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VLT 6000 HVACThe voltage of the frequency converteris dangerous whenever the equipmentis connected to mains. Incorrectinstallation of the motor or the frequency convertermay cause damage to the equipment, seriouspersonal injury or death.Consequently, the instructions in this manual,as well as national and local rules and safetyregulations, must be complied with.If personal safety considerations make it necessaryto ensure that no unintended start occurs, thesestop functions are not sufficient.2. While parameters are being changed, themotor may start. Consequently, the stop key[OFF/STOP] must always be activated, followingwhich data can be modified.3. A motor that has been stopped may start if faultsoccur in the electronics of the frequency converter,or if a temporary overload or a fault in the supplymains or the motor connection ceases. Safety regulations1. The frequency converter must be disconnectedfrom mains if repair work is to be carried out. Check Use on isolated mainsthat the mains supply has been disconnectedSee section RFI Switch regarding use on isolated mains.and that the necessary time has passed beforeIt is important to follow the recommendationsremoving motor and mains plugs.regarding installation on IT-mains, since sufficient2. The [OFF/STOP] key on the control panel ofprotection of the complete installation must bethe frequency converter does not disconnectobserved. Not taking care using relevant monitoringthe equipment from mains and is thus notdevices for IT-mains may result in be used as a safety switch.3. Correct protective earthing of the equipmentmust be established, the user must be protectedagainst supply voltage, and the motor must beprotected against overload in accordance withapplicable national and local regulations.4. The earth leakage currents are higher than 3.5 mA.5. Protection against motor overload is included inthe factory setting. Parameter 117, Motor thermalprotection default value is ETR trip 1.Note: The function is initialised at 1.0 x ratedmotor current and rated motor frequency (seeparameter 117, Motor thermal protection).6. Do not remove the plugs for the motor and mainssupply while the frequency converter is connectedto mains. Check that the mains supply has beendisconnected and that the necessary time haspassed before removing motor and mains plugs.7. Reliable galvanic isolation (PELV) is not compliedwith if the RFI switch is placed in OFF position.This means that all control in - and outputscan only be considered low-voltage terminalswith basic galvanic isolation.8. Please note that the frequency converter hasmore voltage inputs than L1, L2 and L3, whenthe DC-bus terminals are used.Check that all voltage inputs have beendisconnected and that the necessary time haspassed before repair work is commenced. Warning against unintended start1. The motor can be brought to a stop bymeans of digital commands, bus commands,references or a local stop, while the frequencyconverter is connected to mains.2MG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark

Warning:Touching the electrical parts may be fatal - even after the equipment has beendisconnected from mains.175HA490.11VLT 6000 HVACMG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademarkIntroduction toHVACUsing VLT 6002 - 6005, 200-240 V: Wait at least 4 minutesUsing VLT 6006 - 6062, 200-240 V: Wait at least 15 minutesUsing VLT 6002 - 6005, 380-460 V: Wait at least 4 minutesUsing VLT 6006 - 6072, 380-460 V: Wait at least 15 minutesUsing VLT 6102 - 6352, 380-460 V: Wait at least 20 minutesUsing VLT 6400 - 6550, 380-460 V: Wait at least 15 minutesUsing VLT 6002 - 6006, 525-600 V: Wait at least 4 minutesUsing VLT 6008 - 6027, 525-600 V: Wait at least 15 minutesUsing VLT 6032 - 6275, 525-600 V: Wait at least 30 minutes3

VLT 6000 HVAC Mechanical installationPlease pay attention to the requirementsthat apply to integration and field mountingkit, see the below list. The information givenin the list must be observed to avoid serious damageor injury, especially when installing large units.The frequency converter must be installed vertically.The frequency converter is cooled by means of aircirculation. For the unit to be able to release its coolingair, the minimum distance over and below the unitmust be as shown in the illustration below.To protect the unit from overheating, it must beensured that the ambient temperature does not riseabove the max. temperature stated for the frequencyconverter and that the 24-hour average temperature isnot exceeded . The max. temperature and 24-houraverage can be seen from the General Technical Data.If the ambient temperature is in the range of 45 C -55 C, derating of the frequency converter will becomerelevant, see Derating for ambient temperature.The service life of the frequency converter willbe reduced if derating for ambient temperatureis not taken into account. Installation of VLT 6002-6352All frequency converters must be installed in away that ensures proper cooling.CoolingAll Bookstyle and Compact units require a minimumspace above and below the enclosure.Side by side/flange by flangeAll frequency converters can be mounted sideby side/flange by flange.4MG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark

