1280 Frontenac Road * Naperville, IL 60563 * 847-357-0010 * Fax 847-357-0020Dear Customer:We would like to welcome you to WŝŽŶĞĞƌ WĂĐŬĂŐŝŶŐ! We recognize the value of your decision tomake us your source for all of your packaging needs. We realize in today’s fast paced and everexpanding business environment you have an abundance of options available to you, which is why weare committed to exceeding your expectations for ultimate service and superior quality.We have enclosed the following information package in an effort to assist you in providing us with allthe information necessary to establish your new account with us. By completing each form in itsentirety, you will be one step closer to experiencing ƚŚĞ WŝŽŶĞĞƌ ĚŝĨĨĞƌence! Once completed, pleaseverify all the below documents are present to expedite this process:xxxxxxCredit ApplicationNew Customer Data SheetCredit Information Release FormWŝŽŶĞĞƌ WĂĐŬĂŐŝŶŐ tͲϵCRT-61 IL Certificate of Resale (if applicable)WI Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate (ifapplicable)WŝŽŶĞĞƌ WĂĐŬĂŐŝŶŐ is dedicated to being the whole package!

Account InformationLegal Business NameDelivery AddressCity/State/ZipBilling AddressCity/State/ZipTelephone NumberDun & Bradstreet #SoleProprietorDate Business StartedDo You Use Purchase OrdersFax NumberWeb AddressPartnershipCorporation/LLCStateFederal ID #Authorized BuyersName(s) Of Person Responsible For Accounts PayableAccounts Payble Email Address To Submit Invoices ToCredit Line RequestedAmount of InItial ****************************************List Name(s) and Title(s) of Corporate Officers, Partners or ****Credit ReferencesBanking ReferencesBank NameContact NameAddressPhoneCity/State/ZipEmail:Acct #:Trade ReferencesCo. NameContact NameAddressPhoneCity/State/ZipEmail:Co. NameAddressCity/State/ZipContact NamePhoneEmail:

