Collect ive AgreementBetweenWabtec FoundryandThe International Union, United Automobile,Aerospace and Agricultural ImplementWorkers of AmericaLocal 251Begins:03/31/2007Terminates:03/31/201OO1548 (08)Source:Employees:Received by: pgDate: 10/25/2007Coded by :

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AGREEMENTEntered into as of the 31st day of March 2007By and BetweenWABTEC FOUNDRYA DIVISION OF WABTEC CANADA INC.WALLACEBURG, ONTARIO(Hereinafter Called The Company)andTHE INTERNATIONAL UNION, UNITEDAUTOMOBILE AEROSPACE AND AGRICULTURALIMPLEMENT WORKERS OF AMERICA (U.A.W.)AND ITS LOCAL 251(hereinafter called the "Union")--The parties hereto mutually agree as follows:1. The collective agreement dated October 1'I,2002, which had an expiry date of March 31st,2007, is renewed on the terms contained herein.2. The renewed agreement will expire onMarch 3Ist,2010.-3-

ARTICLE 1PURPOSE1.01 The purpose of this agreement is to establish andmaintain harmonious relations between the Companyand its employees, to establish conditions of employment,and to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the plantwithout interruption for the general benefit of theCompany and its employees.ARTICLE 2RECOGNITION2.01 The Company recognizes the Union as the solebargaining agent for all its hourly rated employees, ascertified by the Ontario Labour Relations Board, for thepurpose of collective bargaining and negotiations withreference to rates of pay, hours of work, and workingconditions within the scope and terms of the agreement,which may exist, or may arise during the life of thisagreement. A Union Representative will be presentduring all meetings with employees in regards to any ofthe above issues.2.02 The company recognizes that, in the interest ofharmonious relations, the Union will be notified inadvance of the implementation of any changes to the"Rules and Regulations" as currently posted in theworkplace.ARTICLE 3 UNION SECURITY3.01It will be a condition of employment for the life ofthis agreement that all present employees who haveattained seniority rights must become members of theUnion on the signing of this agreement and will remainmembers thereafter in good standing in accordance withthe constitution and by-laws of the Union.3.02All new employees, upon completion of thirty (30)working days in a twelve (12) month period, will become-4-.

membersthereof in good standing, in accordancewith theconstitution and by-laws of the Union for the life of thisagreement. The foregoing is for the purpose of unionmembership and in no way relates to the attainment of theemployees' seniority.3.03The Company will, during the term of thisAgreement, deduct an employee's initiation fee, Uniondues, and assessments on a monthly basis from anyhourly rated employee who has worked or beencompensated by the company for forty (40) hours in anyone (1) month, or as required by the U.A.W. constitution.Such deductions will be credited to the SecretaryTreasurer of Local 251, not later than the tenth (10th) dayof the calendar month next following the month in whichsuch deductions are made. The Company and the Unionwill work out a mutually satisfactory arrangement bywhich the Company will furnish monthly records to theFinancial Secretary of Local 251 of those from whomdeductions were made, together with the amount of suchdeductions.ARTICLE 4 RESERVATIONSTO MANAGEMENT4.01The Union recognizesthe right of the Companytohire, promote, and transfer any employee, to manage itsbusiness in all respects in accordance with its obligations,to direct the work force and to make and alter from time totime Rules and Regulations, same not to be inconsistentwith provisions of this agreement and subject to the rightof the employeesto file a grievance.4.02The Union also recognizes the right of theCompany to discharge, suspend or otherwise disciplineemployees, provided that a claim that an employee whohas completed hidher probationary period has beendischarged or disciplined without just cause or has been-5-