VLT 6000 HVACd [mm]CommentsBookstyleVLT 6002-6005, 200-240 VVLT 6002-6011, 380-460 V100100Installation on a plane, vertical surface (no spacers)Compact (all enclosure types)VLT 6002-6005, 200-240 VVLT 6002-6011, 380-460 VVLT 6002-6011, 525-600 V100100100Installation on a plane, vertical surface (no spacers)VLTVLTVLTVLTVVVV200200225200Installation on a plane, vertical surface (no spacers)VLT 6042-6062, 200-240 VVLT 6100-6275, 525-600 V225225Installation on a plane, vertical surface (no spacers)VLT 6152-6352, 380-460 V225Installation on a plane, vertical surface (spacers can be used). IP 54 240380-460380-460525-600IP 54 filter mats must be changed when they are dirty.Installationmats must be changed when they are dirty. Installation of VLT 6400-6550 380-460 V CompactIP 00, IP 20 and IP 54CoolingSide-by-sideAll units in the above-mentioned series require aminimum space of 400 mm above the enclosureand must be installed on a plane floor. This appliesto both IP 00, IP 20 and IP 54 units.Gaining access to VLT 6400-6550 requires aminimum space of 605 mm in front of the frequencyconverter.All IP 00, IP 20 and IP 54 units in theabove-mentioned series can be installed side by sidewithout any space between them, since these unitsdo not require cooling on the sides. IP 00 VLT 6400-6550 380-460 VThe IP 00 unit is designed for installation in a cabinetwhen installed according to the instructions in theMG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademarkVLT 6400-6550 Installation Guide MG.56.AX.YY.Please note, that the same conditions as for NEMA1/ IP20 and IP54 must be fulfilled.5

VLT 6000 HVAC High voltage warningThe voltage of the frequency converteris dangerous whenever the equipment isconnected to mains. Incorrect installationof the motor or the frequency converter may causedamage to the equipment, serious personal injuryor death. Consequently, the instructions in thisDesign Guide, as well as national and local safetyregulations, must be complied with. Touchingthe electrical parts may be fatal - even afterdisconnection from mains: Using VLT 6002-6005,200-240 V wait at least 4 minutesUsing VLT 6006-6062, 200-240 V wait atleast 15 minutesUsing VLT 6002-6005, 380-460 V wait atleast 4 minutesUsing VLT 6006-6072, 380-460 V wait atleast 15 minutesUsing VLT 6102-6352, 380-460 V wait atleast 20 minutesUsing VLT 6400-6550, 380-460 V wait atleast 15 minutesUsing VLT 6002-6006, 525-600 V wait atleast 4 minutesUsing VLT 6008-6027, 525-600 V wait atleast 15 minutesUsing VLT 6032-6275, 525-600 V wait atleast 30 minutesNB!:It is the user’s or certified electrician’sresponsibility to ensure correct earthing andprotection in accordance with applicablenational and local norms and standards. EarthingThe following basic issues need to be consideredwhen installing a frequency converter, so as to obtainelectromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Safety earthing: Please note that the frequencyconverter has a high leakage current and mustbe earthed appropriately for safety reasons.Apply local safety regulations.High-frequency earthing: Keep the earth wireconnections as short as possible.Connect the different earth systems at the lowestpossible conductor impedance. The lowest possibleconductor impedance is obtained by keeping theconductor as short as possible and by using thegreatest possible surface area. A flat conductor, forexample, has a lower HF impedance than a roundconductor for the same conductor cross-sectionCVESS. If more than one device is installed in cabinets,6the cabinet rear plate, which must be made ofmetal, should be used as a common earth referenceplate. The metal cabinets of the different devicesare mounted on the cabinet rear plate using thelowest possible HF impedance. This avoids havingdifferent HF voltages for the individual devices andavoids the risk of radio interference currents runningin connection cables that may be used betweenthe devices. The radio interference will have beenreduced. In order to obtain a low HF impedance, usethe fastening bolts of the devices as HF connectionto the rear plate. It is necessary to remove insulatingpaint or similar from the fastening points. CablesControl cables and the filtered mains cable shouldbe installed separate from the motor cables so as toavoid interference overcoupling. Normally, a distanceof 20 cm will be sufficient, but it is recommendedto keep the greatest possible distance whereverpossible, especially where cables are installed inparallel over a substantial distance.With respect to sensitive signal cables, such astelephone cables and data cables, the greatestpossible distance is recommended with a minimumof 1 m per 5 m of power cable (mains andmotor cable). It must be pointed out that thenecessary distance depends on the sensitivity ofthe installation and the signal cables, and thattherefore no precise values can be stated.If cable jaws are used, sensitive signal cables are notto be placed in the same cable jaws as the motorcable or brake cable. If signal cables are to crosspower cables, this should be done at an angle of90 degrees. Remember that all interference-filledin- or outgoing cables to/from a cabinet shouldbe screened/armoured or filtered.See also EMC-correct electrical installation. Screened/armoured cablesThe screen must be a low HF impedance screen.This is ensured by using a braided screen ofcopper, aluminium or iron. Screen armour intendedfor mechanical protection, for example, is notsuitable for an EMC-correct installation. Seealso Use of EMC-correct cables. Extra protection with regard to indirect contactELCB relays, multiple protective earthing or earthingcan be used as extra protection, provided thatMG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark

