DragonlanceWarOf TheDarklanceCampaign SettingSenior Editor, Project Chair, and Continuity: Trampas WhitemanBackground, Historical Reference, Senior Proofreading: Patrick CoppockCore Rules, Game Mechanics, and Assembly: Matthew BlasiBased on a Story Concept by: David MillerCover Art “Icewall” by Ray Morru

Table of ContentsAuthors’ Forewords. 4The World of Krynn. 9Races . 23Classes . 41Prestige Classes . 69Heroes And Villains . 121Pantheon of Krynn . 152Equipment . 165Languages. 178Treasures . 180Moons of Krynn . 191Ansalonian Bestiary . 195War of the Dark Lance-3-

Authors’ ForewordsWords From The “Grand Poo-Bah”By: Trampas WhitemanThe War of the Darklance campaign setting is older than what one mightthink. Its origins can be traced back to a time before the Fifth Age, before Dragonsof Summer Flame, and before the Second Generation. At this time, we all had ourvisions of what the future may yet hold for Dragonlance. This setting is but one ofthose futures.The origins of this setting can be traced back to my good friend DavidMiller. David is the finest DM I have ever had the chance to play under. Healways had a knack for epic story telling, and for proving that your characters werenever too powerful. His vision for the future of Krynn was a harsh one. The timeof the Heroes of the Lance was over, and a new band of heroes would thenchampion the cause.David introduced myself, and my friends Karen Thronebury and Kenneth“Uncle Lockspringer” Reed to many new concepts and adventures. He came upwith the concept of corrupted Dragonlances. He also was inspired by the movie“Fire and Ice”, an animated fantasy movie, which gave him the idea of movingIcewall Glacier north. As with all great campaigns, this one came to a prematureend. Real Life, a thousand HP monster, reared its ugly head and the campaignnever saw its rightful end. I was determined that this campaign would live on.I picked up The Second Generation after it had hit paperback, and wasintroduced to the Knights of Takhisis for the first time. I fell in love with theconcept. Shortly thereafter, I began a new Dragonlance campaign of my own.Being the typical DM I was, I took my material from a variety of sources. Yes, Istole some of Dave’s ideas (with his permission, of course), taking them a stepfurther and adding in the Knights of Takhisis. My campaign had its own twistsand turns, and eventually came to its logical conclusion.In January 2001, the Dragonlance Nexus was born. The Nexus became theofficial Dragonlance gaming website, and was backed by Weis and Hickman. TheDragonlance legend was reborn. The Nexus maintains that all points of view arevalid, whether canon or not.I was working on some campaign journals for what I had named the War ofthe Darklance for the Adventure Portal section, which detailed my adventures ofWar of the Dark Lance-4-

old. Adventure Portal Editor Neil Burton read them over, and said it was quitegood and should be developed. From that came the idea of developing a newcampaign setting for Dragonlance.I knew that I couldn’t do it alone, so I recruited some of the finest talentsthat I know: Pat “Rath” Coppock and Matt “Rooks” Blasi. We also had a greatdeal of help from Tobin “Arek Brimstone” Melroy to get us started. I cannot sayenough good things about my fellow creators. Pat’s creative mind, Tobin’s love ofDragonlance, and Matt’s energy have all been an inspiration to me. As we workedon this project, many new ideas have come to light, and the setting was given newlife.After all of these years, the War of the Darklance lives again, this time as thefirst campaign setting for the Nexus. It is a living tribute to all who had everworked on it, to all who had ever played in it, and to Dragonlance fans everywhere.It is also a tribute to my good friend David Miller, whose path in life has taken himin a different direction. I miss you terribly, Dave. I cannot thank you enough forallowing us to develop your idea.At GenCon 2001, I told Tracy Hickman of the idea for the campaign at theWhitestone Council lunch. He stared into the air, smiled, and said, “I like it.”My friends and fellow companions, I give you a living testament to the veryideals of the Nexus – that all views of Dragonlance are valid, and that Dragonlancegaming lives.I hope that all of you enjoy this setting.I give you – the Darklance!Trampas Whiteman“Dragonhelm”Chairman, Whitestone CouncilDragonlance NexusWar of the Dark Lance-5-

