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About Us I Contact Us I E-mall Lists I Search I 'kolpTITLES*Find YourLegislator*Participating in theProcess.**"ILegislative CalendarsBill InformationLegislative AgenciesAGENCY DESCRIPTIONI* Legislative E-mail Lists*Kids' Pages*Washington StateiHistoryand CultureCongress - the OtherWashingtonTV Washington'Washington CourtsTransportationPerformance Audit Board**,*AGomEMam asf" t"'on wn'6Last LChapters* Laws and Agency-Rules*Titie 246 WACHEALTH, DEPARTMENT OF246-01 Description and organization.246-03 State Environmental Policy Act - Guidelines.246-08 Practice and procedure.246-10 Administrative procedure-Adjudicative proceedings.246-11 Model procedural rules for boards.246-12 Administrative procedures and requirements for credentialed health care providers.246-14 Uniform procedures for complaint resolution.246-15 Whistleblower complaints in health care settings.246-25 Antitrust immunity and competitive oversight.246-50 Coordinated quality improvement program.COMMUNICABLE DISEASES246-100 Communicable and certain other diseases.246-101 Notifiable conditions.246-102 Cancer registry.246-110 Contagious disease-School districts and day care centers.HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV)246-130 Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection interventions.246-136 Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection - Occupational exposure notification246-138 Testing of good samaritans for certain infectious diseases.246-140 Bloodbome pathogens in children placed in out-of-home care.246-145 Electrology and tattooing standards for sterilization procedures and infection control

TUBERCULOSIS246-170 Tuberculosis - Prevention, treatment, and control.ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH246-203 General sanitation.246-205 Decontamination of illegal drug manufacturing or storage sites.FOOD HANDLING246-S215 Food service.246-217 Food worker cards.RADIATION246-220 Radiation protection - General provisions.246-221 Radiation protection standards.246-222 Radiation protection - Worker rights.246-224 Radiation protection - Radiation machine assembly and registration.246-225 Radiation protection - X rays in the healing arts.246-227 Radiation protection - Industrial X ray.246-228 Radiation protection - Analytical X-ray equipment.246-229 Radiation protection - Particle accelerators.246-231 Packaging and transportation of radioactive material.246-232 Radioactive material - Ucensing applicability.246-233 Radioactive materials- General licenses.246-235 Radioactive materials - Specific licenses.246-239 Radiation protection - Nuclear medicine.246-240 Radiation protection - Medical therapy.246-243 Radiation protection - Industrial radiography.246-244 Radiation protection - Wireline services.246-246 Radioactive criteria for license termination.246-247 Radiation protection - Air emissions.246-249 Radioactive waste - Use of the commercial disposal site.246-250 Radioactive waste - Licensing land disposal.246-252 Radiation protection - Uranium and/or thorium milling.246-254 Radiation protection - Fees.

RECREATIONAL WATER246-26 Water recreation facilities.246-262 Recreational water contact facilities.SEWER SYSTEMS246-270 Sewer systems - Certification of necessity for water district involvement.246-271 Public sewage.246-272 On-site sewage systems.246-272A On-site sewage systems.246-272B Large on-site sewage system regulations.246-273 On-site sewage system additives.SHELLFISH246-280 Recreational shellfish beaches.246-282 Sanitary control of shellfish.WATER SYSTEMS246-290246-291246-292246-293246-294Public water supplies.Group B public water systems.Water works operator certification.Water System Coordination Act.Drinking water operating permits.246295 Satellite system management agencies.246-296 Drinking water state revolving fund loan program.FACILITY STANDARDS AND LICENSING246-305 Certification of independent review organizations.246-310 Certificate of need.246-312 Acquisition of nonprofit hospitals.246-314 Facility construction review.246-320 Hospital licensing regulations.246-322 Private psychiatric and alcoholism hospitals.

246-324 Private alcohol and chemical dependency hospitals.246-329 Childbirth centers.246-335 In-home services agencies.246-337 Residential treatment facility.246-338 Medical test site rules.246-358 Temporary worker housing.246-359 Temporary worker housing construction standard.246-360 Transient accommodations.246-361 Cherry harvest camps.246-366 Primary and secondary schools.246-374 Outdoor music festivals.246-376 Camps.246-380 State institutional survey program.246-390 Drinking water certification rules.HEALTH INFORMATION246-451 Hospitals - Assessments and related reports.246-453 Hospital charity care.246454 Hospitals - System of accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, cost allocation.246-455 Hospital patient discharge information reporting.246-490 Vital statistics.246-491 Vital statistics - Certificates.HEALTH PROMOTION AND CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION246-560 Rural health system project.246-562 Physician visa waivers.246-564 Volunteer retired provider malpractice insurance program.LABORATORY246-650 Newborn screening.246-680 Prenatal tests- Congenital and heritable disorders.PARENTICHILD HEALTH246-710 Coordinated children's services.246-760 Auditory and visual standards - School districts.

