Grand Master’sFromWidow’s Sons’No. 60THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF WIDOW’S SONS’ LODGE NO. 60A. F. & A. M., CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA, U.S.A.CHARTERED DECEMBER 10TH, AD 1799, AL 5799HIRAM’S JOURNALStated Communications January 21st, 2019Widow’s Sons’ Lodge No. 60 WebsiteWidow’s Sons’ Lodge No. 60 Facebook PageLeitch 1855-56Message from the East:Brethren,Coles 1880-81Duke 1898-99Wood 1915Forbes 1959First off, I would like to wisheveryone a happy holiday seasonand look forward to a new year ofbrotherhood with each of you. Asmany of you know, one of ourbrethren took his life recently, andas tragic as this is, I believe weshould always learn somethingfrom any situation we are confronted with. That lesson, I believe, is to remind us of how fragileall of our lives and relationships are and that we should nottake this concept of fraternity for granted.Always make time to nourish the relationships youhave with your brothers. Because possibly the kind wordsyou share with a brother at lodge, or lending a helping handoutside of lodge, could make all the difference for the brother who is teetering on the edge in a difficult time. Thanks foryour time brothers, and I look forward to seeing you all atBurns Night in January.Respectfully,Worshipful Jason ParhamHodges 2009

Masonic Birthdays!Call a Brother and wish hima Happy Masonic Birthday.Name:Master Mason Degree:Lee W. Bullwinkel01/19/1973James G. Carpenter01/25/1993Halbert E. Davis01/31/1983James D. Dunbar, Jr.01/30/1984Rolling E. Fields01/19/1973Kurt M. Gloeckner01/31/1972Jimmy G. Houser01/05/1976Curtis Parker Leake01/12/1977James W. Marshall01/13/1973Thomas A. Patrick, III01/30/1984E. Mack Powell01/31/1961 (58 Yrs)Paul H. Drinard01/27/1969 (50 Yrs)LODGE OF SORROWIt is with great sadness that we reportBrother John Healey laid down his working toolsand went to the Celestial Lodge above on December 12th, 2018. His Masonic Rites were conducted on December 20th at the Darden Schoolof Business. Please keep him and his family inyour prayers.2019 DuesBrethren, Your 2019 dues cards are now in andready to be distributed. Notices have been sent out.Again, for this year they are 127. Please remit 127.00 payable to Widow’s Sons’ Lodge No. 60.Send to;Wor. Mark S. Chapman, Secretary22 Pine Crest DriveTroy, VA 22974Please note that the current dues has been increased by 10 due to the approved resolution passed in theGrand Annual Communication of 2017.UPCOMING EVENTSWidow’s Sons’ Lodge Events:WSL Stated Communication: January 21, 7:00 pmRobert Burns Dinner Night before Stated at 6:00 pm. (See noticeon next page).10th District Masonic Lodges:Day Lodge No. 58 Stated, 1st Thursday at 7:30 PMWidow’s Sons’ No. 60 Stated, 3rd Monday at 7:00 PMMurray No. 175 Stated, 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 PMWaddell No. 228 Stated, 2nd Monday at 7:30 PMMineral No. 311 Stated, 3rd Thursday at 7:30 PMCabell No. 328 Stated, 1st Wednesday at 7:30 PMGRAND LODGE EVENTS:Division Leadership Conference: Richmond Scottish Rite Temple,4204 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA, January 26th (Saturday),Registration 9:00 am.Division Leadership Conference: Waynesboro Bridge ChristianChurch, 1275 Goose Creek Road, Fishersville, VA February 9th(Saturday), Registration 9:00 am.APPENDANT BODY MEETINGS AND EVENTS:Eastern Star—Queen Esther Chapter No. 14:January 12th at 10:00 amKnight Templars Commandery No. 3:January 22nd at 6:00 pmKeystone Royal Arch Chapter 58:January 22nd at 7:00 pmShriners Piedmont Club:January 30th at 6:00 pmOrder of Amaranth—Blue Ridge Court No. 8:January 4th at 6:00 pmArticles Ideas for Hiram’s Journal?Hello Brethren, if anyone has an idea for an article to put intoHiram’s Journal, just send me an email and I’ll try to put it for thenext issue.2Send to: adam [email protected]

ROBERT BURNS NIGHT SUPPERMonday, January 21, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.Dinner: 10MASONS and GUESTSA Big Thanks to RW JimDickerson and the 2018 Officers for the delicious mealbefore the December Statedwith the Oyster Stew!!!You are invited to join the Officers and Members ofWidow’s Sons’ Lodge No. 60Celebrating the life of Brother Robert Burns with find food,good company and Scottish entertainment.GUEST SPEAKER:For Reservations:R.W. Bill BondContact: Bro. Eddie O’Hare CreasyWith a Presentation on(434) 293-8366“Ode to the Haggis”[email protected]:HaggisBeef StewMashed PotatoesGreen BeansBrother Robert Burns wasborn on 25 January 1759 anddied on 21 July 1796. Burnswas a great poetic writer anda supporter of the FrenchRevolution. He was elected asthe Deputy Master (positionright below Worshipful) andwas exalted in the Holy RoyalArch Degree in May 1787.Haggis will be prepared by RW Jim Dickerson3