dealt with contrary to the provisions of this agreementmay be the subject of a grievance and dealt with ashereinafter provided.ARTICLE 5 REPRESENTATION5.01 The Company recognizes a Plant Committee offour (4) employees, who are members of the Union andhave been elected and/or appointed to represent theemployees of the Company. A fifth (5) committee personrepresenting the Aluminum Dept. Will be elected orappointed if the population of the Aluminum Dept.Exceeds 15 active Aluminum Cell Workers.TheCompany acknowledges the right of the Union to elect aUnion Representativein the following manner:I.One full-time union chairperson (over allplants)2.At least one committeeperson from theMaintenance Department3.Two committeepersons plant wide (anydepartment)Should an increase in production rate result in more thana two (2) shift per day operation in any productiondepartment (excluding Maintenance, Pattern Shop, andnon-production Melt & Pour employees), threecommitteepersons plant wide will be recognized.5.02The Company and Union recognize that acommittee person will be scheduled to work on each shiftwhere the plant population exceeds fifteen (15)employees. The committee person(s) will then representthe employees on their respective shift(s).The Company will recognize a NegotiatingCommittee consisting of the Plant Committee asdeterminedbyArticle

5.04The Company will recognize the UnionCommittee appointing a steward for the maintenancedepartment or plant-wide on any shift that requires asteward.5.051. The Plant Chairperson of the Union Committee isafull-time position assignedto a day shift only.2. The Plant Chairperson, or his designate willprovide Union representation in areas such aslayoffs, recalls, overtime equalization, etc.3. The Company recognizes that the PlantChairperson may request permission to leave theplant in the course of his functions. Suchpermission shall not be unreasonablywithheld.4. In the event the Plant Chairperson should resignor lose hidher position with the Union for anyreason, he/she will return to hidher last postedjob. During hidher term in the position of PlantChairperson, hidher position will be postedtemporarily.5. There will be one committee person assigned toact as the Union representative on each shift. Inaddition, there will be a steward assigned to eachshift who will act only in the absence of thecommittee person. A Committee Person orsteward shall obtain permission from hidherforeperson or designate, prior to leaving hidherwork assignment, in orderthat he/she may conferon a grievance or potential grievance. Thepermission will be granted within one hour of therequest. It is recognized that the foreperson doesnot need to know the details of such Unionbusiness but should be given enough informationto establishthat such business is within the scopeof the collectiveagreement.-7-

The committee person will inform the forepersonof any department other than hidher own beforethe committee person proceeds to discuss anypossible grievance with any employee of thatdepartment. Following a Step One grievancemeeting, the Union Representative on shift willbe given (15) minutes (and additional time ifwarranted) to summerize the grievanceinformation.6. The Union stewards will be elected or appointedfrom the total work force.7. The Plant Committee will act as a full committeeand will attend all scheduled meetings betweenthe Company and Union unless otherwisedecided by the Union.5.06 The Company shall recognize and bargain withthe said Committee in all matters properly arising duringthe life of this contract. All time spent in conference withManagement, or in contract negotiations will be paid atregular earnings including overtime and shift premiums,where applicable.5.07All members of the Plant Committee will bepresent at grievance or scheduled meetings between theCompany and Union unless otherwise decided by thePlant Committee.5.08 Grievance meetings will be scheduled by theCompany and the Union no more frequently than ten ( I O )meetings per year, and a minimum of thirty (30) days willelapse between such meetings unless this schedule ischanged by mutual consent of both the Company andUnion.-8-

5.09Discussion at these meetings will be limited to anagenda prepared by the Company and/or Union anddelivered to the other party five (5) working days beforethe scheduled meeting.5.10It is understood that Committee people, as wellas other employees, have their regular duties to perform.Committee people will be permitted, during their workinghours, to leave their regular duties to adjust and presentgrievances in accordance with the provisions of thecollectiveagreement.5.11Grievances and disputes relating to WSIB, S a ,or Pension claims for members of the bargaining groupare to be investigated and settled during working hoursbut it shall not be a condition of this agreement that any ofthese matters cannot be settled outside of normalworkinghours, all parties being agreeable, and with applicableovertime premiumsto be paid.5.12The Company will provide the Union with anoffice equal to or better than the existing office with allstationery supplies for the duration of this agreement.5.13The Plant Chairperson will be paid twenty cents( .20)per hour above the highest paid person in hidherdepartment.ARTICLE 6 SAFETY COMMITTEE6.01The Company recognizes its obligation to providea safe working environment consistent with Health andSafety legislation of the Province of Ontario. Within thescope of legislation, a Health and Safety Committee willbe appointed. This Committee will function under theProvincial legislationin all matters pertainingto Health-9-1"