246-762 Scoliosis screening - School districts.246-780 Farmers' market nutrition program.246-790 Special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children (IMC).PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS AND LICENSING246-800 General provisions - Professionals.246-802 Acupuncturists.246-808 Chiropractic quality assurance commission.246-809 Licensure for mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social A246-810 Counselors.246-811 Chemical dependency professionals.246-812 Board of denture technology.246-814 Access to dental care for children.246-815 Dental hygienists.246-817 Dental quality assurance commission.246-822 Dieticians or nutritionists.246-824 Dispensing opticians.246-826 Health care assistants.246-828 Hearing and speech.246-830 Massage practitioners.246-834 Midwives.246-836 Naturopathic physicians.246-840 Practical and registered nursing.246-841 Nursing assistants.246-842 Nursing assistants - Nursing homes - Nursing assistants training program.246-843 Nursing home administrators.246-845 Nursing pool.248847 Occupational therapists.248-849 Ocularists.246-850 Orthotics and prosthetics rules.246-851 Optometrists.246-852 Consumer access to vision care.246-853 Osteopathic physicians and surgeons.246-854 Osteopathic physicians' assistants.246-855 Osteopathic physicians' acupuncture assistants.248856 Board of pharmacy - General.246-858 Pharmacists - Internship requirements.246-861 Pharmacists - Professional pharmaceutical education.246-863 Pharmacists - Ucensing.246-865 Pharmaceutical services - Extended care facility.

mpaired pharmacist rehabilitation.Pharmacy licensing.Electronic transmission of prescription information.Pharmaceutical - Parenteral products for nonhospitalized patients.Pharmacy - Hospital standards.Pharmacy - Patient medication record systems.Pharmaceutical - Sales prohibited.246-878 Good compounding practices.246-879 Pharmaceutical wholesalers.246-881 Pharmacy - Prescription drug price advertising.246-883 Pharmaceutical - Sales requiring prescriptions.246-885 Pharmacy - Identification, imprints, markings, and labeling of legend drugs.246-886 Animal control - Legend drugs.246-887 Pharmacy - Regulations implementing the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.246-888 Medication assistance.246-889 Pharmaceutical - Precursor substance control.246-891 Pharmacy - Prophylactics.246-895 Pharmacy - Good manufacturing practice for finished pharmaceuticals.246-897 Pharmacy - Drug availability.246-899 Pharmaceutical - Drug product substitution.246-901 Pharmacy ancillary personnel.246-903 Nuclear pharmacies and pharmacists.246-904 Health care entities.246-905 Pharmacy - Home dialysis program.246-907 Pharmaceutical licensing periods and fees.246-915 Physical therapists.246-918 Physician assistants - Medical quality assurance commission.246-919 Medical quality assurance commission.246-922 Podiatric physicians and surgeons.246-924 Psychologists.246-926 Radiological technologists.246-927 Recreation therapy.246-928 Respiratory care practitioners.246-930 Sex offender treatment provider.246-933 Veterinarians - Veterinary board.246-935 Veterinary technicians.246-937 Registered veterinary medication clerks.246-939 Surgical technologist program.TRAUMAIEMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES

246-976 Emergency medical services and trauma care systems.Show Dispositions of Chapters Formerly Codified in this--4k( 974 kb - download time about 9 minutes at 28.8 kbaud modem)Comments about this site I Privacy Notice I Accessibility Information I Disclaimer