Appendant Body of the Month!Brethren, as my role of the new editor for Hiram’s Journal in 2019, I will try mybest to get the most relevant information out to you concerning the lodge, Grand Lodgeproceedings, other local lodges and local appendant bodies. I will also try to providesome articles about different aspects of Freemasonry, such as some esoteric news or articles. I do believe in a comprehensive view of Masonry and trying to learn all that I canfrom all its different parts. To do this, I will try to write some information about a different appendant body or organization of Freemasonry in each month’s journal. One monthit might be about the York Rite and then the next month might be about Eastern Star. Iwill also try to incorporate important historical dates that happened within the month inrelation to Freemasonry.This month I would like to start this year in the January edition of Hiram’s Journalabout the formation of the Grand Lodge of England, established in 1717 on St. John’sDay, June 27th. Prior to this formation, there were Masonic Lodges located around England, Ireland and Scotland. Four lodges meet together to establish the Grand Lodge and toelect the first Grand Master, Anthony Sayer. The four lodges that meet were at the Gooseand Gridiron Alehouse in St. Paul’s Churchyard, at the Crown Alehouse in Parker’s Lanenear Drury Lane, at the Apple-Tree Tavern in Charles Street, Covent Garden and at theRummer and Grapes Tavern in Channel Row, Westminster.These four lodges all met at the Gridiron and Goose Tavern and held a Feast of St.John and then proceeded in order to establish the first Grand Lodge and elect the GrandMaster, who then presented the candidates Capt. Joseph Elliot and Mr. Jacob Lamball asthe Grand Wardens. This Grand Lodge held together until 1751, when a rival GrandLodge appeared within London, causing the separation of the brotherhood into theModerns and Antients (Ancients).The Moderns made changes to the rituals and transposed words, while the Ancientsstated that no one could make changes and that Ancients would practice the Royal ArchMason degree while the Moderns discouraged this practice. There are many differencesbetween the Ancient and Moderns and a nice article can be read online about it called:“Ancients and Moderns: Differences and Similarities” by Barnes A. Sharitt, Jr. These twolodges would exist together until the unification formed in 1813, after four years of talksand meetings to form the United Grand Lodge of England on December 27 th, 1813.4

DECEMBER STATED PRESENTATIONSWorshipful Nick Bragg presenting Masonic Planners to Bro. Jason M. Parham andBro. Charles A. Via in celebration of theirMasonic Birthdays in December.Wor. Jason M. Parham and Wor. JasonPattison present Past Wor. Nick Braggwith his Past Master Masonic Ring, PastMaster Certificate, Past Master’s Apronand Carrying Case.Worshipful Nick Bragg presentedBro. Eddie O’Hare Creasy with the2018 Peyton S. Coles Ritual Awardfor his spectacular knowledge andimprovement of Masonic Ritual.Wor. Nick Bragg and RW. Bill Bondpresented Bro. Jason Parham with hisWarden’s Certificate before his election into the East.Elected Officers for 2019Worshipful Master: Wor. Jason Michael ParhamSenior Warden: Bro. Harry Lee Walker, Jr.Junior Warden: Bro. Eddie O’Hare CreasyTreasurer: RW Mike Daniel GriffinSecretary: Wor. Mark Stephen ChapmanSenior Deacon: RW. Gerald William “Bud” HoganJunior Deacon: Bro. Adam Lee BuffingtonChaplain: RW Phillip Harding Nelson, Jr.Marshall: Bro. Anthony Curtis SchienschangTyler: Bro. Bobby Cameron, Jr.5

Widow’s Sons’ Lodge No. 60A.F.&A.M.P. O. Box 6262Charlottesville, VA 229061799—2019The 220th Year of Service to theCharlottesville Community and beyond.“Freemasonry, a way of life”Return Service RequestedDated materialPlease ProcessHiram’s Journal2019 Elected Officers for Widow’s Sons’ Lodge No. 60FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:RW Mike Daniel Griffin (Treas), RW Gerald William “Bud” Hogan (SD), Bro. Harry LeeWalker, Jr. (SW), Wor. Jason Michael Parham (WM, in back), Bro. Eddie O’Hare Creasy(JW), Wor. Mark Stephen Chapman (Sec, in back), RW Phillip Harding Nelson, Jr. (Chap),Bro. Adam Lee Buffington (JD), Bro. Bobby Cameron, Jr. (Tyler)Not in Picture: Bro. Anthony Curtis Schienschang (Mars)6

ROBERT BURNS NIGHT SUPPER Monday, January 21, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. Dinner: 10 MASONS and GUESTS You are invited to join the Officers and Members of Widow’s Sons’ Lodge No. 60 Celebrating the life of Brother Robert Burns with find food, good company and