CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT AND RELEASEI.Recitals.A.Introduction. This class action settlement agreement (the “SettlementAgreement”) details and finalizes the terms for settlement of class claims set forthbetween the parties on February 23, 2017. This Settlement Agreement is entered byand among Plaintiff To’avalu Tupua (“Plaintiff”), individually and on behalf of themembers of the proposed settlement class defined herein in Section II.A (the“Settlement Class”), and Defendants Sodexo, Inc. and Sodexomagic LLC (collectively,“Sodexo” or “Defendants”), (collectively, the “Parties”), in the matter of Tupua v.Sodexo, Inc. and Sodexomagic LLC, King County Superior Court Case No. 16-2-08852-0KNT (the “Action”). In the Action, Plaintiff alleged that Defendants violated RCW 49.46,RCW 49.48, RCW 49.52, and Chapter 7.45 of the City of SeaTac Municipal Code (the“Ordinance”) by failing to pay Plaintiff and a proposed Class the minimum wagemandated by the Ordinance. Defendants deny these allegations, but wish to resolvePlaintiff’s claims without the cost and uncertainties associated with litigation.B.Purpose. Pursuant to the terms set forth below, Plaintiff and Sodexoenter into this Settlement Agreement to bring about a full, complete and final resolutionof all claims asserted in the Action against Sodexo by Plaintiff and the Settlement Class.The Parties agree to settle the Action as it relates to Sodexo pursuant to the provisionsof this Settlement Agreement, which are set forth in detail below. Plaintiff and counselfor Plaintiff and the proposed Settlement Class (“Class Counsel”) judge the SettlementAgreement to provide fair, reasonable, and adequate relief to the Settlement Class andto be in the best interests of the Settlement Class.II.Settlement Terms.A.The Settlement Class.This Settlement Agreement is entered into and on behalf of the 30 current andformer employees whom Sodexo previously identified to Plaintiff as proposed Classmembers in this Action and who fall within the following definition: all current andformer hospitality workers who were employed by Defendants in SeaTac, Washington atany time from January 1, 2014 through to August 31, 2015 (the “Proposed ClassMembers”). Excluded from this Proposed Class are Defendants, any entity in whichDefendants have a controlling interest or which has a controlling interest in Defendants,and Defendants’ legal representatives, assignees and successors. Also excluded are theJudges to whom this case has been assigned and any member of the Judges’ immediatefamily.If any one of these employees submits a timely exclusion request form as setforth in Section II.G of this Agreement, that employee shall lose his or her Proposed1

Class Member status and shall not benefit from nor be bound by the SettlementAgreement. The Settlement Class shall be composed of those Proposed Class Memberswho do not submit a timely exclusion request form as set forth in Section II.G of thisSettlement Agreement (“Settlement Class Members”). “Eligible Class Members” refersto those Settlement Class Members, other than Plaintiff, who timely submit Claim Formsto participate in the Settlement Award. Plaintiff shall be an Eligible Class Memberwithout needing to submit a Claim Form in order to obtain her Settlement Award(s).B.Settlement Proceeds.Sodexo shall pay a total of 315,000 (the “Settlement Fund”) with no right toreversion. The Settlement Fund shall be allocated as follows:C.1.Plaintiff’s Incentive Award: An incentive award to Plaintiffof 5,000, subject to Court approval, for her service as theSettlement Class Representative. If the Court awardsanything less than 5,000 in relation to the incentiveaward request, then the difference between 5,000 andthe amount received by Plaintiff shall be treated as part ofthe Class Fund as defined below.2.Attorneys’ Fees and Litigation Costs: Class Counsel shall, inconjunction with the Court’s hearing on final approval ofthis Agreement, apply to the Court for an award ofattorneys’ fees to be paid from the Settlement Fund, inaccordance with statutory fee-shifting and cost-shiftingprinciples as well as the fee agreement executed byPlaintiff. Class Counsel shall also, in conjunction with theCourt’s hearing on final approval of this Agreement, applyto the Court for reimbursement of Class Counsels’litigation costs to be paid from the Settlement Fund, inaccordance with statutory fee-shifting and cost-shiftingprinciples as well as the fee agreement executed byPlaintiff. Such fees and costs shall reflect Class Counsel’sfees and costs for acting as Settlement Administrator asset forth below.3.The remaining funds after the foregoing (the “Class Fund”)shall be paid to Eligible Class Members, subject to Courtapproval. The payments will be distributed to Eligible ClassMembers in accordance with Section II.E.Settlement Administrator.2