VLT 6000 HVAC RFI switchMains supply isolated from earth:If the frequency converter is supplied from an isolatedmains source ( IT mains) or TT/TN-S mains withgrounded leg, the RFI switch is recommendedto be turned off (OFF). For further reference, seeIEC 364-3. In case optimum EMC performance isneeded, parallel motors are connected or the motorcable length is above 25 m, it is recommendedto set the switch in ON position.In OFF position, the internal RFI capacities (filtercapacitors) between the chassis and the intermediatecircuit are cut off to avoid damage to the intermediatecircuit and to reduce the earth capacity currents(according to IEC 61800-3).Please also refer to the application note VLT onIT mains, MN.90.CX.02. It is important to useisolation monitors that are capable for use togetherwith power electronics (IEC 61557-8).NB!:The RFI switch is not to be operated withmains connected to the unit. Check thatthe mains supply has been disconnectedbefore operating the RFI switch.NB!:Open RFI switch is only allowed at factoryset switching frequencies.Mains supply connected to earth:The RFI switch must be in ON position in order for thefrequency converter to comply with the EMC standard.Installationlocal safety regulations are complied with. Inthe case of an earth fault, a DC content maydevelop in the faulty current.Never use ELCB relays, type A, since such relaysare not suitable for DC fault currents.If ELCB relays are used, this must be: Suitable for protecting equipment with a directcurrent content (DC) in the faulty current(3-phase bridge rectifier) Suitable for power-up with short chargingcurrent to earth Suitable for a high leakage currentBookstyle IP 20VLT 6002 - 6011 380 - 460 VVLT 6002 - 6005 200 - 240 VCompact IP 20 and NEMAVLT 6002 - 6011 380 - 460VLT 6002 - 6005 200 - 240VLT 6002 - 6011 525 - 6001VVVNB!:The RFI switch connects the capacitorsgalvanically to earth.The red switches are operated by means of e.g. ascrewdriver. They are set in the OFF position whenthey are pulled out and in ON position when theyare pushed in. Factory setting is ON.MG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark7