About Us I Contact Us I E-mall Lists I Search I HelpTITLES WAC 246 TITLE CHAPTER 246-249Find Your LegislatorParticipating in the1*. ProcessLegislative CalendarsBill InformationSLaws and Agency Rulesi*Legislative. AgenciesiLegislative E-mail ListsKids' PagesI*-*.'i*IIWashington State Historyand CultureCongress - the OtherWashingtonChapter 246-249 WACRADIOACTIVE WASTE - USE OF THE COMMERCIAL DISPOSAL SITELast Update: 4122/98pile Kq7-comaa5teWAC SECTIONS246-249-001 Purpose and scope.246-249-010 Definitions.246-249-020 Site use permit.246-249-030 Waste shipment certification.246-249-040 Classification of radioactive waste for near-surface disposal.246-249-050 Acceptable radioactive waste forms and packaging.246-249-060 Labeling.246-249-070 Variances.246-249-080 Naturally occurring and accelerator produced radioactive material (NARM),excluding source material.246-249-090 Transfer for disposal and manifests.y* TV WashingtonI.Washington CourtsTransportationPerformance Audit BoardA ashingtornComments about this site I Privacy Notice I Accessibility Information I Disdaimer

About Us I Contact Us I E-mall Usts I Search I Hein,j4-4* Find Your LegislatorTITLES WAC 248 TITLE WAC 248 -249 CHAPTER246-249-030 246-249-040 246-249-050WAC 246-249-040 Classification of radioactive waste for near-surface disposal. (I)Considerations. Determination of the classification of waste involves two considerations.* Participating in the First, consideration must be given to the concentration of long-lived radionuclides (and theirProcessshorter-lived precursors) whose potential hazard will persist long after such precautions as* Legislative Calendarsiinstitutional controls, improved waste form, and deeper disposal have ceased to be effective.* Bill Information iThese precautions delay the time when long-lived radionuclides could cause exposures. In4addition, the magnitude of the potential dose is limited by the concentration and availability of* Laws andAgencyRulesradionuclide at the time of exposure. Second, consideration must be given to theIf theconcentration of shorter-lived radionuclides for which requirements on institutional controls,* Legislative Agencies -,II,i11iwaste form, and disposal methods are effective.* Legislative E-mail Lists,H Kids'Pages,'(2) Classes of waste.iI* Washington'State Historand Culture'(b) Class B waste is waste that must meet more rigorous requirements on waste formensure stability after disposal. The physical form and characteristics of Class B waste mustmeet both the minimum and stability requirements set forth in WAC 246-249-050.* Congress - the OtherWashington* TransportatonTV Washingtonf re. 'woolll UI *Transportaffon*.!LI(a) Class A waste is waste that is usually segregated from other waste classes at thedisposal site. The physical form and characteristics of Class A waste must meet theminimum requirements set forth in WAC 246-249-050(1). If Class A waste also meets thestability requirements set forth in WAC 246-249-050(2), it is not necessary to segregate thewaste for disposal.%eWulto*Performance Audit Boar( d(c) Class C waste is waste that not only must meet more rigorous requirements on wasteform to ensure stability but also requires additional measures at the disposal facility toprotect against inadvertent intrusion. The physical form and characteristics of Class C wastemust meet both the minimum and stability requirements set forth in WAC 246-249-050.(3) Classification determined by long-lived radlonuclides. If the waste contains onlyradionuclides listed in Table 1, classification shall be determined as follows:401ndw U.A*kaWashingbri.t.A.(a) If the concentration does not exceed 0.1 times the value in Table 1, the waste is Class(b) If the concentration exceeds 0.1 times the value in Table 1, but does not exceed thevalue in Table 1, the waste is Class C.(c) If the concentration exceeds the value in Table 1, the waste is not generallyacceptable for near-surface disposal.(d) For waste containing mixtures of radionuclides listed in Table 1, the total concentrationshall be determined by the sum of fractions rule described in subsection (7) of this section.

ConcentrationCuries/CubicTable 1RadionuclideC-14C-14 in activated metalNi-59 in activated metalNb-94 in activated metalTc-991-129Alpha emitting transuranic radionuclideswith half-life greater than five yearsPu-241Cm-242Ra-226Meter8802200. 230. 08100 I3,50020,000'100tUnits are nanocuries per gram, to convert to becquerels (BP) per grammultiply by 37, to convert from curies to gigabecquerels (GBq) multiply by37. Specific approval of the department is required for disposal of theseradionuclides if their concentration is greater than ten percent of the Table Ivalue.(4) Classification detennined by short-lived radionuclides. If the waste does notcontain any of the radionuclides listed in Table 1, classification shall be determined based onthe concentrations shown in Table 2. If the radioactive waste does not contain anyradionuclides listed in either Table 1 or 2. it is Class A.(a) If the concentration does not exceed the value of Column 1, the waste is Class A.(b) If the concentration exceeds the value in Column 1, but does not exceed the value inColumn 2, the waste is Class B.(c) If the concentration exceeds the value In Column 2, but does not exceed the value inColumn 3, the waste is Class C.(d) If the concentration exceeds the value in Column 3, the waste is not generallyacceptable for near-surface disposal.(e) For wastes containing mixtures of the radionuclides listed in Table 2, the totalconcentration shall be determined by the sum of fractions rule described in subsection (7) ofthis section.Concentration, Curies/Table 2RadionuclideCubic MeterColumn IColumn 2Column 3Total of allradionuclideswith less than 5-year700(*)(*)