and Safety, specifically Occupational Health and SafetyAct R.S.O.1990,c. 0-1,Amended by: 1992,c. 14,s. 2;1992,c.21,s. 63;1993,c.27,Sched.; 1994,c.24,s. 35;1994,c. 25,s. 83; 1994,c. 27,s. 120;1995,c. 1, s. 84;1995,C. 5,SS. 28-32;1997,C. 4,S. 84;1997,c.16, S. 2;1998,c. 8,ss.49-60;2001,c. 9.Sched. I, s.3; 2001, c. 13,s.22;2001,c. 26.The Workers' RepresentativeCo-chairpersonwillbe assigned to suitable work that does not interfere withanother employee's shift rotation, at the higher of the tworates, on day shiftonly.6.026.03 The Workers' RepresentativeCo-chairperson willbe elected or appointed from the work force. The UnionPlant Committee will be responsible for choosing threeHealth and Safety Representatives who will be assignedto each of the three shifts. The representative on the dayshift will function only in the absence of the Workers'Representative Co-chairperson but will attend any Healthand Safety Committee meetings scheduled during hidhershift.If a layoff should decrease the work force to theextent that a safety co-chairperson should be laid off fromhidher classification, then in such case, he/she will beconsidered to have top plant-wide seniority. The seniorityso conferred by this paragraph will only exist so long asthe safety co-chairpersonis in hidher elected position.6.04ARTICLE 7 GRIEVANCE PROCEDUREThe Company and Union agree that it is of utmostimportance to adjust complaints and/or grievances asquickly as possible.7.01-10-

7.02STEP ONE: Should an employee have acomplaintthat the employee deems necessary to register,the employee will, with hislher Committee person,discuss the matter with the employee's Forepersonwithintwo (2) working days following the date the occurrencetook place or after discovery of the occurrence causingsaid complaint.The employee's Forepersonwill have up to three7.03(3) working days in which to reply in writing to the PlantChairperson regardingthe complaint.7.04STEP TWO: Should the complaint not beadjusted satisfactorily, it may be reduced in writing,signed by the employee and/or committee person and thePlant Chairperson and presented to the Human ResourceManager or Designate, within three (3) working days ofreceipt of the answer to the complaint.7.05The Human Resources Manager will, within three(3) working days, give a reply in writing to the PlantChairperson.7.06STEP THREE: If the grievance is not answeredby the Company in the required time, or if the reply is notsatisfactory, the Plant Chairperson may present anappeal to the grievance in writing to the HumanResources Manager within three (3) working days ofreceipt of the answer. Ameeting will then be held betweenthe Company and Plant Committee within thirty (30)working days. Either the President of Local 251 and/or theInternational Representative of the U.A.W. may bepresent and take part in any such conference. A finalresponse will be given on the grievance within seven (7)working days of the date of such meeting.-11-

7.07An employee who has been discharged andwishes to register a grievance must do so in writing withinfive (5) working days of written notification of dischargeand such grievance will be dealt with beginning at StepThree.7.08All Policy Grievances, Group Grievances, andCompany Grievances will automatically begin at Step Illof the Grievance Procedure.7.09 The time limits referred to above may beextended by mutual agreement. All settled grievances tobe paidwithin 7 calendar days.7.10STEP FOUR: If a settlement is not reached atStep Ill, the Union may request that the grievance besubmitted to arbitration, in which event they will makesuch request in writing within twenty (20) working daysafter the final response of Step Ill. The arbitrator will,within (10) days from the date of receipt of the notice ofappeal, be selected by mutual agreement between theCompany and Union. Grievances appealed to arbitrationwill be presented to arbitrators hereinafter described whowill act in rotation, in the order in which their namesappear below. The following constitutes the list and therotation sequence of the arbitrators:1.)T. Crljenica2.) W. Rayner3.)M. Watters4.) H. SnowIf, during this regular rotation sequence, an arbitrator isunable to specify a date for the arbitration hearing, withina reasonable time period from the date the grievancerequest was submitted to him (within 60 calendar days),-12-'