VLT 6000 HVACCompact IP 20 and NEMAVLT 6016 - 6027 380 - 460VLT 6006 - 6011 200 - 240VLT 6016 - 6027 525 - 6001VVVCompact IP 20 and NEMAVLT 6032 - 6042 380 - 460VLT 6016 - 6022 200 - 240VLT 6032 - 6042 525 - 6001VVVCompact IP 54VLT 6102 - 6122 380 - 460 VCompact IP 54VLT 6002 - 6011 380 - 460 VVLT 6002 - 6005 200 - 240 VCompact IP 54VLT 6016 - 6032 380 - 460 VVLT 6006 - 6011 200 - 240 VCompact IP 20 and NEMAVLT 6052 - 6122 380 - 460VLT 6027 - 6032 200 - 240VLT 6052 - 6072 525 - 60081VVVMG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark

VLT 6000 HVACInstallationCompact IP 54VLT 6042 - 6072 380 - 460 VVLT 6016 - 6032 200 - 240 VMG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark9

VLT 6000 HVAC High voltage testA high voltage test can be carried out byshort-circuiting terminals U, V, W, L1, L2 and L3and energizing by max. 2.5 kV DC for one secondbetween this short-circuit and the chassis.NB!:The RFI switch must be closed (positionON) when high voltage tests are carried out.The mains and motor connection must beinterrupted in the case of high voltage tests of the totalinstallation if the leakage currents are too high. Heat emission from VLT 6000 HVACThe tables in General technical data show thepower loss P (W) from VLT 6000 HVAC. Themaximum cooling air temperature tIN MAX, is 40 at 100% load (of rated value). Ventilation of integrated VLT 6000 HVACThe quantity of air required for cooling frequencyconverters can be calculated as follows:Add up the values of P for all the frequencyconverters to be integrated in the same panel.The highest cooling air temperature (t IN) presentmust be lower than tIN, MAX (40 C). The day/nightaverage must be 5 C lower (VDE 160). Theoutlet temperature of the cooling air mustnot exceed: tOUT, MAX (45 C).2. Calculate the permissible difference betweenthe temperature of the cooling air (tIN) andits outlet temperature (tOUT ):t 45 C-tIN.3. Calculate the requiredm3/hquantity of air t in Kelvininsert1.The outlet from the ventilation must be placedabove the highest-mounted frequency converter.Allowance must be made for the pressure lossacross the filters and for the fact that the pressureis going to drop as the filters are choked.10MG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark

VLT 6000 HVAC Electrical installation - earthing of control cablesGenerally speaking, control cables must be braidedscreened/armoured and the screen must beconnected by means of a cable clamp at bothends to the metal cabinet of the unit.The drawing below indicates how correct earthing iscarried out and what to be done if in doubt.Correct earthingControl cables and cables for serial communicationmust be fitted with cable clamps at both ends toensure the best possible electrical contactWrong earthingDo not use twisted cable ends (pigtails), since theseincrease the screen impedance at high frequencies.For 50/60 Hz earth loopsIf very long control cables are used, 50/60 Hz earthloops may occur. This problem can be solved byconnecting one end of the screen to earth via a100nF capacitor (keeping leads short).Cables for serial communicationLow-frequency noise currents between two frequencyconverters can be eliminated by connecting one endof the screen to terminal 61. This terminal is connectedto earth via an internal RC link. It is recommendedto use twisted-pair cables to reduce the differentialmode interference between the conductors. Tightening-up torque and screw sizesThe table shows the torque required when fittingterminals to the frequency converter. For VLT6002-6032, 200-240 V, VLT 6002-6122, 380-460and 525-600 V the cables must be fastenedwith screws. For VLT 6042-6062, 200-240 Vand for VLT 6152-6550, 380-460 V, the cablesmust be fastened with bolts.These figures apply to the following terminals:MG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademarkMains terminals (Nos.)91, 92, 93L1, L2, L3Motor terminals (Nos.)96, 97, 98U, V, WEarth terminal (Nos.)94, 95, 9911InstallationProtection with respect to earth potentialbetween PLC and VLTIf the earth potential between the frequency converterand the PLC (etc.) is different, electric noise mayoccur that will disturb the whole system. Thisproblem can be solved by fitting an equalisingcable, to be placed next to the control cable.Minimum cable cross-section: 16 mm 2.

