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Social Media Marketing Cases Safeway:20,000 employees Scarlett Belle:2 employees,Channel Islands HarborScarlett Belle Weddings

Andrew Macarthy 500 Social Media MarketingTips: Essential Advice,Hints and Strategy forBusiness: Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Google ,YouTube, Instagram,LinkedIn, and More!

Facebook Founded 2004 350-million members Personal pages Company pages Photos / Videos Location updates Like / Comment / Shares Friend and Family Timelines “Facebook's mission is to give people thepower to share and make the world more openand connected.”

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Best Facebook Tips: Input all your business detail inthe About section of your page (name,address, contact, and clickable URL) Link to your personal profile to soft-sell friends Promote your Facebook page on all your onlineand print materials Post and repost often & consistently Thank your followers, acknowledge posters Obtain a custom vanity URL with 25 likes(e.g., AboutPR on Facebook)

Twitter 140 charactertweets Short updates Quotes Jokes Tips Retweets

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Twitter:AboutPR Links to blogarticles Retweets Links to FaceBookposts #hashtags

Best Twitter Tips: Pick your Twitter usernamecarefully, preferably using yourbrand name ( Write a sparkling bio, and use a custom logo Put your Twitter address *everywhere* Leave extra characters for retweets (at least 20) Use #hashtags – only 1 or 2 per tweet Thank your followers; follow others Shorten links with to save characters

LinkedIn Experience Portfolio samples Groups Networks Companies Recommendations Endorsements Article postsArticle: Why CollegeStudents Should be onLinkedIn

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Best LinkedIn Tips: Create a company page Complete 100% of your profileand company pages Create a custom URL (through profile settings) Send invites, accept invites, expand network Start your own LinkedIn Group (e.g., homecare) Feature videos, fresh materials, useful content Have your employees and clients link toyour company on their profiles

YouTube Create video channel Post promotional,educational, how-tovideos Viewable acrossmultiple operatingsystems and programs Comprehensive reportdata (views, likes,subscriptions) Google Ads

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YouTube:Educational How-tovideos Coursematerials Lectures Illustrations Demo clips GoogleAds

Best YouTube Tips: Choose a short but descriptiveuser name ( Complete your Channel tags Complete your video tags and keywords Aim for Google rankings (e.g.,‘marketing principles’using SEO tactics) Keep videos relevant and short (3-4 minutesmax unless warranted) Write tempting descriptions and calls-to-action(e.g., lose 15 pounds in 2 months) Choose good thumbnails, allow embedding, use ads

Website Domains & Hosting Domain Names(.com, .net, .org, .us, .biz) Websites Hosting(storage, bandwidth, support) Website Building (interface,architecture, graphics, media) Web Tools (email, SSL datasecurity, online stores, stoppingcarts, site manager, SEO)

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50-80% off regular price offer 50/50 split between Groupon and seller Problem converting discount customers to regular ones Payment issues

Pinterest Create theme- based 1-million visitsper weekGood for visualbusiness, how-to’s(e.g., fingernails)

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Best Pinterest Tips: Sign up as a business rather thanan individual for special support Use your business name in youruser name ( Add a Pinterest button to your website Taller images get more pins (skyscrapers) Use ‘killer’ image tags and descriptions Post videos too (YouTube & Vimeo embeds) Tutorials and how-to’s are popular

Photo & videosharing serviceowned byFacebook 1- billion users 40-billion photosuploaded Users ‘like’photos andfollow otherusers

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Place key-worded ads Run keyworded ads Pay perclick Get paid perclick Get paidmonthly

Best LinkedIn Tips: Create a company page, Complete 100% of your profile and company pages, Create a custom URL , (through profile settings) Send invites, accept invites, expand network, Start your own LinkedIn Group , (e.g., homecare) Feature videos, fresh materials, useful content,