Subject to Court approval, Class Counsel shall act as and effectuate the duties ofthe Settlement Administrator in accordance with this Settlement Agreement. ClassCounsel shall be able to request their fees and costs as Settlement Administrator fromthe Court to be paid out of the Settlement Class Fund identified above.D.Effective Date and Settlement Payments.This Settlement Agreement shall become effective when all of the followingevents have occurred: (i) this Settlement Agreement has been executed by the Partiesand their counsel; (ii) the Court has given preliminary approval to the Settlement; (iii)notice has been given to the Proposed Class Members, providing them with anopportunity to opt out of the Settlement and to timely complete and submit ClaimForms; (iv) the Court has held a formal fairness hearing and entered a final order andjudgment certifying the Settlement Class, dismissing this case with prejudice, andapproving this Settlement Agreement, including awarding a reasonable amount ofattorney’s fees and litigation costs to Class Counsel; and (vi) the Effective Date hasoccurred. The effective date of the Settlement (“Effective Date”) shall be the later ofeither (1) the expiration of the time for filing an appeal from the Court’s entry of a finaljudgment order (31 days from Entry of Judgment) or (2) if a timely appeal is made, thedate of the final resolution of that appeal and any subsequent appeals resulting in finaljudicial approval of the Settlement without material change to the Settlement. Nomoney will be distributed unless and until the Effective Date occurs.Within twenty one (21) days of the Effective Date, Sodexo shall pay the ClassFund which shall be submitted to the Settlement Administrator in the form of awardschecks to be paid to the Eligible Class Members, minus applicable taxes as set forthbelow. At that time, Sodexo shall also submit to the Settlement Administrator allappropriate tax forms to be provided to the Eligible Class Members reflecting thepayments made to them by Sodexo under this Agreement.After receipt of a Form W-9 from Class Counsel, and within twenty one (21) daysof the Effective Date, Sodexo shall pay to Class Counsel all attorneys’ fees and litigationcosts awarded by the Court.After receipt of a Form W-9 from Plaintiff, and within twenty one (21) days ofthe Effective Date, Sodexo shall distribute any Court-approved service award to Plaintiffthrough Class Counsel. This award shall not be characterized or taxed as wages. Sodexoshall report the service award payment on IRS Forms 1099 (marked “Other Income”).E.Distribution of the Settlement Class Fund.Each Eligible Class Member shall be entitled to an individual award from theClass Fund. Class Counsel shall calculate this individual award, subject to Courtapproval, based on the difference between what was paid to Eligible Class Members3