A Word From The Rules GuyBy: Matthew BlasiWell then! Look at this! I actually get my own little space to writesomething! But then, this project has been so rewarding, this seems like a perkthat’s almost too good to be true (ducks flying coffee cups). Seriously, I justwanted to say that this project has been an incredibly rewarding and joyousundertaking. I have had the privilege to work on brand new Dragonlance materialfor the official Dragonlance gaming web site, the Dragonlance Nexus. I wasblessed to be able to work with two of the most respectful and knowledgeable coauthors, Trampas and Pat.A note on the Rules: These rules were constructed with contributions fromall three of us. They are entirely original and draw from some of the most essentialsources available – namely, Dragonlance Adventures, Tales of the Lance, TheSecond Generation, Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn and The Atlas of theDragonlance World. We realized when we were putting this piece together thatsome of the rules we were creating or instituting were somewhat contradictory towhat some may consider third edition “canon”. This is clear to us. We also realizethat some of the rules, especially the Classes and Prestige Classes may containrules that seem, at first glance, contradictory to the novels that are considered“canon”. And also that the rules presented in this book will be applauded by someand cursed by others. Not everyone, unfortunately, will be completely happy withour vision of Fourth Age rules. Yes, this is very clear to us. However, please tryto understand that as we created this piece, we scrutinized every rule carefully andin many cases, playtested them to make sure the feel and flavor of Dragonlancewas being accurately preserved. We truly sought to make a rules system that couldbe logically applied to either the novels or the games and make perfect sense. Inshort, we tried the best we could. And I feel very confident in saying that this setof rules, while bound not to please everyone, is certainly a fine product of care,labor, and genuine love for Dragonlance.I would like to thank the following: Mike Reed, Gary Ponzo and E – forhelping to keep me sane during the uncountable long nights I spent in front of thecomputer; the Dragonlance Nexus – for providing a home for this labor of love;David Miller – whom I’ve never met, but who created the original story conceptfor this campaign and who without, none of this would have been possible; themusic of Live, Rage Against the Machine, The Cure, P.O.D., I.C.P., System of aDown, Staind, Mudvayne and DMX – for keeping me filled with inspiration andenergy when I needed it most; my family and friends – for being supportive of theproject; Tobin Melroy – for being a great example of a person who knows just howWar of the Dark Lance-6-

to keep on trucking; and of course, Trampas Whiteman and Pat Coppock – forbeing respectful, kind, courteous, insightful, resourceful, compassionate,understanding and supportive of both me and this project, for truly, they have notonly been my co-authors, they have become my dear friends. Thank you forallowing me to work on this project. Much love and good will to you two. And toeveryone - Enjoy!Matthew Blasi“Rooks”Co-Creator, Game Mechanics and RulesWar of the DarklanceWar of the Dark Lance-7-

Words From The “Historian / Spell Checker”By: Patrick CoppockOK, I’m not very good at this. I can make up all kinds of stuff when itcomes to the creative writing aspect, but when it comes to the real world stuff Idon’t know what to write.Let me first reiterate Trampas and Matt’s sentiments by saying that it hastruly been a joyful experience working on this project. I’ve never even consideredsubmitting anything to the Nexus, let alone helping to produce a project of thissize, especially since I knew next to nothing about D&D 3rd Edition.I joined the Dragonlance message board around May this year and havelearned tons about a world I thought I was well versed in. I became friends with afew of the people there, namely Trampas, Matt and Tobin. So, when Trampasapproached me and asked me to help create this product, I was honored, but reallywasn’t sure I had a lot to contribute.As time progressed I found that this was truly an awesome product, and washaving a great time working with these two highly creative people. I have oftenfound myself sitting and thinking about how we have changed Krynn and hopingthat everyone who at least checks this world out enjoys reading or playing it asmuch as I have enjoyed helping create it.I’d like to thank everyone on the DL MB, who put up with my rants, helpedme learn more about Krynn, and planted the seeds for some of the ideas used inthis creation. I’d also like to thank Trampas and Matt for having faith in me, andbelieving that I could contribute to this amazing piece of work. A special thanksgoes to Matt for helping me to understand the 3e rules. I was a die-hard 2e player,but since I was involved in a 3e product I needed to know what all this new stuffmeant. Matt made it very easy for me to transition to 3e in a very short time. Andlastly, thanks to Tobin Melroy, your insight and input to some of my original ideaswas greatly appreciated. Many thanks to you for cultivating those ideas andchallenging me to make the game that much better. Keep ‘em flying Tobin.Again, I hope you enjoy playing in our alternate reality of Krynn.Patrick Coppock“Rath the Ranger”Co-Creator, Historical Background, Proof ReaderWar of the DarklanceWar of the Dark Lance-8-

