THE HERAI7ATCHIncorporating the Summit Herald and the Berkeley Heights - L\CV»*, widence DispatchArccsT 19,2006VOLUME 117, No. 38I— Newsbriefs —iSampler gardenopen onAug. 20PRICE: 50CSchool board takes steps to ensure balanced mealsManagement at its July meeting.Chartwells has been the cafeteSUMMIT — Students in the ria food provider for the lastBERKELEY HEIGHTS — Summit School District will, several years; The new contractDo you know how linen is once again, have access to guarantees a break-even or nomade and what it has in com- healthy meals at minimal cost. subsidy operating basis.mon with linoleum?The menu does, however, allowCosts come to .0993 centsThe Historic Sampler for such favorites as pizza and per meal served. The district folGarden at the Berkeley French fries. Au Bon Pain soup lows the Bureau of ChildHeights Historical Society's in a bread-bowl, bagels, hot Nutrition regulations, whichLittell-Lord Farmstead grows pretzels and fruit are also fea- includes hot and cold sandwichthe plant that holds the answer. tured. An adult lunch is served on a variety of breads:The museum at 31 Horseshoewhite wheat, roll, bagel, pita orTheBoardofEducationRoad will be open from 2 to 4wrap: hot entrees served withp.m. on Sunday, Aug. 20, with authorized a 2006-2007 contract bread, pasta or rice; pizza: twowithChartwellsFoodservicemembers of the historicalsociety giving tours inside andmembers of the Gardeners ofWatchung Hills giving toursof the Historic SamplerGarden. Both wild and cultiSUMMIT — Summit author preservation of lions,". Mr.vated plants will be displayed Robert R. Frump's new book Frump said."Man-eatingand explained.states that man-eating behavior behavior has claimed the livesTours are free and all are among lions in Africa is at an of thousands of Africans inwelcome, including children all-time high, exceeding the recent years, and yet it is not awho are invited to play with records of the famous man- well-known or acknowledgedreproduction toys from the eaters of Tsavo of a century ago. problem among most conservaHis new book, published by tionists and scientists."'Victorian era. The museumEventually, he said, lions willLyonsPress, is entitled '"Theand garden will be openmonthly on the third Sunday Man-eaters of Eden: Life and lose if the problem is notof every month from 2 to 4 Death in Kruger's National acknowledged."It's great to say one wants top.m. through October. Call Park." It is available at majorbook stores and on-line sites preserve lions, not so great if464-3947 for information.such as and one's family is being eaten byBarnes & Noble.them," Mr. Frump said. "A"Without being too flip about whole pride of lions can beit," Mr. Frump said, "the man- killed with one dollar's worth ofeating lions of the 21st century poison and a few pennies forSUMMIT — Families are in Africa make those of the 19th wire snares, and if that is what itinvited to bring children and a and 20th look like pussycats." takes for people to protect themblanket to Soldiers Memorial He estimated that lions in selves, that is what they"ll do."Field on Friday, Sept. 8, for Kruger National Park conservaThe initial reviews of the"Movies in the Park," present- tively may have killed 12,000 book have been positive.ed by The Summit PAL and refugees and illegal immigrants Publisher's Weekly said of theTheSummitMunicipal over the past four decades. book: "Frump offers a deftlyAlliance Against Drug And Others have said the toll is high- written study of the park's 2,000Substance, especially during the lions and the refugees, and theL'We are pleased to be apartheid years in South Africa crossed paths the two speciesshowing "The Chronicles Of and the civil war years in traveled." A reviewer continued,Narnia: The Lion. The Witch Mozambique."Frump delivers a dispassionateAnd The Wardrobe." TheThe non-fiction book tells examination exploring howmovie will be shown Sept. 8 at the somewhat bumpy and efforts by conservationists toSoldiers' Memorial Field at adventurous story of the preserve lions are directlydusk," a PAL spokesman said. author's "investigative safari" resulting in the loss of human"'Admission is free and pop- through South Africa in search life" due to an inadequate govcorn will be served. This is of man-eating lions. It is told in ernmental response to the conone of the many reasons you a narrative style with detailed tinuing refugee in a great town like endnotes