the parties may agree to request the next arbitrator fromthe rotation sequence to provide such a date.The decision of an Arbitrator shall be final and binding onboth parties and any employees involved. The Arbitratorshall not have any power to alter or change any of theprovisions of this Agreement or to substitute and newprovisions for any existing provisions. The cost of thearbitrator shall be shared equally by both parties.7.11In the event that the parties cannot agree on anarbitrator for discharge cases, the arbitrator will beselected through the Ministry of tabour in accordancewith the Labour RelationsAct, Chapter 228, Article 45.7.12When an employee is discharged, he/she will begiven the opportunity of being interviewed by hidherCommittee person prior to being requested to leave theplant and the employee will be so advised of this option. If,however, due to the nature of the offense or happening, itis deemed necessary by the Company to initiateimmediate expulsion of the employee from the plant, aCommittee person will be given an opportunity toimmediately interview the discharged employee at aconvenient location "off the company premises".ARTICLE 8 SENIORITY8.00All new hires (full-time and temporary) will begiven a Union orientation program by the PlantChairperson or hislher designate before startingemployment.8.01Senioritywill be exercised as follows:8.02 Fundamentally, the rules herein respectingseniority are designated to give employees an equitable-13-

measure of security based on length of service with theCompany.8.03Employees hired during the course of thisagreement will attain seniority and have their nameplaced on the seniority list upon completion of sixty (60)days worked or four hundred eighty (480) hours worked,excluding hours worked as a "summer student". Thisperiod may be extended by mutual agreement betweenthe Company and the Union.8.04Employees will be Probationary Employees untilthey have become eligible for the seniority list. Onceseniority is obtained, hislher seniority date reverts back tothe date of hire. Employees laid off during theirprobationary period will maintain recall rights for a periodof twelve consecutive months from the date of layoff.8.05The discharge, suspension, or discipline of anemployee during the probationary period will not be madethe subject of a grievance under the grievance procedure.The termination, suspension or discipline of aprobationary employee will be for reasonable cause.Reasons for discharge will be provided to the Union, asrequested.8.06If a layoff should decrease the work force to theextent that a committeeperson should be laid off fromhislher classification, then in such case, helshe will beconsidered to have top plant-wide seniority. The seniorityso conferred by this paragraph will only exist so long asthe Union will retain the committee people or chairpersonof the committee in their elected position.-14-

8.07Employees who accept a position with theCompany outside of the bargaining group will forfeit allbargaining rights and seniority. The only way a personwho has left the bargaining unit and wishes to return tothe bargaining unit will be as a new hire.LOSS OF SENIORITY ANDEMPLOYMENT9.01Seniority rights will cease and employment will bedeemed to be terminated for any of the following reasons:ARTICLE 9a) If an employee quits;b) If an employee is discharged and suchdischarge be not reversed through the grievanceprocedure;c) If an employee fails to return to work after layoffwithin five ( 5 ) working days after receipt ofnotification to do so by registered mail to thelatest address on record with the Company,unless the reason for the absence wasunavoidable and beyond the control of theemployee and proof of same is supplied to thecompany.d) Unauthorized absence by an employee ofthree or more consecutive working days unlessthe reason for the absence was unavoidable andbeyond the control of the employee and proof ofsame is suppliedto the Company.9.01 (d) Clarity Note:The parties have identified a concern in the eventan employee is genuinely unable to obtain proper-15-

proof as required within the time period specified(e.g. unable to schedule a doctor's appointmentfor medical documentation). In such instances,an employee will immediately contact theHuman Resources Manager or designate,directly within the 3 working day period, specifiedto explain the difficulty and obtain permissionfrom the Human Resources Manager ordesignate, to extend the time period within whichto providethe requisite proof.e) In cases of non-employment for a period oftwenty-four (24) consecutive months where theemployee's seniority is less than or equal totwenty-four (24) consecutive months;f) In cases of non-employment for a period equalto one-half (1/2) of the employee's total seniority,plus 24 months, to a maximum of hidher seniorityat the time of layoff, when the employee'sG)lf the employee overstays hidher leave ofabsence more than three (3) days, unless thereason for the extended absence wasunavoidable and beyond the control of theemployee and proof of same is supplied to thecompany;-16-