The World of KrynnThis section brings to light many of the elements that make the War of theDarklance unique. It contains descriptions outlining the state of Ansalon’s variousnations and lands, peoples, and legends. Also contained in this section are somebackground stories regarding a few of the antagonists who play a major role in theWar of the Darklance.Since The War of the LanceIt has been 30 years since the War of the Lance, a war that brought aboutgreat change to the world of Krynn. For many years peace has ruled the land, traderoutes have opened up into and out of Thorbardin. There is finally reconciliationbetween the elves of Qualinost and Silvanost; of course the peace is a strained, asis always the case with the Qualinesti and Silvanesti nations. The tribes ofplainsmen are united under the rule of Goldmoon and Riverwind, two of theHeroes of the Lance. All across Ansalon people of every race and class exist in amore trusting and less prejudiced land. That is, until recently.Over the last couple of years things have begun to change, tending moretoward the dark and gloomy. Rumors of a new Knighthood dedicated to QueenTakhisis have arisen, the weather has been erratic and the sun doesn’t seem toshine as brightly from one day to the next. Scholars, sages and magic-users allover the continent have been researching this phenomenon in an effort to answerthe oft-asked question: “What is happening to our world?” Their studies and testshave thus far come up empty. Whatever changes are occurring, they have nothingto do with the land itself; there is a power at work here creating problems that seemto have no solution.The Approach of DarknessOne fateful day all the people and creatures of Ansalon awaken to find thatwhat was supposed to be the first day of summer has dawned more like a lateautumn morn. Frost covers the land, crops are wilting and dying due to theunseasonable cold, and chimneys everywhere breathe to life in an effort to chaseaway the chill. This is definitely the work of dark and fell magic, all signs point toan evil never before known on Krynn. To change the actual weather patterns andextend a glacier hundreds of miles, if rumors are to be believed, would take greatand mighty magic only a madman would release. There are no answers to any ofWar of the Dark Lance-9-

the questions, only more questions being asked. The only thing that can be done isto try and continue with day-to-day life and hope the problems can eventually befixed.The populace of Krynn begins to pull back into itself again. The gates ofThorbardin are sealed, the borders of the elven lands are closed, and a generalsense of distrust begins to spread across Ansalon once again. Things are about tobecome worse, when a day that began like any other over the last several weeks issuddenly plunged into the dead of winter. Blizzards scream across the land,darkness lingers until mid-morning and livestock and crops are frozen instantly.All over Krynn panic spreads, crowds of people trample others in an attempt toescape the sudden tundra-like conditions that have swept the land. Kings and othernobles are forced into action; emergency food stores are opened to offset the lossof crops, castles and keeps are opened to admit those suddenly without a home orplace to stay, even the royal treasuries are tapped in an effort to keep the economyfrom plunging as it did during the War.It is discovered that the rumors in the south are true, Icewall Glacier hasactually moved north to the southern part of Ansalon and encroached into thedesert land of Tarsis. What could possibly have caused such a disturbance is, asyet, still unknown. The answers must lie somewhere in Icereach, and a force mustbe sent south to find and terminate what is causing the unnatural freezing of Krynn.What follows is a description of the lands and people of Krynn, and howthey are being affected by the northern migration of Icewall Glacier. Krynn isabout to be plunged into a time of darkness nearly as bleak as the time followingthe Cataclysm. Heroes must be found to save the world, but it will be a verydaunting task, not to be taken lightly, for the evil that has caused these changes willmost certainly dishearten the most valiant and noble among us.South AnsalonAs was stated, Icewall Glacier has migrated north as far as Tarsis, and it isseemingly not stopping, everyday the glacier is found to have stretched further andfurther. At the rate it is advancing, the glacier will cover Tarsis within a week. So,with the glacier literally looming like a wall over their city, many of the citizensare preparing to flee Tarsis for safer land, if there is any to be found. But theirplans to reach safety have come to an end. The dreaded Thanoi, fierce walrus-likewarriors from Icereach, have invaded Tarsis and destroyed much of the city, takingthe residents into captivity and looting the city. They are led by a company ofknights in black armor riding dragons of white. Could this be the group that hasformed in the name of Takhisis?The largest white dragon ever seen on Krynn leads a flight of dragons. Ofall the chromatic dragons, whites are normally the smallest breed; however the sizeWar of the Dark Lance- 10 -

