Procedures for Time/Leave Sheets and Payroll Processing . 1I. General Guidelines (2-CO-1C-01) . 1II. Time/Leave Sheets. 2A. Entries . 2B. Codes . 3C. Time/Leave Sheet Entries for Mid-month Hires or Separations . 10D. Time/Leave Recording Amounts . 10E. Minimum Balances Required for the Use of Accrued Time/Leave. 11F. Signature and Review . 11G. Time/Leave Sheet Entry and Distribution . 12H. Transferred (Intra-Agency) Employees . 13I. Time/Leave Exception Reports. 13J. Training . 13K. Work Verification . 13III. Leave Accrual Reports . 14A. Official Agency Record . 14B. Correcting Leave Usage, Accrual and Balances . 14IV. Payrolls (4-ACRS-7D-27). 14A. Types of Payrolls . 14B. Types of Payments with Main Payroll . 15C. Paycheck Distribution . 18D. Verification/Accuracy of Paychecks/Payrolls . 20E. Transactions/Notifications to Payroll . 20F. Payroll Deductions. 21G. Overpayments/Underpayments . 22H. Pay at Termination . 23I. Non Cash Taxable Benefit and Income Reporting of State Vehicle Use . 24V. References . 25VI. Action . 27Attachments . 28Section-11 Human ResourcesOP-110120Time/Leave SheetsACA Standards: 2-CO-1C-01, 4-ACRS-7B-19, 4-ACRS-7D-27Scott Crow, DirectorOklahoma Department of CorrectionsPage: 1Effective Date: 08/27/2021Signature on FileProcedures for Time/Leave Sheets and Payroll ProcessingI.General Guidelines (2-CO-1C-01)The agency processes and maintains records of time/leave sheets as the officialsource of documentation for employee leave balances and pay. Employees,supervisors, and human resources management specialists/coordinators(HRMS) must ensure that time/leave sheets are accurately completed and timelysubmitted, and that errors affecting leave balances and payrolls are promptlyreported to, and resolved with, the Central Human Resources (HR) unit. (4ACRS-7D-27)

Section-11 Human ResourcesOP-110120Page: 2Effective Date: 08/27/2021Employees and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that requested andapproved leave does not exceed available balances or established limits and thatall required work hours in each seven-day work week or 28-day cycle arescheduled or accounted for by paid or unpaid time or leave.Failure to submit time/leave sheets or correct reported errors will result inincorrect leave balances and delays in the issuance of employee pay.The following procedure, which is in accordance with applicable federal and statelaws and merit rules, governs the agency’s practices for processing time/leavesheets, issuing payrolls, resolving errors, and ensures the agency’s compliancewith principles of public accountability for state employment.II.Time/Leave SheetsAll regular full and part-time employees and temporary (999) employees willcomplete time/leave sheets. Time/leave sheets will be verified and signed by theemployee (if available) and the supervisor and submitted to the facility/unitHRMS, who will ensure entry into the PeopleSoft time/leave system by theestablished deadline each month.Employee time/leave sheets must be completed in accordance with thisprocedure and any other applicable guidelines. (4-ACRS-7B-19)A.Entries1.All employees and their supervisors are responsible for ensuringthat all entries accurately reflect the actual hours worked (to thenearest quarter hour) and leave taken (to the nearest quarter hour)for each workday using the codes that are authorized in thisprocedure.2.Entries that violate any law, rule, or agency procedure may beamended by the HRMS or Central Human Resources unit. Copiesof amended time/leave sheets will be distributed to the affectedindividuals.3.Employees may not record any of the following paid leave codeswhich would cause paid hours in the workweek to generate eithercompensatory time or overtime. Workweek adjustments will beutilized to reduce the number of approved leave hours needed tocomplete the scheduled work week/work cycle. Only those hoursphysically worked in excess of 40 will be compensated as overtime.a.Ab.Cc.E

Section-11 Human Dl.DLm.Mn.Po.AAp.ACq.PSr.AUs.t.MAMSu.MCv.MDPage: 3Effective Date: 08/27/2021CodesThe codes specified in Attachment J, “ODOC Time/Leave Codes”(attached) will be used when recording time worked and leave taken. Thecode will always be preceded by the appropriate number of hours with theexception of day off (DO) and terminated (T). Facility timekeepers willrefer to Attachment I entitled “Conversion of ODOC Time/Leave Codes toPeopleSoft Time Reporting Codes” (attached) for entering work and leavehours into the PeopleSoft system. Time/leave sheet entries for all workers’compensation codes (TA, TS, TT, TD, TF) will only be made by theCentral Human Resources unit.