versus the prevailing minimum wage rate established by the SeaTac Minimum WageOrdinance during the applicable period.Subject to Court approval, Class members, other than Plaintiff, will be requiredto submit claim forms to the Settlement Administrator, with the SettlementAdministrator subsequently issuing payments to those Eligible Class members whotimely submit claim forms. If a Settlement Class Member does not submit a claim form,he or she will be fully bound by the terms of this Settlement Agreement unless he or shesubmits a timely and valid exclusion request as set forth in Section II.G.Each individual award shall be allocated as 66.66 percent being for payment ofwages and 33.34 percent being for payment of interest as non-wages. This allocationshall not apply to the service award to the named Plaintiff because no part of suchaward is for the payment of wages.Sodexo shall be responsible for reporting all settlement award payments and forforwarding all payroll taxes, withholdings, and other deducted amounts associated withthe wage portions of settlement award payments to the necessary government entities.Sodexo shall report the wage portions of settlement award payments on IRS Forms W-2and shall report the non-wage portions of settlement award payments on IRS Forms1099 (marked “Other Income”).Within twenty-one (21) days of the Effective Date, Sodexo shall prepare andsubmit two checks (the “Settlement Checks”) to the Settlement Administrator to send toeach Eligible Class Member: one for the wage portion of the award (after all proper taxwithholdings) and one for the non-wage portion of the award (with no taxwithholdings). At the same time, Sodexo shall submit the applicable IRS forms identifiedabove to the Settlement Administrator.Within thirty-five (35) days of the Effective Date, the Settlement Administratorwill mail the Settlement Checks and applicable tax forms to Eligible Class Membersbased on the addresses they identified in the Claim Forms they submitted to theSettlement Administrator (unless they subsequently verify a different mailing address tosend the Settlement Checks).Eligible Class Members shall have 180 calendar days from distribution to cashtheir Settlement Checks. If a Settlement Check remains uncashed 210 days afterdistribution, the funds associated with that check shall be deemed unclaimed andabandoned, and Sodexo shall promptly request the placement of a stop payment on thecheck. The funds from each unclaimed and abandoned Settlement Check as well as anyassociated payroll taxes, withholdings, or other deducted amounts shall be disbursed bySodexo to the Washington Wage Claim Project.4

Within 230 days after distribution, Sodexo shall provide Class Counsel with a finalaccounting of all disbursements from the Settlement Class Proceeds.F.Class Notice.1.The Parties agree to request approval of the form of noticeattached hereto as Exhibit A. The fact that the Court may requirechanges in the form of notice does not invalidate this SettlementAgreement if the changes do not materially affect the substanceof the Settlement Agreement.2.Notice to the Class Members shall be provided as ordered by theCourt. The Parties anticipate that the Class Members will receivesuch notice directly through first class mail and also by electronicmail using the most recent contact information available.3.In preparation for the issuance of notice to the Class Members,Sodexo shall produce to the Settlement Administrator inelectronic form the Members’ last known mailing addresses,email addresses, and telephone numbers.4.No later than ten days after the entry of an order grantingpreliminary approval of this Settlement Agreement, theSettlement Administrator shall issue notice to the Class Membersin the form and manner approved by the Court. The date onwhich this notice is sent shall be deemed “the Initial NoticeMailing Date.”5.If a Class Notice is returned as undeliverable with a forwardingaddress provided by the United States Postal Service, theSettlement Administrator will promptly resend the Class Notice tothat forwarding address. If a Class Notice is returned asundeliverable and without a forwarding address, the SettlementAdministrator will use reasonable efforts to obtain a currentaddress for the class member and send the notice to that address.The Settlement Administrator shall also mail, and email ifapplicable, a Class Notice to any Class Member who timelycontacts the Settlement Administrator.6.The Notice shall provide that, in order to receive a SettlementAward, each Settlement Class Member must timely submit acompleted, signed Claim Form that confirms his/her contactinformation and provides his/her individual release consistentwith Section III below. The fully completed Claim Form must be5