VLT 6000 HVACVLT typeTightening-upScrew/bolttorquesize3 x 200 - 240 VAllenkey Pre-fusesSee Technical data for correct sizing of pre-fuses.sizeVLT 6002-60050.5-0.6 NmM3VLT 6006-60111.8 Nm (IP 20)M4VLT 6006-60161.8 Nm (IP 54)M4VLT 6016-60273.0 Nm (IP 20)M53)4 mmVLT 6022-60273.0 Nm (IP 54)2)M53)4 mmVLT 60326.0 NmM63)5 mmVLT 6042-606211.3 NmM8 (bolt) Motor connectionThe motor must be connected to terminals 96,97, 98. Earth to terminal 94/95/99.Nos.96. 97. 98Motor voltage 0-100 % of mains voltageU, V, WVLT typeTightening-upScrew/boltAllen3 x 380-460 VtorquesizekeyVLT 6002-60110.5-0.6 NmM3VLT 6016-60271.8 Nm (IP 20)M4VLT 6016-60321.8 Nm (IP 54)M4VLT 6032-60523.0 Nm (IP 20)M53)4 mmVLT 6042-60523.0 Nm (IP 54)2)M53)4 mmVLT 6062-60726.0 NmM63)5 mmVLT 6102-612215 Nm (IP 20)M83)6 mm24 Nm (IP 54)1)3)8 mmsizeVLT 6152-6352M10 (bolt)42 NmM12 (bolt)19VLT 6400-6550VLT typeNm4)Tightening-upScrew/boltAllen3 x 525-600 VtorquesizekeyVLT 6002-60110.5-0.6 NmM3sizeVLT 6016-60271.8 NmM4VLT 6032-60423.0 Nm2)M53)4 mmVLT 6052-60726.0 NmM63)5 mmVLT 6100-615011.3 NmM8VLT 6175-627511.3 NmM8No. 94/95/99Earth connectionSee Technical data for correct sizing ofcable cross-sections.All types of three-phase asynchronous standardmotors can be used with a VLT 6000 HVAC unit.Small-size motors are normally star-connected./Y). Large-size motors are(220/380 V,/Y). The correctdelta-connected (380/660 V,connection and voltage can be read fromthe motor nameplate.NB!:In older motors without phase coilinsulation, a LC filter should be fitted tothe frequency converter output. See theDesign Guide or contact Danfoss.1. Loadsharing terminals 14 Nm/M6, 5 mm Allen key2. IP 54 units with RFI filter line terminals 6 Nm3. Allen screws (hexagon)4. Loadsharing terminals 9.5 Nm/M8 (bolt) Mains connectionMains must be connected to terminals 91, 92, 93.Mains voltage 3 x 200-240 V91, 92, 93Mains voltage 3 x 380-460 VL1, L2, L3Mains voltage 3 x 525-600 VNB!:Check that the mains voltage fits the mainsvoltage of the frequency converter, whichcan be seen from the nameplate.See Technical data for correct sizing ofcable cross-sections.12MG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark

VLT 6000 HVAC Direction of motor rotationProblems may arise at the start and at low rpm valuesif the motor sizes are widely different. This is becausethe relatively high ohmic resistance in small motorscalls for a higher voltage at the start and at low rpmvalues. In systems with motors connected in parallel,the electronic thermal relay (ETR) of the frequencyconverter cannot be used as motor protection forthe individual motor. Consequently, additional motorprotection is required, such as thermistors in eachmotor (or individual thermal relays).The factory setting is for clockwise rotation with thefrequency transformer output connected as follows.Terminal 96 connected to U-phaseTerminal 97 connected to V-phaseTerminal 98 connected to W-phaseThe direction of motor rotation can be changed byswitching two phases in the motor cable. Parallel coupling of motorsVLT 6000 HVAC is able to control several motorsconnected in parallel. If the motors are to havedifferent rpm values, the motors must havedifferent rated rpm values. Motor rpm is changedsimultaneously, which means that the ratio betweenthe rated rpm values is maintained across the range.The total current consumption of the motors isnot to exceed the maximum rated output currentIVLT,N for the frequency converter.MG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademarkInstallationNB!:Parameter 107 Automatic Motor Adaptation,AMA and Automatic Energy Optimization, AEOin parameter 101 Torque characteristics cannotbe used if motors are connected in parallel. Motor cablesSee Technical data for correct sizing of motorcable cross-section and length.Always comply with national and local regulationson cable cross-sections.NB!:If an unscreened cable is used, someEMC requirements are not complied with,see EMC test results.If the EMC specifications regarding emission areto be complied with, the motor cable must bescreened, unless otherwise stated for the RFI filterin question. It is important to keep the motor cableas short as possible so as to reduce the noise leveland leakage currents to a minimum.The motor cable screen must be connected to themetal cabinet of the frequency converter and to themetal cabinet of the motor. The screen connectionsare to be made with the biggest possible surface (cableclamp). This is enabled by different installation devicesin the different frequency converters. Mounting withtwisted screen ends (pigtails) is to be avoided, sincethese spoil the screening effect at higher frequencies.If it is necessary to break the screen to install amotor isolator or motor contactor, the screen must becontinued at the lowest possible HF impedance.13