of this white would rival even some of the most ancient red dragons. A minotaurwho looks to be dressed in white furs rides the white dragon.The Plains of Dust have been transformed into frozen tundra, and wouldmore accurately be called the “Plains of Snow and Ice” now.East AnsalonNorth and east of the plains, in Silvanesti, the borders are again closed to alloutsiders, even their cousins after years of strained peace following the War of theLance. Squads of Silvanesti Kirath warriors have been trying to clear out the evilthat had taken up residence during Lorac’s nightmare. Finally nearing completionof this massive undertaking, the sudden winter has taken hold of the land, freezingthe Thon-Thalas river and killing many of the warriors who were journeying backto Silvanost after an unsuccessful mission to destroy the last green dragon residingin their land. Being naturally distrustful of their cousins, the Silvanesti blame theQualinesti for this newest trouble in their home. They assume that for some reasonthe Qualinesti have turned on them and released some kind of weather changingmagic upon them.Even though many of the Qualinesti have been in their lands working sideby side with their brethren to eradicate the evil of the nightmare, the Silvanestihave always believed that the only reason the elves of Qualinost are helping themis because their cousins are trying to take control of Silvanost. Under pressurefrom an influential Senator named Kalphanon, the Silvanesti Senate has decided toprepare for war against their cousins. Any and all of the Qualinesti elves still inSilvanost are considered spies; they have been taken captive and held as prisonersduring the prewar preparations. The plan is to launch an attack against Qualinostwithin the next month. Unbeknownst to the Silvanesti, the largest invasion forceyet is being formed in the lands between Bloten and the border of their nation. TheKnights of Takhisis know this will be a most difficult battle and have their ownplans to invade within the next few weeks. Both armies will most likely crosspaths on the Silvanesti border.Up north, in the city of Sanction, home of the volcanoes called the Lords ofDoom, the temperatures are dropping rapidly and even the heat from the “Lords”can’t fight the cold. The earth itself is being frozen, and the resulting expansion ofthe ground is compressing the subterranean lava pools, causing the lava to besqueezed out through the volcanoes. That alone would not be too terrible; but asthe pressure increases, the ground throughout Sanction is breaking open andcausing rivers of lava to course throughout the city.War of the Dark Lance- 11 -

West AnsalonWest of Silvanesti, in Thorbardin, the mountain home of the dwarves, theheights of the Kharolis Mountains have been besieged by the winter storm andmany contingents of the black knights. Using Theiwar spies, the knights found thenorthern entrance to Thorbardin and have taken control of the mountainstronghold. Of course, it was not an easy task, the dwarves battled furiously andcasualties were heavy on both sides. Eventually, the knights succeeded in theirconquest, as they had a seemingly endless supply of manpower to draw from.Many of the clansmen were taken captive, but a good number of Hylar and Daewarhave escaped and taken refuge deep in the little explored depths of the mountainkingdom, hoping to possibly increase their numbers to start a rebellion andexpunge the darkness from their homes. Most of the Theiwar and especiallyDaergar have joined forces with the dark knights in an effort to gain their favor.The dark dwarves believe they have found a way to finally rule Thorbardin if theycan convince the knights that they can be useful to their cause, and be left incontrol of the mountain kingdom.The storm moved north with a vengeance blowing through the KharolisMountains creating avalanches and blocking most of the mountain paths, wreakinghavoc with travel and trapping and killing many people journeying through thenewly opened pass from Pax Tharkas to Qualinesti, Solace and beyond.Qualinesti is covered in snow, the blizzard froze many of the tallest andmost ancient trees, killing many and felling not a few of those. The elves ofQualinost, believing this to be some fluke of nature, and being the most optimisticof the fair folk, have tried to rescue many of the lost souls and have left theirborders open to any who seek refuge.Quite a few of the centaur tribes have fled Darken Wood, which has been setablaze by the damnable red dragons. It seems that the flames are advancing on theforests surrounding Qualinost, and the centaur bands have decided to assist theQualinesti in fighting this threat to the elves’ homeland. The close contactbetween the centaur tribes and the Qualinesti has built a bond between the tworaces. The alliance that has been forged may be very beneficial in the time tocome, as no land is safe from invasion from the Dark Knights, and this attack onthe woods by the red dragons is surely a precursor to that attack.North AnsalonThe same conditions are present throughout Ansalon. The land has becomefrozen tundra no matter where you look. The only other change worth mentioningis probably the most drastic change to the most recognizable feature on the face ofKrynn. A particularly strong and frigid cold front moved across the Blood Sea ofWar of the Dark Lance- 12 -