9.01 (9) Clarity Note:The parties have identified a concern in the eventan employee is unable to return to work asrequired within the time period specified (e.g.plane delay). In such instances, the employee willimmediately contact the HR Manager, ordesignate, directly within the 3 working dayperiod specified to explain the difficulties andobtain permission from the Human ResourcesManager, or designate, to extend the timerequired within which to provide the requisiteproof.h) If an employee selects normal or earlyretirement;i) If an employee has been on an approved WSlBleave of absence for more than twenty-four (24)months and has been approved for retrainingunder the WSIBs Labour Market Re-entryprogram.ARTICLE 10 LAYOFFAND RECALLS10.01 LAYOFF PROCEDUREUnder normalconditions "notice of layoff will be given to the Union(Plant Chairperson and/or Committee) in advance of thepending layoff. In emergency situations, the Unionrepresentative on shift will be notified within one hour ofthe commencementof the layoff.-10.02 TEMPORARY LAYOFF - In the event of areduction in the work force which is not expected toexceed three (3) working days (temporary layoff), theemployee with the least seniority within their classificationand department on hidher respective shift will, for the first-17-

day, be subject to layoff provided that those remaining areable and willing to do the work required.10.03 On the second and third day of a temporary layoff,an employee having more seniority than any otheremployee actively working will be retained at workproviding he/she is able and willing to do the workrequired."10.04 Temporary layoffs may be extended by mutualagreement between the Company and the Union.-10.05 EXTENDED LAYOFF In the event that a layoffexceedsthe three (3)day temporary layoff provision, thenthe layoff is considered to be an extended layoff and theprovisionfor plant-wideseniority comes into effect.All bumps will be done as follows:1) in person between the member, personnel andunion representative in the personneloffice, or2) by phone with a union representative present,if the employee agrees or does not report forhidher next scheduled shift. A record will bemade of all classifications offered during thebumping process.(a) An employee having more seniority than anyother employee will be allowed to exercisehidher seniority providing he/she is able to do thework required.(b) If the classification selected is one that doesnot require extended training as per Appendix A,the employee moving to that job must be capableof carrying out the job responsibilities after a trialperiod of four (4) working days of beingtransferred, or a shorter period if mutually agreedupon.-18--

I(c) If the classification selected is one thatrequires extended training as perAppendixA, theemployee moving to that job must be capable ofcarrying out the job responsibilities immediatelyupon being transferred.(d) The Company will notify all affectedemployees of an extended layoff exceedingthirteen (13) weeks in a twenty (20) consecutiveweek period as follows:i) at least one week before the layoff, if theemployee's seniority is less than one year;ii) at least two weeks before the layoff, if theemployee's seniority is one year or more andfewer than five years;iii) at least three weeks before the layoff, if theemployee's seniority is five years or more.The Company will pay to each employee whohas not been given the notice referencedabove, wages in an amount equal to thenotice the employee was entitled to abovecalculated at 40 hours of regular wages foreach week.10.06RECALL PROCEDURE(a) If an opening occurs in an employee's homeclassification, he/she will be recalled by seniorityto the opening providing the employee is able tofulfill the job requirements of the classification. Ifan employee is laid off from active employment atthe time of this recall, helshe may decline toreturn to active employment provided there are asufficient number of employees with lessseniority, laid off within the classification, tosatisfy t h e company's current recallrequirements.-19-

(B) If an opening occurs in a classification ordepartment previously worked in by theemployee, and the employee was displaced fromthat classification or department, the displacedemployee will be recalled to hidher previousclassification or department, on a seniority basisproviding the employee is able and willing to fulfillthe job requirements of the classificationto whichrecalled.(c) An opening occurs when someone has beentransferred into the displaced worker’sclassification for more than five (5) working daysexcluding coverage for short-term leaves such asvacation, bereavement, union, jury duty, etc.(d) An employee laid off from active employmentwill be recalled to a vacancy on a seniority basisprovidingthe employee is able and willing to fulfillthe job requirements of the vacant classificationand the vacant classificationwas not available tothe employee at the time of layoff. If theclassification is one that does not requireextended training as per Appendix “ A , theCompany will allow a four (4) working day trialperiod similar to the bumping procedure.ARTICLE I 1 JOB BIDDINGAND TRANSFERS11.01 BIDDING: Employees who bid to higher, lateral,or downward jobs or when new jobs are created, will beselected on the basis of seniority and their ability toperform the job. It must be recognized when bidding thatcertain classifications require specific education levels asdesignated must bid inwriting to the personneloffice.11.02 Employees must bid in writing to the personneloffice.-20-