AGREEMENTS, TERMS AND CONDITIONS1. Customer indicated on the first page desires to purchase products, materials and servicesfrom Pioneer Packaging, on open account, and agrees to be bound by the following terms andconditions.These Terms and Conditions shall supersede any provisions, terms and/or conditionscontained on any confirmation order, acknowledgement or other written communicationbetween Buyer and Pioneer Packaging to the contrary and the rights of the parties shall begoverned by these Terms and Conditions for any and all orders relating to this Quotation. It isexpressly understood that these Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any conflict withterms and conditions set forth in Buyer Purchase Order or other documents.Customer agrees to pay any and all charges, fees and costs which any authorized personincurs on the Customer’s account. Customer must notify Pioneer Packaing of anyunauthorized use of their account.Payment Termsa. Standard payment terms are Net 30 days for established customers unless otherwiseagreed to in writing by Pioneer Packaging. Terms of payment will be reflected and setforth on the face of the Invoice to Buyer by Pioneer Packaging. In the event payment isnot made when due, Pioneer Packaging reserves the right, and Buyer agrees to pay,monthly interest in an amount not to exceed 1% per month for on all amountsoutstanding at the end of any billing month by Pioneer Packaging after 30 days has passedsince initial invoice (late fees). Any account more than 30 days past due may be placed oncredit hold until account is made current by Buyer. In such cases where Buyer does notbring account current within a 90 day period and payment arrangements have not beenmade with the Accounting department of Pioneer Packaging to Pioneer Packaging’ssatisfaction, which shall be confirmed in writing, Buyer shall be responsible for all productheld by Pioneer Packaging on Buyer’s behalf, which may be invoiced in full to Buyer atPioneer Packaging’s sole discretion. Buyer agrees to be responsible for all late fees,collection costs and attorney’s fees associated with Pioneer Packaging’s efforts to collectmonies owed and outstanding.Credita. Any credit established and extended by Pioneer Packaging to Buyer is done at PioneerPackaging’s sole discretion and may be amended and/or cancelled at any time with orwithout notice. If, in Pioneer Packaging’s sole judgement, Buyer’s financial conditionbecomes impaired, Pioneer Packaging may decline to make product deliveries except forCOD, CIA or other adequate assurances for payment acceptable to Pioneer Packaging.Overruns/Underrunsa. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing Pioneer Packaging retains the right, and Buyeragrees, to ship and invoice product overruns and overruns within /- 10% of the quantitiesstated on the Quotation and as requested by Buyer for shipment.Returnsa. Goods shipped to Buyer may not be returned to Pioneer Packaging, and will not beaccepted, without a Pioneer Packaging RGA (Return Goods Authorization) issued in writingto Buyer by Pioneer Packaging. Claims with respect to damaged or defective materialmust be made to Pioneer Packaging in writing within seven days after Buyer’s receipt ofsuch material by Buyer. Pioneer Packaging will supply to Buyer with a PNF (Product NonConformance Form) for Buyer’s convenience in requesting an RGA from Pioneer Only unused material as manufactured and delivered to Buyer may beconsidered for return. Material accepted under an RGA is subject to inspection andreview by Pioneer Packaging prior to a credit being issued. Materials returned to PioneerPackaging in good condition for resale may be subject to a restocking fee and relatedtransportation costs, depending on the nature of the return and non-conformance foundand documented by Pioneer Packaging.Cancellationa. Purchase Orders and/or signed Quotations may only be cancelled in writing. Upon receiptof written Notice of Cancellation, Pioneer Packaging will make every reasonable effort andtake all reasonable actions to minimize additional expenses to Buyer, however, Buyeragrees to be responsible for all portions of Orders completed, plus actual expensesincurred by Pioneer Packaging in connection with fulfilling said Order and/or signedQuotation. Pioneer Packaging shall provide written substantiation for all expensesincurred.Invoices will be mailed, faxed or emailed to the address on the first page of this application.Customer agrees to notify Pioneer Packaging of any errors within 10 days after the date of theinvoice. Customer shall pay each invoice in full accordance with Pioneer Packaging’s terms.Upon Pioneer Pioneer Packaging acceptance of the application, this agreement becomes abinding contract between the parties and embodies the entire agreement of the parties.The undersigned certifies that the above information is true and correct, and that theundersigned has read and agreed to all the terms and conditions of this agreement noted onthe front and reverse of this sheet.Customer agrees to provide prompt written notice of any change in their name, address,ownership or form of business entity.Hold Harmlessa. Buyer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pioneer Packaging and itsemployees, agents, officers, directors, customers, suppliers and related parties,collectively and individually, from any and all actions, suits, claims and proceedings(“Claims”) and judgements, damages, fines, costs and expenses, including reasonableattorney fees resulting therefrom brought or commenced by any person or entity againstany indemnitee for the recovery of damages for injury, illness, death, businessinterruption, lost revenue, production and/or profits and damage to property arising outof a) the delivery, sale, resale, labeling, use and/or misuse of any Product and/or Servicesold to Buyer by Pioneer Packaging, or b) negligent acts or omissions of Buyer in any form;provided however that Buyer’s indemnification obligations herein shall not apply to Claimscaused as a direct result of Pioneer Packaging’s willful negligence.SignaturePrint NameCompany NameDate

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1280 Frontenac Road * Naperville, IL 60563 * 847-357-0010 * Fax 847-357-0020This form must be submitted with the Credit Application in order to complete credit verification.Credit Information Release FormCompany NameI,, hereby give Pioneer Packaging permission to obtain my credit file.SignatureTitleDate

If, in Pioneer Packaging's sole judgement, Buyer's financial condition becomes impaired, Pioneer Packaging may decline to make product deliveries except for COD, CIA or other adequate assurances for payment acceptable to Pioneer Packaging. 6. Overruns/Underruns a. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing Pioneer Packaging retains the right .