and bibliography.Mr. Frump has lived inSummit. Come and enjoy the"These new trends concern Summit since 1994. He wo'n thefun — hope to see you there." me. not just as a member of the George Polk Award for Nationalhuman species, but as a conser- Reporting while at TheLibrary recallsvationist who supports the Philadelphia Inquirer, as well asBy LIZ KEELLselections from either fruit orhot or cold vegetables, such aslettuce and tomato or tossedsalad; and milk or componentsequivalent to milk. A la cartemenu items range from S2.50 to35 cents.Travel policyIn another board decision, aresolution was passed regardingtravel and work related expensesfor employees. Travel isapproved if required to carry outthe education programs of theSummitPublicSchools.Expenses are covered for theDepartment of Special Sendeesstaff to travel between schools,visit out-of-district placements,programs and home visits, andto attend court proceedings,workshops and county and statemeetings.The policy also applies toadministrative and supervisorystaff for employee recruitmentand retention and to teachingand support staff for confer-ences included in employmentcontracts. The superintendentof schools may approve travelcoverage for employee trainingIn addition, the Board ofEducation adopted a resolutionfor board members to attend theannual workshop of the NewJerseySchoolBoardsAssociation. The purpose of theworkshop, officials noted, is topromote efficient operation ofthe school district, practice fiscal prudence and oversee delivery of instruction.Summit author pens book about man-eating lionsOutdoor moviehosted by PAL'LIFE AND DEATH' — Summit journalist and author Robert R.Frump, at right, has published "The Man-eaters of Eden: Lifeand Death in Kruger's National Park." He estimated that lionsin Kruger National Park conservatively may have killed12,000 refugees and illegal immigrants over the past fourdecades. (Photos by Suzanne Saxton-Frump)The Gerald Loeb Award forNational Business Reporting.He was a member of a PulitzerPrize-winning task force andalso managing editor of KnightRidders daily newspaper TheJournal of Commerce. He isits club prizesBy LIZ KEILLSUMMIT — The middleschool library, the eighth gradescience program and improvements to the teachers" room willall benefit from gifts recentlymade to the Summit SchoolDistrict.The Board of Educationaccepted gifts from several organizations totaling 62,030 at itsJuly meeting. Among them:* The Summit Area PublicFoundation provided a srant ofS40,000. How those funds willbe used is not known at thistime. The Lincoln-Hubbard PTOdonated 1,000 for library supplies for the 2006-2007 schoolyear.The Lawton C. JohnsonSummit Middle School PTASalt Brook holdsfall open houseTABLE OF CONTENTSPolice LogsObituariesCommentary'Mayor for a Day'ClassifiedLegals 32, 1054810author on the second trip, takingphotos of the lions.This is Mr. Frump's secondbook. "Until the Sea Shall FreeThem," his first, told the truestory of tiie wreck of the SSMarine Electric.'District receivesgenerous giftsNEW PROVIDENCE TheNewProvidenceMemorial Library is recallingthe bendable dog and cat toysissued as prizes for the 2006Summer Reading Club. Thetoys were discovered to haveunacceptable quantities oflead in their paint. Anyonewhose child is in possession ofthese toys should return themto the library without delay.Chris O'Hara, children'slibrarian at the library in NewProvidence, said he becameaware of the problem with thetoys through the NJ StateLibrary Association. The statelibrary had purchased the toysfrom a catalogue for distribution to libraries across thestate.NEW PROVIDENCE From 4 to 5:30 p.m. onWednesday, Aua. 30. the SaltBrook School PTA will holdits annual new student openhouse.All students who will benew to Salt Brook School thisfall will have an opportunityto tour the building andbecome familiar with theschool before classes begin inSeptember.Volunteers distribute entertaining items at points aroundthe building and answer student questions.Salt Brook School is at 40Maple St. Reach the school at908-464-7100.married to Suzanne SaxtonFrump and has a daughter. SarahSaxton-Frump, now a senior incollege. The book originatedfrom a trip the family took to theKruger area in 2001. Mrs.Saxton-Frump accompanied theESSAY CONTEST WINNER IS MAYOR FOR DAY — Before schools closed lor the summer, BrayionSGhoof student Claire Harrison won a city essay contest themed "Why is it special