received by the Settlement Administrator no later than thirtycalendar days after the Initial Notice Mailing Date. Plaintiff willnot be required to submit a Claim Form.G.H.7.The Notice shall include a pre-stamped envelope addressed to theSettlement Administrator which the Class Members can use toreturn the completed Claim Form.8.No later than forty calendar days after the Initial Notice MailingDate, Settlement Administrator shall notify Sodexo of allindividuals who have submitted a timely and valid claim form.Exclusion from Class.1.Each Class Member who properly submits a timely writtenrequest for exclusion shall be excluded from the Settlement Classand shall have no rights under this Settlement Agreement. Anexclusion request shall be deemed timely if it is postmarked nolater than thirty calendar days after the Initial Notice Mailing Dateand received by the Settlement Administrator.2.An exclusion request must: (i) be in writing; (ii) state theindividual’s current address; (iii) contain the following statement:“I/we hereby request that I/we be excluded from the proposedsettlement class in the case of Tupua v. Sodexo, Inc. ; (iv) besigned; and (v) be mailed to and received by the SettlementAdministrator at the address provided in the Class Notice andpostmarked within thirty calendar days from the Initial NoticeMailing Date.3.No later than forty calendar days after the Initial Notice MailingDate, Settlement Administrator shall notify Sodexo of allindividuals who have submitted a timely and valid request forexclusion.4.Neither Party nor their counsel shall encourage any Class Memberto opt-out of the Settlement.Objections to the Settlement Agreement.1.The notice form sent to Class Members shall inform them of theright to object to this Settlement Agreement. If a person wishesto have the Court consider such an objection, the person (1) mustnot exclude himself or herself from the Settlement Class and (2)6

must mail to the Settlement Administrator a written objection,along with any supporting documentation that the person wishesthe Court to consider. The objection must be received by theSettlement Administrator at the address provided in the ClassNotice and postmarked within thirty calendar days from the InitialNotice Mailing Date. The Settlement Administrator will submitcopies of any such objection to counsel for Sodexo within fivedays of receiving the objection. The Parties shall apprise theCourt of any such objections at a formal fairness hearing. If suchobjection is submitted and overruled by the Court, the objectingmember of the Settlement Class shall remain fully bound by theterms of this Settlement Agreement so long as it is granted finalapproval by the Court.III.2.The Parties shall submit any responses to objections no later thanforty calendar days after the Initial Notice Mailing Date.3.Neither Party nor their counsel shall encourage any member ofthe Settlement Class to file an objection to this SettlementAgreement.4.Any Settlement Class Member who does not appear individuallyor through counsel and who does not challenge or comment uponthe fairness and adequacy of this Settlement Agreement or ClassCounsel’s petition for attorneys’ fees and costs shall waive andforfeit any and all rights to appear separately or object. Allmembers of the Settlement Class shall be bound by all the termsof this Settlement Agreement and by all proceedings, orders andjudgments in this Action.Release.A.Plaintiff.In consideration of her class representative incentive award, her Class Fundshare, and the other terms and conditions of the Settlement Agreement, Plaintiff, onbehalf of herself and her heirs, successors and assigns, and all other persons who couldassert a claim against Sodexo based on Plaintiff’s employment relationship or dealingswith Sodexo, waives and releases any and all claims that exist or might exist againstSodexo and its former, current, and future direct and indirect owners, predecessors,successors, parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, joint ventures, divisions, partners (whethergeneral or limited), directors, officers, employees, managers, agents, attorneys,insurers, and customers, and their respective successors and assigns (“Sodexo ReleasedParties,” and each a “Sodexo Released Party”), including but not limited to those raised7