Section-11 Human Resources1.OP-110120Page: 4Effective Date: 08/27/2021Hours Worked (W)The employee will report the actual hours worked, or if time spentfighting fires under the Oklahoma Volunteer Firefighters Act, theemployee will report no more than the hours for the regularlyassigned shift or workday (74 O.S. § 840-2.20.A.7).Employees who are reserve municipal police officers or reservedeputy sheriffs and who miss work while performing their duties incases of emergency will report no more than the hours for theregularly assigned shift or workday (74 O.S. § 840-2.20.A.8 and 74O.S. § 840-2.20.A.9). Employees may be required, upon therequest of the appointing authority, to provide appropriatedocumentation from the applicable law enforcement authority thatidentifies the nature of the emergency and the period of time of theemployee’s involvement.Up to a maximum of two hours may be coded “W” for time off tovote in accordance with 26 O.S. § 7-101.All time spent at CERT training will be coded “WC.”Employees will report all hours worked during any shift(s) orworkday, which included attendance at shift briefing. The value ofattending shift briefing is .25 (e.g., 8.25 WB one 8 hour shiftincluding shift briefing attendance; 16.25 WB two eight hour shiftsincluding shift briefing attendance; 8 WB 7.75 hours workedduring one 8 hour shift or workday and .25 shift briefing attended).Employees will report all hours worked during any shift(s) orworkday, which included shift briefing led/conducted. The value ofconducting shift briefing is .5 (e.g., 8.5 WL one 8 hour shiftincluding shift briefing led/conducted; 10WL 9.5 hours workedand .5 shift briefing led/conducted).Temporary (999 hour) employees will report all hours workedduring their temporary status using the code “WT.”2.Jury Duty (J and JT)Code “J” will be used for classified and regular unclassifiedemployees. Code “JT” will be used by Temporary employees fortracking purposes only (as unpaid leave). The employee will reportno more than those hours for the regularly assigned shift orworkday that were actually spent that day in activities described inMerit Rule 260:25-15-46(a) and in this procedure.3.Suspension With Pay (PS)

Section-11 Human ResourcesOP-110120Page: 5Effective Date: 08/27/2021The employee will report no more than those hours for the regularlyassigned shift or workday. Any proclaimed holiday falling within aperiod of suspension with pay will be coded “HU.”4.Leave Without Pay/Unauthorized Absence (O and UA)Code “O” will be used if the employee has beenapproved/authorized to use leave without pay. Code “UA” will beused if the employee has failed to report to work and was withoutproper authorization to do so. Holidays will be coded “O” when theemployee is in unpaid status on both the workdays just prior to andjust after the holiday or day off. The preprinted code “HOL” will beremoved from the time/leave sheet. An employee who is onUnauthorized Absence (coded UA on the time/leave sheet) eitherthe workday before or after the holiday will not be eligible forholiday pay [Merit Rule: 260:25-15-43(b)]. The preprinted code“HOL” will be removed from the time/leave sheet.5.Compensatory Time Used (C)The compensatory time used code (C) will be used when acompensatory time eligible employee (FLSA exempt) is approvedby the supervisor to take time off for accrued compensatory time inaccordance with OP-110305 entitled “Overtime Pay andCompensatory Time.”6.Workers’ Compensation Codes (TA, TS, TT, TD, TF)Employees who are on leave without pay pursuant to a workers’compensation claim may supplement temporary total disabilitypayments with available annual (TA) or sick leave (TS), eitheraccrued or donated (TD). (85A O.S. § 45)Absences that are not supplemented with sick or annual leave willbe designated and coded as FMLA (TF) for eligible employees and“TT” when FMLA is not applicable.Holidays will be coded with the appropriate workers’ compensationleave code when the employee is on workers’ compensation leave,with or without supplement, (or any other unpaid leave status) onboth the workdays just prior to and just after the holiday. The code“HOL” will be removed from the time/leave sheet.Time/leave sheet entries for all workers’ compensation leavewithout pay (all codes listed in item 6) will be made by the CentralHuman Resources unit.7.Family and Medical Leave Codes (FA, FS, FO, FD, FH, FC, FT)

Section-11 Human ResourcesOP-110120Page: 6Effective Date: 08/27/2021Employees who are on designated family and medical leave(FMLA) for authorized absences covered by the Family andMedical Leave Act of 1993 may select any one or a combination ofthe following types of leave: annual leave accumulated by theemployee (FA), sick leave accumulated by the employee (FS), andannual and sick leave donated by other state employees (FD) (

All time spent at CERT training will be coded "WC." Employees will report all hours worked during any shift(s) or workday, which included attendance at shift briefing. The value of attending shift briefing is .25 (e.g., 8.25 WB one 8 hour shift including shift briefing attendance; 16.25 WB two eight hour shifts