to be a child?"and got to be Summit's honorary mayor for a day. Among her activities was a visit to the cityclerk's office, where City Clerk David Hughes and Deputy City Clerk Rosemary Licatese presentedher with a key to the city and an engraved bowl to commemorate her time served as mayor. Shethen spent some time with City Administrator Chris Cotter and Treasurer Ron Angelo.fTribute to Troops1 benefit heldat Mayfair Farms on Sept* 16SUMMIT - The second annual Tribute to the Troops is set forSaturday, Sept. 16, at MayfairFarms in West Orange.Sponsored by Summit SupportsOur Troops (SSOT), the annualevent raises funds thatgo to support the work of this not-forprofit organization.At this year's tribute, hometown troops will be joining inthe celebration from their basesacross the country. The eveningincludes dinner, dancing andboth silent and live auctions.The keynote speaker is Lt. Col.Scott s'pellmon, a New Jerseynative. West Point graduate,decorated soldier and veteran.SSOT was founded two yearsago by the parents and friends ofthe men and women of Summitwho are sen-ing their country inall branches of the military. Thegroup has identified 40 servicemembers who were in activemilitary service and who callSummit their home or are related to a Summit family. Thirtyfour troops are currently active,stationed all around the world.SSOT has provided supportfor troops in 16 units deployedto Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, thePersian Gulf and the Pacific. In.addition, the organization hassent regular correspondence andgifts to all stateside servicemembers, recognizing that theytoo are doing essential work fora strong military. The organization's efforts support its mission:"To encourage the morale andhonor the courage and sacrificecontributed a total of 17,030.The contributions'include: SI.000 to be added to amusicSummitEducationFoundation srant. l,000"for additional reference books for the library. 1,000 for die-cuts'for theEllison die-cut machine in thelibrary. 840 for an additional bookcart for the library. SI,900 for a new videomicroscope for the science program. 7,990 for a WeatherBugweather station for the eightharade science program. 300 to add to the 1,000donated for improvements to theteachers' room, and 3,000 to share the purchase price of a new light boardfor the auditorium.Autumn chippingprogram set to startBERKELEY HEIGHTS —The township's fall chippingprogram will begin in Section #4and terminate in Section #3.Township officialssaidbranches must be placed at curbside prior to the first scheduleddate of pick up.Officials said brush should beplaced in neat piles at curbsidewith the large diameter cut endstowards the street. The largestsize branches should be limitedto four inches in diameter, andshort branches, under two feet inlength, will not be accepted.Section #4, Sept. 11 throughSept. 15: Area bounded by therailroad, Plainfield Avenue,Mountain Avenue and the township's west boundary, includingthe Park Avenue area.Section #5, Sept. 18 throughSept. 22:1 Area bounded by therailroad, the Passaic River andthe township's east boundary,including the entire areabetween the railroad and theriver. .Section #1, Sept. 25 throughSept. 29: Area of Countryside toDiamond Hill Road and TwinFalls Road, including the TwinFalls Road area.Section #2, Oct. 2 throughOct. 6: Area bounded byMountain Avenue, PlainfieldAvenue, the railroad line and thetownship's east boundary to.Martins Lane.Section #3. Oct. 9 throughOct. 13: Area bounded byMountain Avenue. Diamond HillRoad, Twin Falls Road, GreenBrook and the township's westboundary,includingtheEmerson Lane and DogwoodLane areas.of the brave men and women ofthe United States armed forceswherever they're from, whereverthey serve, in war and peace."On the homefrcmt, SSOT haseducated more than 500 schoolchildren about citizenship andservice to their country as theystudied the lives of the Summittroops, gathered tfieir own donations and wrote letters ofencouragement.Tickets for the Tribute to theTroops are available at 150,and tables for 10 may bereserved for S2000. Ads areavailable for purchase in theTribute Journal,Housing Authority cancels meetingContact SSOT executiveSUMMIT - The Summit ular meeting schedule. The predirector Chris Truhe of Summitat 908-273-4122 for informa- Housing Authority has amended viously scheduled Aug. 23 meetits annual notice of the 2006 rea- ing has been cancelled.tion.