half-lifeH-3Co-60Ni-63Ni-63 in *)7007,0000.041150447,0004,600(') There are no limits established for these radionuclides in Class B or Cwastes. Practical consideration such as the effects ofeternal radiation andintemal heat generation on transportation, handling, and disposal will limitthe concentrations for these wastes. These wastes shall be Class B unlessthe concentrations of other radionuclides in Table 2 determine the waste tobe Class C independent of these radionuclides. Specific approval of thedepartment is required prior to packaging of Class B tritium waste.(5) Classification determined by both long-lived and short-lived radionuclides. If thewaste contains a mixture of radionuclides, some of which are listed in Table 1, and some ofwhich are listed in Table 2, classification shall be determined as follows:(a) If the concentration of a radionuclide listed in Table I is less than 0.1 times the valuelisted in Table 1, the class shall be that determined by the concentration of radionuclideslisted in Table 2.(b) If the concentration of a radionuclide listed in Table 1 exceeds 0.1 times the value.--listed in Table 1, the waste shall be Class C, provided the concentration of radionuclideslisted in Table 2 does not exceed the value shown in Column 3 of Table 2.(6) Classification of waste with radionuclides other than those listed In Tables Iand 2. If the waste does not contain any radionuclides listed in either Table I or 2, it is ClassA.(7) The sum of fractions rule for mixtures of radionuclides. For determiningclassification for waste that contains a mixture of radionuclides, it is necessary to determinethe sum of fractions by dividing each radionuclides concentration by the appropriate limit andadding the resulting values. The appropriate limits must all be taken from the same columnof the same table. The sum of the fractions for the column must be less than or equal to 1.0 ifthe waste class is to be determined by that column. Example: A waste contains Sr-90 in a3concentration of 50 Cirmand Cs-1 37 in a concentration of 22 Cim 3. Since theconcentrations both exceed the values in Column 1, Table 2, they must be compared toColumn 2 values. For Sr-90 fraction, 50/150 0.33; for Cs-137 fraction, 22/44 0.5; the sumof the fractions 0.83. Since the sum is less than 1.0, the waste is Class B.(8) Determination of concentration in wastes. The concentration of a radionuclide maybe determined by indirect methods such as use of scaling factors which relate to the inferredconcentration of one radionuclide to another that is measured, or radionuclide materialaccountability, if there is reasonable assurance that the indirect methods can be correlatedwith actual measurement The concentration of a radionuclide may be averaged over thevolume of the waste, or weight of the waste if the units are expressed as nanocuries pergram.[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050 and 70.98.080. 91-16-109 (Order 187), § 248-249-040, filed 8/7/91.

effective 917191. Statutory AuthorIty. RCW 43.70.040. 91-02-049 (Order 121), recodified as § 248-249-040, filed12127/90, effective 1131918. Statutory Authortty RCW 70.98.080. 87-01-031 (Order 2450), § 402-62-050, filed12111186.]Comments about this site I Privacy Notice IAccessibility Information I Disclaimer

About Us I Contact Us I E-mail Lists I Search I ",qlpTITLES WAC 246 TITLE CHAPTER 246-250Chapter 246-250 WACRADIOACTIVE WASTE - UCENSING LAND* Find Your Legislator * Participating in theProcess,mdoari' ef edFDISPOSALre&cmapi eTisii-lLast Update: 4122198* Legislative CalendarsWAC SECTIONS* Bill information'* Laws

Title 320 -Medical Disciplinary Board Title 322 -Hispanic Affairs, Commission on Title 323 -Military Department Title 326 -Minority and Women's Business Enterprises, Office of Title 330 -Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle Title 332 -Natural Resources, Board and Department of Title 335 -Nuclear Waste Board Title 342 -Oceanographic Commission