in the Action; those released by Settlement Class Members as set forth below; andthose arising from or related to her employment with Sodexo (the “Plaintiff’s ReleasedClaims”).B.Settlement Class Members.As of the Effective Date of this Settlement Agreement, each and every memberof the Settlement Class, individually and as a Settlement Class, for themselves, theirspouses, executors, representatives, heirs, successors, and assigns, in consideration ofthe relief set forth in the Settlement Agreement, the sufficiency of which isacknowledged, will, to the extent permitted by law, fully and finally release Sodexo, andall Sodexo Released Parties, from any and all past or present claims, debts, demands,causes of action, liabilities, losses, obligations, interest, attorneys’ fees, costs, expenses,damages, exemplary damages, and injuries of every kind, nature and description thataccrued during the period from January 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015 and that directly orindirectly related to, or arose out of, or stemmed from the subject matter of this Actionas set forth in the Complaint. The released claims include, but are not limited to,statutory claims under RCW 49.46.130, RCW 49.46.120, RCW 49.46.090, RCW49.48.010, RCW 49.48.030, RCW 49.52.050, RCW 49.52.060, RCW 49.52.070, RCW19.86.010-.920, Chapter 7.45 of the SeaTac Municipal Code. (Collectively, all releasedclaims described in this paragraph are “Settlement Class Members’ Released Claims.”)C.Class Counsel.In consideration of their awarded Attorneys’ Fees and Litigation Costs, ClassCounsel and any counsel associated with Class Counsel hereby fully and finally releaseSodexo, and all Sodexo Released Parties, of any and all claims to any further attorneys’fees and expenses in connection with the Action (the “Class Counsel’s ReleasedClaims”).D.No Effect on Other Benefits.Payments from the Settlement Fund will not result in any additional benefitpayments (such as 401(k) or bonus) beyond those provided by this SettlementAgreement to Plaintiff or Settlement Class Members, and Settlement Class Memberswill be deemed to have waived all such claims, whether known or unknown by them, aspart of their release of claims under this Settlement Agreement.IV.Preliminary and Final Approval Procedures.A.No later than fourteen calendar days after the execution of thisSettlement Agreement, Counsel for Plaintiff shall file a motion with the Court for apreliminary order approving the Settlement Agreement.8

B.The final approval hearing will be held on such date as the Court, in itsdiscretion, may order.C.No later than fifty-five calendar days after the Initial Notice Mailing Date,Class Counsel shall file a motion requesting that the Court grant final approval of theSettlement Agreement and enter final judgment as to Sodexo in the Action.D.In the event the Settlement Agreement is not given preliminary or finalapproval in all material respects and as set forth in this Settlement Agreement, or theCourt’s final approval order is reversed on appeal, the Settlement Agreement shallbecome null and void.V.Final Approval Order.The Parties shall use their best efforts to secure the Court’s issuance of a FinalApproval Order. The Final Approval Order shall, among other things:A.Find that the Court has personal jurisdiction over the Settlement ClassMembers and that the Court has subject matter jurisdiction to approve this SettlementAgreement;B.Approve the Settlement Agreement as fair, adequate and reasonable,and consistent and in compliance with the applicable provisions of the law and directthe Parties and their counsel to implement and consummate this Settlement Agreementaccording to its terms and provisions;C.Find that notice substantially in the form of Exhibit A and the noticeprocedure implemented pursuant to this Agreement: (i) constitute the best practicablenotice; (ii) constitute notice that is reasonably calculated, under the circumstances, toinform Class Members of their right to object to the proposed Settlement Agreementand to appear at the Final Approval Hearing; (iii) are reasonable and constitute due,adequate and sufficient notice to all persons entitled to receive notice; and (iv) meet allapplicable requirements of the Washington Court Rules.D.Dismiss the Action on the merits and with prejudice with respect toSodexo, and award attorneys’ fees and litigation costs to Class Counsel pursuant to thisAgreement;E.Incorporate the Releases set forth in Section III;F.Without affecting the finality of the Final Approval Order and Judgmentfor the purposes of appeal, retain jurisdiction as to all matters relating toadministration, consummation, enforcement, and interpretation of this SettlementAgreement and the Final Approval Order, and for any other necessary purpose; and9