PAGE 2 -The Summit Herald and Berkeley Heights-New Providence Dispatch, Saturday, August 19. 2006ObituariesCarl Ehnls? 89?longtime New Providence chief of policeCarl Ehnis, 89, long-timechief of police of the NewProvidence Police Departmentand later a security officer at theformer Beach Bank in VeroNew Jersey'slargest dealer ofBeach, Fla. died on Saturday,Aug. 12, 2006. A memorial service was held on Aug. 16, at theCox-Gifford Seawinds FuneralHome in Vero Beach with the*is test. r s KrafeAAaiciAkeena 888-253-3628NJ NY, CT, CA, PA§KaacEHa §HOME SCHOOLING?Come see why over 1,500,000 students use.HOT StJUMEi OFFERIIMaple Shade — August 21' Character-Building Textbooks Clinton —August 22 Time-Saving Parent Materials South Plainfield — August 23Beka Academy. Toms River — August 30Springfield — September 6 Master Teachers on DVDMaple Shade — September 20 Complete K-12 ProgramswABekaBookBuy any SileSteiie sltsSiei ebiiiitsrtopand get a FREE Statattess Steel Sink,2get 500 OFF your pyrcliase3 our EASY' HNANCE iFliOiSIThe Government Will Enforce« No payments, no interestfora whose ysar*3 Fined psynieois as low as S27S per month5kitchenNothsr But 2.650.0100Remington„ 908.284.9400Fairfield973.808.4444Toms River732.818.8484ParamusSUMMER 2006!the Mark of trie Beast Soon!"United States will be united with the churches to do awaywith the separation of Church and State!" Find out who the beast is & what his Mark is! Let the scriptures identify him. He is alive & well today. The whole world is wondering afterhim. Rev. 13:3 For more FREE info. Call or write to:THE BIBLE SAYSP.O. Box 771, Athens, TN 37371Toll Frees 1-888-211-1715era;(we will not cail you)! DONT REPLACE YOUR OLi BATHTUB.REGIAZEIT! 299We also doSinks, Tile, TubSurrounds& ColorW/COUPONregularly 399Travel ChargeMay Applywww.eastemreSnishing.netEASTERN REFINISHING CO, 800463-1879 ssrCOUPON EXPIRES 8/30/06Reverend Thomas Harris of theFirst Presbyterian Church ofVero Beach officiating, withmilitary honors provided b Veterans of Foreign Wars Post3918in VeroBeach.Condolences may be sentth .ro u g in Vienna, Austria, Mr.Ehnis grew up in Jersey Cityprior to moving to NewProvidence. He" was a graduateof Summit High School andattended Union College.Mr. Ehnis was a World War IICarl Ehnisveteran, having served as a FTboat crewman in the South nized for having one of the lowestPacific for the United States crime rates in the country.Navy. Mr. Ehnis joined the NewHe was also an active memProvidence Police Department in ber in the New Providence1947 as a patroiman and was branch of the American Legion.named chief of police in 1955. HeAfter moving to Vero Beachattended the FBI Training in 1976, Mr. Ehnis worked partAcademy in Washington, D.C. time as a bank security officerOver a long and distinguished and remained active in the citycareer in law enforcement Mr. of Vero Beach, with variousEhnis focused on youth-oriented softball leagues and in his conprograms, initiating such activi- dominium association.ties as the Police Athletic League.He is survived by his wife ofBabe Ruth and American Legion58years, Jane Ehnis, and threebaseball teams, girls' softball andchildren,Carolyn KJeinert ofbasketball leagues and the JuniorLakeland,Fla., Carl Ehnis ofPolice. He also assumed leaderLongBranchand Heidi Ehnis ofship roles in state and internationVeroBeach,Fla.; and foural chiefs of police associationsand was an instructor at the grandchildren.Mr. Ehnis will always beUnion County Police Academy.He was also invited to participate remembered for his spirit andin security details in two love of life and family, enthusiPresidential inaugurations. When asm for sports and always wanthe retired in 1975, the New ing to help others.The family requests memoriProvidence Police Departmenthad grown from two to 23 mem- al contributions be made to thebers and the borough was recog- Wabasso School. 