11.03 All jobs posted for bids will remain on the bulletinboard for a period of three (3) working days and thenremain active for thirty (30) calendar days or until the jobposting is exhausted.11.04 The Company will make a selection relative to thejob posting, within five ( 5 )working days after the postingtime ends, and the selected employee will be so advised.11.05 The Company will advise the plant committee inwriting, showing all bids received, and the date of anyselection(s) resulting from same, with the above to besigned by the Company and the Union. The Company willpost the names of the successful bidders on the mainbulletin boardwithin five (5) working days of the selection.11.06 No job knowledge gained, while an employee isplaced on a job that should have been posted, will beconsideredwhen the opening is properly posted.11.07 The Company has the option to refuse or grant anapplication of any employee, to transfer or bid from onejob to another, who has had one voluntary change in thepreceding four (4) months, except in the case of jobsrequiring extended training as per Appendix A, whichwould be restricted to one (1) voluntary change in a nine(9) month period. A previously disqualified employee maynot bid, bump, transfer, or be recalled to a postedclassification on which he/she was disqualified for aperiod of eighteen (18 ) months.11.08 Transfer of the selected employee will take placeas soon as possible or no longer than fifteen (I5) workingdays from the date of selection, provided that work existsin, and is scheduled for, the successful candidate's newclassification. If the foregoing conditions exist and the-21-

company is unable to transfer the employee within fifteen(15) working days of the selection, then a premium of 30per hour over the employee's existing rate will be paid untilthe transfer is completed.11.09 If there is no successful bidder for a postedvacancy, the Company will be free to fill the job with themostjunior employee who is suitable from within the workforce or choose a suitable candidate from the outside.11.10 A job vacancy that the Company expects tocontinue for more than thirty (30) days will be posted at thetime of the start of the job.11.ll Should a job vacancy open where the duration isexpected to be less than thirty (30) days and the jobcontinues past thirty (30) days, it will be posted on the firstworking day following the expiration of said thirty (30)days unless such period is extended by mutualconsent.11. I 2 When an employee who bids for a job is selectedand he/she had previously been qualified by theCompany for that position, helshe will receive theclassification rate of the job effective the beginning of thepay period either coincident with or next following the dateof transfer.11.13 Should a selected employee placed in anopening be disqualified, the Company will select the nextqualified employee on the posting to fill the vacancy.Shoutd the vacancy remain open after exhausting all bids,the Company may select the mostjunior employee who issuitable. Should the vacancy remain open beyond sixty(60) days of original selection the vacancy will be reposted on the first working day following the expiration ofsaid sixty (60) days unless such period is extended bymutualconsent.-22---

11.I4 The job of an employee granted an approvedleave of absence for more than thirty (30) days, but lessthan twelve (12) months, may be posted and filled on atemporary basis. Upon return to work, the employeegranted leave of absence, will be placed in hidher formerclassification and department and will displace theemployeewho filled the position on the temporary basis. Ifthe employee does not return to work within twelve (12)months, the job may then be posted on a permanentbasis.11.15 Should the employee return to work after thetwelve (1 2) month period, the returning employee will beplaced in the former classification and department basedupon seniority rights.11.16 In the event the Company establishes a newclassification not included in Appendix "A" of thisagreement, the Committee Chairperson will be n

A fifth (5) committee person representing the Aluminum Dept. Will be elected or appointed if the population of the Aluminum Dept. Exceeds 15 active Aluminum Cell Workers. The Company acknowledges the right of the Union to elect a Union Representative in the following manner: . I .One full-time union chairperson (over all plants)