies, call 1-800-436-PSEG (7734)14

Who Is Assembling and Installing the Solar Units? PSE&G will use several contractors toinstall the units on available poles over thecourse of the solar projectThe Solar 4 All program will create greenjobs: About 100 ppeoplep will be needed to install the unitsover the next few yearsAnother 100 will be employed by Petra Solar, aSouth Plainfield company that will assemble theunits for PSE&G right here in New Jersey15

Notification of Installation Work A PSE&G customerrepresentative willnotify municipalofficials wheninstallations are tobegin in their towns Additional information isavailable upon request16

Contact InformationFor Municipal OfficialsFor more information regarding the Solar 4 All program and pole-attached 64-4761, option 2Emergencies: 1-800-436-PSEG (7734)Email:[email protected] the power of green within your reach17


The Solar 4 All program is one of several PSEG environmental initiatives: PSE&G Solar Loan Program-- PSE&G is offering 248 million in loans to help expedite and finance the installation of 81 megawatts of solar power on homes, businesses and municipal buildings throughout