8895 US #1.Sebastian FL 32958.Services held todayfor Helmer C. LundquistHelmer C. Lundquist, whowas a resident of Summit since1951. died on Monday, Aug. 14.2006, at Spring Meadows inSummit. He was 96. Memorialservices will be held today,Saturday. Aug. 19, at 11 a.m. atCalvary Episcopal Church, 31WoodlandAve., Summit.Arrangements are by theWilliam R. Dangler FuneralHome, also in Summit.Born in Stamford. Conn., onMarch 13, 1910, Mr. Lundquistwas educated in the publicschools of that city and graduated from Upsala College in 193Khaving completed the four-year1NEW JERSEYSchool of BalletBallet Jazz Tap PtlatesCLASSES FOR ALL AGESAND LEVELSOpen Qasses & Intensive ProgramSomerviileLivingston MonristownCALL 973-597-9600OR 908-526-2248B L I S S ESTABLISHED 1882BLACK CARPENTER ANTSThere are a lot of ways to look at our 4.80%grand opening offer. But whatever yourpoint of view, HSBC can take you there.SAM SAMASI YOUR HOMEBlack Carpenter Ants excavate extensive galleries in wood to serveas nesting places and Gan do serious damage to your home.They're unsightly and unsanitary but they are no match for Bliss trainedtechnicians/Ask about our PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN:it's backed by over a century of reliability.PREMIUM MONEYMARKET PLUSwith a mimrnurr deDOSil ot S1E 000ard a Smart Pius PacKage*PHONE908-277-1ALTBOHIZEP fTRMIdSentricoirTo obtair more nfomation,ea1' tc ' ou* !oca crarcs Manageri Cobny Elimination SystemRevolutionary Development Inthe Elimination of TERMITESSUMMITWESTFIELD47 Maple StreetJeff Dzoha{90S} 593-10121 Elm StreetMichael Mierniee(908) 518-1581ONE OF THE OLDEST AND LARGESTVisit us on the internet at www.blissexterminator.comHSBCJPJXfAFThe world's local bankcourse in three years. He alsodid graduate work at ColumbiaUniversity and at Pace College.To finance his college education, Mr. Lundquist worked fulltime at the Montclair YMCA asthe business secretary until1933, when he joined PaceCollege in New York City asregistrar and continued untilJuly 1935. He was also aninstructor of psychology forseven years of night classes.In July 1935 he began a longcareer in the pharmaceuticalindustry, taking a position withthe Upjohn Company's NewYork City branch in the salesoffice and later in office management. In September 1941, hejoined William R. WarnerCompany in New York City asmanager in sales promotion andthen as general office manager.When the company was sold, hebecame personnel director forWhite Laboratories, Inc. establishing personnel and community relations. Later he was assistant secretary-treasurer. In late1958, White Laboratories, located in Kenilworth, was mergedinto the Schering Corporation,and in the early 1960s, hebecame corporate director inpersonnel administration in thecompany's Bloomfield headquarters. He took early retirement in 1972, but was to remainas consultant to the chairman ofthe board to assist in the mergerof Plough, Inc., personnel intoSchering. While still employedat Schering, Mr. Lundquist "didprivate study for three years toprepare for Diaconate EpiscopalChurch Ministry. He wasordained in 1968 and became amember of the Calvary clergystaff on a part-time capacity,serving for 18 years. He alsoassisted St. Stephen's inMillburn and St. Gregory's inParsippany. In 1974, he coauthored a text book on churchorganization.After his retirement frombusiness he was active withSAGE, serving on its board ofdirectors, and served as vicepresident of the SummitHistorical Society. He was amember of the Old Guard ofSummit and was its director in1980, the organization's 50thanniversary, and was elected tolife membership in 1987.That "searing, burning pain" hi your Hugh andcalt.Ahat "aching, numbing" feeling hi your hipand huitocks.that "Imglbtg" in your foot andtoes and loss of balance,.Grand OpeningIntroductory OfferOpen a Smart Plus Package with a qualifying deposit andget a FREE Companion Airline Ticket Certificate goodanywhere in the U.S. and Canada when you purchase aregular ticket starting at just 189 '"ASmartflus Package is Annie; b-r-jstaeccs 1 S i S C X a f r v a - n C"6J t i 5D9i-f;a P eirsiun f lonsy Merke P sacccurt fe K " e , " - 9 a i 3 L - " c e . a s ' vheld b/any memhr c te hSBC Grap Tn-s ,5 5 specs crerac cat s -: P rr I T f hii) ' fete;P«,sacccon s oaaned " e n X i , l \ JJO: " i c g r C-ic:r 2- 2C33 atme Sjnn'f NJ arc 'As-Hiefc svJ Cre'tnes F y Tns i n a s i Pe c r 35v e 3: ii r3, ar d c&'aices srei 'ircjgi; Jsvay IK 200? cr ITS- eco}*: sre 0 "0"i* may vary Depending onfcwI J T I M ' 01 rievs .115 Diomoticra' '3* is eared THE rci-a