Istar and flash-froze the sea itself along with the Malestrom. The blood red ice isextremely clear and many features under the sea are visible from the surface. Theoddest thing about the freezing of the Malestrom is that only the surface has beenfrozen, the storm itself still rages behind the ice. The underwater portion of theMalestrom has frozen in such a way as to allow anyone foolish enough to try,access to the bottom of the sea, and possibly even the sunken ruins of Istar.The Minotaurs of Mithas and Kothas, under the leadership of The RedMinotaur, have been planning an attack on the continent of Ansalon in order tobecome the “rightful rulers” of Krynn. They had planned a mass invasion acrossthe sea, but when it was frozen, every ship in their fleet was either destroyed orrendered completely useless for even the most basic of uses. The Red Minotaursent out many groups of scouts to see how far the freezing of the Blood Seareached, and one group returned with news that they may actually have the abilityto reach Istar and loot it for the lost magic that was stored in the city upon itsdemise. The Red Minotaur immediately sent a contingent of his most loyalfollowers to seek out this magic, believing this would be the key to his vanquishingKrynn, and ruling over the entire world.More and more rumors abound about an Army of Darkness spreading acrossAnsalon and the Knights of Solamnia can no longer disbelieve the news. OnSancrist Isle, home to the current head of the Knighthood, Lord Gunthar UthWistan, many military strategy meetings have been taking place. The goal of thesemeetings is the find the best means of locating the head of this “dark knighthood”and preventing it from taking control of Krynn. As a precautionary measure,Gunthar has had his officers all across Ansalon sending units out to patrol therealms, in hopes that any uprising may be ended before it begins. All of the largestcities now have a command post full of Knights of Solmania, and any trouble orproblems should be reported immediately to these posts.The only region seemingly unaffected by the cold is Nightlund, the home ofDargaard Keep and Lord Soth. In fact, the dark power of the undead seems to bekeeping the blizzard from penetrating the borders of Nightlund. The land of LordSoth is always cold and eerie, and nobody in his or her right mind would enterNightlund. But since the effects of the blizzard seem to cower from the landsurrounding Dargaard, this is surly a sign that something truly powerful is growingwithin the borders of Nightlund. Could it be that Lord Soth is the source of theproblems facing Krynn, or is something else arising to add to the woes of thisstrife-filled world?What Fate May TellFor the most part people have shut themselves away from the cold and arehoping that everything will work itself out eventually. There are some, though,War of the Dark Lance- 13 -