G.Incorporate any other provisions as the Court deems necessary and just.Provided that the Final Approval Order and Judgment is consistent with thematerial terms of this Agreement and does not reduce Plaintiff’s Incentive Award orawards anything less to Class Counsel than 20% of the Settlement Fund as Attorneys’Fees or fails to award Class Counsel’s litigation costs, including costs for acting asSettlement Administrator, Plaintiff, Settlement Class Members who did not timelysubmit an objection to the Settlement, Sodexo, and their respective counsel herebywaive any and all rights to appeal from the judgment, including all rights to any postjudgment proceeding and appellate proceeding, such as a motion to vacate judgment, amotion for new trial, and any extraordinary writ, and the judgment therefore willbecome non-appealable at the time it is entered. The waiver of appeal does not includeany waiver of the right to oppose any appeal, appellate proceedings or post-judgmentproceedings.VI.Miscellaneous Provisions.A.No Admission of Wrongdoing. The Parties hereto acknowledge that theexecution of this Settlement Agreement and the consummation of the transactionscontemplated herein do not constitute any admission of liability by Sodexo under stateor local law, whether or not such claims have been pled in the instant action.B.Dismissal. In connection with the issuance of an order granting finalapproval of this Settlement Agreement, the Parties shall present the Court with a finalorder of dismissal with prejudice as to Sodexo and request immediate entry of thatorder.C.Continuing Jurisdiction. The Superior Court in and for King County,Washington shall have continuing jurisdiction over this Action for the purpose ofimplementing this Settlement Agreement and all related matters, including preliminaryapproval of the Settlement Agreement, final approval of the Settlement Agreement,entry of final judgment as to Sodexo, and any post-judgment issues.D.Bankruptcy. Sodexo agrees it does not intend to and shall not file forbankruptcy prior to the Effective Date of this Agreement.E.Reasonable Best Efforts. The Parties agree to undertake their reasonablebest efforts, including, without limitation, all efforts contemplated herein, to carry outthe terms of this Settlement Agreement. In addition to the documents and othermatters specifically referenced in the Settlement Agreement, the Parties agree toexecute and/or deliver, or cause to be executed and/or delivered, such otherdocuments and/or other materials necessary to carry out the terms and conditions of10

this Settlement Agreement, as may be reasonably necessary to effect the obligationscontemplated by the Settlement Agreement.F.Amendments/Modifications. Subject to any power of the Court to ordera modification, this Settlement Agreement may be amended or modified only by awritten instrument signed by each of the Parties and their respective counsel of record.Amendment and modifications may be made without notice to the Settlement Classunless notice is required by law or by the Court.G.Construction. The terms and conditions of this Settlement Agreementare the result of lengthy, intensive arm’s-length negotiations between the Parties. ThisSettlement Agreement shall not be construed in favor of or against any Party by reasonof the extent to which any Party or its counsel participated in the drafting of thisSettlement Agreement.H.Counterparts. This Settlement Agreement may be executed incounterparts and by facsimile, each of which shall be deemed to be an original, but all ofwhich together shall constitute one and the same instrument.I.Tax Consequences: No opinions concerning the tax consequences of theproposed settlement to individual Class Members are given by Sodexo, Plaintiff, or ClassCounsel, nor are any representations in this regard made by virtue of this SettlementAgreement. Each Eligible Class Member’s tax obligations, if any, and the determinationthereof, is the sole responsibility of the Class Member, and the tax consequences, if any,depend on the particular circumstances of each individual Eligible Class Member.J.Governing Law: This Settlement Agreement shall be governed by, andinterpreted according to, the law of the State of Washington without regard to itschoice of law provisions.K.Integrated Agreement: After this Settlement Agreement is signed anddelivered by all Parties and their counsel, this Settlement Agreement and its exhibits willconstitute the entire agreement between the Parties relating to the Settlement, and itwill then be deemed that no oral representations, warranties, covenants, orinducements have been made to any Party concerning this Settlement Agreement or itsexhibits other than the representations, warranties, covenants, and inducementsexpressly stated in this Settlement Agreement and its exhibits.L.Parties Bound: This Settlement Agreement shall be binding upon andinure to the benefit of Plaintiff, the Settlement Class, and Sodexo, and the respectiveheirs, successors and assigns of each of the foregoing.11

B. Purpose. Pursuant to the terms set forth below, Plaintiff and Sodexo enter into this Settlement Agreement to bring about a full, complete and final resolution of all claims asserted in the Action against Sodexo by Plaintiff and the Settlement Class. The Parties agree to settle the Action as it relates to Sodexo pursuant to the provisions