crconai APY15 vanaoie and rrsy cnsrge tar: "H2 Sa e reicc Cia e; ?sc ' ;smay reduce earnings."free Companion Airline M s ? Certificate ("Certificate") offer rsawes a Smart p: w Package which includes an Interest Checking Fias account Hie 0.25% Annual PercsntsgeYield (APY) on interest Checking Plus is accurate as of July 24.2003 on balances ot 5.00 or more. APY is variable and subject 10 change after opening. Charges m fees mayreduce earnings. Tiie account must remain opened for a minimum of si; montfs to quarry for the Certificate. Nominal value of the Certificate (S45.0d wiil 09 reponed on BSForm 1099. Limit one Certificate per customer. The Certificate willfcsissued at tha time of Smart Plus Package opening. Certificate issued by Spirit tanfoes! a raq'stertdseller of travel in Florida (#17213!. HSBC Bank USA, N.A. is not rssponsibte for the iiilfillment oftieCertificate. Good anywhere infteU.S. and Canada wh n you purchase aregular ticket starting at just SIB9. Addittonaf restrictions do apply. Offer valid on Smart Plus Pacteoes opened from July 24,2005 through October 24,2G06 a? the Summit.NJ and Westfieid. NJ uranenes only: See Terns afPsnidpabon at the Summit. NJ and VfetfisW, NJ breeches for fell deaikIssued by HSBC Bank USA, NA. 2006 KSBC Bank USA, N A Member FDIC.»BHe was married to Ruth E.Hawk of Caldwell on Sept. 27,1934. They would have celebrated their 72nd wedding anniverIt interferes mOi your ability to walk, torideasary next month. His wife surbicycle, play golf, gartten.,.io have FUN IN LIFE! vives him, as do two sons. Davidand his wife, Camille, live inLeg pain, thigh ache and numbness, and tingling Chalfont, Pa. Their son Richardin the foot may actually be caused by a pinched and his wife, Genine, live withback nerve even though you have NO back pain- their children Kristen and Ryanit could even be Sciaticain Centreville, Va. Their daughDr. Joseph J. MurphySandralivesinDr,'s Murphy and Kretz are experts at finding the terDowningtown, Pa., with herPAST PRESIDENT- CAUSE of your leg pain and numbness andhusband, Brent Smith, and chilThe NJ and Morris CORRECTING IT,,.dren Dominic and Carly. HisCriifopraciic Societies.WITHOUT THE USE OF DRUGS OR SURGERY!!other son, William, and his wife,Editor-in ChiefJane, reside in Boxford, Mass.,The Jersey Journalwith their children, Eric andKristen.Palmer GraduateCelebrating Our 22nd YearSuburbanChiropracticCenter301 Main St., Chatham, NJ. 973-635-00369www.drnmrphy.comDonations in memory of Mr.Lundquist may be made toCalvary Church RemembranceFund or to a designated fund ofchoice.

PAGE 3 - The Summit Herald and Berkeley Heights-New Providence Dispatch, Saturday, August 19, 2006Police NewsPelican 1,Summit ki, Pool & Patio Shorn"SUMMER CLEARANCEFour drivers issued summonses for violationsPolice arrested and chargedfour drivers last week for illegalactions.On Friday, Aug. 11, RonnieL. Clark, 20, of Paterson wasarrested and charged atSpringfield and Middle avenuesfor driving with a suspendedlicense and for contempt ofcourt.On Friday, Aug. 11, Hugo C.Ramirez, 42, of Millington wasarrested and charged at MorrisAvenue for driving with a suspended license and having anexpired inspection sticker.On Tuesday, Aug. 15, JulioC. Arrieta, 23, of West Orange was reported. Contents included S70 in cash and a bank card.was arrested and charged atNorwood Avenue for improperpassing and driving with a susENGLISHTOWN AUCTION SALESpended license.On Wednesday, Aus. 16,90 Wilson Are, Englishtown, NJDavid L. Stewart, Jr. 23, of732-446-9644Union was arrested and chargedivww.englishtownauction.comon Kent Place Boulevard for driving while his license was susShopping Hours: Saturdays 7am-4pm,pended and for having passenSundays 9am-4pmger plates on a commercial vehiLet Englishtown Auction Saks Be A Part of Your Shopping Weekendcle.OVER 40 ACRES OF BARGAINS PLUS OVER 300 INDOOR SHOPS &In thefts:SERVICES* ONE STOP SHOPPING 'FREE PARKING FREE ADMISSIONOn Monday, Aug. 14, thetheft of a purse from a Union"THE COUNTRY'S LARGEST OPES AIR MARKET SINCE 1 9 2 9 "Place restaurant at about 2 p.m.Berkeley Heights-AdrertlsemeBtA Gold Mine in Bedroom DrawersNewswire: People are selling their oldscrap gold that is gathering dust forits