who suspect a new plot by the Queen of Darkness to take over the world hasbegun, and they have decided that this will not happen. Some of these people willbecome heroes; others will die trying to defend their world from the tide of evilthat is sweeping across the land. What will you do, what kind of person will yoube? Will you be a hero or a stander-by? The choice is yours; the fate of the worldmay very well rest in your hands.Lord Soth and EbonfangusWelcome to Dargaard Keep, the legendary home of the infamous Lord Soth,Death Knight of Krynn, Knight of the Black Rose, and General of the mostfrightening army Krynn has yet to face. From this dark and gloomy fortificationshall rise a threat never before known to exist in this world.As most beings on Krynn know, Lord Soth was once Loren Soth, Knight ofSolamnia, and member of the prestigious Order of the Rose. Prior to theCataclysm, Rose Knight Soth was determined to cleanse his soul of his misdeeds,praying to Paladine for a chance to prove himself once again. Soth’s prayers wereanswered and he was given the opportunity to save Krynn, and thereby himself,receiving a vision from Paladine of the Kingpriest’s plans for ascension toGodhood and the outcome of that demand.On his way to stop the Kingpriest’s demand, Soth was intercepted by theelven Clerics of Mishakal who did not approve of his marriage to Isolde, the youngelven maiden whom he married after his first wife’s “untimely demise”. TheClerics convinced Soth of Isolde’s infidelity and he returned to Dargaard Keep toconfront her, and, in effect, abandoning all the people of Ansalon, his God, and hisquest, just to find out the truth from his wife. Upon returning to Dargaard, thefiery mountain was thrown down upon the land, changing the world, as it wasknown, forever. The keep was not spared, Soth found Isolde nearly consumed byfire and offering their son to him in order to save the child. Soth refused, claimingthe child was not his, and allowed wife and son to be burned to death. But notbefore Isolde could call down a curse on Soth with her last breath, condemninghim to an existence of un-life for thousands of years to come.What is not known about Lord Soth, and what shall become evident, is whatSoth has been doing since his demise. Most people assume that Soth is forced toremain in his castle, the fire-blackened tomb that was once the pride of theKnighthood, being hand-crafted from the finest rose-colored stone available at thetime. It is also assumed that Soth can only emerge from Dargaard whensummoned by the Dark Queen. None of these assumptions is necessarily correct.The truth is as follows In the 5 years following the Cataclysm, Lord Soth sullenly took hispunishment and listened to the unending song of his misdeeds, sung to him by theWar of the Dark Lance- 14 -

banshees that were once the Clerics of Mishakal, also cursed for their part in Soth’sfailure. Then one night, while roaming the halls of Dargaard Keep, Soth began tofeel the power of magic growing in him. Suddenly, realizing that the magic at hiscommand was nearly unstoppable, Soth began to formulate a plan of revenge to bereleased on the people of Krynn. “If only there was a way to raise an army tocommand,” thought Soth. “Ah yes, Dargaard Keep had been laid siege to manytimes. Having never been breeched, thousands of men have died on the battlefieldsaround this keep.” He could feel the spirits of the undead thriving to enter theskeletal remains of lost soldiers outside his very walls. These spirits could not waitto wreak havoc upon Krynn, under the control of a great General like Soth.“Now,” reasoned Soth “I must find the right mixture of magic and use of my ownfoulness to raise an army of this size.” Continuing down to the lower passages andpast the dungeons, Soth’s mind was abuzz with the beginnings of what must bedone to make his machinations a reality.Many years passed, and Soth has made some headway with his plot, butnowhere near where he wished it to be. Many attempts at raising and controllingthe warriors that would be his “Undead Army of Terror, Death and Destruction”have only met with minor results. His greatest accomplishment has been thereanimation of the spirit of his Seneschal, Caradoc, and several of the knights loyalto him. But the raising of his army has not come to fruition by the time of the Warof the Lance, and he is called away by Queen Takhisis to do battle in Her name.Upon returning victorious in battle against the worm Tanis Half-Elven andthe city of Palanthas, Soth had just witnessed the death of a human woman, KitiaraUth Matar, and feels the need to add her to his army. His love for this human hadgrown strong after fighting alongside her. Her death was tragic, but would workwell with his plans, if he could not have her flesh and blood body, he would find away to possess her soul. If only he could complete his plans and release his wrathupon the world in a form befitting a Knight of his stature.While on one of his walks through the dregs of Dargaard Keep, his mindbegins to tingle with the communication from a powerful spirit attempting tocontact him. Soth follows the “signal” up through the halls, out of the castle,through the courtyard and to the drawbridge. “What in the Abyss

Dragonlance, and Matt's energy have all been an inspiration to me. As we worked on this project, many new ideas have come to light, and the setting was given new life. After all of these years, the War of the Darklance lives again, this time as the first campaign setting for the Nexus. It is a living tribute to all who had ever