VLT 6000 HVAC Motor thermal protectionThe electronic thermal relay in UL-approved frequencyconverters has received UL approval for singlemotor protection, as long as parameter 117 Motorthermal protection has been set to ETR Trip andparameter 105 Motor current IVLT,N, has beenprogrammed for the rated motor current (can beread from the motor nameplate). Earth connectionSince the leakage currents to earth may be higherthan 3.5 mA, the frequency converter must alwaysbe earthed in accordance with applicable na-tionaland local regulations. In order to ensure goodmechanical connection of the earth cable, its cablecross-section must be at least 10 mm2. For addedsecurity, an RCD (Residual Current Device) may beinstalled. This ensures that the frequency converterwill cut out if the leakage currents get too high.See RCD instructions MI.66.AX.02. DC bus connectionThe DC bus terminal is used for DC back-up,with the intermediate circuit being suppliedfrom an external DC source.Terminal nos.88, 89Contact Danfoss if you require further information. High-voltage relayThe cable for the high-voltage relay must be connectedto terminals 01, 02, 03. The high-voltage relay isprogrammed in parameter 323, Relay 1, output.No. 1Relay ouput 11 3 break, 1 2 makeMax 240 V AC, 2 AmpMin. 24 V DC 10 mA or24 V AC, 100 mAMax Cross-section:4 mm2/10 AWGTorque:0.5-0.6 NmScrew size:M3 Control cardAll terminals for the control cables are located underthe protective cover of the frequency converter. Theprotective cover (see drawing below) can be removedby means of a pointed object - a screwdriver or similar.14MG.60.C7.02 - VLT is a registered Danfoss trademark

VLT 6000 HVACThere are 8 digital inputs, which can be connectedto terminals 16-19, 27, 29, 32, 33. These inputscan be programmed in accordance with the tablein Inputs and outputs 300-328.There are two analogue/digital outputs (terminals42 and 45), which can be programmed to showthe present status or a process value, such as0-fMAX. Relay outputs 1 and 2 can be used forgiving the present status or a warning.On terminals 68 (P ) and 69 (N-) RS 485 interface,the frequency converter can be controlled andmonitored via serial communication.Installation Connection examples, VLT 6000 HVACThe diagram below gives an example of a typicalVLT 6000 HVAC installation.The mains supply is connected to terminals 91 (L1),92 (L2) and 93 (L3), while the motor is connected to96 (U), 97 (V) and 98 (W). These numbers can also beseen from the terminals of the frequency converter.An external DC supply or a 12-pulse option canbe connected to terminals 88 and 89. Please askDanfoss for a Design Guide to learn more.Analogue inputs can be connected to terminals 53 [V],54 [V] and 60 [mA]. These inputs can be programmedfor either reference, fe

VLT 6000 HVAC Introduction to HVAC Warning: 175HA490.11 Touching the electrical parts may be fatal - even after the equipment has been disconnected from mains. Using VLT6002 - 6005, 200-240 V: Wait at least 4 minutes