cash value because gold priesare so high. With the price of gold at a25 year high (over S650.00 per ounce),On Tuesday, Aug. 8, Sgt. processed and released after it makes sense., aRobert Deitch and Patrolman posting bail.Michael Nelson arrested twoA total of 31 motor vehicle gold recycler, offers free insuredmen during the course of a New summonses were issued as a recycle kits so people may cash in theirJersey State Motor Vehicle result of the checkpoint.scrap with 24 hour service andCommission inspection checkOn Saturday, Aug. 12, Sgt. guarantee satisfaction. They acceptArrests made during checkpointpoint.Taken into custody for havine outstanding warrants wereMatthew C. StoeckeL 37, ofWantage, holding a 343 warrant out of Jefferson Township,and Christopher E. Lenox, 30, ofBasking Ridge, holding a 175warrant out of FranklinTownship.Police said Mr. Stoeckel andMr. Lenox were brought topoliceheadquartersandJohn DiPasquale investigated areport of an attempted burglaryat a Saw Mill Drive residence.The investigation found that asuspect had attempted to gainentrance to the residence byforcing entry through the frontdoor. The attempted entryoccurred between 8 a.m. onFriday. Aug. 11, and 8 a.m.Saturday, Aug. 12. The matterhas been referred to theInvestigations Division.Speaker's clubopens its doorsNEW PROVIDENCE —Murray Hill Speaker's Club, alocal chapter of the ToastmastersInternational, is hosting an openhouse from 12 to 1 p.m. onWednesday, Sept. 13, at LucentTechnologies Headquarters, 600Mountain Avenue in MurrayHill. Room 6A101A. The publicis invited.Come and meet the membersand officers.MHSC is a community-basedorganization affiliated withToastmasters International, aworldwide public speaking andleadership club.MHSC was founded in May1961 as a corporate club forAT&T employees. In 2001, theclub opened its doors to outsidemembers to share the renownedToastmasters educational program with more people.The club also has a MentorProgram, matching experiencedclub members to new ones inorder to guide them through thefirst few speech assignments andto provide valuable advice.Barber, John B. Crosby andLauren Irvin."We welcome all living within our service area to attend.InformationaboutSAGEEldercare's programs and services will be available as well asan opportunity to see our newbuilding. SAGE Eldercare staffwill be on hand to answer questions about services for seniorsand their families includingMeals-on-Wheels, Spend-ADay Adult Day Health Center,HomeCare,InfoCareInformation and Referrals,GroceryShopping. ChoreService', SHIP (State HealthInsurance Assistance Program),workshops, support groups andhealth screenings," says SAGEEldercare executive director. Dr.Saul Spivack. Food and drinkswill be provided.Reserve to attend the annualmeeting, at the SAGE development office, 908-273-5942.SB1FINAL DISPLAY CLEARANCE 1UP TO 50% OFF 1Over 500 Leftover Sets.WaittyJaxtciI1y1Now'sTk Tim 2b Buy/Hanamint11FINAl D M CLEAfWCEMake thisyoiff Child'sAREA - Proper training in Classes offered from 8:30 a.m.first aid, CPR and AED can save to noon Wednesday, Aug. 23a life.(SA); from 6 to "9:30 p.m.Contact the local chapter of Thursday. Aus. 24 (SA).CPR Adult, Child, Infant the American Red Cross toimplement training in the work- Classes offered from 6 to 8 or community, or to place Thursday. Aug. 24 (SA); from 6an order for an Automated to 10 p.m. Friday Aug. 25, andfrom 9 a.m. to noon SaturdavExternal Defibrillator.Below are some local chapter Aug. 26 (MSH).Babysitter Training - Fee:course offerings. Call or go toy«S55. Classes from 9 a.m. to 1websites to register.First Aid with CPR - Adult. p.m. Wednesday. Aus. 23Child, Infant CPR - Fee: 65. (SEM).Classes offered 6 to 10 p.m.Standard First Aid withThursday, Aug. 24 (SA); 6 to 10 CPR/AED, Adult - Fee: 60.p.m. Friday Aug. 25, and 9 a.m. Classes offered from 8:30

toys through the NJ State Library Association. The state library had purchased the toys from a catalogue for distribu-tion to libraries across the state. Salt Brook holds fall open house NEW PROVIDENCE - From 4 to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aua. 30. the Salt Brook School PTA will hold its annual new student open house. All students who will be